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Chen Qi's life is as ordinary as his name, so after living for nearly 30 years, he never thought that one day he would encounter such a thing as crossing.

He has been standing in this vast snow field for more than ten minutes, but he doesn't know what he should do now. He is in a city with all kinds of noises all the year round, and suddenly comes to a desolate and quiet suburb. Even if there seems to be some vague information emerging in his mind, for Chen Qi, who is almost frozen now, he only hopes that now is just a dream.

The last moment was still in the dry and cool September, and the next moment suddenly stepped on a few feet of snow. Chen Qi was very glad that he had been filled with several more glasses of wine by his friends at the party. when he left, he conveniently wore a black coat that he didn't know, at least he wouldn't freeze to death directly.

But it's not far from freezing to death, is it? Chen Qi thought silently, looking around, the half-human tall withered and yellow grass was bent by snow, and its eyes were boundless white. Apart from a few tall trees scattered nearby, there was no trace of human activity.

Chen Qi gathered up his coat. The chill from the outside to the inside made his movements stiff, but what made him even more uncomfortable was that the information in his mind came out continuously, vague and unclear, just like the annoying mosquitoes kept flying in your ear.

Chen Qi did not dare to move his position anywhere. This place is too strange. I don't know if there are dangerous creatures hiding under the grass half a person high, but he also knows that he can't stand in the same place all the time. Wearing thin clothes, he has no other way out in such snow but to freeze to death alive.

In my heart, I encouraged myself, tossed my head, bent down to find a relatively hard straw from my feet, folded it down hard, and walked to the tallest acacia tree not far away while slapping the grass in front of me with the straw.

Even in such a desperate environment, you should set yourself a small goal. Maybe you can climb to the top of that tree to see the situation around you. At least you should know which side you should go on to survive.

The Beastmen covered with white hair squatted on the tall branches of the acacia tree. On the first day of the first snow, he lost half of his hair. Apart from his facial features, he was covered with thick fur under his neck, making him feel no chill in the first snow.

He has been squatting here all night. He is waiting for the snow bear. The younger brother's partner, his only good friend Ake, is three months pregnant and their child will be born this winter.

For babies, the winter in Dora Plain is too cold, especially for delicate males. The males born in winter are hard to survive the first year. The white-haired Beastmen want to hunt the fur of the woolly snow bear for this unborn child. The fur of the woolly snow bear is the softest and warmest even if it is not tanned. Every Beastmen with children in the family wants a fur of the woolly snow bear. Unfortunately, the fur of the woolly snow bear is not so easy to obtain. Besides its strength, it depends on luck.

Not all fur of the snow bear has this effect. The snow bear will come out to look for a mate in the three days when the first snow comes. Their males will grow the softest and warmest fur in a year at this time to attract the attention of females. After the first snow is over, they will hide back into the cave and wait for the coming of summer. The whole fur of the snow bear in summer will become hard and short. At this time, the fur is even worse than that of hyenas. Therefore, if they miss the first snow, they will have to wait another year to hunt the snow bear.

Aze, a white-haired Beastmen, didn't want to miss the first snow this year, so he waited here early and paid close attention to the surrounding situation. As long as the snow bear took his head off, he would never escape his eyes.

All of a sudden, Aze's body tightened and his breathing slowed by half a beat. His body leaned forward slightly. Heaven, what did he see? A male, unexpectedly alone walking in the snow.

The body moves faster than the mind, and the slender fingers grasp the branches and jump off the tree after several ups and downs.

Chen Qi is almost unconscious from the cold at the moment. If there were a mirror in front of him at this time, he would surely see himself with a pale face and purple lips. He didn't even know if he could still walk to the tall acacia tree alive. The straw in his hand also lost its original function of detecting the danger in the grass, and his steps just kept going forward.

Aze played his best speed and rushed to the front of Chen Qi, holding each other firmly in his arms. Chen Qi's body was very cold. Aze felt like holding a huge ice stick. He hoped his body temperature would be slightly warmer than that of the frozen male.

Chen Qi, who was suddenly held by a huge heat source, was stunned. He felt that his brain was frozen and confused. He could not respond to the current situation at all. He just felt that he was in a fluffy warm atmosphere. He only wanted to bury himself to the maximum extent. He looked up when he was drowsy surrounded by the warm atmosphere. His eyes were on a handsome, cold and hard face, but the worried look on his face softened the cold and hard line somewhat.

Chen Qi felt that he had been taken away from the cold snow in his confusion. Although the surroundings were still cold, at least there would be no more wind constantly drilling into your body from all directions.

I don't know how long, there seems to be another heat source around me, the dry feeling of low-paying jobs in his throat makes him just want to pour a few bottles of water to moisten it.

Just thinking of a hard thing close to his lips, Chen Qi could smell a little meat fragrance. He opened his lips and took a sip. He smelled like sheep. He had a little salty and astringent taste and was not good to drink. However, Chen Qi had neglected the taste at the moment. After swallowing, he felt his body was slowly warmed up from inside to outside.

Some people are talking about something, it is a strange language, Chen Qi did not understand, after drinking water lazily nest into the soft hot cushion behind him, continue to fall asleep.

Chen Qi opened his eyes again and was awakened by the uncomfortable hunger in his stomach. Looking around, he saw a dark gray mountain wall in front of him. There was a pile of burning firewood beside him. He was covered with fur of unknown animals. Nearby, there was a small hide on the ground with several red fruits on it, which looked a bit like apples. But the color was not like any kind of apples he had seen in the supermarket. Even if he was really hungry, Chen Qi did not dare to pick it up and eat it casually.

In addition to the hunger in his stomach, Chen Qi felt that his body had not been frozen by the previous cold. If he had to use one word to describe it, it would be Beier Bang. This was undoubtedly a surprise to him.

The cave is not big, the hole is surrounded by a circle of dried branches as barriers.

Chen Qi carefully bypassed the barriers and went out into the endless grassland, but there was no snowfall on the grassland anymore. It was as if the snow covered with several feet of snow had disappeared overnight. Yellow weeds of all colors were swaying in the wind. A white sphere five or six times bigger than the moon was hanging in the blue sky. Next to it was a pale purple sphere that appeared like the moon. The sun in the middle was shining with warm light. The temperature was as warm and cool as the temperature in G city before Chen Qi came here.

Well, Chen Qi knew that he had crossed, and that he might have crossed to another planet. At least the planet he has lived for nearly 30 years will not have two moons in broad daylight, and of course there will not be two moons.

Before his lethargy, Chen Qi had a headache from the annoying mosquito-like sounds in his brain. Now he woke up to find that those sounds were a piece of information, some basic information about the planet.

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The information did not mention the name of the planet, but Chen Qi is now in the largest plain on the planet, Dora Plain.

Dora Plain and its neighboring Loya Forest divide the continent of the planet into two almost symmetrical parts. Their land area is very large. No one has ever been able to pass through Loya Forest. The forest is occupied by a large number of stegosaurus. Anyone who tries to cross the forest will be pierced by their hard and sharp sword horns.

The human beings living in this place are called Beastmen. They have no difference between men and women. They have the same physical characteristics. The animals that can be turned into animals are called females. They are strong and responsible for bearing, hunting and supporting their families. Those who cannot be domesticated are called males. They are smaller than females, but their survival rate is low. They are responsible for collecting and raising children.

The planet has no seasons, only winter and summer. Summer is good. The temperature is similar to that of the place where Chen Qi used to live. Although it is hot, it will not be too hot to exaggerate. But winter is different, even when it's coldest, it can breathe into ice. Even the strongest Beastmen can't go out at will in this place where there is no heat at all and only skins for warm clothing.

Moreover, in such extreme weather, if ten children are born and five females and five males are born this year, the five females will live to adulthood as long as they are kept free from deadly attacks. However, even if the five males are carefully protected, the survival rate is high if one of them lives to be an adult. Therefore, the males are extremely rare here. For all Beastmen, regardless of their tribe, protecting the males is basically the most important information engraved into their genes.

Only if the males survive can the Beastmen not be eliminated by nature.

The snow Chen Qi saw before was the first snow on this planet. This is a rather peculiar phenomenon. Before winter comes, there will be a first snowfall. This snowfall will only last for three days. After three days, it will melt and seep into the ground overnight as if it had never occurred before. Then it will maintain a cool temperature for one month, and another snowfall after one month will indicate winter.

If this month is divided into four seasons, the month after the first snow falls into autumn. Many fruits will mature one after another in this month, and the activities of various animals will become more frequent. They will begin their preparations before long-distance migration. This is the time when all the Beastmen are deployed to carry out grain storage for the long winter months ahead.

Chen Qi was very glad at this time that the time he came here was the first snow. At least he still had one month to prepare how to live in this strange place, such as finding an Beastmen tribe to take refuge in.

Chen Qi was attracted by a gradually approaching figure after remembering the civilization years he had passed away.

That is a tall and strong man, dressed in fur, even if the whole body has no that a thick layer of white fur, Chen Qi still recognized this is the man he had seen before coma on the snow. It seems that this man saved himself and moved himself into this cave.

The man was carrying a lamb that had been slaughtered on his shoulder, one hand holding the prey, the other hand holding the completely stripped sheepskin, which was wrapped in two turquoise fruits the size of coconuts.

"Are you awake?"The man's voice is a bit hoarse, like he is not used to talking to others, he seems a little hesitant and a little flattering, which is a little out of step with his cold face.

Chen Qi needs to raise his head slightly to see a man's face. The other person is at least half his height. It is really hard to imagine such a strong person being the one who gives birth to children.

"Did you save me?" Since waking up, Chen Qi can understand each other's words. He remembered that the other party seemed to have spoken to him in a coma, but the pronunciation of that language was so mysterious that Chen Qi at that time could not understand it at all. However, now this language actually communicates with his mother tongue without any sense of contradiction. This is like the inexplicable information flooding into my mind. Chen Qi can only treat it as his golden finger, at least without communication barriers with native creatures on this planet.

The man nodded, pushed aside the barrier at the entrance of the cave, and entered the cave with his long slender legs. Chen Qi paused and followed.

The man laid the sheepskin on the ground before putting the prey on it. Picking up one of the blue fruits, a long fingernail suddenly appeared on the slender finger. The fingernail streaked across the top of the fruit, and the milky white liquid flowing inside could be seen in an instant.

The man handed the opened fruit to Chen Qi, who took it. The shell of the fruit was very hard and there was a cold touch in his hand.

"Drink." The man motioned Chen Qi to drink the juice inside.

Chen Qi gently took a sip of his drink. The entrance was cold. Although it was milky white, it had no milk flavor at all. The taste was very light, more like sweet water.

The man saw Chen Qi open the rest of the fruit just the same way after drinking. The fruit was bigger. After opening it, the man walked to the front of the fire, pulled out a few smaller pieces of wood that were still burning, then picked up the thick trunk next to it and built a simple shelf, put the fruit in his hand on the newly built fire, and then cut off some pieces of meat on the prey next to him with his fingernails and put them into the fruit. After everything was finished, a simple shelf was set up on the big fire nearby, and the whole lamb was put on the fire for barbecue.

Chen Qi watched the man busily in astonishment, then sighed with emotion that the other person's fingernails were really not so easy to use. Looked at his manicured bare nails, hurriedly took a sip of juice pressure.

He is just an ordinary person and cannot be envied.

The man was very silent. After finishing his work, he sat in front of the fire and stared at the slowly discolored lamb.

Chen Qi stared at each other's side face for a few minutes and decided to break the embarrassing atmosphere after confirming that the other party had not been silent because he was bored with himself.

"My name is Chen Qi. What's your name?" Chen Qibian said as he handed the other half of the fruit he had drunk. The man brought back only two of these fruits. One of them was cooking in the fire. Chen Qi was also embarrassed to drink all the fruit in his hand. After drinking a few mouthfuls of fruit juice, his hunger became more obvious. The fire was baking a whole lamb. He didn't want to eat with water.

Seeing Chen Qi's action, the man was obviously a little surprised. Except for his younger brother, he had never received any food from any male.

Chen Qi maintained the act of handing fruit for one minute and began to doubt whether the other party disliked what he had drunk and whether it was impolite for him to pass half of the food to a stranger. Only then did the man reach out and take it.

"Aze."The man took the fruit and did not drink it. He only found these two watery fruits near here."My name is Aze."

Chen Qi, who has opened the topic, will naturally not remain silent any longer."Aze, is your tribe around here?"

Aze's body tightened up. Although the population of the tribe has decreased a lot, he still does not want to bring this new male back to the tribe. A male he saved in Loya Forest two years ago was snatched by a strong female in the tribe the next day. Although Aze felt nothing, he still felt a sense of urgency about the matter.

"I don't live in a tribe."Aze lowered his head and rubbed the hard core of the shea. He did not lie. Instead of living in the tribe, he lived in a desolate forest far away from the tribe, where there were several tall fig trees.

"Do you live alone?" Chen Qi, Zou Zou, Zou Mei, how likely are single Beastmen to survive in such a place? However, the situation of the other party does not look like it is difficult to survive. It should be that the other party is a powerful Beastmen. I don't know if this thigh can be tightly held. At present, he has no other information to find the Beastmen colony.

Aze nodded, "where is your tribe? I can take you back. You shouldn't run to the plain alone."

"Well, I have no tribe."

Aze hesitated for a moment, then said with a little chagrin, "I'm sorry."

Chen Qi smiled a little wryly. Looking at each other's appearance, he probably thought his tribe was shattered.

Tribes living on the Dora plain have to deal with the attack of hyenas in addition to the bad weather every year. Every year, hyenas attack Beastmen tribes. They live in the deepest part of Loya forest and only come to the plain when winter comes. Even stegosaurus can't cope with groups of hyenas. In order to survive, many tribes can only seek refuge from larger tribes.

Aze's tribe was also a middle-sized tribe in the Dora Plain three years ago, but three years ago in the cold winter a group of hyenas ambushed the tribe. Although they resisted the attack, the tribe also paid a great price. Many powerful females also died in the attack. At that time, the patriarch could only lead the tribe to the lion wolf tribe nearest to their tribe. Only some people who lived there for generations and did not want to leave stayed.

Chen Qi also knows the information about hyenas, not to mention hyenas. Even ordinary hyenas in Pingyuan are beyond Chen Qi's control. He only hopes to find a relatively safe place to survive the first winter. He only has one month to prepare. He is not able to go hunting in such cold weather as Beastmen.

"Aze, how many tribes are there?"

Aze thought for a moment and said, "I don't know how many tribes there are in the Dora plain. most of them were established along the Dora river. the largest tribe nearby is lion wolf tribe, which is said to have thousands of people."

"How many people are there in your tribe?"

Aze paused. He didn't want the other party to go to his tribe. Their tribe had less than one fifth of the previous number, and the rest were mostly old females. Although the hyenas had not been here in the past two years, the threat of the hyenas was not the only one in winter. Under Chen Qi's puzzled eyes, he told the other party truthfully, "Our tribe was attacked by hyenas before. The patriarch took others to join the Lion Wolf tribe, and now there are less than 30 people left."

Chen Qi thought for a moment and asked smilingly, "Aze, I have no place to go now. Can I go back with you?"

Aze looked up at Chen Qi." You want to go back with me."

Chen Qi nodded. "Well, I can build a small house next to your house. Do you mind having one more person to keep you company?"

"I don't have a pregnant tattoo."

"Pregnant stripes?" Chen Qi did not understand how this topic was suddenly diverted.

Aze put down his shea and clenched his right wrist. There was a piece of hide tied to it. He hesitated for a moment, then slowly untied the hide and reached out his hand to Chen Qi.

Chen Qi followed his movements to see the past, perhaps because he had not seen light for years. The skin on his wrist was whiter than elsewhere, so what Chen Qi saw was a piece of smooth white skin.

Aze's deep voice did not recognize any emotion. "Do you want to come back with me?"

Chen Qi didn't react until this time what Aze said.

Pregnant grain is a striped road that appears on the right wrist of all Beastmen females in Dora Plain after birth. The deeper the pregnant grain, the higher the probability that the female is pregnant. A female without a pregnant tattoo will not become pregnant. There is also a saying that a person without a pregnant tattoo is also abandoned by a beast god. This special kind of person can't be loved anywhere. Chen Qi really didn't expect that the reason why the tall Beastmen chose to live alone in front of him was not necessarily because he was strong enough to live alone on the Dora Plain. It was more likely that he was excluded from the tribe because he could not be accepted by the tribe.

Chen Qi stretched out his hand and caressed Aze's bare wrist. This move was too ambiguous for the Beastmen. Chen Qi just wanted to calm the mood of the first friend he knew after he came to this strange place. He could feel the faint sadness of the other party after he took off the skins on his wrist.

Chen Qi did not understand the feelings of the beast people for pregnant stripes. He was unfamiliar with everything in this world. All the information he knew about this world was a basic impression that suddenly poured into his mind.

The person in front of him is the first of his kind. Chen Qi never thinks he has a chick complex, but he still thinks Aze is a bit special for him. In a desperate situation where his body is freezing little by little and his life is losing little by little, it is this tall Beastmen that appears in front of him and pulls himself back from the hand of death. Chen Qi thanks the other party, so he does not want the other party to suddenly fall into his sad world at the moment.

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"Of course, as long as you like, I want to go back with you." Chen Qi looked the other person in the eye and said slowly, "You know, I can't live alone here. If you don't take me away, I may freeze to death or starve to death here."

Aze paused and said hesitantly, "In fact, I can take you to the Lion Wolf Tribe. You are the male son. They will be very willing to accept you."


"Lion Wolf Tribe is surrounded by mountains on three sides and is the largest and safest place nearby. There are many powerful females guarding it."

Chen Qi pondered for a moment. At the beginning, his consideration was to find a tribe to settle down. It was naturally safer to take refuge in a large tribe with a large population, but in this way he would be separated from the tall man in front of him.

Aze, seeing Chen Qi's sudden silence, silently removed his eyes, took out a gray stone and smeared it carefully on the lamb that had become discolored. Although he wanted to pretend to be indifferent, the dim light in his eyes suddenly revealed a little helpless emotion. The male son he saved earlier was alienated from himself after he knew he had no pregnant stripes. He was no longer willing to contact with himself after he brought back to the tribe. In the sight of this person will also be like this, with a man abandoned by the beast god to a small tribe that even the hyenas can't cope with, it is better to take refuge in the big tribe, male son no matter where can get preferential treatment.

Chen Qi watched the other side silently break off a corner of the gray stone and put it into the boiled mutton soup. It looked like a pug waiting for the master's sentence. It looked miserable. It may not be appropriate to describe a tall and strong man in this way, but the expression of the other party at this moment can be described as a pug.

Forget it, for the sake of each other's saving themselves and finding food for themselves, following the Beastmen in front of you is not necessarily more than going to most places. If you really can't get along with each other later, consider taking refuge in other tribes.

"Aze." Hearing Chen Qi calling his name, Aze's ear moved.

Chen Qi looked at him funny, "Can I go back with you?"

Aze turned his head and looked at him. Chen Qi added: "Of course, if you think I am a trouble, you can take me to other tribes, but I may be rejected by the tribes."

"How is it possible? You are the male." Aze retorted without thinking.

Chen Qi choked and choked. He was really not used to the term. Should he be glad he didn't cross as a female? "That's why I'm here."

Aze zou mei, "were you excluded from the previous tribe?"

Chen Qi made a ha ha, "I also don't need you to take me in, you can find an empty house in your tribe for me, since your tribe has gone so many people, there must be a lot of houses are empty? Of course, if you don't mind, I'd like to build a house next to your house, so that we can be companions, and you can teach me how to hunt when you are free."

"The males don't need to hunt, I can feed two people and don't need to worry in winter."Aze put the gray stone in his hand. "My house is enough for two people. Of course, you can build another house. I'll help you build it."

"then it's settled." Chen Qi clapped Aze on the shoulder happily.

Aze was taken by him to stumble, of course, was scared.

At that moment Chen Qi was curious about what he had been concerned about. He pointed to the white stone in Aze's hand and asked, "What is this? Why put it in food?"

"This?"Aze handed the stone over, "lick it."

Chen Qi took it and looked up and down for a while. Then he sniffed it. There was nothing special about it. He put it on his lips and licked it. It was a little salty and astringent. His eyes brightened. "Salt?"

Aze nodded, "This is salt stone, exchanged with tribes in the central plain."

Although it is salt, there are too many impurities in it. It is mixed with a bitter taste. Can the gray part be eaten?

Aze handed the cooked mutton soup to Chen Qi with a clean fruit shell. A faint smell of mutton came head-on, and Chen Qi's stomach rang a few times in response. Chen Qi took it awkwardly and thanked him. Aze smiled and went on fiddling with the lamb that had been almost roasted.

After blowing gently, Chen Qi couldn't wait to drink a mouthful of it. He was really hungry. Perhaps it was because the mutton soup cooked with the juice of water and milk fruits was not strong, but there was still a hint of astringency in the soup. Although it was very weak, Chen Qi suspected that it was the problem of impurities mixed in the salt stone. It seems that after determining the residence, we can consider refining the salt stone. If we eat too much of these impurities, we don't know whether they will be harmful to our health.

After drinking a bowl of sheep soup, Chen Qi felt warm all over. Aze took the empty bowl and continued to leave him a bowl. Water and milk fruits are not big. After two bowls of water, they basically bottom out. Chen Qi is a little confused. "Don't you drink?"

"I'll just have barbecue."

Chen Qi is also not at all. He is hungry. He takes the sheep soup and stares at the roasted sheep that has given off thick meat. Aze looked at this and held out his right hand. The fingernails of his forefinger suddenly grew longer. He neatly sliced a piece of meat from the leg of lamb and handed it to Chen Qi with the leaves on the side.

Chen Qi's eyes looked at Aze's index finger brightly. The nail that has completed the task has returned to its normal length. "your fingernails are really convenient."

Aze's ear tip was slightly red. It was the first time he had been praised by the male.

After the two had had enough to eat and drink, Chen Qi stretched himself comfortably. Aze was wrapping up half the sheep that had not been eaten with clean cattail leaves."Aze, when shall we go back?"

"Are you all right?"

Chen Qi patted his chest, "Well, it couldn't be better."

"Then I'll pack up my things and set out in a little while."

Chen Qi stood up, "Can I help you?"

Aze shook his head and handed over a red fruit, which looked a bit like an apple when Chen Qi woke up. "No, you just sit next to eat some fruit and have a rest."

"What kind of fruit is this?"

"Red berries."

". . . berries?" Berries like apples? Chen Qi looked at the fruit in his hand with surprise on his face. It seems that the things here are quite different from what he knows. A small bite is different from the first impression of the fruit. It is not crisp like apples, but soft like persimmons. The entrance is filled with fruit juice, which can only be described in one word. Sweet, very sweet, just like juice with sugar, but extremely delicious.

Looking at Chen Qi's smiling face, Aze was not relieved. Fortunately, his younger brother had sent him to look for red berries every year before. Otherwise, he didn't know that the males would like this sweet and greasy thing. It seems that he can find out more about the preferences of the males with his younger brother in the future.

Aze's speed was very fast. Chen Qi finished eating a fruit and Aze had already packed it. Of course, only a few skins and half a leftover roast sheep will be taken away.

T/N: 'Male' name has two characters/words (Ex: Chen Qi), while 'Female' name starts with Ah or A (pronounced as ah). It's like a filler term or endearment before the actual name. 'Female' name only has one character/word (Ex: Aze or Ah Ze). That's how you distinguish whether a character is a 'Male' or 'Female'.

Most of the reference terms will be male regardless of their gender here. A 'Female' sibling is still referred to as a brother.

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