As a normal person, Shi Qingyang climbed up to be the second strongest Grade 9 radiation fighter in China. However, he focused too much on training when he was young and ignored many hidden dangers. He was finally betrayed by his closest people during a battle. After his body collapsed, he turned into a waste that only tasted the coldness of human feelings without any warmth.

After his death, Shi Qingyang opened his eyes again. He returned to the year when his parents died. He vowed that he would never make the same mistakes again. He would never lightly forgive those who harmed him. But now, his first and most important task is to fill his belly.

As for where to find food…He refused the help of others because of his so-called self-esteem in the past. This time, he needed to hold on to the Cheng family gentleman who is a waste! At least, he can't be hungry like he was in his previous life!

Obtaining food, exercise equipment, opportunities to become stronger, and finally, even a wife.

Editor's Review from Author's Website:

This novel describes a future world imagined by the author, and tells the process of a man who starts from nothing to the peak of his life. Many plots also make people smile. The man in the article is extremely persistent about food.

After he was reborn, he learns how to make himself live better and how to use schemes. However, he also has his own bottom line. As he grows, the story unfolds slowly. The plot of the whole novel is consistent. It is fascinating to read.

Translator Note: The MC is the Gong. This novel is a pretty good read with unique Sci Fi setting. After reading it, I really want a mobile fortress!

Tag: BL, Sci Fi setting, Alien, Rebirth, Revenge, Growing Stronger, Mobile homes/fortresses!

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