After Azhang finished eating and Ali brought Ake food, he went back to the cave entrance outside the small bamboo forest to defend. Not far from the cave entrance was a tall acacia tree. Ali stood on the highest branch of the acacia tree. The hide backpack behind him was full of arrows, holding a wooden bow in his hand and keeping a close eye on the cave entrance illuminated by the fire.

Azhang handed Ake the food. "Has anything happened?"

Ake took it and drank a mouthful of bone soup to moisten his throat. He stayed by the fire for a long time. His throat was already thirsty. After hearing Ake's question, Ake shook his head. "But before I smelled a little blood smell, it was not clear that I was cut off by the fire. I don't know if hyenas were killing each other inside."

"Hyenas are very organized creatures. They should not kill each other. Now they only hope that tobacco can trap them." Azhang picked up a tree trunk and threw it into the fire. He continued, "Go and have a rest first. Let me take care of it first. I'm afraid it's going to be a night."

Ake nodded and climbed up the acacia tree where Ali was and began to enjoy his dinner.

A low, deep hissing roar came from the depths of the cave and was drowned by a crackling fire. The wood was wet. Half of the dark smoke sank along the depths of the cave, half rose into the air and disappeared into the vast darkness.

The moonlight on the 2nd of the month was very bright, just like a slightly dim street lamp on the whole Dora plain. Aze climbed onto the wall, helped Chen Qi to add some firewood to the fire pan beside him, and urged, "I'll just keep watch here. Go back to the watchtower and sleep for a while." Chen Qi's tired eyes could not be covered. Aze felt a little distressed.

Chen Qi grabbed Aze's slender fingers, breathed a sigh of relief at them, and then put them on his face. When the cold fingers touched the skin, Chen Qi could not help shuddering. "It's okay, I'll keep watch with you."

"In case you fall ill again . . ."

Chen Qi smiled and pointed to his body covered with several pieces of thick skins, and pulled off his body covered with two cape, in addition to the face body almost no naked skin, coupled with the side is burning a fire plate, but he did enough preparation to come out. "I am well prepared now, and I will never let myself fall ill this time. Besides, I also drank a large bowl of ginger soup when I came out just now. I feel warm now. I don't believe you can stretch out your hand to come in and feel it."

Aze nature won't really stretch out his hand to confirm, see Chen Qi determined to stay with himself, can only sigh, will hand off each other's face, help Chen Qi pulled the scarf up, will he most of the face is covered, leaving only a pair of beautiful black pupil.

"If I can't hold on, I must go back to the watchtower. Don't let me worry, okay?" Aze tone soft down, asked.

Chen Qi bent his eyebrow. "Good."

Aze got the answer he wanted and went back to the wall. he sat down cross-legged at a suitable distance. just now he heard the sounds of neighing from the cave. with his understanding of hyenas, they are not so simple creatures that will be toppled by tobacco. although hyenas roam the world through group attacks, single attacks can completely override the power of females. in addition, the female hyenas always give him a strange feeling. Aze is afraid of what will happen, so he is not distracted at all.

Later in the night, Chen Qi was a little unable to support himself. He stood up and moved. Aze saw Chen Qi's movements and looked up slightly. Then he heard Chen Qi exclaim with a loud scream. A arrow fell from the sky and fell straight onto the fire.

A figure covered in dark red blood broke through the raging fire and staggered to a halt on the snowdrift nearby. Then it rolled on the spot, cooling its red and painful scales by the icy snow.

Aze picked up the firewood next to him and tossed it into the cave. Then he poured down the melted grease from a bamboo tube. The fire that had been rushed out of a hole started to burn again.

The female hyenas stared hazily at Aze and stood up unsteadily after the body temperature dropped a little. The female hyenas shook their heads as if to shake off those groggy paste-like thoughts in their heads.

Aze and his mother hyenas drew a little distance and stood in a position sufficient to fight back. The fingernails of the ten-fingered beast were cold in the moonlight. Chen Qi clenched the bowstring nervously and pulled out an arrow from the backpack behind him. The arrow had been wrapped with cloth strips in advance. Chen Qi moistened the arrow slightly in the earthen dish with grease beside it and lit it in the fire. The rocket carried strong wind towards the mother hyenas.

With a snort of light, the female hyenas leant slightly to the side of the body. The tail was thrown directly onto the arrows. The arrows fell off, and Chen Qi's second arrow came again. The female hyenas roared and ignored the arrows. Before deceiving the body, they planned to dispose of the nearby female first. The female hyenas opened their huge mouths, and it seemed that they could faintly see the shredded meat foam and several white hairs in the crevices of their deep cold fangs.

Aze bowed slightly, and when the mother hyenas moved, he moved and turned half a circle around the mother hyenas, keeping a safe distance all the time. Chen Qi took advantage of this gap and two arrows with fire shot at the mother hyenas. One of the arrows was just inserted into the wound that had been scorched by the fire and exposed skin. The mother hyenas gave a cry of pain and looked at Chen Qi's eyes getting worse and worse. But it knew that if it did not kill the female in front of it, it would not be able to stand on the fence.

Heard the sound of the hyenas, Ka Luo put the obsidian on the slate bed, padded him with several layers of thick hide cushions, and then ordered Ajing to take care of it. He took the wooden bow and arrows on one side and came out.

Ka Luo saw Aze, who was chased across the yard by his mother hyenas, as soon as he left the house. He hurriedly walked up to Chen Qi. "What's going on? Did all the hyenas come out?"

Chen Qi shook his head. "Only this one ran out and the others were still trapped in the cave." Chen Qi picked up another arrow and started the fire with oil. His movements became more and more skilled. "Ka Luo, you have to help cover Aze. The hyena seems to be desperate."

Ka Luo smell speech face a fiercely, hurriedly picked up his wooden bow according to the appearance of Chen Qi began to cover for Aze, have to say that the Beastmen probably born motor nerve is more developed than Chen Qi, after a few arrows Ka Luo accustomed to the mother hyenas running speed, and then with the sharp arrows on fire almost every aiming at the wound on the hyenas, if it weren't for hyenas hide fast, maybe Ka Luo every arrow can be straight in the target.

In order not to be drugged by the effect of tobacco, the female hyenas can only use pain to disperse the chaotic feeling. Later, in order to rush out of the fire, the scales were burned by the fire. Now the female hyenas are not only injured all over, but also the scales that were once strong and incomparably numerous times for it to block all kinds of injuries have become fragile.

Ka Luo's arrow is much stronger than Chen Qi's. As long as the female hyenas can't hide from it, they are stuck firmly into it. Only a short time later, the female hyenas' body is full of arrows like half a hedgehog. The arrows are still covered with burning cloth stained with grease, and an unpleasant smell of burnt flesh permeates the yard.

The female hyenas did not dare to ignore the two men on the wall who looked weak in attack. They stepped back and planned to give themselves some breathing space away from the two men.

However, how could Aze go around behind the mother hyenas as it wished, and while the attention of the mother hyenas was attracted by the two people on the wall, Aze stepped forward quickly with his fingernails deeply inserted into the burned wound on its tail. The hyenas turned back in pain to bite down the evil Beastmen who dared to attack it. Rao was that its body was soft enough, Aze was flexible enough to avoid it, drew out his right hand, and went forward directly to point to a wound on the neck of the hyenas.

A moment ago, the hyenas stabilized their mind when they failed to strike. While Aze was pulling away from his hand, the strength weakened. As soon as Aze pulled his tail hard, the tip of his tail was directly wrapped around Aze's hand that was still inserted in the wound on his tail. Then, Aze lost his center of gravity and was thrown to the ground by the hyenas. The front paws of the hyenas followed him closely and one of his paws hit Aze's chest.

Aze used his strength to roll on the spot when he landed, but he was still a step slower after all. He could not escape from his right wrist. He was scratched by the hyenas, and the skins on his wrist were pulled apart, accompanied by blood dripping to the ground.



The two people on the wall were startled by this change, qi qi called out a cry. The wooden bow was once again pulled full, and five or six arrows swished toward the female hyena, separating it from Aze.

Looking at his bleeding right wrist, Aze's eyes darkened and his corners of the mouth slightly tilted. After waiting for the arrows to come forward again, his sharp fingernails went straight at the hyenas.

Hyenas didn't expect the Beastmen to get hurt, but its strength also improved a lot. Instead of retreating, it advanced, and its tactics pointed to its vital parts.

Compared with the hyenas, the Beastmen are petite. Aze moves more flexibly and faster than the hyenas. The hyenas defend the left. Aze has already started to attack the right. It is already in a state of extreme hunger and has been trapped in the cave, consuming a lot of energy. Its leg has been injured. When running, Aze has to use the power of its tail to cooperate with the movement. Now its tail has been injured by Aze, and every time it moves, it feels terrible pain. The female hyenas knew that they were even going to confess here today.

But how can it be reconciled to being driven out of the hyenas, to hunting prey on the Dora Plain that is simply not full of food, and now that it is getting closer to death, it is even more reconciled.

Mingming, Mingming can go back to the forest as long as he survives this winter.

Why? Why do these things that are prey do not have the consciousness to become prey? Clearly just lie down and enjoy yourself?

The eyes of the female hyenas are getting redder and redder, as if they were bleeding blood. Under the reflection of moonlight, they also have an enchanting feeling.

Aze did not dare to be careless and raised the speed to the highest. Chen Qi's bow and arrow was not accurate enough for fear of accidentally injuring Aze. Ka Luo did not continue to cover him. He took Aze's blow and went off, firing arrows in close coordination.

The battle seemed to have lasted for a long time and ended in a blink of an eye. Chen Qi could not see how the mother hyenas fell down.

Aze's sharp fingernails pierced the throat of the hyenas, and then dug up the scales in the chest of the hyenas. With one claw, Aze pulled out a heart that was still beating slightly. Aze threw the heart into the fire beside him, stretched out his hand and wiped the blood stained on his face. His eyes were flickered by the fire, and he could not see each other's mood at the moment.

See hyenas finally fell, Chen Qi hurriedly down from the wall, three or two steps rushed to the front of Aze, grabbed his wrist, indeed as expected to see a scratch across half of the wrist, fortunately, the wound is not deep, also does not seem to have hurt the hand muscle, in addition to bleeding should not have any impact on the future.

"Aze, you and I will go back to the observation tower to treat the wound first. Let Ka Luo stare at the wall for a while in the cave." Chen used a saber to cut off a small piece of hide and wound it on Aze's wound. He pressed hard to prevent the blood from flowing out.

Aze looked at Chen Qi holding his wrist in a little absence. He didn't return to absolute being until Chen Qi shouted again. He bent down and kissed Chen Qi on the lip corner. His eyebrow eye bent. "Good."

Chen Qi helped Aze clean up the wound and sewed it up with catgut thread. After treatment, Aze went back to guard the cave.

The entrance of the cave is not too big, but the fire burning near the entrance of the cave almost makes the whole courtyard look like day.

This night, except for the change of the mother hyenas, none of the other hyenas rushed out of the cave again. After midnight, everyone could take turns to close their eyes and raise their spirits.

The fire at the entrance of the cave burned until noon the next day. when the fire was about to go out, Ake came back and asked Chen Qi what to do next. several people discussed and decided to go in from the cave in the courtyard to see what was going on inside.

Because Azhang's arm was injured, Aze and Ake were given the task of entering the cave to explore, while Azhang and Ali continued to guard the hole in the small bamboo grove so that the hyenas would not have the strength to escape.

Ake didn't know that the female hyenas had rushed out of the cave last night. seeing the gray body in the yard, Ake's eyes darkened. he walked over and looked at Ake. finally, he pointed to the place where the chest of the hyenas was cut into a hole and looked at Aze. "this hyenas . . ."

Aze nodded." It ate the Giant Wolf God." After a pause, he added, "there is more than one head."

Ake was silent for a moment and did not speak again. Together with Aze, he removed the ashes that had been extinguished. Both of them were tied with thick wet cloth strips on their faces. Chen Qi and Ka Luo stood on the high wall, watching the movement around the cave at any time. Once the hyenas rushed out like yesterday, they were also the first to cover the two females.

The two found the four male hyenas in the middle of the cave. The hyenas had not expired, but they could not move. The size of the cave was not large enough for them to drag the hyenas out at one time. They had to drag them out one by one. When they got out of the cave, they first cut off the throat of the hyenas and cut off their hearts. The hearts of the four male hyenas did not have a faint purple color in their blood like those of the female hyenas.

Ake also found a snow bear that was almost torn to pieces near the entrance of the cave near the small bamboo grove. The picture was too cruel. It was estimated that the hyenas rejected the snow bear's size and blocked the way, so they ate it directly. Ake disposed of the snow bear's body and then, together with others, reburied the cave.

The bodies of hyenas in the courtyard were set up and burned directly. The fire lasted one day and one night until noon the next day.

After the cave and hyenas were disposed of, everyone moved back to their home. Chen Qi's family was fine. Because of the rice berry powder, hyenas only destroyed the fire in the hall and furniture such as tables and chairs. The big wooden box placed in the corner to hold potatoes and sweet potatoes was also destroyed. However, the remaining potatoes and sweet potatoes were few in number, which was not an obstacle.

The damage to the Alleys' house was relatively serious. His house was closest to the entrance where the hyenas came out, so the hyenas first entered the Alleys' house. Apart from several large holes in the wall, even the fire bed and hearth collapsed by half.

Chen Qi looked at this sad scene and said, "Why don't you move to my place for the rest of winter?"

"No." Azhang smiled ha ha and pointed to the back room for storage. "Hyenas didn't destroy the storage room. They can move the contents of that room out and sort it out a little. I'll just move there with Ali." After that, he shook his head in distress, "but there is no fire pit in that room. Ajing can only let him go back to your home to live."

Chen Qi nodded clearly, "It's okay, let Ajing live back to me."

Azhang patted Chen Qi on the shoulder, "That's up to you."

As a result, the next day, Azhang said that the sundry room that he could only make do with was replaced by a heated kang bed, which was bigger than the one in his original house and accounted for two-thirds of the room width. It was estimated that three Chen Qi could roll on it.

Chen Qi: ". . . . . ."

Hyenas destroyed the pottery jar pottery the most. Chen Qi's house was completely broken except for a few items stored in the storage room. Azhang handed over a lot of pottery to the other party when he sent the clansmen to the Lion Wolf Tribe. However, he could not fill several more houses with the pottery he had exchanged from Ali for decades. At the moment, the pottery was almost broken and few could be used. Azhang then moved the pottery with a wave of his hand and brought Aze and Ake back to the tribe in a mighty way.

It took nearly a week for the subsequent handling of this attack alone. Chen Qi felt that the days were back to normal when all was finished. All the snow in the yard was cleared out of the wall. In order to prevent hyenas from being clever enough to make holes with hairy snow bears again, Chen Qi asked them to build the whole yard with glue and fruit mixed with sand. This is convenient not only to clear the snow at ordinary times, but also to find out where cracks occur in the first place.

Until the rubber fruits in the yard are solidified and no snow has fallen, the days seem to have returned to the initial calm after all the losses caused by hyenas have been cleared up. It seems that the threat some time ago was just like a dream.

Chen Qi sometimes sees Aze staring at his wrists in a daze. Chen Qi worries about whether his wrists will suffer any sequelae due to being scratched by hyenas. But every time he asks Aze, he just smiles and says nothing. Chen Qi can't help but try not to let him work so as not to rip the wound.

Aze's wound actually healed very quickly. within two or three days Chen Qi removed the sutured catgut thread and touched the skin near the wound heartily. "unfortunately, it may leave scars."

"It's quite good."

"Where is it?" Chen Qi stared his one eye, it is hurt on his body are not much attention.

Aze was a bit absent-minded and touched the scar on his wrist, which had almost healed. "If you don't look at this carefully, other people will think I have pregnancy marks."

Chen Qi was dazed. He gently held Aze in his arms, kissed his eyebrow eye, and half flirted with his ear. "Do you want to try to give me a baby now?"

Aze's ear tip turned slightly red, and he took a sip of his lip. It took a long time before he said in a voice that was too small to hear: "Good."

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