Aze glanced at the surrounding environment out of the corner of his eye. There are not many rocky mountains on the plain. The only ones have Beastmen settled at the foot of the mountain. After all, it is a natural defense that can block most of the beast attacks for the Beastmen.

Now the place where the two are located is just an open plain. The only relatively tall acacia tree is several hundred meters away from the two. Hyenas do not climb trees. If they can climb trees, they may be able to temporarily avoid the attack of hyenas. However, it is fine for hyenas not to eat for ten days and a half months, which is impossible for the beast people. Once they are surrounded by hyenas, it is also a very bad experience, and the worst case is to be trapped in the trees alive.

The trees on the Dora Plain are different from those in the forest. Although the trees here grow very tall, they are very sparse. It is very common that there is only one tree within a radius of several hundred meters or thousands of meters. It is impossible to escape from here by hiding in trees like a forest.

Since we can't fight and fight, but we can't hide, the only way is to try our best to see if we can get out of the hyenas' attack range.

Aze's mind flashed a lot of thoughts, but in fact it was all a flash. He gave Azhang an expression of eyes. Azhang understood that they could not lead the hyenas to the direction of the lion and wolf tribe, nor could they lead the hyenas to their home. Separate actions could greatly improve the chances of their survival.

"Uncle Azhang, if we escape the hyenas, we will meet again at Chishui River." Aze lowered his voice to Azhang.

Azhang nodded. "Be careful yourself and leave me alone if I can't go back . . ." Azhang paused and shook his head again. "Forget it. Let's settle the current situation first."

The current situation simply does not allow the two men to elaborate. Hyenas climbing out of the snow behind have begun to spread slowly toward both sides, intending to quietly bring the two into the encirclement.

The male hyenas, who seemed to be leaders, stood in the front, its huge mouth slightly open, saliva sliding down the crevices, eyes filled with a will-win momentum, and its stomach was shriveled, looking as if it had never eaten since winter.

Male hyenas give out threatening low chirps in their throats. They are not in a hurry to move prey that cannot escape from their claws. Years of experience have taught them that impatience often allows these cunning prey to find a chance to escape.

But Aze and Azhang won't really let the hyenas surround themselves before they start to act. Almost immediately after exchanging their eyes, Aze and Azhang darted out in opposite directions from left to right, and several ups and downs jumped hundreds of meters.

Hyenas are also quick to respond. A hyena runs directly to the acacia tree nearby. They don't want their prey to wait for days before they starve to death to eat a few mouthfuls.

Hyenas, like cheetahs on the plains, are famous for picky eating. They only eat fresh meat. Of course, if the prey is Beastmen, they don't mind eating carrion. After all, the Beastmen are too difficult to capture. No one wants to miss the delicious food because of the taste problem. The plain is not a forest, and they do not have too many choices.

The rest of the hyenas were divided into two groups. The male hyenas followed Aze with several companions, while the other hyenas followed Azhang closely. Some even went around a circle and planned to intercept him first.

There are many hyenas, and the division of labor is very clear. The escaped two people can only get rid of them a little by constantly changing their directions, but doing so makes the several hyenas closely chasing behind close to each other.

Aze took down the wooden bow behind him. Chen Qi insisted on taking it with him when he left home. After all, close combat is no longer safe. It was just in case. I didn't think it would be used at this time.

Aze bent his bow and took an arrow as he ran. He shot an arrow at the head of the hyenas who were preparing to go around to the front of him. The bone-made arrow hit the hyenas' neck with a sharp accuracy. There was a hard scale protecting them. A clear and crisp crash sounded. The arrow just dropped the scales down a little and did not cause much damage to the hyenas.

But the blow still made the hyenas feel their necks tingle, and their footsteps faltered for a moment. The speed naturally slowed by a few beats. Aze took advantage of this opportunity to pull away from each other for a long time.

The hyenas, who were shot by arrows, were obviously enraged. They completely ignored the leader's tactics and gave up the plan to go around to the front of Aze and rushed straight towards Aze.

Aze didn't want to fight with them. He started with one blow and immediately pulled out another arrow. He drew the bow full again. This time it was the male hyenas on the other side who were going to go around to intercept him.

The male hyenas apparently reacted much faster than the other hyenas, dropping slightly before the arrows arrived. The arrows just grazed its nose.

Aze didn't think this crude bow and arrow could do any harm to the hyenas. His aim was to give himself time to escape. He struck successfully and immediately pulled out a few arrows cleanly. Then three arrows shot back in the direction behind him. Two of them hit the target in the middle. Although the speed of the hit target was half a minute slower, there were as many as four or five hyenas coming after him.

The male hyenas roared. Instead of following Aze directly like the one shot by arrows, they continued to plan to intercept Aze in front of Aze as before.

The speed of the hyenas was faster than that of Aze. Aze took off his cape and threw his head at the head closest to him. The cape covered the whole head of the hyenas tightly. The lost hyenas slowed down and began to tear at what was on their heads.

Another two arrows were fired. Aze suddenly turned in one direction, jumped high, leaped over the hyenas that were enraged by him and pounced on him, and ran forward.

All the hyenas failed to turn in time because of this change. When they reacted, they had already distanced themselves from Aze.

The male hyenas shouted at the other hyenas. The hyenas continued to chase after Aze, while the male hyenas continued to run forward. It planned to go around to the front of its prey from a distance. Only flanking before and after was the fastest way to hunt its prey. This was the only hunting method it learned from its leader before being driven out of the forest. Therefore, it was able to survive several winters safely even wandering on the plains and organized its own group.

The chase on the plain lasted for almost a day. Aze felt his throat was beginning to dry and uncomfortable, and his body began to protest against this overloaded exercise. The arrows had been used up, and even the backpack he had been carrying behind him was thrown at the hyenas to stop their pace slightly, but the hyenas seemed to be tireless, increasing instead of decreasing, and watched as they would catch up.

At that moment, a silver-brown shadow suddenly appeared in front of him. Aze's eyes were still on him, and he ducked to the side like a conditioned reflex. He rolled on the spot and ran to a acacia tree beside him. He climbed to the top of the tree quickly with his hands and feet.

The male hyenas that escaped only had time to bite off a small piece of trousers.

Aze leaned against the trunk and gasped. The male hyenas vomited the torn hide aside and strode testily around the pagoda tree. A pair of eyes were tightly fixed on Aze. Clearly, they were almost ready to catch the prey.

Other hyenas have automatically and consciously dispersed around the acacia tree. No matter from which direction Aze intends to flee, they can pounce on it at the first time. They must tear up their prey under their claws.

The incessant threats seemed particularly strange in this empty wasteland. Aze regretted throwing away his backpack a little. There was also the food Chen Qi made for himself. After running for a day, his stomach was empty. He now misses the taste of the food Chen Qi made.

After slightly calming the breath, Aze climbed directly onto the highest branch of the acacia tree. He sat down cross-legged. He needed a little rest to have the strength to think about how to escape.

The leaves of the acacia tree had already fallen, and the view from a height was very good, but the vast snow had no breath of life, and nothing could hide its body except the endless snow.

Aze broke off a trunk and broke it into a suitable size. He planned to make some arrows for later use. The only thing he had not discarded was the wooden bow.

The hyenas also quieted down, and they needed rest to regain their strength after running all day.

There is not a cloud in the sky. The setting sun is hanging obliquely on the horizon. The color of the sky becomes orange from the evening onwards, and slowly changes towards brilliant red. It is estimated that the light will dye the whole sky into blood red just like a few days ago.

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the hyenas.

Aze, who was doing the arrows, also stopped his action. He took the wooden bow to his hand, holding a prepared arrow in his other hand, his eyes slightly narrowed and looked doubtfully at the white figure getting closer and closer.

Giant Wolf God? Why are you here?

Tall and elegant white giant Wolf walked gracefully, step by step toward the confrontation with the two sides here, clearly for nearly two or three meters tall body, stepped on the white snow did not leave a trace, but for saw, thought there was no any creature passing here.

The male hyenas stood in front of the team, bared their teeth and issued a threat warning to the giant wolf god, but the giant wolf god didn't seem to hear it at all. golden and beautiful eyes flashed a light and walked steadily.

Other hyenas anxiously began to pull the snow under their feet with their front paws. The male hyenas' expressions became more and more ferocious and distorted, trying to stop the giant wolf god's footsteps with their voices.

Aze watched the scene quietly and planned to leave as soon as he found the right time.

As the Giant Wolf God drew closer and closer, the hyenas began to shrink back. The formation originally in a surrounding posture gathered to one side at the moment. The male hyena Long Bian became more and more irascible. No matter how loud its voice shouted, it could not stop the Giant Wolf God.

Finally, the giant wolf god walked to a distance of one meter from the male hyenas. the male hyenas took a step back, as if seeing the leader's retreat. the other hyenas turned around and ran away as if they had finally received the instructions.

Looking at the companion who threw himself down, the male hyenas moved their forepaws discontentedly, but obviously it did not dare to fight with the giant wolf god directly. after withdrawing from the range of the acacia tree, the male hyenas unwilling looked at the prey on the acacia tree, finally grinding their teeth, severely smashing their tails on the snow, splashing a snowflake and then turned and left.

Aze won't wait for them to tell the result. When he saw that the other hyenas were gone, and the male hyenas and the giant wolf gods weren't paying attention to themselves, he hurriedly climbed down carefully from the acacia tree, trying not to make any extra noise to attract the attention of the two wild animals still in the confrontation, and quickly ran in the other direction.

Giant Wolf god is not interested in running away hyenas, it slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at Aze escape direction, what seems to be considering, for a long time, Michael son, slowly walked towards Aze leave step by step.

A few belated letter eagles hovered in the sky for a while, and did not dare to make a noise to disturb the elegant behemoth on the ground, which looked like a stroll. They fluttered their wings a few times and flew towards the direction where the hyenas left. The full-bodied red figure soon disappeared in the increasingly red sky.

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