Shao Xun was the oldest daughter of Yingguo Gongfu.

Her father was the Duke, her mother was the daughter of a noble family, the imperial concubine in the palace was her aunt, and the third prince who was a powerful contender for the throne was her cousin.

The only shortcoming in her life was that her birth mother died early, and her stepmother didn't care about her, but there should still be no shortage of glory and wealth for her to live this magnificent life. Who knew that a dream would break everything——

Shao Xun dreamed that her aunt sacrificed her reputation to frame the romantic oldest prince in order to get rid of her son's opponent, so her innocence was destroyed. She could only be accepted as a side concubine princess by the oldest prince in contempt.

The oldest prince was romantic while his wife was jealous and vicious. After waking up, Shao Xun was scared into cold sweat.

Who knew that this dream came too late. The trick had started. She desperately decided that she couldn't let the nightmare come true. In order to avoid the oldest prince, she rushed into another person's arm during her panic. These arms…


After Shao Xun woke up, she knelt on the ground and looked at the bright yellow corners of the five-claw golden dragon embroidered on the robe in front of her. She really wanted to cry without tears——

This, this is worse than the oldest prince!


1. Thunder points are all in the copy

2. The age difference is large (T/N: about 15 years)

3. Please forgive the male protagonist for not being clean, but guarantee 1v1 afterwards

Editor's Summary from Author's Website:

Shao Xun learned from a dream that the aunt who was the imperial concubine in the palace wanted to use her innocence to frame the oldest prince. In order to avoid the tragic ending set in her dream, she fled in a panic, but didn't expect to accidentally run into Great Zhou Dynasty Emperor. Emperor Ning Xi has been in charge of the world for nearly 20 years. He has passed the young and frivolous age. He has covered all his sharpness with the illusion of gentleness. He became a virtuous monarch praised by the world. 

This is the love story of a mature emperor meeting a beautiful girl from a famous noble family by accident. The writing of this novel was naturally beautiful and mature. It uses timeless and profound brushstrokes to describe an unconventional but romantic love story. The characters in the book are full of dimension and have their own characteristics and background. It is a masterpiece worth seeing.

Translator's Note:

I normally don't like novels with a big age difference between the male and female lead, but this book was written so well that I can't help but recommend it. Perhaps, because the female lead is very mature, this novel doesn't give off the pedophile vibe that some of the others do.

And the Emperor, my gosh, he's the best thing that happens to the female lead who comes from a family where no one gives a sh*t about her, including her biological father and older brother. Because the Emperor knows that he's older than her, after the female lead enters the palace, he already plans out ways to keep her safe in case he suddenly dies. A super huge plus plus in my book. But fear not, this is a HE.

Oh, and unlike what the summary implies, there's no 'drugged' s*x between them. The Emperor doesn't need to take advantage of a drugged girl whom he met for the first time. Another big plus and why he ranks among my favorite male leads.

The villains' IQ are there. They each have different motivations, which influence how they behave. There's barely anyone who did bad things for absolutely no reason.

The Chinese title of this novel is Bu Xun. Bu means 'No'. Xun comes from the female lead's name, which comes from the phrase 'to follow the rules'. So, together, it means 'to not follow the rules'. (Or at least, that's my best take at it)

P.S. Like all historical novels, the MTL isn't that great. There're gonna be a lot of wrong pronouns, he instead of she, etc. I fixed some of them but not everything. But you should be able to tell who's talking most the time…I hope.

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