Mungo knew that he couldn't beat so many Tyrannosaurus rex no matter how strong he was. If there was no Gulu, he would unleash his ferocity. With his strength, he could kill one or two of them without any problem. The rest would then be scared away.

He once fought with more than a dozen male Tyrannosaurus rex alone. Although he was slightly injured, he also killed three of them. The rest fled after being scared off by his cruelty.

But now in order to ensure the absolute safety of Gulu, he must call his brothers to come over. He's afraid that Gulu wouldn't be protected in time during the fight. No matter how fierce he was, he had no superhuman powers. He couldn't allow Gulu to suffer the slightest injury.

So he immediately let out a loud roar. This place wasn't too far from the other side. Mungo knew that his brothers would soon be coming.

Moyi spoke only after Mungo finished roaring: "Mungo, I'll fight you alone. If I win, we'll eat Gulu alive. If you win, I'll let you eat Moke's cub alive."

At this point, Moyi took out the thinnest of the five cubs and threw it directly to the ground. His action was very cruel. The cub was dizzy from the fall and took a while to stand up while shaking all over.

This cub was about the same age as Guji and Gudong. It was the one that Gulu thought was Gaya's cub.

Gulu, of course, was only speculating. He had no evidence to prove that the cub was Gaya's. It's only his intuition. The cub's eyes and some small gestures were very similar to those of Guji and Gudong.

Moyi rudely pushed the cub with his head and said, "Mungo, don't you hate my brother very much? This cub is called Moer. He's a cub born to my brother and another female Tyrannosaurus rex. My brother is dead, and the female is also dead, so I have this cub. Moke used to bully me a lot. Yet, I still help him raise his young one. I'm really a good brother."

Gulu was confused. What was wrong with this Moyi? Didn't he come to Mungo to fight in order to avenge his brother Moke? Since he didn't like his brother much, why did he raise Moke's young cub?

Soon, Moyi answered Gulu's question: "Mungo, I have long wanted to fight with you. All dinosaurs said that you are the best Tyrannosaurus rex. But I'm unconvinced. Today, we will have a good fight! However, fighting alone was too boring. I think it's very interesting to treat Gulu and Moer as prizes after winning. If you win, I will give Moer to you to eat. If I win, you will give Gulu to me to eat. Isn't that exciting?"

Gulu realized that as a Tyrannosaurus rex, Moyi wasn't just vicious and bloodthirsty but also belonged to the "psychopathic" category. He didn't like his brother Moke but kept Moke's cub. Raising the cub wasn't enough for him. He later used this cub as "gambling prize", which was also an indirect revenge on his brother.

Although Moyi raised Moer, Gulu could see Moer must live a life worse than death in his group. It's better to die early than to go through this kind of mental torture.

Moyi rudely rubbed on Moer and told him, "Don't worry. Uncle Moyi will win and won't let you be eaten alive."

Gulu knew that Moyi wanted to win this match with all his heart. He must really wish to triumph over Mungo and become a new legend in Yukan, and not because he didn't want Moer to be eaten.

Mungo was really a little impatient. Fighting is fighting. Why do you say so many fancy things?

Moyi continued, "Mungo, you can fight with me without worry. You must do your best to fight with me. Don't worry about Gulu. Tyrannosaurus rex of my group will never hurt Gulu when you fight. They absolutely won't."

Gulu believed Moyi's words. Moyi wanted to win against Mungo for real. Using a despicable trick would render victory completely meaningless.

Moyi then ordered all Tyrannosaurus rex in his group to retreat to a safe distance away from Gulu until Mungo was satisfied.

Gulu was very happy in his heart. He's very confident in Mungo's strength. When fighting with just one Moyi, he could win this with his eyes closed.

There was no need to worry about Mungo's injury at all. Gulu became very relaxed. He stood aside to watch the drama and thought to himself: Mungo, teach this young male Tyrannosaurus rex a lesson! Do it until he understands who's superior! Let him know why the flowers are so red!

At the same time, Gulu also watched the little Tyrannosaurus rex named Moer, who stood not far away and existed as a "gambling prize" like him.

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This little Tyrannosaurus rex was really like Guji and Gudong, with similar eyes and little gestures. When it's scared, it would bury its head and "pretend to be an ostrich". Because of its nervousness, the cub didn't know where to put its two short forelimbs. It wanted to hold its big head with them, but these two forelimbs were too short to even touch the little Tyrannosaurus rex's chin
It's super cute.

However, this little Tyrannosaurus rex was really too thin. Guji and Gudong now weighed 2,000-3,000 Jin. After growing to this age, the little Tyrannosaurus rex was only a few hundred Jin, which was just barely bigger than a newborn cub.

Gulu knew that the young Tyrannosaurus rex was about the same age as Guji and Gudong, because their age could be observed through their teeth. The teeth of this young Tyrannosaurus rex grew to 5 centimeters long, proving that it was definitely the same age as Guji and Gudong. It was just extremely thin.

Moyi said that this young cub was born to Moke and another female Tyrannosaurus rex. Gulu didn't feel it. Instead, he sensed that this young cub was Gaya's and was his younger brother.

It's only after Gaya returned to Mungo's ethnic group that she mated with a new male Tyrannosaurus rex. Gaya's and Moke's cubs were all dead. Even if they were still alive, they would definitely be much larger than this.

If this little cub named Moer was even one percent likely to be Gaya's, then it's definitely born from the same nest as Guji and Gudong. Did Moyi steal an egg from Gaya's nest?

But this idea was immediately rejected by Gulu. How could Moyi steal an egg from Gaya's nest? It's impossible.

Therefore, Gulu finally had to admit that this young cub was definitely not Gaya's, but Moke's and another female Tyrannosaurus rex.

While Gulu thought about this mess, Mungo and Moyi had already started fighting.

Mungo was too lazy to waste time with this low-level Tyrannosaurus rex Moyi. He rushed directly to Moyi's back and took a bite.

Of course Moyi wasn't a vegetarian, he also bit Mungo.

Arguably, this round should be a draw, but Mungo slammed hard into Moyi. Moyi didn't expect Mungo's strength to be so great. He almost lost his footing. Mungo bit Moyi on the back and tore a large piece of flesh.

In just one round, Moyi realized that he was too arrogant. He could never beat Mungo.

But Moyi was unwilling to admit defeat. He's about the same size as Mungo. Why couldn't he beat Mungo? He was unconvinced!

Gulu would like to tell Moyi that although you are about the same size as Mungo and a very powerful male Tyrannosaurus rex, your speed, strength, reaction time, biting force, ferocity and violence are not as good as Mungo… Nothing else of yours can match Mungo except your size. How do you expect to win against Mungo?!

Moyi recently won against a lot of Tyrannosaurus rex with his huge size. He got inflated and felt that it's time to challenge Mungo, the strongest Tyrannosaurus rex in Yukan. Now, he had to pay for his blind arrogance.

Mungo attacked Moyi again, biting the other side of his back.

Moyi wanted to be tough. He slammed fiercely into Mungo. He really tried his best, but Mungo remained as firm as Mount Tai. He then turned and bit Moyi hard.

Mungo fought with too many powerful Tyrannosaurus rex, often against more than a dozen at a time. When Mungo was very young, he managed to kill an adult Tyrannosaurus rex. Brutal bloodlust was written into his genes.

No Tyrannosaurus rex could defeat Mungo in the whole continent of Yukan. It didn't exist.

Mungo liked the smell of blood and liked to madly kill. Killing made him happy. He often rushed into a group of more than a dozen Tyrannosaurus rex in search of stimulation. Only this level of fighting could make his blood boil.

A one-on-one with just Moyi was really too boring. It didn't stimulate him at all. He wouldn't have chosen to fight this group if they didn't take the initiative to attack.

As soon as Moyi rushed toward Mungo again, Mungo easily bit off a piece of his meat and looked very impatient.

Gulu felt that Mungo's inner OS must be: Buddy, look here. I really don't want to fight with a dinosaur who hasn't graduated from kindergarten.

Moyi was very angry, not only about his incompetence, but also because of Mungo's extremely contemptuous attitude towards him.

Since Mungo couldn't be beaten in any way, Moyi stopped fighting. He's covered in blood and admitted frankly, "Mungo, you are really strong. I give up."

The fight was really over too fast. At this time, Mungo's brothers had yet to arrive.

Moyi picked up Moer very roughly and threw him in front of Mungo, saying: "Mungo, this little brat is for you to eat. Don't you hate Moke so much? Eat him alive. Don't let him die too fast."

Gulu didn't know how much hatred Moyi had toward Moke. He raised Moke's cub so that it could be eaten alive by Mungo?

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Moyi went on, "Mungo, in fact, I still like Gaya. If Gaya has chosen to be with me and not followed Moke, I would have been very good to her. I wouldn't have let Gaya suffer. If there isn't anything to eat in the dry season, I will feed Gaya myself."

Gulu could see that Moyi probably really liked Gaya, but the age difference between them was too big. The second batch of Gaya's cubs were already two years old, yet Moyi was still an adolescent.

Moyi: "I know why Gaya didn't choose me. I wasn't as big or as strong as Moke at that time, but I'm now bigger and much stronger than Moke. Gaya will definitely regret her choice when she sees me."

Gulu: Moyi, you shouldn't add so many plays to yourself. Gaya didn't choose you simply because you are not of the right age. You make it seem like Gaya was a "gold digging dinosaur".

In the world of dinosaurs, larger and stronger dinosaurs were the equivalent of "local tycoons" in the human world. They would attract females to them and give birth to the strongest cubs. Such males also had first-class hunting ability.

Moyi continued: "In the beginning, in order to be with Gaya, I fought with Moke and was almost killed by him. In the end, Gaya still chose to be with Moke. She has no idea how sad I was."

Gulu: Do both slag man and slag dinosaur show off their "affection for people set up or dinosaur set up"?

Mungo was already at the end of his tolerance for Moyi's nonsense. He took Gulu and turned to leave.

Moyi: "Mungo! You haven't eaten this little brat yet. I said before, if I lose, you can eat him alive. I always keep my word."

Mungo certainly despised the meat of such a thin little Tyrannosaurus rex. There's nothing delicious.

Moyi: "He's Moke's cub. If you don't eat him now, once he grows up, he will avenge Moke. He might not beat you, but he can still eat Gulu!"

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