The sharpened simple wooden arrow pierced into the outer edge of the hide-made arrow target not far away. The arrow target was painted with five circles of red and blue. Chen Qi's best result was to hit the red heart, but he was very depressed that several of the 20 arrows he practiced every day always missed the target.

After successfully covering the females with bows and arrows last time, even Ajing now practices in the yard with small bows and arrows specially made for him. Chen Qi's daily exercise now increases archery from push-ups and rope skipping to jogging at noon when the sun is warmer.

Ka Luo can naturally see that Chen Qi has been getting better and better after doing these strange exercises for a period of time. At the beginning, when the other side clearly ran around the yard, they were so exhausted that they could run two laps in a few days. Ka Luo's physique was much better than Chen Qi's and he could only run two laps easily. Since then, Chen Qi has been accompanied by one more person besides his follower Ajing and the accompanying young wolf.

It snowed last night. Although it was not big, it was enough to cover the yard with a layer of white.

Ali and Aze came out with a large pile of made wood boards, sharpened bamboo sticks and wooden sticks. "Chen Qi, what you asked us to do is ready." Ali gave a loud cry.

Chen Qi tidied up the bows and arrows around the target before he went over. He twisted up a board with several holes dug, nodded with satisfaction, and put away the bows and arrows. "Let's make some weapons."

On the plain, there is a lot of gravel, but a little bit of larger stones are only found in the forest, so Chen Qi's weapons are only made of the inexhaustible snow around.

Because the ground was covered with a layer of soil mixed with jelly, just take a broom and sweep it lightly at the moment, and the thin snow on the ground will be gathered up.

Chen Qi took a bucket of melted snow water out of the bucket, tied several boards firmly with ropes, then filled them with snow, compacted them and then buried some sharpened bamboo sticks or sticks inside, leaving only the sharp tips outside through the holes in the boards, then filled them with snow, compacted them, added water to reduce the gap between the snow and the snow, and then put aside the grotesque, nearly two football-sized snow piles to let it condense into ice.

"The snow is so light, does it really hurt when it hits you?" Ka Luo set aside what he had done well.

"When it freezes, you can give it a try." Chen Qi suggested that,

The hyenas attacked last time had only a few heads and could barely cope with them with bows and arrows. However, once the number increased or some hunters knew how to climb the wall, the function of bows and arrows was not enough. Therefore, Chen Qi thought of making some ice hockey. When the time came, this kind of situation really occurred. He could hit the ice hockey directly without bows and arrows. Only after he had tested the effect of the ice hockey, did he know. Now he has no bottom in his heart.

There is only enough snow to make 20 or 30 in a yard, and it will continue to snow in the next two days. Chen Qi didn't do it again after he cleaned up the snow in the yard. he filled up the oil lamps around the runway after he cleaned up. now the oil lamps in the yard will be lit almost every night. people on guard at night should pay attention to the situation in the yard besides the situation outside the fence.

Azhang carried two big bags of fish and jumped down from the fence, because the oil stored before was almost used up when dealing with hyenas. Now to continue to use oil Chen Qi can only hit the fat big fish in Chishui River. Since he took Azhang to catch a fish once, he took over the fishing work by himself and caught a few at both ends in three days.

In order not to feel bored with eating fish every day, Chen Qi often changes ways to make food. Sometimes he bites down on what he makes. You don't tell him it's fish that others can't eat, and thanks to Chen Qi, now people have completely accepted fish as a food.

Azhang said to the crowd hastily, "another locust dragon has crossed the Chishui river." Probably because of running too fast, I am still a little out of breath.

This is probably the reason why Azhang catches fish too hard these days. Even if a lot of baits are thrown down from the ice cave, few fish will take risks to grab food. After observing for two days, Azhang sealed the ice cave and opened a hole further away to catch fish.

Who knows just caught two felt the ground shaking, the swimming fish under the ice are dispersed, Azhang will catch fish into the backpack, found a tall acacia tree climbed up, he found a group of locust dragon in the distance is vastly across the whole Chishui river, headed for the depths of the Dora plain.

The occurrence of locust swarms can be said to be accidental, but the second time this originally solitary creature gathered together and headed for the same place, Azhang had to think twice. This time there were many swarms of locusts. Seeing that the locusts were aiming at the opposite side of the river, Azhang didn't wait for them to cross the river before coming back to tell the news.

"another locust dragon?" Other people were taken aback by the news. Now there is no doubt that something must have happened in the forest, or something appeared on the plain that can attract locust dragons. Otherwise, it is impossible for locust dragons to cross the Chishui River and enter the hinterland of Dora Plain again and again.

"Shall we look in the forest?" Azhang turned his eyes to Chen Qi and asked.

After these contacts, Chen Qi has become a faint decision-maker in this small group. However, Chen Qi is not sure if there are other dragons in the forest following if the locust dragons can come out of the plain. The number of them in this small group is already small. If they want to go to find out, it is difficult to find someone to meet them in case of danger.

Chen Qi told several people about his worries. Aze wanted to think, "Why don't we follow the locust swarms to see where they are going? The plain is much safer than the forest, so it should be okay to stay away from it."

Azhang nodded, "If we only know where the locust swarms are going, maybe we can also know something."

We discussed this issue and finally decided to leave Azhang alone. There are too many people in the family who need protection. Everyone is worried that if the two females go together to find out, they will be in trouble in case of another attack.

That night, Ali prepared a large bag of baked meat cakes for him. After all, it was probably not convenient for him to make a fire with Locust Dragon, so he could only eat it cold.

"You must be careful not to follow too close. If the locust dragon finds you, you must run away immediately." Ali carried his backpack full of necessities to his back, and then put on an oversize white cloak outside, the kind that can almost cover Azhang. The white cloak can hide the other party in the snow and will not be easily found.

"Don't worry, how old am I?" Azhang smiled. Recently, he found that Ali was becoming more and more worried. He would pour out a lot of exhortations every time he went out.

Albee gave him a look. "I told you only when you were older. How old are you? You are still impetuous brat."

Look at Ali and start rambling mode, Azhang helplessly touch nose, when he followed Chen Qi and Aze to catch fish for the first time, he was accidentally dragged into the water by a fish with too much strength, almost didn't turn back into an ice stick, as if from that time on, Ali had to say a few words every time he went out.

At the end of the day, Ali found out that Azhang was distracted and did not even listen to himself. He sighed and helped him clean up his clothes. "We will form a partner when you come back this time."

Azhang was stunned by this sudden change of topic. After returning to absolute being, Azhang hugged him and rubbed his head between his neck and fossa. "That's a deal."


The Chishui River has been frozen over. The number of locust swarms this time is much larger than before, and their movement speed is slow. After Azhang crossed the Chishui River, he found that the locust swarms did not leave the Chishui River too far. Azhang stood on the top of the tall acacia tree, half crouching down, quietly waiting for the locust dragons to pass by. After the locust dragons walked out of a certain distance, he continued to look for another acacia tree, repeating the actions of staring at the locust dragons.

The next morning it began to snow again on the Dora plain. I don't know whether it was because of the snow that the locust swarms stopped moving today. all the locust swarms stayed where they were. white snow flowers fell on their tall bodies and looked like ice sculptures from a distance.

Azhang also seemed to melt into an organic whole with the acacia tree, sitting quietly on the top of the acacia tree, his big hood almost covering his eyes, and his white cloak became his best disguise.

Azhang thought that the locust swarm would continue on its way until the snow stopped. In the evening, there seemed to be a commotion in the farthest locust swarm. Azhang was located at the tail end of the locust swarm. Rao could not see what was happening in front of him even though his eyesight was good. He wanted to think, Azhang silently descended the locust tree and slowly headed for the front around the long road.

A head of white, fully nearly three meters high adult giant Wolf stood not far from the locust swarm, its beautiful golden eyes slightly narrowed, seems to be the leading adult locust dragon slowly walked out of the team, the corners of the mouth side two long tentacles lifted high, what seems to be communicating with the giant Wolf.

The giant wolf did not know whether it had the ability to communicate across species, but stood quietly at the front of the team, neither moving nor giving any response to the locust dragon's communication.

Locust dragon seems to be nasty, huge mouth slightly open, let out a long and strange tone, then the locust dragon around also began to stretch out tentacles for kept shaking slightly in mid-air, mouth issued the same syllable, seems to be in response to the chief locust dragon.

"Giant Wolf God?" Azhang, who had just run from behind, had just found a hiding place in the acacia tree when he saw such a scene. He couldn't help but let out a low cry and looked at the impossible confrontation with disbelief.

The white giant wolf god finally made a move, but it did not react to the locust swarm's move, but looked up slightly, with cold light eyes staring at Azhang's direction for a few seconds, then moved his steps, turned around and quickly left the place. even the giant wolf god's footprints were not left on the snow, as if it was just an illusion.

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