Gulu didn't know what to do. If the two big dinosaurs really fought, they might displace the sea water around them and cause "huge waves" and "tsunamis". In this case, human beings might be knocked unconscious by the force of these huge waves.

Dark and Cang were also very nervous. They all knew that this dinosaur Gulu was very fragile. He simply couldn't withstand any storm in the sea. That's why only Cang hunted before while Dark didn't participate and just watch from a distance.

In fact, if there was no Gulu, Dark and Cang wouldn't have any trouble at all. Shenshen could hide in the coral reefs. The two of them together would deal with Wei. There certainly wouldn't be any danger.

They clearly didn't expect that a female Mosasaurus would suddenly appear in this sea area. She wasn't here yesterday. Perhaps this female Mosasaurus arrived today.

Gulu looked around searching for his refuge and soon found a good place – the natural gap formed between two giant undersea reefs!

This gap wasn't too big. Human beings could enter and leave freely. Shenshen should also be able to squeeze in. In contrast, larger sharks and dinosaurs couldn't enter at all. It's a very safe refuge.

Gulu patted Dark's forelimb and pointed toward the gap. Dark immediately understood, because he also thought that the young ones should hide first.

Dark immediately swam over with his two little cubs. Gulu let Shenshen go in first, because he might a little too big to squeeze in.

Shenshen swayed his tail and swam in but got stuck at his fattest belly. Gulu pushed Shenshen from behind and finally squeezed him in. The moss stuck on the reefs was scraped off, but fortunately with the protection of the moss, Shenshen didn't cut his skin from the friction.

After entering it, the inside was much more spacious. Shenshen could circle freely. This was an excellent hiding place. Large predators were blocked by the narrow entrance and the space was large enough for many small cubs to enter.

After secretly escorting the little ones to hide, Dark swam to Cang's side warily. If Cang was in danger when fighting the female Mosasaurus, he would be ready to rush out at any time.

If Cang wasn't in danger, then Dark wouldn't help. Although the young cubs were hiding, they still needed his protection to be safe. Dark lingered near the reef opening.

Soon, Gulu saw the female Mosasaurus swam up. The huge size of this dinosaur scared him. Gulu couldn't imagine how terrible it would be for Cang to fight with her.

The female Mosasaurus was very angry and opened her big mouth directly at Cang. Gulu thought that she could eat at least hundreds human beings when he saw her jaws. Mosasaurus's mouth was really too big and too wide.

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Moreover, Mosasaurus's mouth was full of dense fangs, each of which was at least 50 centimeters long. These teeth were sharp and conical, which curved into an inverted hook shape. The jaws could produce a very strong tearing force. At the same time, the biting force was also large, which could break the prey into two pieces in the middle. In addition, they had a ring of teeth in their upper jaw that could be used to drag food.

Just looking at the structure of Mosasaurus's mouth and teeth, it's difficult not to classify them as sea overlords.

Gulu saw Cang's tail wagging fiercely to avoid the fierce attack. His paddle-shaped limb was almost half bitten off.

Cang's body was bigger than that of the female Mosasaurus. He quickly turned his head and bit the waist of the female. The female Mosasaurus couldn't avoid being bitten on the waist. Blood instantly dyed red this sea area.

The female Mosasaurus made a horrible and super-high "wuwu" pitch in pain. The noise was very harsh, but Gulu had no choice but to endure it.

This attack didn't cause a very serious injury to the female Mosasaurus. The blood was quickly diluted by the sea water.

Then Gulu saw the female Mosasaurus hit Cang with her whole body. Her tail and four huge paddle limbs swung fiercely to create a huge ocean vortex. The surrounding sea water became more and more turbulent.

Dark's reaction was quick. Before the huge waves hit, he blocked the gap between the two reefs with his own body.

If such a big wave spread into the reef opening, it would produce great whirlpools. Gulu and Shenshen would be sucked in by these whirlpools. This was nothing for Shenshen, but Gulu would probably be crushed to death.

Dark's huge body blocked most of the gap. Gulu could only look up or down through the leftover opening that wasn't block to see the outside.

There was a loud bang and the reefs were hit by a strong impact force, shaking many rubbles loose. Fortunately, all rubbles were buoyed by the sea. There was no speed, so there was no danger of getting hurt.

Gulu guessed that the female Mosasaurus should have hit Cang severely. Only when the radiating force of two Mesosaurus colliding hit the two reefs could they make such a loud noise.

Then Gulu saw through the place that wasn't covered by Dark. The sea water was stirred up by the strong impact. There're many large and small eddies (whirlpools), both in the sea water above and below. When gravels fell into these eddies, they were crushed into ashes by the strong water pressure.

Gulu couldn't imagine what would had happened if Dark hadn't used his body to shield them from such a big wave. If he had been sucked in by the whirlpool, he would surely have died miserably.

He didn't know what happened outside. Gulu heard the female Mosasaurus issued a sad "wuwu" sound. The wuwu grew further and further away until he finally couldn't hear it.

At this time, Dark and Cang finally rest assured. Dark moved his body away to let the young ones out. He was immediately stunned to find the gap between the two reefs had shrunk so that even Gulu couldn't get out.

Gulu speculated that the huge impact of the two Mosasaurus might have knocked the two reefs together. Fortunately they didn't collapse.

Dark and Cang laid prone near the small gap and anxiously stared at the two cubs inside.

Cang: "What to do? What to do? Gulu and Shenshen can't get out. It's all the fault of that female Mosasaurus. This time I dare not use all my strength because there're young ones around. Let me meet her again, and I'll kill her!"

Dark: "……"

Gulu looked at the gap. It's indeed impossible to squeeze past, but the gap on the other side of the two reefs had become very big. They could swim out from there. He just didn't know if Cang and Dark could find them in time after swimming out.

But now there was no other way. Gulu pointed to the other side of the exit. Shenshen said to them, "Dad, Uncle Cang, Brother and I will swim out of the exit over there. Can you please bypass these two reefs to pick us up?"

Cang and Dark debated together for a moment. They could only do this.

Gulu swam by Shenshen's side, inhaling oxygen from time to time from Shenshen's air outlet and skin. Shenshen would let Gulu absorb his oxygen.

Not long after, one human and one dinosaur swam out of the crevice between the two reefs, but only after swimming out did they find that they could only enter another coral reef. The two reefs were connected to the coral reef and there was no exit.

At this time, Cang and Dark also swam around the two reefs, but they were too big to enter the coral reef and could only continue to swim forward.

Gulu and Shenshen moved to the outermost layer of the coral reef. They could see Dark and Cang outside through various large and small holes in the coral reef. Gulu could even reach out from the hole and touch Dark, but it was too small for them to drill out.

However, it's already safe to swim in this way. The extremely large Dark and Cang would keep all huge marine predators away, preventing them from appearing near them at all.

Gulu discovered that there're many young Ophthalmosaurus in the coral reef. They should be the ones who was just born. These intricate caves had become the best refuge for these little ones.

Small ichthyosaurs were full of fangs, whereas adult Ophthalmosaurus were toothless. Adult ichthyosaurs ate their preys whole. Small ichthyosaurs couldn't eat large preys. Their teeth were made convenient for them to eat all kinds of preys on coral reefs.

Gulu looked at these Ophthalmosaurus cubs with novelty. They preyed on microorganisms, small fishes, small squids, small jellyfishes and so on in coral reefs.

An ichthyosaur cub grabbed an ammonite. Gulu only heard a click. The ichthyosaur cub poof vomited out the ammonite shell and broke several teeth.

The baby ichthyosaur was just born. It didn't know that ammonite shell was too hard to bite and broke several teeth.

The little ichthyosaur stared with its big eyes at the ammonite with a face of stupidity.

Gulu: Ha, ha, ha, silly cute little ichthyosaur cub.

The two kept swimming.

Gulu saw an island appeared in the sea not far ahead. This should be a coral reef near the island.

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In the shallow sea area besides the island, there're some terrestrial dinosaurs looking for food in the sea. Dinosaurs swam with their limbs or hind legs in the water in a "dog-paddle" style, or "dinosaur-paddle" style?

When looking from under the water, Gulu somehow felt that these chubby limbs were a little cute in the water.

All of a sudden, Gulu saw that the coral reef on the other side not far ahead was severely smashed. That was to say, they completely lost the exit of the coral reef on this side but couldn't immediately return to Dark and Cang.

Soon Gulu found that there're two Liopleurodons fighting in the distance. The fighting was very fierce. They should be the ones that smashed the coral reef here.

This was too dangerous. Gulu looked around for a way to get back to Dark and Cang through the coral reef.

Dark and Cang were also scared, but they couldn't think of a way to break the coral reef here without hurting Gulu and Shenshen. The impact may cause intense movement of the sea water and bring Gulu and Shenshen closer to the mouths of the Liopleurodons.

The two fighting Liopleurodons seemed to have noticed them.

Gulu and Shenshen swam with desperation. He saw a hole in the coral reef in front of him was going to break! Maybe he could drill out!

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