Guji and Gudong learned from an early age that an adult Triceratops was very dangerous, and a Triceratops group was even more deadly. But now they had their favorite older brother besides them, as well as his Dad, who looked very fierce. They were not as afraid.

The entry of two Tyrannosaurus rex, even if they were just cubs, caused a stir in the group. All adult Triceratopses couldn't help but want to crush and trample them to death. This was a Triceratops's survival instinct.

However, Pado's momentum completely suppressed them. Since he allowed the two little Tyrannosaurus rex into the group to take refuge, they could only obey all arrangements of their leader.

At the same time, Triceratopses of Pado's group all knew that Guji and Gudong were the two younger brothers of Gulu in the Tyrannosaurus rex group. Gulu liked these two younger brothers very much.

Gulu had saved the entire ethnic group more than once. The last time was when there was a flood. He also found a new dwelling for the ethnic group on Nanshan. And this time, it was from the fire.

If there was no Gulu, they would have been the first to enter the river. The dinosaur crowd coming from behind would push them in. Without this fire barrier, they would also be in a hurry.

Together with Pado's orders, Gulu saved the entire group many times. Even if they wanted to kill the two little Tyrannosaurus rex, they must endure it.

If Gulu had not helped the ethnic group, with Pado's protection, these Triceratops wouldn't dare to kill the two cubs, but they would have been even more dissatisfied with Gulu. There was no such situation now.

Gulu took his two younger brothers to the center of the group and said, "Don't be afraid. These Triceratopses won't hurt you."

Guji and Gudong followed their brother closely. As long as he's here, no matter where they were, they would feel safe and comfortable. Even if they entered the enemy's ethnic group, they were not afraid at all.

They could feel that their brother was very popular in this group. These Triceratopses couldn't help but want to step on Tyrannosaurus rex cubs to death, but after looking at their brother and Pado, they voluntarily gave up. Even the hatred in their eyes seemed to disappear.

Pado escorted the three cubs to Babana's side and left. He's the leader. He must maintain the stability of the group and be ready to command the defense and offense of the group at any time.

Babana, Pachi and Dudu had both seen Guji and Gudong, but Gulu still gave them a separate introduction, "Mom, these are Guji and Gudong. Will you please take care of them? Pachi, Dudu, you aren't allowed to bully Guji and Gudong. Otherwise, I'll be angry!"

Now Gulu had no time to stay beside Guji and Gudong. He must keep an eye on all aspects of the situation. Any carelessness could cause serious losses to the group. But he knew how scared Guji and Gudong must be after entering a Triceratops group as a Tyrannosaurus rex. He must settle his two younger brothers well before he could rest assured.

Babana rubbed against them and told him, "Gulu, don't worry. I will take good care of them."

Babana then turned to Guji and Gudong: "Don't be afraid, little ones. I'm Gulu's Mom. Your Mom treats Gulu so well. I'll take good care of you just like your Mom cares for Gulu."

Babana had always been very grateful toward Gaya. She knew that Gulu would have never survived without Gaya. Of course, she also heard a lot about the childhood of Gulu, Guji and Gudong. She knew that Guji and Gudong loved Gulu very much.

Babana would take good care of Gaya's cubs, whether it's out of gratitude to her or out of Gulu's deep brotherly love for Guji and Gudong.

Although Pachi and Dudu had been disputing with Guji and Gudong all the time about whom their older brother liked better, the two young ones were always sensible at critical moment.

They knew that Guji and Gudong came to their own ethnic group to take refuge. They should help their brother to entertain and take care of them. Although they didn't like Guji and Gudong, the two were Gulu's Tyrannosaurus rex brothers. Their brother cared about Guji and Gudong as much as them.

In such a difficult time, it wasn't the time to argue about who their brother liked better. They should tide over the difficulties together and refrained from embarrassing their brother.

Therefore, Pachi and Dudu took the initiative to rub against Guji and Gudong while saying: "Don't be afraid, Guji, Gudong. With Dad and brother present, we won't let you be eaten by the fire or Dada River. We will cross the river together."

"We won't be eaten," Guji and Gudong hurriedly nodded.

Pachi and Dudu spoke to Gulu: "Brother, don't worry. We'll take care of them."

Gulu didn't know what blessings he did for several lifetimes to meet such a good Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops family. Every dinosaur was so great.

Although the cubs were at the center of the group, they could still see through the limbs of giant adult Triceratopses. They saw other dinosaur groups struggling to survive in the flames and Dada River.

This was the first time that these young cubs had seen a forest fire since they were born. The fire was getting closer and closer. Many dinosaurs who didn't have time to run out were devoured by the burning flames and issued extremely shrill roaring.

In fact, the young ones were very scared. They were scared of the fire and also the Dada River.

Pachi: "Guji, Gudong, if you hug my Mom's leg like me, you can't see the fire, so you won't be scared."

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Dudu: "Uh-huh, Guji, Gudong, don't be afraid. We have the protection of the group. The fire can't eat us!"

In the eyes of dinosaurs, the fire was a monster, a monster that was more terrible than any other kind of dinosaur. It would eat all dinosaurs and everything that it passed through. The fire wasn't afraid of any dinosaur, so it's super scary.

Guji and Gudong blocked their eyes like Pachi and Dudu. Sure enough, they were not as afraid. They said, "I'm not so scared anymore, Pachi, Dudu…"

Babana let the four cubs all hide under her body. Since the four cubs were already very big, they could barely hide inside. They were like newborn cubs clinging to Babana's stout legs. All four of their butts stuck tightly together.

Gulu made sure that even without him, Guji and Gudong wouldn't be afraid. He then ran to the edge of the group.

The fire was about to reach them. Gulu knew that he had no time to go out again to find Bachu's Triceratopses. He's worried about Mila but had no choice besides hoping that Bachu could protect her.

Gulu ran to the edge of the group mainly to see if Mungo's group had crossed the river. He's relieved to see that all of them had safely crossed the river from a distance.

After burning through the middle of the forest, the fire had already reached the bank of the river. The earliest groups of dinosaurs to arrive were driven by the fire into Dada River.

This group of dinosaurs included herbivorous dinosaurs such as Triceratops, Diplodocus, Argentinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Camptosaurus…There're also carnivorous dinosaurs such as Velociraptors, Mapusaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus, etc.

Dada River's Feast was now on!

Blood seemed to have dyed the whole Dada River red in an instant. The dinosaurs in the river were making endless wails, whines and cries of pain, which were tantamount to purgatory sounds.

Large herbivorous dinosaurs, such as Argentinosaurus, were so large that once they fell on their feet, many little dinosaurs would forever sleep at the bottom of Dada River. If a big dinosaur fell in the river, many little dinosaurs would be held down by its weight, causing them to drown alive.

Even if they were not trampled to death by the larger dinosaurs, the Sarcosuchus, sawfish and Spinosaurus in the river were attacking them frenziedly. Large or medium carnivorous dinosaurs were not easy to be attacked. As the result, herbivorous dinosaurs were the most miserable. They were killed in large numbers.

Even the most aggressive and strongest herbivorous dinosaurs, such as Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, etc., which all posseed their personal lethal weapons, could only be hunted since they couldn't fully deploy their arsenals in the water.

Carnivorous dinosaurs fared much better. Their teeth and bite force could scare the overlords in the water.

Many groups of herbivorous dinosaurs would remain in Dada River forever.

When Gulu used to study dinosaur fossils as a human, he found many dinosaurs had died in one place. They were groups of different ages, including young ones, young adults and old dinosaurs.

What could cause so many dinosaurs to die in a single area? Only natural disasters had such great power.

Gulu saw that many Triceratops cubs had not been attacked, but they still sank to the bottom of the river. Dada River was flooded some time ago and its current was fast. Under such chaotic conditions, the cubs were unable to swim well, so it's difficult for them to swim to the other side.

Large fires spread. More and more dinosaurs descended into the river.

These dinosaurs also saw a large number of dead bodies from those who went into the river. As the result, many dinosaur groups wanted to squeeze into the fire barrier of Pado's group.

However, the adult male Triceratopses on the periphery of Pado's group were very strong. They wouldn't allow any dinosaur to enter their fire barrier.

Suddenly, Gulu saw Bachu's group running towards here. Bachu's group also wanted to intrude into the fire barrier of Pado's group. Of course, they were also driven out.

Gulu and Pado couldn't let them in either. At most, they would let Mila in, but he didn't see Mila.

But soon, he found Mila, who stood by the river with her siblings. All of them didn't dare to enter the river.

Mila's siblings had their mothers, but Mila didn't.

These female Triceratopses took her siblings into the river one after another. Mila dared not follow them.

Bachu, as the leader, had to command the whole ethnic group. He couldn't take care of Mila and entrusted her to several female Triceratopses. However, those female Triceratopses couldn't even take care of their own cubs. How could they manage Mila?

Mila watched her brothers and sisters all go into the river. She knew that if she didn't catch up quickly and mix in to seek shelter from these adult female Triceratopses, she would surely die!

But she didn't dare to go in. She saw that some of her brothers and sisters had been eaten by Dada River.

Gulu couldn't help it. He rushed at Mila and shouted as he ran: "Mila, come here, come here! Come to our group!"

Mila heard the sound of Gulu and saw hope. She turned and ran to Gulu.

Gulu and Mila ran back to the group. The fire was about to burn them. They were not in the fire-proof zone. The temperature was terribly high.

Seeing that the fire was about to burn to their front, Gulu threw himself against Mila. The two cubs rolled round and round on the ground.

The fire burned them, but only a little bit. Gulu felt his back and butts were burning very hot. Mila was completely protected by Gulu. She only felt very hot but not burnt.

The two cubs rolled around in the fire before they rolled into the fire barrier. Gulu's hides were all smoking.

After the cubs rolled in, an adult Triceratops immediately put them under its body. Finally, the temperature was no longer terribly hot.

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Gulu heard the fire burning ferns and dinosaurs. The crackling sound and the burnt smell of meat were very strong.

Despite the fire barrier, the fire spread very fast. The flame already drifted across Pado's ethnic group, but there was no combustible. So, the fire couldn't last.

All Triceratopses of Pado's group laid down and fended off the fire with their backs. Meanwhile, the little Triceratopses were placed under the protection of the adults.

A thin layer of fire drifted over Pado's group, bringing extremely hot temperature. Fortunately, dinosaurs had strong thermoregulation ability and were not badly burned. Only the adult Triceratopses that fended off the fire turned black.

At this time, Dada River finally quieted down. The overlords in the water were full. No, to be precise, there were too much meat to eat.

Pado organized all Triceratopses in the group to cross the river in an orderly way.

By now, there was basically no danger. Pado's group was the last to evacuate, yet wasn't burned to death.

Paton and Tutan were also helping Pado's group to cross the river.

Guji and Gudong had Babana's protection. When crossing the river, they were not afraid.

Pado ran to Gulu's side. He saw Gulu and Mila rolled into the group just now. The fire had already burned Gulu!

Before, Pado was too far away to run to see Gulu immediately. At this moment, he crossed the river with Gulu and Mila while carefully observing if Gulu was burned.

Soon, Pado's group crossed to the other side of Dada River without losing a Triceratops.

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