Gulu looked at the fire on the opposite side for a long time after going ashore. There're still some dinosaurs struggling in the fire. A burning Argentinosaurus jumped into Dada River. The water splashed high, but the Argentinosaurus still died in the river due to severe burns.

Mila stood beside Gulu. He hadn't seen her for sometimes. Mila grew up a lot.

After coming down from Nanshan, there were abundant ferns in the plains. In addition, Bachu took good care of her. Gulu no longer went to see her every day. Mila also didn't want brother to come every day, because it too tiring for him.

She thought that Gulu was more powerful than Pado at this moment. He was the most powerful Triceratops in Yukan.

Pado looked at the blackened scales behind Gulu. He's very angry and shouted, "Gulu! Do you know how dangerous it was just now? Why did you run out of the group when you know that the fire is coming!"

Gulu looked at Pado and was silent. He knew that Pado would be angry. If Mungo knew, he would also be angry.

Mila hurriedly explained, "Uncle Pado, not brother, it's all my fault. Brother ran out of the group to save me."

Pado looked at Mila and replied, "I don't blame you. Gulu is too arrogant."

Gulu bowed his head and said, "I'm sorry, Pado."

Bachu's group wasn't too far away but they suffered heavy losses. Now, there're less than 200 Triceratopses left, leaving more than half of them dead.

Pado and Gulu sent Mila to Bachu, who thanked Gulu repeatedly.

Mila found that many of her siblings were also dead, leaving only five. She hated these brothers and sisters very much, but she was still a little sad since she didn't want them to die like this.

Pado immediately brought Gulu back to his own group. He must teach Gulu a lesson.

All members of the group were waiting for Pado and Gulu to return.

When Pado appeared in front of the group with Gulu, they were very excited. Their horns and shields all turned into unusually bright colors. They kept shouting and roaring loudly.

They were celebrating their narrow escape and expressing their gratitude to Gulu for keeping them alive.

Everyone in the group knew that if there was no Gulu, at least hundreds of Triceratopses in the group would have died in Dada River and hundreds more would have died in the fire.

Pado, however, let out a roar. The ethnic group gradually quieted down.

Gulu understood what Pado told the group: All Triceratopses in the group are not allowed to thank Gulu. Gulu is still a cub. Even if he saves the group many times because he's smarter than the other cubs, there's no need to thank him!

Pado knew that Gulu was too clever. He didn't want Gulu to die because of his cleverness.

The dinosaur world was very dangerous. Sometimes cleverness could save the whole group, but it couldn't save oneself. For example, just now, what if Gulu was killed by the fire?

Then Pado spoke harshly in front of all Triceratopses in the group: "Gulu, I don't care how smart you are, and I don't care how many times you save the group. If you dare to run out of the group without authorization, I will punish you!"

Gulu looked up at Pado and thought to himself: Does Pado really want to beat me now?! At least give me some face! I saved the ethnic group so many times!

Pado also stared at Gulu.

Even though Gulu had grown up a lot now, he was still too young compared to Pado.

One giant male Triceratops and one small Triceratops just watched each other. The surrounding became very quiet.

Gulu frantically shouted with his eyes: Dad, don't hit me now! Save me some face, please!…

Pado also replied with his eyes: You are almost burned to death just now. Do you know that? There's no way you can escape the beating!

Paton and Tutan rushed out first. Paton interceded: "Pado, Gulu should be beaten, but for the sake of saving so many Triceratopses in the group just now. Wait till tomorrow, tomorrow."

Tutan added: "Pado, Gulu will never do this again. Please forgive him once."

Gradually, all Triceratopses in the group were pleading for Gulu.

Pado also felt sorry for his son. He looked at Gulu's blackened back and his heart was bleeding.

Pado roared and said, "I won't beat you today. Wait till you get well."

Gulu rubbed Pado's stout front leg and whispered: "I will never do this again. Pado, don't be angry."

All Triceratopses in the group thought that Pado was unreasonable. Gulu was so good. Why do you even want to beat Gulu? It's really too much.

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However, they didn't dare to say anything. Pado was Gulu's Dad and their leader. They couldn't prevent a Dad from teaching his young cub, let alone the leader from teaching an unruly Triceratops in the group.

Moreover, Pado already said that he wouldn't beat him until Gulu's injury was healed, which wasn't easy for Pado, who was always uncompromising.

Pado entered the center of the group with Gulu. Guji and Gudong were surrounded by Babana. They wanted to intercede for their brother but Babana refused to let them go.

Babana rubbed Pado and Gulu, "Pado, it's my fault. I didn't watch Gulu. Don't hit him."

Pado was still very angry: "You just spoil him! If he runs out of the group one day and dies, you can't spoil him again!"

This was the first time that Pado had sent Babana such a big fire. Babana stopped talking in an instant.

Pado continued angrily, "You just think that he's very clever and powerful, so he won't run into danger, right? He's still a young cub. Even if he's smart, once he meets a carnivorous dinosaur, he'll still be eaten! I'm too far away. I have no time to save him. I can't look after him all the time…"

Babana thought that Gulu went to Pado. She didn't know that Gulu ran out of the group. She was now very regretful.

Gulu was by Pado's side before in order to command the group.

Gulu felt very guilty. Dad and Mom quarreled because of him. He hurriedly spoke up: "Dad, Mom didn't know that I ran out. I ran out secretly. I told Mom that I went to find you…"

Pado: "Babana, I'll bring Gulu to me myself if there's another dangerous situation in the future. Only then can you let him go!"

Babana hurriedly nodded and rubbed Pado: "Pado, I know. Don't be angry. It's all my fault."

Pado also rubbed Babana: "It's not your fault. It's Gulu's fault! The little brat thought that he must be lucky just because he saves the group many times. He dares to do anything. When he's well, see how I'll beat him!"

Babana: "Can you not hit Gulu?"

Pado: "No way!"

Gulu: "Mom, it's my fault. You don't have to plea for me."

Pado rubbed Babana and asked: "I was too anxious just now. It's all my fault. Did I scare you?"

Babana shook her head. Pado then said to Gulu harshly, "You little brat, settle down a little. If you dare to behave in such a way again, see how I'll beat you!"

Gulu: Why do I feel that I just ate my parents' dog food? When I was burned, my Dad only knew to scold and bully me. But he coaxed Mom just after being a little fierce…

Guji and Gudong were also frightened by Pado. Babana coaxed them for a while before they got over it.

Before leaving, Guji and Gudong said: "Brother, your Dad is really terrible. He's so fierce."

Gulu: "Yes, he's super bad. Just ignore him."

Guji and Gudong: "Yes, yes, ignore him! He's fierce to brother and is a big bad dinosaur!"

Gulu: "In fact, he isn't. He's also for my own good. He's afraid that I will be burned to death or killed by dinosaurs. He's scared that I will die if I go out randomly."

After pondering for a long time, Guji and Gudong realized the truth. They reluctantly recognized that Pado was doing this for their brother's good.

Mungo arrived and waited outside of Pado's group to pick up Guji and Gudong.

Pado's group then took a night's rest on the spot.

On the other side of the river, the fire blazed for three days and three nights. It burned all and everything that it could.

The number of herbivorous dinosaurs decreased sharply because of the fire. Some died in the fire and some during the river crossing. Although many carnivorous dinosaurs also died in the fire, they died less during the crossing.

Now there're carnivorous dinosaurs everywhere. The survival of herbivorous dinosaurs was extremely difficult.

After the fire went out, it's only seven or eight days before green life reappeared on the other side. Nature's ability to repair itself was extremely strong.

Dinosaurs killed by fire or smoke had already begun to rot.

Lazy carnivorous dinosaurs and scavenger dinosaurs gradually returned to the other side and began to eat rotten meat. The cooked dinosaur meat was also delicious. Although the rotten taste wasn't good, it's easier than hunting.

Later, Gulu found that Ray wasn't dead, but his tail was burned, leaving an ugly scar. Blunt and Tudor didn't come down from Nanshan, so their ethnic group was fine.

Among the ethnic groups that Gulu knew, Bachu's suffered the most.

In fact, many Triceratops groups lost more than Bachu's. Many burned to death and some only had dozens of Triceratopses left.

These scattered Triceratopses needed to get together or join a relatively larger group.

Pado's group wouldn't accept any more Triceratops. They couldn't join.

Bachu and Hongdun seized this opportunity. They collected these scattered Triceratopses. In more than ten days, all of the young and strong ones were absorbed. They turned into a large group with nearly 1,000 Triceratopses.

Gulu felt that there was no reason for this forest fire. If it's caused by too strong sunlight during the day, the fact that it only happened at night was just too strange.

Once the other side became green again, Gulu asked Mungo to take him there.

Of course, Gulu didn't dare to say that he was looking for the source of the fire. He said that he wanted to go back to have a look and let Mungo accompany him. With Mungo's protection, Pado would be at ease.

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The water in Dada River had returned to being extremely clear for a while, but Gulu would always remember that it didn't run out of blood for three days. Dada River was bloody red for three days. He couldn't imagine how many dinosaurs died in it.

The burned plains was a mess. Although ferns and trees were growing again, more than ten days was not enough to completely repair them.

Mungo followed Gulu closely while he carefully searched for the source of the fire.

The fire started from the forest. The clue must be found there.

But they got nothing.

Not only did they find nothing, but on their way back, they met a very powerful Tyrannosaurus rex group.

Mungo immediately put Gulu behind him.

This Tyrannosaurus rex group had more than ten Tyrannosaurus rex. Each one was unusually strong. The group leader was as big as Mungo!

Mungo knew that this Tyrannosaurus rex group belonged to Moyi. Moyi was Moke's brother. Moke was Gaya's first mate, the male Tyrannosaurus rex who was eaten alive after being defeated by Mungo.

Moyi's ethnic group was far away from here. Mungo didn't expect him to come.

Mungo and Gulu were stopped by Moyi and a dozen very strong Tyrannosaurus rex.

Moyi was also an adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex. Of course, the Tyrannosaurus rex in his group were also adolescents, which included eight males, six females and five young cubs.

Such a Tyrannosaurus rex combination was very rare, almost non-existent. An adolescent male Tyrannosaurus rex wouldn't have a fixed mate.

Moyi said, "Mungo, since you ate my brother alive, I will eat Gulu alive. Isn't that fair?"

Mungo: "Then you have to win me!"

Gulu:… What to do? How can Mungo beat so many Tyrannosaurus rex?

At the same time, Gulu noticed one Tyrannosaurus rex cub in Moyi's group who was about the same age as Guji and Gudong, but thinner. The other Tyrannosaurus rex cubs were much smaller than this one.

Gulu didn't know why, but he had a premonition that the thinnest young Tyrannosaurus rex was Gaya's child.

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