The gazelles returned about a week ago. They were obviously much happier than before when they left the forest. The original serious and regular team discipline was loosened by their own speed. The already small team was pulled very long, and almost all of them were gazelles.

Of course, no Beastmen will hit them in large numbers, but the antelope dragon is also in the diet of the Beastmen after all, not personally does not mean they can't catch them.

Kong Lung, a female antelope, fell into a snow pit within a short distance of crossing Chishui River. The snow pit was very deep. The female antelope screamed to get up, but the snow on the pit wall had been frozen for a long time. No matter how hard it struggled, it would only make it fall back to the pit bottom again and again.

A voice of milk and milk appeared on the mouth of the cave. The female dragon looked up and saw her underage child standing at the mouth of the cave, turning anxiously. She walked to the mouth of the cave several times, as if trying to jump down.

The mother antelope quickly stopped making noise and heard her mother's voice. The little antelope calmed down, but it still stood by the mouth of the cave and looked at her mother, calling out one after another, hoping her mother could climb up quickly. None of the antelope passing by wanted to come and see the situation. Some with minor antelope shouted to remind the children scampering around to stay away from the dangerous place.

Linglong will leave his mother to live alone when he is an adult. Like cheetahs, male dolphin dragon will not raise their children in person. They will not offer help when their companions are in danger, like locust dragons. Therefore, it is normal for no one to care about the female dolphin dragon that fell into the snow pit at the moment.

It was not until the gazelle herd was almost completely far away from this area that an adult strong male gazelle came along. it glanced coldly at the female gazelle at the bottom of the pit, lowered its head slightly, gently arched the body of the arch small gazelle with its thick horns, and let out a sharp short sound.

The little gazelle shook its body and looked at its mother like asking for help. When the male gazelle started its second movement, it finally turned around and followed the gazelle group with a slightly heavy step.

The male antelope gave a cry to the female antelope at the bottom of the pit, then took his hoof and left.

The vast snowfield left only a pile of messy footprints and the helpless cries of the female antelope.

A few Beastmen stood quietly on the tall ice fence, their large white cloaks tightly wrapped in their bodies. If they didn't look carefully, they would think they were just a few ice sculptures in the snow.

A few curious young antelope came to the wall, gently touched the wooden stake buried on the ice wall with their horns, looked up at some Beastmen on the wall, and suddenly ran back to the group with their hooves.

"Chen Qi, you are really right. indeed, the antelope and dragon came back first." Ka Luo broke the silence first excitedly.

"I don't know if those traps can catch the antelope." Ake licked his lips. Naturally, fresh meat tastes much better than ice.

"Will the antelope know that we dug those snow pits?" Ali is a little worried.

"Probably." Aze quietly looked at the male ling dragon who suddenly stopped walking behind the team. the male ling dragon turned to look at all the people on the wall. the distance was too far away, and no one could see whose expression.

Linglong looked up and let out a long and far-reaching noise. Those originally scattered in the distance began to gather slowly towards the middle and returned to the forest in the same order as when they left.

When the antelope left completely, Aze and Ake climbed down the stake and came to the Chishui River. They found that only two of the three snow pits dug had caught their prey. Both ends were adult female antelope. One of the snow pits had a fall-like mark on the edge. Apparently, the antelope got up again at the last moment and fortunately did not fall into the hole.

Worried that it would arouse the anger of the gazelles and dragons, snow pits were not set up very much, and the distance was very long, so it was good to catch them, and it was not necessary to catch them.

The two men moved cleanly to solve the dragon at the bottom of the pit and filled in the snow pit. Soon the locust dragons will come back too. That group is beyond their control.

The two took care of the antelope by the way at Chishui River, and then they caught some giant shrimps. They were tired of eating crucian carp and mackerel these days. Chen Qi showed them whether they could catch the giant shrimps. Thanks to the two antelope dragons, enough bait attracted all kinds of fish, and the two grabbed all the giant shrimps unceremoniously.

The locust swarms were slower than the gazelles, and it took a full week to see them appear in the sight of several people.

Ali's face became more and more dignified every day since he saw the antelope and dragon herds come back. The hidden worries made others lift their hearts.

The day after the locust swarms left, Aze finally found Ali, "I'll look for Uncle Azhang."

Ali didn't answer, but turned to look at Chen Qi. Chen Qi nodded. "We have already discussed it. It is not the way to wait now. In case Azhang encounters any danger, Aze may be able to meet him."

Ali looked gratefully at the two men, his eyes and tail were red. Since Azhang left, he did not know why his heart had not settled down. He always felt that the other party would encounter any trouble. As the days passed, this feeling did not fade by half, but became more and more serious. In addition, even Ling Long and Locust dragon Long had all returned to the forest. Azhang, who had been tracking Locust dragon Long, had no figure instead. This cannot help but let Ali think more. "Then please."

Ali looked at Aze solemnly, "I will help you protect Chen Qi."

Ake hit Ali's shoulder funny, "uncle Ali, have you forgotten that I am also a female? I will never let anyone here have anything to do with me."

Ali smiled, and the atmosphere among several people relaxed a lot because of this.

Chen Qi had already prepared things for Aze. After breakfast Aze left with his luggage on his back. So from this day on, besides Ali, who had been guarding the wall for a long time, there was another Chen Qi. Of course, Chen Qi did not move directly to the watchtower like Ali. He was still very confident about Aze's strength. However, the other party had lived alone in this wilderness plain for several years before meeting him. His understanding of this place was much deeper than that of Chen Qi, a half-hearted man who came here.

Chen Qi simply couldn't help thinking that he would climb to the wall every day for a while only when he saw the figure of the other party coming back safely.

Aze followed the tracks of the Locusts. He did not expect to find the tracks of the Locusts after walking for several days. He even explored the front door of the Lion Wolf Tribe.

"Aze?" A tall acacia tree jumped out of a shadow. Ale's eyes were covered with dark circles under his eyes, and his face was thinner. He had some childlike eyebrow eyes and lost the vitality of the past. Seeing Aze was obviously a little surprised, "Are you looking for Uncle Azhang?"

Here has been far away from the lion and wolf tribe for nearly half a day. I didn't expect there would be female guards from the lion and wolf tribe so far away. Aze looked at him in surprise. "Why are you guarding here?"

Ale smiled bitterly and explained to him briefly. It turns out that after the avalanche, the chiefs of the lion wolf tribe thought that the incident was caused by the arrival of the locust dragon. although the locust dragon had been here once before, the speed of the locust dragon was not fast, so they did not attract the attention of the tribe, but the avalanche caused them to lose several males, which had to be alerted.

Moreover, the Locust Dragon has come more than once, this is the second time. In case it comes again, the Locust Dragons will arrive early when the guards near the tribe find them at the speed of their sudden frenzy. Therefore, the tribe decided to stretch the warning line between the forest and the tribe, so that even if the Locust Dragon comes again, there will be enough time for the people in the tribe to evacuate and take refuge.

Aze did not expect such a thing to happen in the lion and wolf tribe. the number of males was already small. each tribe lost its males as a loss. besides, it also lost several males at one time and many others were injured. "Is there anything wrong with the tribe?" Aze said the tribe naturally refers to the people in the Yanshan tribe.

Ale shook his head. "Our tribe lives in a house just outside the snow-covered area. Everyone is fine except for a little shock." Paused, "if you want to find uncle Azhang, you can go to the tribe to find him. he recently discussed with the lion wolf clan chiefs about our people, but it is still some time before the end of winter, uncle Azhang can't pick up the people now. I will stay here to guard, so I won't send you to the tribe."

Aze nodded clearly and patted him on the shoulder. Looking at Aze's growing shadow, Ale climbed back to the top of the acacia tree.

Lion Wolf Tribe is obviously much messier than what he saw before winter. The Beastmen guarding the gate will not stop the arrival of Beastmen. After all, there is no so-called registration here.

Aze had just stepped into the tribe when he saw Ai Li, whom he had not seen for a long time, and he hurriedly dodged into a corner to hide before the other party found himself. Ai Li obviously gaunt a lot, the whole person gives a person the feeling with a depressive gas, footsteps in a hurry, looks like for the surrounding things have lost interest in perception.

Because many people in the lion and wolf tribe were injured by the avalanche, Azhang stayed here to help take care of the wounded during this period of time. according to the method taught by Chen Qi before, if the wound was too large to stop bleeding, they used bone needles to sew it on. naturally, the people here would not deliberately set aside some gut lines like Chen Qi, so Azhang used wool cocoons for them.

Fortunately, Chen Qi told them every time he treated the wound before that he would use boiled water to burn and poison everything that came into contact with the wound. However, Rao is still such that many injured people started to burn because of wound infection and had to work for several days before the fever subsided. Fortunately, no one lost his life because he could not stop bleeding.

Aze found Azhang in the tribal center. He was standing at the door surrounded by several people. Everyone seemed to be asking about something. Aze found that Ai Li was among those people, but Ai Li obviously didn't have the enthusiasm of others. When he got the answer he wanted, he opened the door curtain and entered the room.

After Azhang finally got rid of the crowd, Aze welcomed him out, "Uncle Azhang."

See Aze, Azhang obviously stun, hurriedly came over, "why are you here? Is something wrong at home?"

"It's okay at home. Everyone is worried about you, so I'll take a look."

Azhang put down his heart and rubbed his slightly distended and painful forehead. In order to get back early, he has been busy day and night for a long time and has been exhausted. "I'm sorry, let you worry. I was going to go back today, but I didn't expect you to find me."

Aze hesitated for a moment and asked, "Are the people here all right? Have you agreed to go back to their patriarch now?"

"It's okay. I've been here too long and I'm not from their tribe." Azhang sighed, "I have already taught them everything I can, and they can handle the rest by themselves."

Seeing Aze's awkward expression, Azhang smiled, "don't worry, I haven't mentioned anything about Chen Qi to anyone."

After hearing the answer he wanted, Aze's frowning brows relaxed. "Since it's all right here, let's go home early. Uncle Ali is waiting for you on the fence every day. He won't come down until you come back."

Azhang felt warm in his heart. He went back to the house and took his hide backpack. After greeting people in his tribe, Azhang left with Aze.

In a corner where no one noticed, a wrinkled male child at the corner of his eye watched the figure of the two leaving quietly until they completely left their sight range before turning back to the nearby house.

In the room, on a slate bed covered with thick skins, lay a child under two years old with thick white bandages on his legs.

Ai Li fed him rice berries and saw the male son coming in. He could not help but frowned. "Father, where have you been? How can Ayan be left alone at home? What if something happens?"

"What can happen at home?"

Ai Li's brow wrinkled deeper, even with a hint of boredom. Ayan stayed at home and had an accident.

"I just saw Azhang follow Aze." Male sat by the fire, seems to be talking to Ai Li, and seems to be talking to himself.

Ai Li paused to pick up the shell of the rice berry, but did not reply.

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