When the end of the world came, animals and plants started to mutate. Jing Lin returned to his hometown with his nephew Lele.

He thought that the knowledge of runes that he was tricked into learning as a child was fake. He didn't expect the world to end, and it became useful…

①: The MC is the shou

②: There are no zombies. The end of the world came from natural disasters, so the daily life is to farm and talk about the situation

③: An evolutionary process from the end of the world to the beginning of modern cultivation

④: Decline to List!

Translator Note: Welcome to check it out. A unique take on the apocalypse genre.

As a reader pointed out, this novel is very unique in that it depicts humanity working together to get through the disaster rather than everyone selfishly looking out for their own interests. Of course, there are still bad guys, but for the most part, everyone chooses to put the collective interest first.

Since this novel takes place in a village, there are a lot of side characters. Some of them memorable, some not. But everyone has a part to play in the overall scheme.

Tag: BL, Apocalypse Alternative, Action, Modern Cultivation, Farming, Village Life, Cool Pets!

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