It snowed early this morning. Aze put Chen Qi and Ajing's share of temperature by the fire after breakfast. Then he carried the young wolf cub back to bed and went out to change the post with Ake. Now Ake is not here, and Ali will take turns with several people to keep it for half a day.

Chen Qi woke up when Aze got up. After the recent days have become calm, his habit of staying in bed has emerged again. A fluffy paw slapped Chen Qi on the nose. Chen Qi bared his teeth in pain. he picked up the evil wolf cub and threw it onto Ajing, who was under another bed. he rubbed his nose and made up the quilt to sleep for a while.

Chen Qi made Ajing sleep until the sun came out every day on the grounds that he didn't get enough sleep. After several days of adjustment, Ajing got up before dawn. All sorts of minor problems of busy work have been corrected by Chen Qi, and he still hasn't woken up even after being smashed by little wolf pup.

Young Wolf made a roll on the quilt, whining to push the small claws to stand up again, tail wagging like a domestic dog want to beg for food from the master, with a small head arch open Chen Qi wrapped tightly quilt, familiar to drill in.

"I got it. I got it. I got up at the head office." Chen Qi reluctantly carried out the little wolf cub who had drilled into him to make trouble again. The little wolf cub looked at him with innocent big eyes and saw Chen Qi's mouth and jaw moving like he was talking and his head tilted slightly. Well, it didn't understand what Chen Qi was saying.

Put the pup under the bed and Chen Qi tucked Ajing in before entering the bathroom to wash.

Routine will finish the exercise in the morning before eating breakfast, just finish saw Ka Luo holding the obsidian pushed the door and came in, then Ajing also got up. Ka Luo put Ayao into a small wooden bed made specially by Chen Qi. There were railings around the wooden bed. There was no need to worry about Ayao falling to the ground.

"What did you say you were going to do yesterday?" Ka Luo took off his heavy cloak and coat. The fire in the room was not afraid of the cold. He rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands to ask Chen Qi.

Chen Qi wrote the Tang poems that Ajing practiced today and gave Ajing a simple explanation. At present, only Ajing is assigned homework and homework by Chen Qi every day, while others learn according to their interests or let Ajing teach them what they have learned when they are free. In this way, Ajing can not only review his knowledge and understanding of knowledge, but also reduce Chen Qi's need to repeat what he has taught every time. It is killing two birds with one stone. Seeing that Ajing was still teaching in a good way, Chen Qi handed over all the things he taught others to Ajing, who was in charge of putting Ajing and the Aze Church on the line.

"Lamian Noodles." After arranging what Ajing will learn today, Chen Qi went to the storage room to take out the last half bag of rice berry powder.

Ka Luo's assistant, Chen Qi poured less than half of the rice berry powder to make Ka Luo knead into dough and put it aside to wake up. He took some dolphin keels and boiled the bone soup.

After the soup was boiled, he took some pickled antelope meat and cut it into diced meat for later use. Chen Qi also took some large cabbage trees out of the storage room and broke them one by one and packed them neatly in a large pottery dish.

There are about a dozen potatoes left. Chen Qi took some peeled potatoes and sliced them for later use. Then he brought in two large pieces of frozen dolphin and dragon meat and cut them into thin slices, full of pottery. After processing the materials, Chen Qi rolled the dough with a rolling pin and set it aside in three parts, intending to wake up for a while.

Ka Luo had already disposed of the ginger and onion, and gathered around Chen Qi to see how he handled it.

Chen Qi added a few tablespoons of fish oil to pottery. The oil was newly fried yesterday. A fish that looks like mackerel is bigger than the crucian carp caught before. The fish is rich in fat. The oil fried from one fish is enough for them to use for a long time. Azhang always comes back with a fish of this kind when he often catches fish. Now there are two large plates of oil available in his home.

After the oil is boiled, the antelope meat diced before is put into the pan for stir-frying, then the chopped ginger and onion are added after the flavor is given out, then less than half a plate of water is added, then a small handful of rice and berry powder is put into the pan, after the stir-frying is uniform, some sugar is added into the pan for braising for a while, and then the pan is taken out of the fire until the pan is thick.

Chen Qi touched a little and Ka Luo looked at it and touched a little. "What is this?"

"Meat sauce." Because of limited materials, Chen Qi could only do it so simply that he began to process the dough when he felt good.

Roll the dough thin with a rolling pin and cross-cut it with a knife. Chen Qi wants to try to pull the dough into strips as he saw it in Lamian Noodles's store before. He doesn't know whether the dough is not tough enough or whether his technology is too bad. He broke the dough into two halves several times when throwing it. There is no way. Chen Qi can only use the stupidest method to slice the dough into strips with a knife and then put the cut dough into boiled water to cook.

After the noodles are cooked, put them into a pottery bowl, add a little boiled bone soup, then scoop a spoonful of the meat sauce just made, mix it evenly with chopsticks and divide it into several parts, so that Ka Luo and Ajing can taste the taste.

Ka Luo took a sip. The noodles were smoother than the meat he had eaten before. He smashed them twice and swallowed them. "It was better than stew, but not as good as fried patties." Ka Luo commented.

Chen Qi gave him a look. As long as the beast people are not interested in meat and other food, Chen Qi has long been accustomed to it, so he did not dare to do too much to avoid waste.

Holding the pottery bowl carefully, Chen Qi took a deep breath of noodles. If the pancake before was half of the staple food, then the noodles in this half bowl were the real staple food. It is calculated that Chen Qi has been here for more than half a year. The correct word used to record the time has been written in the second row of the sixth row. However, the porridge he cooked with rice berries for so long is actually paste. Although it carries a little rice fragrance, it is not the real rice after all, and the shaped noodles are the real noodles.

Like holding a treasure, Chen Qi solemnly took a bite and carefully tasted it in his mouth before swallowing it. Although the taste is very common, it has moved Chen Qi almost to tears, causing Ka Luo a puzzling look.

The materials for lunch were prepared in the morning. After finishing the small bowl of noodles with only a little meat sauce, Chen Qi sent Ajing to call the others back for dinner. The rest of the dough was cut with a sword knife as before, the cooked bone soup was added with a little salt, and then the meat sauce was put into everyone's pottery bowl with a big spoon. At noon, he was going to eat hot pot.

The rest of the noodles just cooked two large bowls, as Chen Qi expected. The reaction of others was similar to that of Ka Luo, that is, they were not interested in tasting the noodles. Instead, the sliced dolphin dragon meat was smeared with meat sauce after being cooked in the bone soup. After finishing the large bowl of meat, it was not enough. Ake ran and cut another plate back. So Chen Qi took up a large bowl of noodles by himself, and enjoyed it.


Azhang fully followed the locust swarm for a week. After the giant wolf god left, the locust swarm continued to hit the road. For the rest of the day, they walked almost day and night. Azhang found that the advancing direction of the locust swarm was getting closer and closer to the lion wolf tribe. He slipped out of the track that morning and went ahead to report to the lion wolf tribe. If the locust swarm's target was the lion wolf tribe, they would be in trouble if they were not on guard in advance.

Today, the females guarded by the lion and wolf tribe outside turned out to be Asu and Ale. both were very surprised to see the dusty Azhang. "why are you here? Is there something wrong?"

Azhang pulled down his hood and shook his head. "I came with the locust swarms. They may be here tomorrow. I've come to inform you."

"another locust dragon?" Ale exclaimed.

Asu glared at him and turned to Azhang. "Let's talk to the chief of the Lion Wolf clan about this first."

Azhang nodded, leaving Ale on alert, and followed Asu into the Lion Wolf Tribe.


Azhang began to worry three days after he left. Even the alert time was prolonged. He sat on the outermost fence watching Azhang's direction of departure every day, hoping that the other party would come back early.

It is useless for Aze people to persuade him not to worry about it several times. "Let him keep it. It is not reassuring for you to let him stay with him at home. It is better to stay on the fence and feel better." Chen Qi comforted a few people who were worried, "You've been working very hard for a while, so take advantage of Ali's vigilance to have more rest, so that you can help if something goes wrong."

"Where are there so many things, Chen Qi? Don't say those bad things." Ka Luo grunted that it was already extremely difficult for hyenas to attack and locust dragons to cross the border. He didn't want to see other dragons running around here with nothing to do.

Ka Luo's thoughts haven't turned out, suddenly a loud howl came from the outside, a few people face a fiercely, Aze and Ake opened the door and came out at the moment of hearing the sound.

Chen Qi picked up the wooden bow hanging on the wall and carried the animal skin backpack full of arrows. "Ka Luo, take care of these small ones. I'll go out and have a look."

Ka Luo just put the obsidian back on Xiao Mu's bed and saw Chen Qi disappear behind the door before he could tell Chen Qi to help.

Chen Qi moved cleanly up the wall and saw the three females looking solemn. You looked outside and walked over at once. "What happened?"

Aze raised his hand and pointed to the outside, explaining: "The gazelle and dragon herd have arrived on the plain."

". . . . . ."

Chen Qi looked intently and saw the mighty gazelles and dragons marching forward not far away. Their direction was not here, so they could only see a side view from a distance.

The speed of the gazelles is much faster than that of the locust dragons. They are almost trotting forward. The minor gazelles are tightly protected in the middle of the team, and the strong adult gazelles form both offensive and defensive positions on the periphery. When will this creature, known as the Ajing of Loya forest speed, act in groups?

Chen Qi looked at the more and more distant gazelles and was silent for a moment." If I remember correctly, they are almost all solitary dragons like locust dragons."

The three females looked at each other and nodded gently.

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