The thick blood was gradually diluted by the sea water. The female Mosasaurus was shocked to see that the dinosaur who robbed her was such a large male Mosasaurus. She thought that it was a pliosaur or a Liopleurodon. If it was these two dinosaurs, she wouldn't bother to hold back.

But this was a male Mosasaurus, a big male Mosasaurus, the only male that satisfied her after she traveled all over many different sea areas.

Originally, she was beaten with a heavy tail. She was very angry and vowed to eat the dinosaur. But now she felt that the one who hit her was so cool. Only when he was so ferocious could she respected him.

She looked at Cang and became speechless. Who cared about prey? She wanted to reproduce ah!

Dark finally saw this female Mosasaurus. He told Gulu and Shenshen: "This female Mosasaurus is called Wei…"

(T/N: Wei = tiny, miniature, micro)

Through Dark's narration, Gulu discovered that Wei was a female Mosasaurus with a "famous name" because she was larger than many male and was a very famous female Mosasaurus in the entire Sada Sea.

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Wei swam from the northernmost part of the Sada Sea and traveled many, many seas just to find a suitable male Mosasaurus.

Of course, many males pursued her during this period, but she wasn't satisfied with the size of these males.

The moment she saw Cang, she knew that this was the male Mosasaurus she was looking for.

Gulu knew that Wei really liked Cang just by looking at her tail, which changed from a slit to a large channel.

Before, Wei probably didn't notice Cang. The reason why was that she was used to satisfying her own needs. Huge marine creatures, both male and female, could do so because it's really too difficult to find the other half.

(T/N: the author used so many censored words for anything relating to XXX, plus I have no knowledge of dinosaur anatomy. Prepare to be somewhat confuse or just use your imagination lol)

The opening was very large this time. Gulu felt that it wasn't a problem for two people to swim side by side. He also saw clearly that the inside was really uneven, with nine twists and eighteen turns. This large Mosasaurus was really too cool.

However, it's really difficult to find an object for a female Mosasaurus the size of Wei. The size of a regular male Mosasaurus was simply no matched for her.

Cang tightly guarded his food and looked at the female Mosasaurus warily, with a cruel look of "if you dare to come and rob me of food, I will kill you".

Gulu noticed that the tail of Cang was still a slit and didn't respond.

Large marine organisms, whether male or female, had a slit when their private parts were not in use. The males hid theirs in a slit and only took it out before doing that, so it's difficult to distinguish the male from the female.

Gulu thought to himself: Cang, are you blind?!

Cang, biting his prey, came to Dark's side and urged, "eat quickly, it's delicious."

Dark looked at the female Mosasaurus while enjoying the prey to his heart's content.

Gulu was lying on Dark's forelimb. He could see very clearly that when the pliosaur was eating, numerous huge sharp fangs went down to swallow all bones and parts left by the prey. It's very bloody and cruel.

The sea turned red instantly, Gulu was desperately holding his breath but was still nauseated by the thick blood smell.

Dark and Cang just ate normally. They didn't know that Gulu didn't like the smell of blood as a human being. They thought that all dinosaurs liked the smell of blood. How fragrant and delicious it was.

Cang wasn't in a hurry to eat himself. He fed parts of the broken prey into Shenshen's mouth, so did Dark.

Gulu surmised that Shenshen had no mother. Because he couldn't drink milk, he had to be fed small broken meat and bones.

Although Shenshen's teeth were already very long and sharp, the creatures in the sea were too big and the meat and bones were too hard. Shenshen couldn't bite them and they were not easy to digest.

These large predators ate meat very quickly. Fortunately, they ate fast. Gulu choked back the urge to vomit. They soon finished eating and the smell of blood got diluted by sea water.

Gulu found that the female Mosasaurus was still desperately trying to attract Cang's attention.

But Cang was unmoved and said to Dark, "Look at her. She still wants to rob me of meat. Humph!"

Gulu: F***, Cang, as a human being, I can see that the female is interested in you. Are you pretending or do you really not understand?!

Shenshen: "Uncle Cang, it's delicious. It's super delicious. Uncle Cang is the best and the most powerful. Uncle Cang is the greatest…"

At the same time, Gulu noticed that many ichthyosaur cubs had been born. Thousands of ichthyosaur cubs swam toward the coral reefs in groups. In the next few months, they would need these coral reefs as shelter to survive.

Dark: "Don't you complain all the time that you can't find a female Mosasaurus? Isn't she just right there? You can go. I'll take Shenshen and Gulu away first."

Gulu: Well, it's still Dark who has a cub that knows more.

Cang was awakened by Dark's words. He looked at the female Mosasaurus in wait for a while.

Gulu guessed that Cang's heart at this time should be: F***! Yes! How can I forget my life's happiness when I meet with food?

Dark: "Gulu, hold on to me. We're leaving. Shenshen, go. Don't look."

Gulu quickly grasped Dark's forelimb.

Shenshen was still puzzled: "Why do you want to go? Why isn't Uncle Cang coming with us?"

Dark used his forelimb to block Shenshen from going back.

Shenshen kept looking back and played coquetry: "No. I want Uncle Cang. Uncle Cang catches big fish and big dinosaur for me. Uncle Cang is the best. Why don't we wait for him to join us? Don't go, Dad…"

Cang looked at the female Mosasaurus, then at the back of Dark and Shenshen who kept swimming away. In the end, he didn't hesitate to catch up.

Gulu was stunned: What does Cang mean?

Then the female Mosasaurus also caught up to them.

Cang said to Dark: "I don't like her. She tried to rob my food!"

Dark: "Only she can match you. If you don't want her now, you certainly can't find another big female Mosasaurus. Don't you know? You're such a large male Mosasaurus. Besides her, which other female can withstand you ah? Even if you find another female, she might not dare to agree being with you…"

Cang wouldn't talk.

Gulu: emmm……… Why do I feel that this information just burst his brain!

Then Gulu saw the female Mosasaurus swam very fast. Soon, she arrived near them.

At last, she stopped in a large sea valley, which consisted of many coral reefs, some thick and some thin, which were covered with slippery moss and various sea creatures.

(T/N: 小山构成 literal translation is small hill compositions, but I think the author meant coral reefs)

The next scene really shocked Gulu. The female Mosasaurus stopped in front of a very long and thick coral reef and covered the whole reef (with her body).

Gulu: My God, marine life is really too open!

For a female Mosasaurus like Wei, there were few male Mosasaurus who could satisfy her. If it wasn't for these reefs, she would have to suffer (her arousal) to death.

Then Gulu heard a deafening sound. The surrounding sea was roaring, and the water stirred violently.

Gulu: Oh my God, what did I see today? I'm going back to tell Mungo!

Dark and Cang swam away with them very fast, but the female Mosasaurus's voice could always be heard.

Dinosaurs (passion) lasted for a long time. Terrestrial dinosaurs often took several hours. Some of them may take one night in groups. The bigger the dinosaur, the longer it would take. Dinosaurs in the sea would certainly take longer.

Gulu thought that it would take a long time for this female Mosasaurus to finish.

However, Gulu heard the angry roar of the female Mosasaurus coming from behind and getting closer to them.

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Dark became nervous. He said to Cang: "I'll take Gulu and Shenshen to leave first. She's too dangerous."

Cang: "Too late."

Dark: "What to do! I promised Mungo to protect Gulu!"

Cang: "Fight with her. You protect the young ones. I'll do it."

Gulu: F***. What kind of luck did I get? Will I die in the sea?!

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