Cassie flew straight through. The amassing pterosaurs immediately parted to both sides just like when they welcomed Nassau that day.

Gulu was stunned. This greeting arrangement was too ostentatious!

Cassie flew higher than the rest of the pterosaurs, at the same height as the cave opening. The remaining pterosaurs that split into two sides flew lower than him.

All of the pterosaurs below screamed and looked up at Gulu as if they were respecting Nassau. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Gulu looked down at the pterosaurs. The Quetzalcoatluses were too large in size and too many in number. The pterosaurs on both sides of the line gradually moved closer and eventually became one. Finally, they appeared as a huge "pterosaur cloud" that had formed in the sky.

At night, the dark "pterosaur cloud" looked really intimidating. Gulu was completely shocked. The experience of flying directly above these pterosaurs was more eye-opening than watching from the cave opening like before.

Cassie didn't immediately send Gulu to the entrance but kept circling over this pterosaur cloud. This deliberate move seemed to allow Gulu more time to accept the worship of these pterosaurs and to let all of them submit to him completely.

Gulu didn't know what this meant. He didn't dare to ask and could only accept it.

Nassau, who was extremely large in size, had been standing at the entrance of the cave and staring at Gulu.

Cassie circled with Gulu for a long time before finally falling beside Nassau.

Gulu stepped down from Cassie's back and stood on the ground looking up at Nassau.

Nassau: "Gulu, you are now the second leader of these pterosaurs. You can order them to do anything. You have the highest authority in the whole group except for me."

Gulu: ???! What?! Why am I the second leader of the most powerful pterosaurs?!

There's no need to think about it. Gulu knew that things weren't that simple.

Sure enough, Nassau went on to say, "You will live in this cave with me in the future. I will go and tell Mungo that I'll raise you from now one. You don't have to go back to him. Tyrannosaurus rex will eat you anyway."

Gulu: Big boss, did you ask my opinion before you make this decision?! I don't want you to raise me!

In fact, Gulu also knew that Nassau's "dictatorship" couldn't be blamed. Dinosaurs didn't have human IQ and EQ. They would do whatever they wanted without considering whether it's feasible for others.

Gulu was now in human form and couldn't speak to these dinosaurs. He desperately shook his head and cried out in his heart: I don't need you to raise me. Mungo can raise me very well. I want to go back. If there's nothing else, can you send me back now …

Nassau certainly saw Gulu's unwillingness. His response was very simple and crude: "All pterosaurs in my group has completed the ceremony to recognize you as their leader. You must stay."

Gulu felt very wronged: But I didn't know that welcoming arrangement was the ceremony. I don't want the position. Can you do another ritual to remove the leader? And even if that was a ceremony to recognize the leader, you didn't give me a chance not to accept it!

Nassau seemed to know what Gulu was thinking. He answered, "You can also not be the leader of our ethnic group, if you are dead."

Gulu: Er …

Nassau: "Don't worry, I'll go to Mungo myself and tell him that he can't keep a Triceratops all the time. Triceratops is the staple food of Tyrannosaurus rex. Our pterosaur's staple food is fish. It's better for you to live in a pterosaur's group than a Tyrannosaurus rex's …"

Gulu shook his head and hurriedly motioned with his hands. Regardless of whether Nassau understood him, he still voiced out, "But I want to live with Mungo in the Tyrannosaurus rex's group. I don't want to live with you …"

Nassau was angry. He let out a loud scream of rage, which scared Gulu to fall directly on his butts. They were already swollen from Mungo's hits. Now the pain became even worse and caused Gulu to howl a few times. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Nassau: "I'll give you one night to think about it!"

Gulu shouted, "I don't need to think about it. I want to go home now. Let me go back!"

Of course, he didn't dare to shake his head and wave his hands again or made these large-scale movements. In case Nassau completely became enraged, he might really be eaten alive. Nassau was not a dinosaur with a good reputation. He was as cruel and bloodthirsty as Mungo who also had a bad reputation.

Nassau then took Gulu to the cave, where there're already seven or eight pterosaurs standing in a uniform row. These pterosaurs were injured, either from bone fractures or because their wing membranes were bitten off during the fight.

Nassau looked at Gulu and Gulu immediately understood what he meant. It's to cure these pterosaurs.

Gulu finally knew why Nassau was so eager to raise him. He wanted to keep a long-term free pterosaur doctor. Nassau could be said to be very far-sighted!

Gulu thought that Nassau's IQ was definitely much higher than most dinosaurs.

In order to survive and return to Mungo and Gaya, Gulu didn't dare to resist.

Nassau: "If you can cure them, then do so. It's not your fault if you can't. I want to raise you, not just to make you treat them."

Gulu mocked in his heart: Humph, it's nice of you to say so. If your main goal here isn't for me to heal their injuries, how can you arrange so many wounded dinosaurs for me at once! I didn't expect you to be such a two-faced pterosaur!

Nassau continued, "Let's treat them tomorrow. You can go to bed first. You must be tired."

Gulu: Thank you! But I don't need to rest. Mungo doesn't even know I'm out. I have to go back before dawn, or Mungo and Gaya will be worried!

So Gulu began to treat the wounds of these dinosaurs. Nassau stopped talking and turned to leave. Gulu didn't know where he went off to.

Gulu was now preoccupied with curing these pterosaurs tonight so he could return early in the morning.

Gulu didn't rest all night as he raced against time to treat these pterosaurs.

Their strange injuries varied from fractures to dislocations of wing bones. He could barely take care of them by adjusting and fixing their bones. If these bones healed right, then these dinosaurs would continue to live a good life. If not, Gulu couldn't help them either.

However, if the wing membrane was damaged, he's completely powerless to help.

Although Gulu was not a doctor, he was a paleontologist. He's very familiar with the body structure of all dinosaurs. (T/N: from fossils) Even if he's not as professional as a doctor, it's still possible for him to set these bones, which was still better compared to having no treatment.

Afterward, it depended on the individual's condition whether the bones could be healed once they were set. Dinosaurs had particularly strong self-healing ability. Fossil studies had shown that many dinosaurs could still live well after multiple fractures in their lifetime. Of course, many of them failed to recover and died.

When the first ray of sunshine came out from the coastline, Gulu finally finished his work. His body was wet with sweat and completely exhausted.

Gulu laid on the ground while racking his brains to think of a way for Nassau to return him.

Soon Nassau returned.

Gulu hastily stood up from the ground. He pointed to the sky outside and gestured to the direction of Mungo's territory. He's too anxious. He said repeatedly, regardless of Nassau's inability to understand his words: "You must let a dinosaur send me back now. It's getting light, Mungo will worry about me …"

Nassau: "You will live here with me in the future. What do you want to eat? I will let my brothers hunt for you. What do humans like to eat? Is it like a Triceratops? Do you still like ferns?"

Gulu: I must have committed iniquity in my past life to have met you! I want to go home! Let me go back!

In the morning, Nassau let the pterosaurs take back all kinds of food and put them in front of Gulu to eat. There're all different types of ferns, berries and nuts that Triceratops liked and all types of fish that pterosaurs wanted … Gulu certainly didn't care to eat a bite.

However, he's very hungry because he consumed too much energy last night. By noon, he's really unable to hold on. Gulu had to eat some nuts and berries to avoid starving himself to death. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

At Mungo's ethnic group

Gaya and Mungo woke up in the morning and moved to a small area near the nest. Guji and Gudong also stirred after a while, but Gulu wouldn't wake up.

At first Mungo and Gaya thought that Gulu was sleepy today. They didn't bother Gulu either. It's a good thing that little ones loved to sleep. Those who slept soundly, ate more and fight harder would become the strongest dinosaurs.

But towards noon, they felt something was wrong. Even if Gulu liked to sleep, he couldn't remain asleep for so long.

Mungo and Gaya took turns rubbing Gulu, trying to rouse him, but Gulu didn't respond at all.

Guji and Gudong pushed Gulu with force. There was no reaction. Placing his favorite berries in front of him still received no response!

This undoubtedly frightened them. Gaya was crying in front of Gulu, too anxious to know what to do.

Mungo immediately picked up Gulu and ran to the river. Gaya, Guji and Gudong followed him. Mungo's brothers also moved closely behind even though they didn't say anything on the surface.

When he reached the river, Mungo directly put Gulu in the water with only his head exposed. Mungo knew that even a seriously injured dinosaur would wake up as long as it wasn't dead.

Gaya thought: Has Gulu suffered any injuries? He seems to be asleep. How can he not wake up?

Mungo thought it might be because Triceratops cubs were different from Tyrannosaurus rex cubs. Did Triceratops cubs suddenly fall into a dormant state when they grew to this size?

Last time Gulu couldn't eat ferns and leaves. He went to the Triceratops group to observe before he knew that a small Triceratops the size of Gulu should eat berries and nuts.

When he thought of here, Mungo immediately grabbed Gulu and ran towards Pado's ethnic group.

Gaya, the cubs and Mungo's brothers also followed Mungo. Mungo lowered his voice and growled, "You are not allowed to come after me!"

Of course, Mungo's brothers listened to him very much and stopped, but Gaya immediately refused to leave: "No, Gulu is my cub. Where are you taking him? I want to go with you!"

Triceratopses were very afraid of Tyrannosaurus rex. Mungo as a Tyrannosaurus rex entering their territory in the past had to be very careful. If added Gaya, it may alarm the Triceratopses further and caused them more trouble.

Mungo was attacked by many Triceratopses when he went there last time. If it wasn't for Pado, he would have died. If he took Gaya with him, they would be killed before even entering the Triceratops's group.

However, Gaya insisted on following. She was too worried. Mungo had to sternly say, "Gaya, if you don't follow, Gulu can still be helped. If you follow, Gulu can't be saved!"

Gaya didn't dare to waste his time. She turned back in pain.

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