Gulu was less anxious than before since he could now wake up in his dinosaur body at will. Mungo wouldn't have to be so worried. The human form was just too troublesome and difficult to survive in this dangerous environment.

When Gulu's consciousness returned to his human body, he just heard Nassau say: "Gulu seems to be dying. No, I have to send him back to Mungo. Mungo must know why Gulu is like this …"

Gulu: Wow, Nassau, you actually have a conscience! It seems that I should have pretend to be weak!

In fact, after Gulu's dinosaur body was full, the human body also recovered its vitality. At the moment, he had enough energy to run a marathon. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

But Gulu still pretended to be very weak. He slowly opened his eyes, then feebly raised one finger to point to the outside. His eyes looked at Nassau's own with despair and entreaty, as if to say with his gaze: "Please, send me back. I don't want to die yet …"

Gulu thought that his current acting must be the peak of his show career in two lifetimes.

Nassau surprisingly understood Gulu's meaning. He replied: "I'll send you back immediately and talk to Mungo by the way. How can a Tyrannosaurus rex raise a Triceratops …"

Gulu: Er … I knew it wouldn't be that simple for you to take the initiative to send me back! humph, as long as I return to Mungo's side, I won't be afraid of you!

Cassie immediately dropped to Gulu's front and asked, "Can you still climb up?"

Gulu gently nodded. He slowly sat up, then pulled himself even slower onto Cassie's back.

Nassau suddenly spoke, "I don't need you. I'll personally take him back."

Cassie and Gulu were shocked. Other pterosaurs standing beside them were also stunned. Nassau was their leader. How could he be ridden? Nassau was supreme!

Although the rest of the pterosaurs didn't dare to refute Nassau, Nada was the first to disagree.

Nada didn't like Gulu at all. He was unconvinced when his brother made Gulu their second leader. He didn't even want to stand near this Triceratops. Anyway, he wouldn't listen to the command of Gulu.

He became very stimulated and rushed to Nassau's and Gulu's side. His huge wings raised dust and choked Gulu into repeatedly coughing.

"Brother! How can you let Gulu ride on you! He's our prey. You already let him be our second leader, which was inherently wrong. Now you also let him ride on you. What's wrong with you? You can't do this …"

Nassau was absolutely imposing. He just looked at Nada and Nada's momentum became much weaker. Nada felt very wronged and continued in a pitifully low voice: "You can fly in front to lead the way and let Cassie carry him. You mustn't let him ride on you …"

Before Nada finished speaking, Nassau pecked his head with his long beak. Nada jumped away in pain and never dared to say anything again. He quickly ran to the side, then laid on the ground sadly. His long beak kept poking at the ground while timidly glancing at his older brother.

Gulu saw Nada like this and thought: This pitiful Nada looks a little cute! What's going on?!

Nassau dropped to Gulu's front and ordered, "Get on my back."

Gulu was a bit "flattered". At the same time, he very much expected that flying on Nassau was definitely different from riding on other pterosaurs. Nassau was really too massive!

Nassau looked at the stupefied Gulu and asked, "Can you climb up by yourself? Should I let Cassie send you up?"

Gulu didn't want to be picked up by a pterosaur. He hurriedly shook his head to say no, then climbed up the back of Nassau with his hands and feet.

Nassau's back was so large. It's at least twice the size of Cassie. He couldn't just lie on his stomach, but also roll around on there.

Nassau stood up. He rushed to the entrance of the cave and took off quickly. Gulu hurriedly hugged his neck.

Soon Nassau reached the exit opening. There was a loud bang. The huge wingspans instantly opened. Gulu was shocked and opened his mouth wide. What enormous wings! They're much larger seeing from the back than on the ground.

Nassau's oversize body casted a huge shadow wherever it flew, scaring all creatures below into fleeing.

When flying over the sea, all large fishes, marine dinosaurs and sharks beneath scattered to hide in the deep water.

Then Nassau flew over the land. Dinosaurs who had been leisurely foraging on the ground all panicked. They didn't settle down until Nassau soared far away.

How domineering!

What Gulu didn't notice was Cassie following far behind them with hundreds of very strong pterosaurs. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Nassau flew fast, but high and steady with Gulu on board. He didn't need to intentionally show off his skills. Gulu felt that Nassau could easily complete every fancy maneuver whether it's shooting up above the clouds, falling down rapidly or instantaneously turning sideway.

He even thought that Nassau's speed could even escape human missiles in science fiction movies! Better than a fighter aircraft!

Nassau's performance index was too high, indeed as expected of nature's best. Although human avian-machine like fighter aircraft was very strong, when compared with the real bosses of the sky, it was still somewhat inferior. After all, human aircrafts were built by imitating birds. And pterosaurs were the ancestors of birds.

Gulu knew that his dinosaur body was now outside Pado's ethnic group. So, he told Nassau to fly directly there.

Nassau's speed was so fast that they soon arrived.

Of course Nassau didn't land immediately but circled above Pado's ethnic group.

The arrival of the super boss of Quetzalcoatluses caused Pado's ethnic group to instantly panic.

Pado, of course, was very responsive as a leader. He immediately took Babana back to the ethnic group and quickly calmed them down with his roar.

All of the strong male and female Triceratopses protected the cubs and the old, weak and disabled Triceratopses layer by layer.

Mungo had always admired Pado. Before he raised Gulu, Pado was the only Triceratops leader Mungo felt worthy of his regard.

In the past, Mungo often took his brothers to prey on Pado's Triceratopses. However, every time he hunted Pado's group, it's much harder than killing other Triceratopses. Mungo was bloodthirsty and cruel, so he liked to hunt those under the leadership of such a powerful leader as Pado. It made him feel very stimulated.

Of course, Mungo was extremely regretful now. If he knew that he would end up raising Gulu who was Pado's son, he wouldn't have hunted any of Pado's Triceratopses even if he died. Of all the Triceratopses, he went after the ones he shouldn't have.

Nassau was arrogant, but he still felt awed by Pado. He remarked to Gulu, "Your Triceratops Dad is very powerful. But you have been raised by Tyrannosaurus rex. He won't take you back. You better follow me …"

Gulu's face showed bewilderment: What Triceratops Dad?

Nassau landed directly with Gulu in a fern bush not far from Mungo.

Other dinosaurs would be afraid of Nassau, but not Mungo. He put Gulu's dinosaur body under his own and gave Nassau a loud roar, which translated to: if you dare to take another step forward, I will bite your wing bones. Let's see how you fly to the sky then.

Gulu came down from Nassau. He laid on the ground and pretended to sleep. His consciousness quickly returned to the dinosaur's body.

When his dinosaur body woke up, Gulu rubbed Mungo's thick hind legs and said: "Mungo, you listen to my explanation. The thing next to Nassau is my human body, I have two bodies …"

Gulu felt that he explained everything clearly. Yet, Mungo still looked puzzled and questioned, "Gulu, did you sleep for too long and become silly?"

Gulu: Er … Mungo really can't understand.

Even if he didn't get it, Gulu must make Mungo accept the fact. He continued: "Mungo, I'm going to let my consciousness return to the human form and make it come over. You can't eat my human body, or I will die. If I lose my human body, my Triceratops body will also die. Do you understand?"

Mungo vaguely nodded.

Gulu let his consciousness return to the human body, then stood up as a human and headed toward Mungo.

Mungo had never seen a human before. He didn't know what this lengthy thing was that looked completely different from any dinosaur. It's too strange!

Gulu walked slowly toward Mungo. Mungo subconsciously protected Gulu's dinosaur body. Although this human looked weak, Gulu was still asleep. What if he hurt Gulu?

Gulu stood in front of Mungo, then looked up at him. Mungo was really tall and huge.

Then Gulu got the nerve to embrace Mungo's stout hind legs. Mungo let Gulu hold him while remaining motionless. He's afraid that if he touched this human being, the other would be crushed. Humans looked too weak. If the human died, Gulu would also die.

Gulu was so excited that he unconsciously cried. It's too good to be back with Mungo. Mungo was so big and felt so safe.

Holding Mungo with his human body felt totally different from the dinosaur body. Human touch was ten million times more sensitive than a dinosaur.

He gently stroked Mungo's hind legs with his palm. Mungo's ribs were hard and slippery. His body was icy and cool. Dinosaur's body had lower temperature than human's. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Mungo smelled the same scent of Gulu on this human. Although this form and Gulu as a Triceratops were completely different in appearance, he still felt that this human being was Gulu, which was very strange.

Mungo thought that Gulu's human body was too soft and slippery that it would crumble when touched. He not only didn't dare move, but also barely dared to breath.

Then Gulu's consciousness returned to the dinosaur's body. He went on to perform for Mungo, changing between the two forms, either quickly become a human or a dinosaur.

Mungo gradually understood.

Pado and Babana had long stood on the side to watch. When Pado found out that Nassau's target was Mungo instead of his ethnic group, he and Babana were afraid that Mungo couldn't protect Gulu by himself and immediately rushed over.

Babana and Pado couldn't comprehend or believe it at first, but now they had accepted the two forms just like Mungo. Still, they needed to slowly adapt.

Gulu put his human body in his personal space because it's more convenient to use the dinosaur body.

Nassau patiently waited until Gulu explained everything to Mungo before saying, "Mungo, Gulu saved my brother. He's now the second leader of my group. I will raise him in the future."

Mungo was very angry. He put Gulu behind him and growled, "Gulu will not be the leader of fish-eating wastes."

Pado stopped next to Gulu and shouted, "Gulu is my son!"

Gulu looked shock at Pado. He couldn't believe his ears!

Mungo's words undoubtedly angered Nassau. Nassau let out a scream. In an instant, a huge pterosaur cloud darkened the sky not too far away.

Looking at those pterosaurs, Gulu was stunned. Nassau really made him unable to guess this move!

Gulu wasn't afraid of Nassau coming back with him before because no dinosaur would be so idle enough to look for a fight with another dinosaur of its own strength. Especially not when it's an unnecessary battle. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides !!

Dinosaurs were completely different from human beings. Any behavior of dinosaurs was for the sake of prey, territory and reproduction.

What did Nassau want? Gulu couldn't understand.

However, Gulu knew that Nassau didn't come here to fight with Mungo. No dinosaur would sacrifice its group members for unnecessary prey and things outside its territory.

Nassau was arrogant, but he's definitely not an irresponsible leader.

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