"Ka Luo, the cabbage in the stuffing can't be less." Chen Qi also don't lift to remind people who are cooking lunch.

"Clearly there is not much cabbage left." Ka Luo, or darling will just mashed antelope meat foam into the half dish of chopped cabbage.

Recently, Chen Qi didn't even know what he was cooking. The task of cooking every day fell to Ka Luo. Ka Luo felt a stomachache as soon as he saw the yellow and green vegetables. He also didn't understand why Chen Qi had to eat every day. Obviously, there was still a lot of meat stored in his home. Fortunately, Chen Qi only forced Ajing to eat a certain amount of vegetables every day. He said it was for the sake of nutritional balance, but he didn't care much about what several adults wanted to eat. Anyway, Ka Luo did not understand it either. He could only chop cabbage and mix it into meat every time he cooked it. After all, if he fried cabbage directly, he would not want to eat a leaf.

Chen Qi is polishing a wooden ball with a millstone. The wooden ball is about the size of a baseball. After wiping off the debris on the wooden ball, Chen Qi beckoned to the wolf cub, "wolf, come here."

The cub was almost three or four times as big as when he first picked it up, with soft and fluffy hair. The young wolf cub is very active at this age. He runs around the house every day. Without Ajing to accompany Ajing, he will not let the young wolf cub play in the yard. After all, everyone still has a shadow over what happened last time when the hyenas attacked. If he wants to go into the yard, he must have at least two people together.

So even now, Chen Qi will still insist on running in the yard. Alongside Ajing and his pups, there will also be Ka Luo with a wooden bow. As soon as Ka Luo goes out, the wooden bow must be carried on his back. Every day's archery practice also makes Ka Luo's archery better and better. Although his destructive power is not as good as that of the females, he is the best among them in terms of accuracy. He has almost achieved 100 rounds. Therefore, Ka Luo's love for bows and arrows is growing stronger and stronger.

Chen Qi put the wooden ball on the ground and rolled towards the direction where the young wolf ran. Young Wolf seemed very curious about this moving thing. When the wooden ball rolled over, it avoided it warily. When it stopped, it walked over carefully, but did not dare to touch it immediately. Instead, it stood not far away and watched quietly.

Chen Qi went over and picked up the wooden ball and rolled up again. The wooden ball was not big. The ground was covered with animal skins to keep out the cold, so the wooden ball did not roll far. When the young wolf saw the wooden ball and ran away, he caught it with one paw and tried to stop the wooden ball. However, the wooden ball, which was about to stop, rolled forward again.

Chen Qi watched with amusement as the young wolf chased the wooden ball and played. He didn't realize that he seemed to raise a young wolf as a cat.

As soon as Ali, who had just exchanged posts with Ake and pushed the door, entered the room, he couldn't wait to ask, "Chen Qi, have you finished the box before?"

"It's done." Chen Qi let the young wolf play by himself. He moved back to the room and moved out of a large wooden box half a meter high. The surrounding of the wooden box was painted a little dark red with dyed fruits. The whole body was painted with some patterns. They were all common flowers and plants, like willow trees on both sides, while the front was decorated with some patterns similar to those of small thistle. Because the pattern was painted with brown dyed fruits, the pattern was not obvious, but it was surprisingly delicate.

The box has two layers of drawers. Chen Qi polished the stretched joint very smooth and coated the surface with a thin layer of jelly. As long as he pulled it gently, the drawer was pulled out.

This is the first time that Ariel has seen such a delicate wooden box. She just couldn't help admiring it. Even Ka Luo, who was cooking, couldn't help coming over and watching, "Chen Qi, when did you make such a thing?"

"There is nothing to do these days, so I tried to do it." Chen Qi smiled. In fact, the wooden box is a little rough. After all, the wooden boxes Chen Qi used to make were roughly tied together with ropes or glued together with glue. The only estimate that he made carefully was the big bath tub in the bathroom.

"Do you want to give me such beautiful things?" Ali swept away the depression before and asked incredulously.

"well, of course, this is my wedding gift to you and Azhang." Chen Qi considered what to send to the other party when Ali came to him to ask him how to make the bone ring. Later he saw the wooden cabinet in his room and wanted to make a set of furniture. This led to the appearance of this wooden box, which was actually a test piece.

Chen Qi has already planned to live here for the rest of his life. He hopes to make his life more refined and comfortable. Even though he has left the civilized society, he does not want his life to leave the civilization. Those things have followed him for nearly 30 years and almost melted into the blood and bones. Chen Qi does not want to give up. The existence of those knowledge can also make the animals here live better. These are the issues Chen Qi has been thinking about for a long time.

Of course, it is not a simple thing to present the worldly things in this world. Fortunately, he has plenty of time now, and the people who live in the lion and wolf tribe will also come back after the winter ends. Chen Qi certainly does not want them to live in the untidy houses as before. Many of them cannot hunt. In Chen Qi's world, people can live even if they do not have hunting ability. He hopes to find some jobs for these people, and he can exchange the things he made for enough food for their life.

"thank you." Ali thanked him gratefully, "Chen Qi, can you teach me how to make this wooden box?"

"Of course." Chen Qi originally intended to give these things to Ali first, and later it would be better for Ali to teach other ethnic groups. "There are still many types of wooden cases. After you learn how to make them, you can make all kinds of different wooden cases."

"Chen Qi, can I learn?" Ka Luo also likes looking at this beautiful wooden box. If he can make one, he can put things for Ayao. It must look good in the room.

Chen Qi nodded. "There is not much wood suitable for use at home now, but you can make smaller ones first. Then you will learn to make bigger boxes." It is not easy for the beast people here to think differently. Chen Qi must guide them step by step before they can think of other ways. Otherwise, what the two people make will at most be exactly the same as what they make.

Considering that he can learn another new skill, Ka Luo's cooking moves are much lighter. Ajing, who is doing his homework, just looked up at the adults who suddenly had a heated discussion. he has no interest in carpentry, or Chen Qi's story written in words is more interesting.

Little wolf cubs were sitting in the corner, pulling the wooden ball with their paws and playing happily.


On the boundless snowfield, two figures who were walking rapidly suddenly stopped. Aze picked up a feather at his feet that was still white and handed it to Azhang. "There are also some hawks here. It seems that they haven't left for long."

Azhang's already tired face became heavier. "Xin Ying walked in the same direction as our family. I'm worried that the hyenas will go there."

Aze was also worried, but looking at Azhang's paler and paler face, he suggested, "Let's take a rest before moving on." They have not stopped their pace since they left the lion and wolf tribe, especially after they found the footprints of the letter eagle last night. they were worried and drove all night. however, Azhang had been busy day and night in the lion and wolf tribe to get home earlier. if he could only walk on reluctantly now, he would not be able to hold on.

Azhang also knows his own situation. If he is forced to travel on his way, even if he does encounter hyenas when he goes back, he may be a drag. It is better to raise a little spirit and walk faster.

Azhang smiled apologetically at Aze. "Then let's have something to eat before we go. I'm starving for nothing all day and all night."

Aze nodded, and the two planned to find a pagoda tree as a resting place.

All of a sudden, Aze grabbed Azhang's sleeve and said, "Wait a minute."

"What's the matter?" Azhang looked back at him doubtfully.

"There are a few light snow mounds ahead, which I didn't see when I came." Aze stretched out his hand and pointed to the front, surrounded by footprints trampled by the antelope and locust dragons. He could not tell which animals had been here before. However, Aze has a good memory. He clearly did not have this thing when he passed by. There was no snow in the past two days. Now there are too many strange things on the plain. Aze has to keep one more heart.

The two men did not walk to the snowdrift again, but planned to detour to the nearby acacia tree. However, just as they were about to turn around, several silvery figures suddenly rushed out of the snowdrift and dashed straight at them.

The two had already been prepared, and when they found out that the situation was wrong, they quickly retreated back and distanced themselves from the figures.

Aze looked intently, his pupils shrinking, his muscles tense up and his steps moving back slightly, ready to run away at any time.

The two of them were attacked by hyenas, not one or two heads, but one or two heads. The hyenas that jumped out first stood not far away from the two men, with deep cold and greedy eyes tightly staring at their movements. The hyenas that had not yet appeared in the light snow pile behind also got up one after another at the moment.

Both of them sank in their hearts, and one or two of them might be able to cope with it, but even if there were a few more of them, the chances of survival were slim.

Aze's eyes darkened, but how could he throw in the towel at this moment? His Chen Qi was still at home waiting for him to return.

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