Gulu went to Pado with trepidation. Pado was too strict with him now. Gulu saw Pado and immediately spoke, "Dad, I'm sorry. I was wrong."

No other Triceratopses dared to enter this tense atmosphere.

Pachi and Dudu immediately ran over, "Dad, don't blame brother. We came here to play. Hit us if you want."

Gulu hurriedly refuted: "No, no, I brought them to play. Dad, you hit me."

Pado said to the male Triceratopses who followed him, "Leave first. I'll go back now."

These male Triceratopses were the strongest in the group. They knew that Pado was going back to teach his three cubs a lesson. They all interceded to help them.

Sika: "Pado, Gulu is already very sensible. Young cubs always like to play. Don't be angry."

Nock: "Yes, Pado, don't be angry. Gulu is still young."


Pado ignored them and went back with his three cubs.

The other small Triceratopses stood still and said, "Pado is terrible. If Pado is my Dad, I will be scared to death…"

Of course, these Triceratopses were usually envious of them for having such a powerful Dad as Pado, but when they made mistakes, such a powerful Dad was extremely scary.

Among these little Triceratopses was Siyi, who was also severely beaten by Sika. The reason was that he should be hit as well since Gulu, Pachi and Dudu would be beaten by Pado. Siyi felt wronged but couldn't help it.

Pado returned to the center of the group with his three cubs. Babana wanted to intercede for them, but in the end she didn't. Babana always doted on the cubs. Without Pado's discipline, the cubs would be spoiled.

This time Gulu was beaten the worst. Pado beat him five times with his tail, Pachi three times and Dudu only got one.

(T/N: what a Chinese thing to give preferential treatment to girls…because they're judged to be the 'weaker' S*x 🙄)

Gulu didn't feel wronged. He knew that Pado disciplined him more severely than Pachi and Dudu because he was always disobedient and worried Pado too much.

Pachi found that his older brother was always beaten more than him now. He felt very sorry for him. He thought that it's because his Dad wanted his older brother to be the leader of the ethnic group in the future. That's why he's so strict with him, just like he used to be with Pachi.

He told Pado, "Dad, let me be the leader of the ethnic group in the future. If I'm the leader, brother wouldn't get so many hits."

Gulu thought that Pachi was really cute. He rubbed Pachi and said, "It's not because of this. I didn't feel any pain."

Pado was always very strict with Gulu because he knew that Gulu was too lawless. If he ran out of the group again regardless of safety because he overestimated his strength and not abide by the Triceratops' survival rules, he would end up killing himself sooner or later.

Pado spoke sternly, "You are not the most powerful Triceratops or a group leader. There're too many carnivorous dinosaurs these days. Don't leave the middle of the group again!"

The three cubs repeatedly nodded.

Gulu wanted to go out and play with Mungo. He saw Mungo outside the group, but he was a little afraid to ask Pado.

Because Pado was very strict with Gulu recently, much stricter than Pachi and Dudu, he was a little scared to see Pado now and even more afraid to annoy Pado.

Pado was very busy, but he still noticed that Gulu wanted to say something to him but didn't dare. He felt a little distressed and reflected on whether he was a little too mean to Gulu.

He rubbed Gulu and tried to soften his tone: "Gulu, say whatever you want. Is Dad so terrible?"

Gulu was raving frantically in his heart: Yes! You are! I was beaten so painfully every time! Big bully! Invincible big bully!

Because he really wanted to play with Mungo, Gulu still plucked up his courage and asked, "Dad, I, I want to go out and play with Mungo. You, you don't get angry. If you don't let me go, I won't go."

Pado felt that Gulu, who had just been beaten, was so obedient that he wanted to fly to the sky.

Under the current situation, going out to play with Mungo was safer than staying in the ethnic group. The ethnic group was always attacked, but no dinosaur dared to attack Mungo.

Pado: "Go, I'll take you out."

Gulu immediately caught up with Pado.

Pado charged Gulu as he walked: "Follow Mungo and listen to him. I know Mungo can't bear to beat you. He can't. But I can…If you dare to not listen to Mungo and run around, see how I'll deal with you…"

Gulu knew that every time he went out to play with Mungo, Pado would question them in detail about what they met outside, his performance on this day, etc. Mungo didn't dare to lie. When Pado found out, he would forbid Mungo to take him out to play for at least three days.

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Mungo has been trained by Pado and was very obedient now. Pado's "no play order" was really devastating for Mungo (once he's caught lying).

Gulu kept agreeing: "I know. I must listen to Mungo…"

Pado returned to the group immediately after delivering Gulu to Mungo.

After leaving Pado, Gulu was like a bird out of its cage. At last, he was free. He's skipping ahead. Mungo had to run fast to catch up with him.

There're carnivorous dinosaurs everywhere, but Mungo was behind and Gulu wasn't afraid at all.

Gulu was running too fast. Mungo was too big and too heavy to catch up with him. He roared: "Gulu!"

Mungo's body sounded very angry. Gulu stopped immediately. He didn't even realize that he was running too fast.

After Mungo caught up with him, he hurriedly admitted his wrong, "Mungo, I'm sorry. I didn't notice that you can't catch up to me."

Mungo was also afraid of Gulu encountering danger. His tone was harsh: "If you do this again, see how I'll beat you. If I beat you, I'll tell Pado and let him beat you again!"

Gulu: "I was wrong. I was wrong. Don't tell Pado. Mungo, you're the best…"

Mungo looked at Gulu's swollen butts and asked, "Did Pado hit you again?"

At the mention of this, Gulu became angry: "Yes, Pado is becoming more and more bullying. It hurts when he hit me. I hate him!"

Mungo nudged Gulu and counseled, "Pado is worried about you too. It's too dangerous now…"

Gulu found out that Mungo and Pado were really united in dealing with him now, but it's really very dangerous now. He's too young and needed to be protected, but his sense of crisis wasn't strong, so he should be beaten.

Mungo: "Walk slowly. I'll give you a rub, so it won't hurt."

Gulu: "Hmmm, Mungo is better."

The two walked slowly in this way and unconsciously arrived at the edge of the forest.

Gulu had always been unconvinced about the forest fire and liked to come to the forest every time he went out to play. He had a premonition that these various natural disasters that were becoming more frequent now stemmed from the divergence of the continental plate.

Although this planet wasn't Earth, it might still be relatable to the formation of various continents on Earth.

During the Triassic period, the five continents had yet to split up. There was only one continent called "Pangaea". The surface environment then was very harsh, with mostly desert.

However, during the Cretaceous period, the Earth's crust movement was very intense. With the movement of the continental plates, mountains rose. Even the Earth's surface moved, gradually forming continents.

In Cretaceous period, the Himalayas didn't exist. The Atlantic Ocean was only half as wide as it was now. The entirety of Europe was still submerged under the ocean…It was the frequent crustal movements that gradually formed today's seven continents and eight oceans.

Therefore, when there're many natural disasters in the dinosaur era, they were caused by frequent crustal movements.

Gulu speculated that there might be only one continent on this planet, which was called Yukan, but it would eventually split up in the later period. This was an inevitable trend.

At the edge of the forest, Gulu saw a very special sight.

On one side was a wet swamp, while on the other side was a desert, a large piece of desert with sand flying everywhere.

This was really too strange. How could a swamp and desert be next to each other? If there was water shortage, there would be no swamp. Why was there too much water on one side and not the other?

Gulu would like to help the desert nearby to say to the swamp: Brother, lend me some of your water. You have plenty anyway.

These desert and swamp were separated by a low stone hill.

Gulu: "Mungo, let's have a rest. I'm tired of walking."

Of course, Mungo agreed.

They sat down at the edge of the forest. Behind them was a big tree. One side of the big tree was burnt, but new bark grew out. The big tree wasn't completely destroyed by the forest fire.

Mungo sat down with his back against the big tree. Gulu was lying in front of Mungo. His butts were still sore. He couldn't sit down.

Today was also very dry and hot. Gulu knew that the dry season was coming soon.

They set out in the morning. Gulu walked while eating. Now, it's afternoon when the sun was at its peak. However, this big tree covered most of the sun for them. There was still a slight breeze blowing in the forest, which wasn't too hot.

Gulu saw that there're many Nothronychus foraging in the swamp on this side.

Nothronychus was a plant-eating dinosaur about 5 meters long and weighed 2-3 tons. It wasn't too big, but it had deadly weapons. Its front claws were as long as sickles and as sharp as Wolverine's claws.

A swamp was the paradise of Nothronychus.

Although Nothronychus was an herbivorous dinosaur, it belonged to the Coelurosauria clade and was closely related to Tyrannosaurus rex. However, with evolutional development, it became a vegetarian.

Gulu: "Mungo, Mungo, these Nothronychus are your little cousins. Your kinship is very close."

Mungo: "I have no vegetarian relatives."

Gulu pretended to be angry: "What about me?"

Mungo: "You… you are my little one."

Gulu: "Humph, this is similar."

Not long after, Gulu saw a Tyrannosaurus rex near the swamp. It rushed at the Nothronychus.

The Nothronychus froze for a second, as if to say, "Don't come here, cousin. I'm scared."

However, the Tyrannosaurus rex ignored that and rushed in directly.

Most of the Nothronychus started to run away, but some of them remained very tough and fought with the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Nothronychus had long front paws and sickle-like claws. This Tyrannosaurus rex must be careful to avoid being scratched.

These few Nothronychus were really too tough. One clawed on the Tyrannosaurus rex head and immediately drew a large bleeding gnash.

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The Tyrannosaurus rex froze, as if to say: "Little brother, why did you do this! Don't hit the face!"

Gulu sighed, "This is really a disfigurement claw. It's terrible."

The Tyrannosaurus rex soon realized that it couldn't beat so many Nothronychus and turned to run away.

Gulu saw the Tyrannosaurus rex awkwardly fled while looking back ferociously, as if to say: "Wait for me, I'll call my brothers!"

After the Tyrannosaurus rex left, Gulu began to pay attention to a Gigantoraptor parents who were hatching eggs in the desert nearby.

Gigantoraptors were a very cute dinosaur. They always sat on the nest and covered it with their big feather wings on both sides. They were a very responsible dinosaur parent group.

While looking at them, Gulu felt a very strong breath close behind him.

Gulu looked back: Mungo, what are you doing? How can you do this to me!

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