Warning! If you are sensitive to the talk of feces, you may want to hold off eating while reading this chapter.

Mungo arrived at Pado's territory carrying Gulu's dinosaur body in his mouth. He couldn't go in directly. Without Pado's protection, he would be killed by these Triceratopses.

So he gently placed Gulu on the soft fern bushes then roared at the direction of Pado's ethnic group. The roar was loud but also held hints helplessness and anxiety. It's a cry for help rather than a provocative demonstration.

Tyrannosaurus rex would never make such a sound near Triceratopses, which would cause all these Triceratopses to uncontrollably want to attack them. (T/N: bc T. rex shows weakness) !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Indeed as expected, all of the robust male Triceratopses in Pado's ethnic group instantly became manic. They bellowed out shouts of "assault" then kept leaping and stomping on the ground, causing dusts to billow up.

Of course, Pado immediately recognized Mungo's voice!

Mungo should be here to find him because of Gulu. Gulu must be in some sort of danger for Mungo to be so anxious!

Pado quickly ran to the center of the group and let out a roar. All of the manic male Triceratopses gradually calmed down under Pado's control.

Only a Triceratops leader as powerful as Pado could hold down so many strong male Triceratopses wanting to trample down a Tyrannosaurus rex who had eaten a lot of their kind.

After quelling his group's unrest, Pado immediately rushed towards Mungo.

Babana followed. Pado didn't want her to come along, but Babana was too worried to stay. Since Pado knew that only Mungo was outside and the meeting area was relatively close to their ethnic group, he finally relented and let Babana follow.

Pachi and Dudu always behaved sensibly at such critical times. They obediently remained at the nest and didn't make things worse by clamoring to go with their parents.

Upon arrival, Pado and Babana saw at a glance the sleeping Gulu lying on the fern bushes.

When he saw them, Mungo quickly hurried over and told Gulu's situation to Pado: "Pado, I don't know what's happening … Do Triceratops cubs like to sleep more as they grow up? But it's impossible to sleep this long even if they like to."

Pado and Babana listened to Mungo while laying down next to Gulu. They kept rubbing on Gulu's body, but there's no sign of awakening.

Babana was very sad. Her body uncontrollably trembled. Tears fervently flowed out of her eyes.

Pado carefully checked Gulu's physical condition. His breathing was smooth, and his body temperature was normal. Pado couldn't find any trauma. But Gulu's stomach was flat. He must be hungry.

Normally, Triceratops shouldn't be able to sleep when hungry.

Pado looked at Mungo and asked, "What did Gulu eat yesterday?"

Mungo immediately reported all the ferns and leaves that Gulu had consumed these days. They were food that Gulu often ate. There shouldn't be any problem.

Pado felt very angry. If Gulu had returned to his side and live with other Triceratopses earlier, such a situation wouldn't have happened! How could a Tyrannosaurus rex know how to raise a Triceratops cub?!

However, the most important thing now wasn't to beat up Mungo but figure out how to wake Gulu up to eat. Triceratops cubs must eat a lot every day to provide the energy needed by their fast-growing bodies.

Mungo was really scared by the way Pado looked at himself. Pado, as the most powerful Triceratops leader and invincible fighter on Yukan, set off his own powerful aura. His cruel look caused Mungo to shudder.

However, Mungo wouldn't mind being severely beaten by Pado or even thought of fighting back as long as Gulu woke up.

Pado had never encountered this kind of situation before. How could Gulu still remain unconscious if he wasn't injured and hadn't eaten the wrong food?!

Gulu must have swallowed something bad. Pado knew of a flower that would cause one to sleep for a long time if consumed. Maybe Gulu didn't know and chewed on this flower carelessly. Since Mungo didn't see, he wouldn't have known whether Gulu really ingested it.

Pado: "Quick, take me to see Gulu's feces! Babana, stay here and watch Gulu. We'll be back soon." !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Mungo somewhat understood Pado's meaning and immediately took him to their nest.

Babana was actually very worried. There're so many Tyrannosaurus rex in Mungo's nest. It's too dangerous for Pado to go alone. But now the situation was urgent. They had no time to think so deeply.

Pado and Mungo ran very fast and soon arrived near the nest.

Mungo's brothers, Gaya, Guji and Gudong were all anxiously waiting over there.

The arrival of a giant Triceratops like Pado made them instantly alert and immediately entered combat state. This was a Tyrannosaurus rex's instinct.

Mungo let out a loud warning roar. Mungo's brothers and Gaya all fell back to the side.

Pado followed Mungo through the Tyrannosaurus rex's nest and arrived at a lush fern bush not far away. Fern plants here grew especially well because of the nourishing manure from the three young cubs.

Gulu's feces was completely different from Tyrannosaurus rex's. It had the taste of plants.

Of course, even if an herbivore's excrement didn't stink of meat, it's still body waste after all and discharged unpleasant smell. The Cretaceous climate was dry. Yesterday's stools were almost completely hardened.

However, Pado seemed not to smell the stink at all. He rushed to the hill piles of Gulu's feces and used his head to rummage through them while carefully searching for things that shouldn't be eaten.

Mungo immediately joined in to help Pado spread out all the dung piles.

When finding anything particularly suspicious, Pado would directly eat it with his mouth, not caring about the disgusting taste at all.

Some herbivorous dinosaurs ate the excrement of other herbivorous dinosaurs when migrating in the dry season, because their digestive system may not digest all the food well, so the excreted leaves might still be intact.

But that was the case when there's really no food to eat. Otherwise, who would eat feces?

Mungo knew that if a cub of herbivorous dinosaurs was sick, its parents would eat the stools of the small dinosaur to judge whether the small dinosaur ate something bad or if the illness was caused by other reasons.

In order to take better care of Gulu in the future, Mungo also ate a little like Pado. The taste was bad indeed, but it wasn't impossible to swallow. He even chewed carefully. It tasted of grass and green leaves. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Pado was very surprised. Herbivorous dinosaurs wouldn't find it particularly difficult to eat the feces of small dinosaurs, but carnivorous dinosaurs would find it extremely disgusting. It wasn't easy for Mungo to ingest them.

However, this didn't offset his anger. When Gulu woke up, he would still give Mungo a severe beating!

Mungo stared at Pado and suddenly thought that it's better to send Gulu back. Pado was a wonderful Triceratops father.

For Gulu, Pado couldn't hesitate to follow him to a Tyrannosaurus rex's group. He's not afraid of being attacked and eaten alive by them. For Gulu, Pado seemed to be able to do anything.

In the pterosaur cave

Gulu's chest already dulled with hunger while his head felt very dizzy. He's going to starve to death. Gulu needed a lot of food to survive.

In theory, even if human beings didn't eat for a few days, they wouldn't become so severely hungry like this.

Gulu thought it might be because his Triceratops body had to eat a lot every day. It would become very hungry when stopped eating. His human body was naturally influenced by his dinosaur body.

Large herbivorous dinosaurs could eat a lot. They had to continuously consume foods every day to maintain the energy needed for their large bodies to survive.

Every adult Diplodocus could produce one ton of excrement a day. From this, one could infer that it ate at least a few tons of food a day.

Even if Gulu was still a cub, he could produce dozens of kilograms of feces every day. His daily intake was at least about 100 kilograms. He couldn't stand this much hunger, not even a minute, let alone half a day.

Gulu was lying on the ground, too hungry to even sit up. His eyelids grew heavy and he wanted to sleep. Gulu just didn't know if he could still wake up after falling asleep.

Nassau kept revolving around Gulu. He didn't know what's going on with Gulu. It looked like he was dying, but Nassau couldn't understand why.

Gulu was too tired. Before unwillingly closing his eyes, he called out one last sentence, "Nassau, hurry, send me back, I'm starving …"

But Gulu's voice was too small for Nassau to hear, even if his words could be understood by this pterosaur.

In a daze, Gulu also saw Nassau gently rubbing his body with his long-pointed beak while trying to wake him up.

He seemed to hear Nassau say, "Gulu, what's wrong with you? Gulu, why do you look so delicious? How can your body be so soft and slippery? Those sea fishes and dinosaurs are so ugly compared with you. Why do you look so different …"

Gulu wanted to yell but didn't manage to make any sound. He could only scream anxiously in his heart: "I'm not good to eat! Don't eat me. As a human, my meat is sour. Nassau, don't look at me like this! F*** …"

Then Gulu completely lost consciousness.

When he opened his eyes again, he saw Babana rubbing against his body and crying hard. Mungo and Pado seemed to have just hurried from somewhere, panting and covered in feces!

Mungo and Pado didn't find any abnormality in Gulu's stools and ran back at once. They just arrived at this time.

Gulu suddenly reacted. His consciousness had returned to the dinosaur's body!

Mungo, Pado and Babana saw Gulu woke up. They were very happy and noisily rushed to speak.

Babana: "Gulu, you're finally awake! You must be very hungry. Mom will get you berries and nuts to eat right away!"

Pado: "Dad will get you leaves and ferns! Mungo, watch Gulu!"

Mungo: "Gulu, you scared me …"

Gulu was hungry and groggy. He felt that he might have misheard. Why did Babana refer to herself as his Mom and Pado calling himself Dad?

However, what made Gulu feel even more amazing was that his dinosaur body was so far away from the human body, but his consciousness could still autonomously move from one body to the other! He used to only switch when the two bodies were very close.

Gulu: It turns out that two accounts can be logged in at different places?! Isn't that cool!

Of course, now was not the time to think about this. He must eat quickly, then let his consciousness return to the human body. If he got back late, his human body might be eaten by Nassau!

Pado and Babana soon brought back a lot of berries, nuts, ferns and leaves. Gulu immediately stood up and ate them all.

After eating a lot, Gulu sensed that his body had regained its vitality.

Because he was hungry for too long, it wasn't enough to eat this small amount. Fortunately, Gulu already had the strength to find food for himself. He rushed into the fern bushes beside him and swallowed them all up. Soon, a large area of fern bushes was completely eaten clean by Gulu.

Mungo was a little surprised. Gulu could really eat a lot! He didn't eat so much at ordinary times.

Not only was Mungo surprised, both Pado and Babana were also shocked. The most gluttonous Triceratops cub in Pado's group couldn't eat as much as Gulu.

However, Pado was very happy. Only small cubs who liked to eat would grow into very large size. Pado ate the most out of the whole ethnic group when he was young.

Babana was also overjoyed. She looked at Gulu while rubbing on Pado's neck and remarked, "Gulu can eat as well as you did when you were a child. It's great. We have to migrate early next year. Gulu can eat so much. You can't starve him …"

Pado nodded.

Gulu ate up about a football field of ferns before he finally finished.

He ran back to Mungo's side and said: "Mungo, I don't have time to explain to you now. I'll fall asleep in just a moment. You don't have to worry. I'm really fine. Don't wake me up. I'll wake up when I want to!"

Mungo, Pado and Babana: ???!

Then Gulu suddenly fell to the ground.

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