What happened this winter was beyond the imagination of the beast people. The antelope and dragon herd came and went fast, and soon disappeared into the public's view. Seeing that the danger had been relieved, Aze went on with his alert work. Aze did not trust him and stayed alone. Chen Qi and Ake went home first.

Seeing the two men coming back, Ka Luo rushed up to meet them and asked anxiously, "what's the matter? Has anything happened?"

Ake shook his head and patted him on the shoulder in a comforting way. He replied, "It's not a dangerous thing, it's just a herd of antelope passing by, and their direction of advance is the same as that of the original locust swarm."

". . . . . ." Ka Luo silent, "antelope dragon this herbivore and like living alone creatures how also appeared on the Dora plain? Won't even the stegosaurus come out in a few days?"

Chen Qi gave him a look, "say what? If all the stegosaurus of that size ran out, one foot would have flattened our small place." Speaking of which, Chen Qi paused for a moment, looked at Ake and asked with some uncertainty: "You said that the stegosaurus would not really run out on a whim to take a walk. As far as I know, the stegosaurus seemed to like living alone. "Chen Qi turned to look at Ka Luo. "It's also herbivorous."

Ka Luo was so upset by Chen Qi that he hurriedly leaned against Ake.

Ake shrugged his shoulders and made a indifferent expression. He went to Xiao Mu's bedside and picked up Ayao and sat down on the bed of the fire bed. Now Ayao can climb. Ake is going to let him learn how to stand up. As long as he stands up, he is not far from walking and running. Chen Qi regrets the growth rate of the beast people every time he sees it. Now he can believe that the children here grow much faster than the children in his world without comparing them.

Ka Luo swallowed his saliva. He had never seen a living stegosaurus when he was so big, but he had also seen the stegosaurus hunted back by the females at the coming of age ceremony every year before. The strong figure and sharp sword horns can't help shaking up now. "Chen Qi, do you think we should build a higher fence? One thousand really have stegosaurus to . . ."

Chen Qi sighed. It would be useless if the stegosaurus came to attack, no matter how high they built the wall. However, it would be meaningless to build the wall high if they just passed by like the antelope. Chen Qi thought for a moment, "Let's move the ice hockey made before to the wall, and then prepare more grease and torches that can burn easily. If we really meet the attack, we will have more means of attack."

Ake and Ka Luo both nodded.


The difference between the periphery of the Lion Wolf Tribe and what it saw when it came in winter is not big. It seems that the news from Ale has not been accepted by the Lion Wolf Tribe.

Seeing the disappointment in Azhang's eyes, Asu opened his mouth and explained: "The people of the Lion Wolf Tribe think that if they are attacked after the wall is built, they can't even walk away. After all, there are many of them. There are also many old people who have been injured and lost their ability to become animals. They need to take care of the needs of these people. Moreover, the lion and wolf tribe is different from the place where you live. they are surrounded by mountains on three sides. the only way out is in the area in front of them. at ordinary times, many females are guarding around them, so it doesn't make much sense to have a fence."

Azhang interrupted him, "Do our people live with their old people?" At the beginning, he sent the clansmen here also because the lion and wolf tribe will arrange the people who have no fighting ability to live at the foot of the mountain, which is the safest place in the tribe, and there are enough females on the periphery to guard it.

Kyon nodded, and this is also the place where he is very grateful to the Lion Wolf Tribe. If it weren't for the help of the Lion Wolf Tribe, it would have been difficult for the rest of them to cope with this winter. There were too many changes in this winter. Needless to say, swarms of locusts passed by before, and even groups of hyenas began to know how to ambush the passing Beastmen. Obviously, before they attacked the tribal areas, they would have had hawk warnings. The Beastmen were prepared in advance. Unless the numbers were too different, they would not have lost too much.

"We were attacked by hyenas some time ago." Azhang and Asu briefly talked about this period of time.

"Didn't you see the Falcon during that attack?"

Azhang stun, "didn't see the letter eagle? Didn't you see the eagle in the attack last time?" What they met was a hyena that broke in through a hole. Azhang thought it was only a long distance. The hyena hid in the ground for a period of time, so he didn't believe the eagle appeared. It seems that it is not what he did.

Asu shook his head. If they could see the eagle, they might have bypassed the road.

Azhang's face sank, remembering the performance of the female hyenas before, "I'm afraid the hyenas have learned to hide from the letter eagle unless they can't see it."

Asu stopped and looked at Azhang in horror. "What do you mean?"

Before the two men came to the house of the patriarch, a loud howl of wolves spread to the whole tribe from all directions. Some females who were originally in the center of the tribe quickly gathered together and headed for the outside of the tribe. Some males who were still visiting rushed to their homes. The lion and wolf tribe fell into chaos for an instant.

"There is an attack. The patriarch may have gone outside. Let's go out and see the situation first."

Azhang nodded, and the two men turned to run outside the tribe.

A large number of grasshoppers were walking slowly on the plain before, but now they are chasing behind a group of antelope like crazy. After all, the antelope took the small antelope with them, and even though they were originally fast, they had to slow down now, so they could not get rid of the annoying locusts behind them.

Also don't know how the antelope dragon to annoy the locust dragon, their number is already more than the antelope dragon, now a head of adult male locust dragon holding tentacles high, seems to want to be in front of those how all can't catch up with the hateful guy to catch.

"Why did the antelope appear here?"

"Locust dragon how again? Didn't they come once before?"

"Still go to Dorsal River? Our tribe is so far away from the Dorsal River, why does it have to pass here every time?"

Beasts began to talk one after another. Asu smiled pale. "It seems we don't need to pass on information."

At this time, Ale squeezed in from the crowd in front of him and found the two men hurriedly coming in front of them. "The speed of the antelope is too fast. When I saw them, I just wanted to come back and send a message. They had already arrived and only had time to send a signal."

Ale's words haven't finished running in front of the antelope dragon group has been rushing in front of the tribe, they are herbivorous dragons, have no interest in the beast people, as long as these beast people don't not be well-advised to block their way, maybe locust dragon and antelope dragon don't even bother to give them a look.

Of course, at this time there is no one who is not afraid of death to block in front of the running dragon group, standing in front of a few Beastmen also back a distance, lest have left the antelope dragon or locust dragon suddenly rushed out.

As the gazelle and dragon group passed by, there was a loud noise immediately behind the tribe. Azhang looked back and saw that the outermost rock mountain seemed to be broken. White snow poured down, almost in a blink of an eye. All the houses at the foot of the mountain were buried under the snow, and they were lost in an instant. Snow and fog filled the sky, and the beasts standing outside were covered in their faces.

Ale was so surprised that his mouth could not close. He asked Azhang in a trembling voice, "Uncle Azhang, is this the wrath of the Beast God?"

Azhang's face was gloomy and terrible. If Chen Qi were here, he could ask what the situation is now. Chen Qi was so smart that he could guess something. But now there is no time for them to think more. Azhang slapped Ale directly on the back of the head to wake him up from the fury of the beast gods in his head. "Don't say that, we'll go first and save people first." He saw many people moving in the houses buried under the snow just now.

The beasts of the lion and wolf tribe also responded, leaving a group of people on guard in front. the rest all rushed over to pull the snow and tried to rescue the people buried in the snow.

The people sent by the Yanshan tribe happened to be near the snow-covered house. Azhang asked Ali and Asu to take the people to a safe place first, and he also joined in the snow digging.

If Chen Qi were here, he would have told him that it was a very dangerous thing to enter the snow to save people immediately after the avalanche. Almost immediately after the beast people had just entered the snow-covered area, the following swarms of locusts also just came to the vicinity of the tribe. Their bodies were much stronger than those of dolphin dragon, and rushing past with great force was no different from a small earthquake. Originally, the snow on the mountainside of the rock mountain that had once been avalanche began to rumble down again, this time completely revealing the original reddish-brown mountain of the rock mountain.

Some of the females who had reached the foot of the mountain were unable to escape and were directly submerged in the snow. Azhang just walked to the outside, but was also thrown to the ground by the snow on the outside and took a big bite of the icy snow into his mouth.

Everyone was shocked. once they could say it was an accident, twice could it be an accident? Is it true that the beast god is angry? Or who was buried in the snow once angered the beast god, so the beast god forbid people to save him?

The simple beast people have no knowledge of avalanches at all. They will only push all unreasonable things onto the beast god, thus those unreasonable things will become reasonable.

As the crowd stunned, a loud binge drinking sounded in the silent crowd, "what are you doing standing here? Hurry up and save people."

Ai Li flushed his eyes and rushed into the snow like a mad beast, pulling the snow with his hand. His home was within the range covered by the snow. His child, who had just lost his father under the age of two, was still sleeping at home. He just left for a while. Why did this happen?

A strong female stood beside him, crouching down to clean up the snow with him.

Originally still in dazed stare blankly state of the people have come back to absolute being, see a male son so desperately want to rescue people buried in the snow, hurriedly shake head to throw away those bad thoughts in my mind, also to join in clearing the snow.

The locusts and the gazelles came and went fast. After all the slow locusts passed behind, the females who had stayed outside to protect them also came back to rescue the people buried in the snow. The whole lion and wolf tribe was shrouded in a sad atmosphere, but no one cried loudly. They just worked with red eyes brimming with tears.

A tall and strong giant wolf on the Dorsal River had just drunk enough water and looked up slightly at the approaching antelope and locust swarms. His golden eyes became deeper and deeper because they reflected the red light of the sunset glow. He only glanced at it lightly and then gathered pace and turned to leave quickly along the river bank before the dragon swarms approached here.

The leader of the gazelle group slowed his steps when he saw the giant wolf god from a distance. he raised his face and let out a loud scream. all the gazelles who heard the signal slowed down.

Obviously, the leader of the locust swarms also saw this scene. It held its tentacles high above its head. The locust swarms who saw the leader's movements also stopped and held their tentacles high as if they were conveying some information.


"Aze, do you think today's sunset glow is a bit too red?" Chen Qi, who was accompanying Aze on guard, looked at the sky almost as red as blood and asked the people around him.


"I have heard people say that the more beautiful things are, the more dangerous things are hidden behind them."

Aze turned and looked at him. Chen Qi's originally beautiful black eyes seemed to be a little darker because they reflected a little bit of the color of the sky. Aze could not understand Chen Qi's mood at the moment.

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