Mungo stopped. He returned to the front of the little cub, and carefully looked at it.

Gulu could see that the cub was frightened. He looked at Mungo in horror. His whole body was shaking. He curled himself up into a ball, probably thinking that it wouldn't hurt so much to be eaten this way.

The young cub never begged Moyi from beginning to end. Gulu understood that Moyi must be too bad toward him at ordinary times, so he never expected Moyi to save him even at the last moment before death.

Mungo was too lazy to eat such a young cub before. But now, he thought that Moyi had a point. He couldn't let Moke's young cub grow up.

Mungo open his big mouth. The little cub curled up more tightly and sobbed in a low voice. His eyes were filled with despair.

At this moment, Gulu saw the little cub turn into Guji and Gudong and the way they would curl up when they were very scared. The little cub's eyes were really the same as Guji and Gudong.

Gulu's mind was blank. He couldn't control his instinct. He threw himself on the cub and covered him with his own body.

Mungo almost bit Gulu and took a step back quickly. However, the bite force of Tyrannosaurus rex was so great that Mungo couldn't control his mouth and snapped at the air with a loud noise.

Gulu hugged the cub and shouted, "No, don't eat him! Don't be afraid. Brother will protect you!"

Moyi: What's wrong with this Gulu?!

The little cub Moer, who was completely protected by Gulu, looked up at Gulu. He had never been protected by a dinosaur. He had fantasized countless times that if he had a brother or a Mom, they would surely protect him.

Moer didn't know what was wrong with him either. He looked at Gulu and murmured, "Are you my brother? You must be my brother."

Moyi was very stimulated: "He's a Triceratops! How can he be your brother! Mungo, control this Gulu! Is he crazy?"

Of course, Gulu finally woke up. He stood up awkwardly and looked at Mungo.

He saw Mungo's huge mouth moving. It must be because it's empty just now. Tyrannosaurus rex had a huge bite force. When there was nothing to bite under such a large bite force, it must result in a bit of a "mouth injury."

Gulu felt that Mungo seemed to be saying, "My 80-meter broadsword isn't something that I can easily retract! What should I do if the sword is broken?!"

After a few testing, Mungo found that there was no problem.

Gulu rubbed Mungo's hind leg and plead, "Mungo, please, don't eat him. I think he's too pitiful."

Mungo: "He's Moke's cub. He'll eat you when he grows up!"

Moer hurriedly refuted, "No, I won't. Brother Gulu saved me just now. I won't eat him."

Moyi gave Moer a hard bump on the head and shouted: "Didn't you say that you must avenge your Dad when you grow up? Your Dad was eaten alive by Mungo's group, you little ingrate!"

Moer was very afraid of Moyi. Even if he wanted to refute Moyi, he was still too scared to say anything.

Gulu: "Mungo, when he grows up, I will also grow up. If he wants to eat me, I will kill him. If I can't even beat him, then I will definitely be eaten by other Tyrannosaurus rex."

Mungo felt justified and walked back with Gulu.

Moyi was very stimulated and kept warning, "Mungo, if you don't eat him today, you will regret it…"

Moer looked at Gulu's retreating figure. He summoned the greatest courage in his life and shouted, "Gulu, thank you!"

Gulu looked back at Moer from time to time as he walked. Moer was being severely hit by Moyi with his head and was then picked up and dropped to the ground. He's very doubtful that Moyi wouldn't kill Moer.

Moer knew that if a Tyrannosaurus rex showed a little affection for Mungo or Gulu, Moyi would beat it severely. He's afraid of being beaten, but he still wanted to thank Brother Gulu.

Although today was really miserable, he almost died and was now being beaten to death, Moer was still very happy. Because he finally had a dinosaur to protect him. Since childhood, he had no dinosaur to protect him. Today, he had one. He's extremely happy.

One didn't know how long he was beaten, before Moyi got tired. He glared at the immobilized cub and asked, "Do you want revenge for your Dad?"

Moer knew that if he shook his head, he would continue to be beaten. He couldn't be beaten again. He would die if he was beaten again. He nodded and answered, "Yes, I want to, don't hit me."

Moyi also knew that he couldn't continue the beating or he would really die. He must let this young cub be killed by Mungo or Gaya themselves. He couldn't let the young cub die in his hands.

This young cub as stolen from Gaya's nest. He was Guji's and Gudong's younger brother. Since Mungo refused to kill this cub, he would let the cub later kill Gaya or let Gaya kill him herself.

Afterward, he would tell Gaya that this one was also her cub. He was Guji's and Gudong's younger brother. Gaya would feel regretful to death.

Just thinking of this, Moyi felt very happy. Who let Gaya not follow him in the beginning, and instead chose his annoying brother!

Moyi was confident that Gaya would never find out that this young cub was also hers. When he stole the egg, he also attracted a Didelphodon that ate dinosaur eggs. That Didelphodon also stole several eggs from Gaya.

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As the result, Gaya would never find out that he stole an egg.

Gulu followed Mungo back. Along the way, he kept saying to Mungo: "Mungo, Mungo, I don't know why, but I always feel that the little Tyrannosaurus rex named Moer and Guji and Gudong are so alike. Just now, I thought it's Guji and Gudong who were going to be eaten…"

Mungo: "

Gulu: "Mungo, do you think it's possible that Moyi stole that little cub from Gaya's nest? Is it possible that Moer is Guji's and Gudong's younger brother?"

Mungo: "Impossible."

Gulu: "Why not? Has Gaya never lost an egg? I was also picked up by you."

Mungo: "She has lost some, but they were stolen by the Didelphodon. Gaya and I saw it ourselves. We didn't catch up with it."

Gulu: "Have you never lost any other egg except those stolen by the Didelphodon?"

Mungo: "No."

One couldn't blame Mungo for thinking that it was impossible. Even Gaya would feel the same.

They met Mungo's brothers when they were halfway back.

Gulu followed Mungo to the Tyrannosaurus rex group.

Mungo told Gaya exactly what happened today and asked Gaya to carefully looked after Guji and Gudong. Special attention should be paid to Moyi.

Gulu asked Gaya again if it's possible that she had lost other eggs. Gaya also told Gulu very clearly that it's impossible.

But in the following period of time, Moyi's ethnic group never appeared in Mungo's sight again.

In order to avoid future trouble, Mungo actually wanted to take his brothers to kill Moyi, but Moyi seemed to be intentionally hiding from them. He couldn't find Moyi's group at all.

Gulu would like to know exactly how Moer was now. Moer was so small and thin, yet he was beaten so miserably. He was probably dead now.

However, even Mungo couldn't find Moyi. Gulu was even less likely to know the current situation of Moer.

Still, he knew that Moyi's group never left, because many dinosaurs were gossiping about them.

Moyi's group was too strange. Eight adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex, six female Tyrannosaurus rex and five young Tyrannosaurus rex were a strange combination.

Through the gossip of other dinosaurs, Gulu knew that Moyi was really a "big pervert". He liked watching the male and female Tyrannosaurus rex in the group constantly mating, but he didn't participate.

Those Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were born from the males and females in Moyi's group.

Generally, there would be no female Tyrannosaurus rex in an adolescent male group. These adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex also normally wouldn't have cubs with the females. Moyi's group was really too strange.  

One month after the fire, the other side of Dada River was once again full of vitality. Plants in Cretaceous period grew very fast. In one month, no trace of the previous fire could be seen.

Dinosaurs that were burned by the fire or choked to death by the thick smoke had long been eaten by predators, leaving no bone fragments left. Meanwhile, the burned trees and ferns were completely covered with fresh blooms.

However, after the fire, the number of herbivorous dinosaurs decreased sharply while the number of carnivorous dinosaurs didn't change much. Even some originally thin carnivorous dinosaurs had relied on eating carrion and grew larger.

The future was undoubtedly a carnivorous dinosaur carnival.

The number of carnivorous dinosaurs was larger, and their body size also increased. It's extremely difficult for herbivorous dinosaurs to survive.

In the past, Pado's group was very strong because Pado was powerful and his male Triceratopses were also strong. Since their group was unusually large, the slightly weaker carnivorous dinosaurs didn't dare to attack them easily. Now Pado's group was also often hunted.

Of course, it's perfectly normal for herbivorous dinosaurs to be hunted. Compared with other herbivorous dinosaur groups, Pado's group was already enjoying a very moist life and had the highest survival rate.

Since the last fire, Pado had been stricter with Gulu. The place that Gulu went to must be approved by him.

Gulu never dared to run away again. After the burns on his back were healed, Pado gave him a good lesson. His butts hurt for many days. He absolutely didn't dare to make Pado angry again.

Babana was also not allowed to let Gulu take half a step out of her sight. He was locked in very tight.

Therefore, even if the group was suddenly attacked, Gulu always stayed very safe by Babana's side in the middle of the group.

Fortunately, Pado had a strong sense of crisis. Gulu felt that he was really a little too adventurous before. He deserved to be beaten. There're so many more carnivorous dinosaurs now. If Pado and Babana hadn't taken him so seriously and stopped him from running around like he used to, he may be caught and eaten once the group was suddenly attacked since he wouldn't be beside Babana.

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On this day, Gulu, Pachi and Dudu were playing with other Triceratops cubs in the group. Babana looked after them from not far away.

The cubs were playing a little hard, running farther away and approaching the edge of the group. Babana saw that there was no danger at the moment and just followed without stopping the cubs from playing.

However, their luck was very bad. They just happened to meet Pado and many male Triceratops patrolling here.

The cubs were so preoccupied with going on rampage that they didn't find Pado at all.

Pado was very angry and roared. All cubs instantly stopped.

Pachi and Dudu rubbed Gulu, "It's over. Dad seems angry."

Gulu swallowed saliva and said, "I think I may be beaten again."

All Triceratopses in the ethnic group were very afraid of Pado. Of course, these cubs were no exception. They all looked at Pado nervously.

In fact, when there was no danger, the cubs could run and play in the group at will. Pado didn't care where other cubs ran and play, but he needed to look after his own cubs.

Pado: "Gulu, come to me."

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