Quetzalcoatlus's staple food were big fishes in the sea, dinosaur cubs and various smaller dinosaurs.

Because the overall weight of a Quetzalcoatlus was already 500-800 Jin, its wing bones had to be thinner in order to enable flight. With its body mass reduced, although a Quetzalcoatlus looked large, it wasn't actually heavy at all.

No matter how powerful a pterosaur, it couldn't pick up a larger prey than its own body size, so big dinosaurs were never in its hunting range.

Quetzalcoatlus had a long, sharp beak, which could puncture the body of its prey. Smaller preys would be directly killed by it. If not immediately killed by being pierced through, these preys would still die from being dropped from the sky and then eaten.  

A pterosaur didn't have sharp teeth, just a pointed mouth that left it with little bite force. In the case of large size preys, where it couldn't fly up and drop them from the sky, a pterosaur could only kill them by repeatedly piercing these preys with its break to death. Its destructive force was many times less powerful than when dealing with smaller preys.  

However, Nassau was an exception.

When Nassau appeared, even large adult dinosaurs would panic, because Nassau was very cruel and bloodthirsty. He would let his swarms of pterosaurs attack a large dinosaur and eat it alive. He often did such savage deeds. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Because of his vicious reputation, Pado immediately adopted the highest level of defense and ordered the protection of all cubs in the group. Babana also returned to protect Pachi and Dudu.

Mungo let out a loud roar, calling his brothers. Soon, all of Mungo's brothers arrived and stood behind him, ready to fight.

Pado didn't bring Gulu back to the ethnic group because Nassau came here today for Gulu. If Gulu was taken there now, it may likely cause great casualties to the group.

After arranging everything inside, Pado returned to Gulu with a dozen of the strongest Triceratopses. As the leader of an ethnic group, he must ensure his group's safety, but he was also Gulu's father and would do his best to protect him.

Gulu felt very anxious. He didn't want them to fight. When these three powerful forces fought, someone was bound to get hurt.

He didn't care if those pesky pterosaurs were injured. They were too hateful to "forcefully buy and sell", which weren't cute at all. However, if any Tyrannosaurus rex or Triceratops got hurt, he would feel distressed to death!

Gulu shouted at Nassau, "Can I not be the leader of your group?! You can make a ceremony to dismiss me! Later, if your dinosaurs get injured, I will still treat them as long as you don't hurt Pado's and Mungo's ethnic group anymore …"

Both Mungo and Pado immediately opposed: "No way! You can't go!"

Nassau suddenly said, "Now these pterosaurs are at your disposal. You can order them to do whatever you want."

Gulu was quickly defeated. How come Nassau never played the normal way?

Not only Gulu, Mungo and Pado also listened in shock. Nassau brought so many pterosaurs here to fight, didn't he?! Not fighting wasn't like Nassau's usual style.

Gulu pretended to be justified in his command, when in fact, he was actually panicking. He thought that Nassau wouldn't truly agree to his order: "In that case, I want all of them to go back and not hurt any Triceratopses or Tyrannosaurus rex here!"

Nassau nodded, then let out a scream and soared to the sky. Cassie immediately took the rest of the pterosaurs and flew away after him.

Gulu didn't expect Nassau to leave so easily after such a big gearing up to battle?!

This Nassau really made Gulu's skull ache. He had to completely guess Nassau's every move!

Mungo looked at the direction Nassau took off and growled, "Fish-eating trash! One day I will bite him to death!"

Tyrannosaurus rex's extremely strong bite force could indeed solve a pterosaur with one bite, so Mungo never had respect for Nassau.

Even though all of the dinosaurs in the continent of Yukan had listed them as the ultimate tyrants of "the earth" and "the sky", Mungo still disdained to be associated with Nassau.

According to Mungo, the hierarchy of carnivorous dinosaurs should be like this: Tyrannosaurus rex were first with the strongest bite force, followed by other dinosaurs with good bite force. Pterosaurs and their sharp mouths just tied with other weaker dinosaurs that had almost no bite force. Finally, the last ones on the food chain were the scavenger dinosaurs.

Therefore, Mungo would call Nassau a "fish-eating trash". In Mungo's view, any carnivorous dinosaur without strong biting force was a waste.

Of course, Mungo's remarks were too egotistical. A Quetzalcoatlus was actually a dinosaur of the big boss level. Nassau was a legend among Quetzalcoatluses and could tie with Mungo.

All of the dinosaurs nearby were stunned. Countless pterosaurs gathered above Pado's ethnic group and so many Tyrannosaurus rex gathered outside of his group. It's unbelievable that all three didn't fight!

Mungo told his brothers to return first. It's better to let Gaya, Guji and Gudong know that Gulu was all right, lest they still worried. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Pado also sent the Triceratopses around him back to the group.

Next, the three of them would talk about more important things.

Mungo first questioned Gulu, "How did you meet Nassau?!"

Gulu, of course, saw that Mungo was very angry. He rubbed Mungo's thick hind legs and told him exactly how he was knocked off the cliff and the reason why he didn't dare to tell him about Nassau before.

Mungo and Pado were greatly appalled. Gulu was so young, but that Triceratops wanted his life. They both asked, "Do you remember what that little Triceratops looks like?"

Gulu certainly remembers it very clearly: "That little Triceratops is about my size with brown horn shield …"

However, at least hundreds of Triceratops cubs had these same characteristics that he just described.

Gulu: "As long as I see that little Triceratops again, I can definitely recognize it!"

Pado and Mungo felt very distressed for Gulu. It wasn't easy for him to come back alive after such a dangerous event.

At the same time, Pado noted in his heart. It's best to find this Triceratops cub as soon as possible.

Gulu turned to Pado. Too many things happened just now. He didn't have time to take a good look at Pado. He couldn't believe that Pado was really his father!

Pado was so powerful. Gulu's highest pursuit and goal as a dinosaur was him. Gulu had thought many times about who his Triceratops parents were, but he never considered Pado. He didn't even dare to think about it. How could it be possible?

Gulu now became very excited. He looked at Pado and asked, "Are you really my Dad?"

Pado rubbed his big head against Gulu's small body and softly replied, "Of course, I am."

Gulu suddenly felt a little sad and asked in a low voice: "Then, how did you lose me? You are so strong. How did you lose me …"

Although Gulu lived well in Mungo's group, he often wondered how he ended in the nest of Tyrannosaurus rex. Who were his Triceratops parents and how did they lose him there?

Pado truthfully told Gulu about the situation at that time. He and Babana crossed the Dada River with more than a dozen eggs. Several of them dropped into the fast river current. One egg couldn't be found. Babana searched every day until she heard not long ago that it might have hatched into Gulu.

Mungo also explained why he brought back the egg found in the Dada River. It's because several of Gaya's eggs were stolen by the egg-stealing dinosaur on that same day. Gaya was very sad. Mungo only picked up that one egg back to make her happy.

At that time, Mungo didn't expect the egg to hatch. He thought it must be dead. Most of the eggs found in the river were lifeless.

Of course, Mungo saw that Gulu liked and admired Pado very much. Which Triceratops in the whole continent of Yukan didn't stand in awe of Pado? Such a dinosaur didn't exist.

Gulu, as a Triceratops, should live in a Triceratops's group, which was best for his future growth.

Mungo felt extremely reluctant, but he still said, "Gulu, I actually knows that Pado is your father long ago. I lied by not telling you. From now on you should live with Pado. I'll go back and make it clear to Gaya, Guji and Gudong. They will be very happy for you."

Having spoken, Mungo turned and left.

Gulu didn't hesitate to catch up. He threw himself onto Mungo's huge hind legs and frantically cried out, "Mungo, I want to go back with you! Don't leave me alone! …"

Although Gulu adored Pado and wanted to live with him, he couldn't bear to leave Mungo, Gaya, Guji and Gudong. He was really extremely reluctant to let go of them.

Pado, of course, wanted Gulu to stay with him right now. He's afraid that Gulu following Mungo might bring about many future changes, but he didn't want to see Gulu so anxious.

So Pado also caught up with him and said, "Mungo, there's no hurry to return Gulu today. You should take him back first so that Gaya, Guji and Gudong can adapt to his absence. You can send him here whenever you want." !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Mungo didn't expect Pado to be so reasonable. He promised, "Don't worry, I will bring Gulu back as soon as possible."

Then Mungo dropped to the ground and let Gulu sit on his head. This way, he could run faster to the nest with Gulu.

Mungo felt very sad when he recalled that Gulu would soon return to Pado's ethnic group and didn't speak a word along the way.

Gulu was also very miserable. He didn't want to part from Mungo, but he was also an optimist. Before he had to go, he would be happy living at their nest. Even if he went to Pado later, he could still come back to see Mungo, Gaya, Guji and Gudong.

In order to ease the atmosphere, he asked: "Mungo, why are you and Pado covered with Triceratops's feces? My body has been rubbed full of filth! We should go wash them off."

Mungo immediately became angry: "These are all your excrement! Do you know how worried we are because you can't be woken up! …"

Gulu knew that he was wrong, so he let Mungo scold him. After Mungo finished his training, Gulu questioned him, "Did you really eat my poop? God, how can you swallow? So smelly …"

Mungo: …

Gulu: Oh, my God! If this isn't love!

(T/N: the full sentence should be: "If this isn't love, then what is love?" This reference comes from a Chinese song)

Gulu heard that when small dinosaurs got stomach aches and didn't like eating or had indigestions, the big dinosaurs would let them eat the excrement of other healthy dinosaurs. This was scientifically based. The extracted bacterial flora from the feces of healthy dinosaurs could help regulate their stomach and intestines. (T/N: aka fecal transplant)

However, it's also very disgusting. No dinosaur would eat such things if it wasn't sick.

Mungo: "Let's go and wash them off."

Gulu: "Let's not use sand this time. Can we wash with water? My human body should be cleaned with water."

Mungo thought for a moment and agreed, "okay."

Gulu was so happy that he could finally take a bath! Since he became a dinosaur, he hadn't been to the river bank except for drinking water. As a human being, he was deeply rooted in the idea bathing in the water.

Dinosaur's cleaning method was a sand bath. Because dinosaur's body was covered with scales, it's cleaner to wash with sand. The effect of removing odor from sand was also very good.

Mungo took Gulu to a small river, which was hidden inside a lush forest. There're very few large dinosaurs coming here. The water was crystal clear.

Gulu rushed into the river excitedly after coming down from Mungo's head. Mungo immediately stopped him and warned, "There're crocodiles! I'll go down first!"

During the Cretaceous period, even the smallest rivers were likely to have crocodiles.

The Sarcosuchus was already two meters long with just its skull. It's entire length was 12 meters and weighed 8 tons. It's a terrible predator in water, often dragging several tons of dinosaurs into the water to eat.


Gulu was too excited. Under the protection of the nearby Mungo, he forgot that there was such a horrible creature as a Sarcosuchus in the water!

Mungo, as the most powerful Tyrannosaurus rex in the whole continent of Yukan, possessed a very powerful aura. All of the prey around him hid far away when they saw him. Only Mungo would dare to take Gulu to bathe in the river and not afraid of being attacked by the Sarcosuchus. !! You are reading stolen text, if you read this at any other site besides idleturtle-translations.com. !!

Mungo first went down into the water while Gulu stood at the shore. He saw a very large Sarcosuchus in the water not far away. It escaped quickly after Mungo jumped in. If Gulu had entered the water first, he would have been killed.

After securing the area, Mungo called out, "Come down."

Gulu turned into a human and jumped into the water with a splash.

Mungo knew that Gulu's human body was very fragile. He sat in the water and didn't dare to move for fear of hurting him.

Gulu swam into Mungo's arms and stroked his smooth and hard scales. Tyrannosaurus rex's scales were extremely powerful.

Mungo didn't even dare to breath a mouthful of air. Gulu's human body was too soft and fragile without protection. It felt like it would break with just a touch.

T/N: Even though the author didn't mention it, Gulu must have switched to the human form after they reached the river.

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