The fire spread at a very fast pace. It was extremely terrifying to dinosaurs. All dinosaurs, whether they ate ferns or meat, had basically experienced a fire as long as they were older. They had seen many dinosaurs devoured by the flame and burned to ashes.

For herbivorous dinosaurs, fire was much more frightening than carnivorous dinosaurs.

Pado's ethnic group was the first to reach the river. Some old Triceratopses who had survived forest fires before were too frightened. They desperately went into the river in order to rush to the opposite bank.

Any dinosaur who had experienced a fire knew that only water could prevent the fire from spreading, especially this kind of large forest fire. Only a body of water as large as Dada River could isolate the flame.

Gulu kept shouting: "Don't go down the river! Everyone, don't go down the river right now!"

The old Triceratopses who went into the river were hunted by hordes of predators, such as sawfishes and other terrible overlords in the water as soon as they entered the water. The already dark Dada River became even darker with blood. A strong smell of blood washed over them.

The rest of the Triceratopses who wanted to cross the river due to being frightened by the fire retreated one after another. The river was really too dangerous.

At present, the ethnic group became extremely chaotic. Pado was also very tangled. He didn't know whether to cross the river earlier or later.

Pado had led the group to avoid a mountain fire before. However, they were not the first to run out at that time. There were already many herbivorous dinosaurs crossing the river in front of them, which greatly reduced the risk of crossing the river.

This time, the forest fire was just too horrifying.

Pado was now weighing whether crossing the river first would cause greater loss to the group compared to the forest fires and carnivorous dinosaurs. He needed to make the most favorable decision for the group.

Gulu raced through the chaotic group to find Pado. Babana, Pachi and Dudu followed him closely.

After running in front of Pado, Gulu shouted, "Pado, we can't cross the river now. I need you to command all Triceratopses of the group to eat up all fern fields in front of us. Eat them cleanly…"

Although Pado didn't know what Gulu meant by doing this, he did as Gulu said at once.

Pado led more than a dozen of the strongest male Triceratopses to command all dinosaurs in the group to eat the fern plants in front of them crazily. They ate everything clean and even uprooted the fern roots to eat them.

Because Pado's group was the first to run to the river, there was still a certain distance before the fire spread to them. However, the flame was too big. Even if the current distance was safe, all dinosaurs in the group were very frightened.

However, even in case of extreme fear, a leader's orders couldn't be disobeyed. All Triceratopses in the group didn't flinch away and ate like crazy, regardless of where the fire was.

Gulu thought that the Triceratopses of Pado's ethnic group were really great. Although they were so afraid of the fire, they could still carry out Pado's orders well.

These Triceratopses ate ferns very quickly. Soon, a large area of fern field in front of the general group was completely clean out.

Then Gulu asked Pado to direct half of the Triceratopses to take the river sands from the bank to the bald fern field and laid them on the ground. At the same time, the other half of the Triceratopses was responsible for carrying the river water in their mouths and spit it on the laid river sands.

This was equivalent to creating a large fire barrier.

Only the large size of Pado's group could complete such an enormous workload in just a short period of time. It wasn't difficult for more than 3,000 Triceratopses to do things that were instinctive or mechanically repeated to them under the leadership of the leader.

Of course, it's also because their evacuation to the river was the earliest of all ethnic groups. They had more time to complete this great project.

Afterward, Gulu asked Pado's strongest male Triceratopses to guard the edge of the group, not allowing any dinosaur to enter the fire barrier that they worked so hard to put up.

In this moment of life and death, Gulu had no reason to speak of kindness. Everything was done for survival.

At present, what Pado's ethnic group had to do was very simple. They just needed to maintain the fire barrier well and only allow the dinosaurs of their own ethnic group to be inside. It's absolutely impossible for other dinosaurs to come in.

The whole forest and plains were driven by the fire. More and more herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs gathered at Dada River.

Ferocious carnivorous dinosaurs, or large carnivorous dinosaurs, were less likely to fear the overlords in the water. They could cross the river directly and might even hunt a Sarcosuchus or an herbivorous dinosaur bitten by a Sarcosuchus on the side.

However, some smaller carnivorous dinosaurs, such as Velociraptor and Troodontid, didn't dare to cross the river now. They had to wait until the overlords in the river ate enough of the initial crossers first.

These small and medium carnivorous dinosaurs all wanted to enter the fire barrier of Pado's ethnic group, but the outer circles of Pado's ethnic group were all robust adult male Triceratopses. They formed a very strong Triceratops wall that couldn't be penetrated at all.

Other herbivorous dinosaurs also came. However, Triceratops was the most aggressive of all herbivorous dinosaurs and Pado was the most powerful Triceratops. No matter what kind of herbivorous dinosaur, it's impossible to beat them.

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Gulu was relieved that at least Pado's ethnic group wouldn't suffer too many casualties.

Countless overlords such as Sarcosuchus, sawfish and Spinosaurus were waiting for their feast.

Gulu was at a loss as to how he could find Mungo's group. Now it's too chaotic for Pado to send him over. Pado needed to guard the ethnic group.

If Mungo's group couldn't be found, Gulu wasn't at ease crossing the river.

At that moment, Gulu saw a gigantic pterosaur!

It's Nassau!

Nassau soon flew over Pado's ethnic group. All of Pado's Triceratopses were already very familiar with Nassau. They wouldn't be nervous about his arrival. They knew that Gulu was also the leader of Nassau's ethnic group.

Gulu immediately became a human being. Once Nassau landed in front of him, he mounted Nassau's back in an instant.

Nearby Triceratopses created a long and narrow way for Nassau to run up and take off. Gulu shouted from Nassau's back, "Dad, Mom, you don't have to worry. I'll be back soon."

Nassau flew directly towards Mungo's group.

The forest fire was spreading too fast. The resulting high temperature would affect the flight of Quetzalcoatlus. Nassau flew very high as to not scorch his wing membrane. Gulu's human form also couldn't withstand the high temperature.

Smoke billowed. Sparks flew everywhere in the air. Even high up in the sky, there's still a lot of smoke with residual heat.

Gulu choked and coughed. The smoke made him cry. He had to wipe away the tears with the back of his hand to clearly see below.

Because of their high altitude, Gulu saw that the dwelling of Mungo's group in the distance had been completely engulfed by the fire, leaving no residue behind.

Gulu no longer let Nassau fly inside, but slowly returned to the river. If Mungo's group hadn't escaped to the river, they would have died. Gulu couldn't accept any of Mungo's Tyrannosaurus rex dying in the fire.

There was no end to the burning dinosaurs running out of the blazing flame. These dinosaurs roared with countless bitter and painful cries, but before they could reach the river, they fell to the ground due to the burning pain of their bodies and were then consumed by the fire.

The air was full of the burnt smell from roasted dinosaur meat.

When Nassau flew to the river, Gulu finally saw Mungo's group.

Mungo's brothers and Gaya were still hesitating to cross the river. In fact, there was almost no danger for Gaya and Mungo's brothers to cross the river together. No matter how fierce the overlords in the water were, they dared not attack such a strong Tyrannosaurus rex group.

However, Guji and Gudong were still too small. It's too dangerous for them to cross the river at this time.

Gulu also saw Mungo. Mungo was running frantically along the river, shuttling between Triceratopses. He should be looking for Pado and Gulu.

Nassau flew to Mungo's side and kept screeching.

Soon Mungo heard the sounds of Quetzalcoatluses in the sky. He looked up and saw that it was Gulu!

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Nassau landed firmly in front of Mungo. Gulu hugged his neck and said, "Thank you, Nassau." Then he immediately jumped down from Nassau's back.

After coming down, Gulu became a Triceratops. He rubbed hard on Mungo's hind legs and shouted, "Mungo! Mungo! I have finally found you!"

Mungo also rubbed Gulu. He's really out of his mind just now. If he couldn't find Gulu again, he would run back to the fire to find him.

But Mungo wasn't good at expressing his feelings. He just rubbed against Gulu and said nothing.

Nassau flew into the sky again and hovered above Gulu's head. He would follow Gulu everywhere and was ready to listen to his call at any time.

Mungo and Gulu returned to Gaya, Guji and Gudong together.

Gulu spoke: "Guji and Gudong are too small to cross the river with you now. Pado's group has built a fire barrier there. I'll take Guji and Gudong to Pado's group to avoid the fire. Once the carnivorous dinosaurs and crocodiles in the water are full, Guji and Gudong can cross the river with us."

Gaya definitely trusted Gulu. However, Triceratops would surely trample Tyrannosaurus rex cubs to death once it saw them. This was beyond its control.

Mungo trusted Gulu fully. He knew that Gulu had high prestige in Pado's group.

However, Gaya didn't know this. She was a little worried: "There're so many Triceratopses. They hate Tyrannosaurus rex so much. It's too dangerous for Guji and Gudong."

Gulu: "Mom, you believe me. I will guarantee the safety of Guji and Gudong, definitely."

Mungo: "Gaya, believe in Gulu."

Gaya certainly didn't doubt Gulu. She just didn't believe in any Triceratops other than Gulu. But now she had no choice. If she refused to let Guji and Gudong go to Pado's group, it's very likely that the young ones would be attacked by the Sarcosuchus in the river, which was even more dangerous.

So Gaya agreed, "Mungo, you must take them there quickly."

Time was urgent, Mungo immediately ran to Pado's group with the three cubs.

Gaya shouted loudly: "Gulu, Guji, Gudong, Mom will wait for you on the other side."

The three cubs didn't have time to respond to Gaya. The fire would soon be here.

The river was in chaos. Herbivorous dinosaurs were constantly being attacked by carnivorous dinosaurs. These carnivorous dinosaurs didn't want to enter the river first. Even if they had the ability to fight with the overlords in the river, there was no need to do so.

A few herbivorous dinosaurs that went into the river first were all killed and dragged into the water. The rest of the herbivorous dinosaurs were even more afraid to go into the river. They all saw that going into the river first would definitely kill them.

Under Mungo's protection, the cubs quickly ran to the edge of Pado's group. Mungo waited outside with Guji and Gudong.

Gulu found Pado with the fastest speed in his life to explain the situation. Pado didn't hesitate and immediately followed Gulu to the front of Guji and Gudong.

Pado looked at the two big Tyrannosaurus rex cubs and said softly, "Don't be afraid. Come with me."

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