The entrance of the cave is not very large, only enough for an adult hyenas to enter and leave. Now the fur snow bear is stuck in the entrance of the cave. Even if the mother hyenas want to struggle out, they have no power. The hyenas can rush out of the cave in a blaze because of their thick scales. The fur snow bear can't do it. The blazing fire behind them burns on the beautiful white fur of the fur snow bear, rapidly burning the fur with an unpleasant scorching smell. The fur snow bear only wants to escape from the heat in pain.

Between the two hyenas, because a lot of tobacco had been stuffed in before, the entrance of the cave was almost flooded by thick smoke. The two male hyenas that had fallen in first lost half of their fighting spirit. The heavy smoke inhalation made their heads groggy. They could not get out of the entrance of the cave, but retreated to the depths of the cave in order to stay away from the choking smoke.

Although the snow bear's burrowing technique is very good, it can silently burrow underground without being discovered, but it also has a disadvantage, its burrowing speed is very slow, while hyenas' claws are sharp, but they are not suitable for burrowing, and once the claws are bald, it also means that they lose their hunting ability, and it is no different from waiting to die directly.

The thick smoke in the cave mouth is still continuously drilling in, and the snow bear's huge body is constantly pushing and shoving it. The female hyenas have no choice but to leave first and find a way to attack later. They must tear up these delicious and annoying Beastmen.

The cave is very deep and has a long distance from the ground, so the darkness in the cave even with the vision of hyenas cannot clearly distinguish things.

The mother hyenas let out a low cry, signaling the two hyenas to evacuate first.

Chen Qi has come down from the wall, because the snow bear kept retreating to the deep cave, and the wood in the cave also fell into the cave. In order to prevent the fire from being extinguished, Ake added tobacco while adding wood, and occasionally threw in some condensed broken grease to increase the fire. It is important that the hyenas inside do not escape.

"Chen Qi, can the hyenas be wiped out?" See Chen Qi came up, Ake hurriedly asked, hand movements did not have the slightest intention to stop.

Although several hyenas have been successfully returned to the cave, the burning of the fire at the entrance of the cave cannot cause direct damage to the hyenas. Although it can prevent the hyenas from coming out again, what if the fire goes out and the hyenas climb out again? I thought it was a futile effort.

The fire at the entrance of the cave became more and more fierce, and some leaked tobacco smell escaped. Chen Qi handed Ake and Aze several wet and folded cloth strips with several layers so that they could tie their noses and mouths like themselves to avoid inhaling too much tobacco smell.

"Hyenas also need to breathe. As long as the cave is full of smoke, even if there is no way to directly harm them, theoretically they should be able to suffocate them."

Aze went to the woodpile at the back of the house and brought back a large pile of firewood. He was carrying two hide bags filled with tobacco. Aze threw one of the hide bags to Ake. "You go outside and see if Uncle Azhang and they need help. Just give it to me and Chen Qi."

Ake nodded, carried the hide bag to his body, then went to the wall to take a pack of solidified grease and climbed the wooden stake on the wall to leave.

The mother hyenas probably never thought that she could meet her companion in the cave. Through the gap, the mother hyenas saw strong flames in the hole where she left. The smoke poured continuously into the deep cave along the cave wall. The mother hyenas felt her voice was almost cracked, her head was a little groggy, and her thoughts were not clear at the beginning.

But the mother hyenas are not the kui is a wounded hyenas can live to old age well, panic for a moment after god, it is in the way of the hyenas in front of the roar, let them out of the ring of fire.

Male hyenas don't have the same way of thinking as female hyenas. They are not afraid of direct combat. In normal times, they will probably rely on the advantages of scales and have the courage to break through the current predicament even after being scalded. But now they have been trapped in the cave for too long. The smell of tobacco is almost full of the whole cave. Their heads have become groggy because of the smell of tobacco. They just want to stay away from the hot fire according to their body instinct.

No matter how the female hyenas roar, the male hyenas are not willing to leave the cave. The damned the snow bear behind him fell unconscious at some time. The cave wall was dark and the thick soil was frozen hard by ice and snow. The female hyenas severely scratched and added on the cave wall with its claws, leaving several deep scratches. It growled in despair, with a ferocious look in its eyes, opened its huge mouth and exposed its sharp fangs. It turned and looked at the snow bear, which was blocking the road not far away, and grabbed it down. It was in the dark cave.

Chen Qi did not dare to let the fire in the cave go out. He buried the tobacco deeply into the fire. Then he covered the burning wood with thick fur covered with moisture. He stuffed the smoke-filled tobacco deeper into the cave with thick wooden sticks and lit the fire on the surface.

Aze's speed is very fast, from handling tobacco to re-lighting the fire, it will take only a few minutes. After the snow around him is melted due to the fire, the snow water will wet the brown soil, and the animal boots can be covered with mud with one foot.

Seeing that there was nothing to be done, Chen Qi left the entrance of the cave for Aze to guard. He went back to his room and took some food back to the wall of the city. Because the hyenas broke in and made trouble, the room was chaotic and all kinds of broken things were all over the floor. Chen Qi was not in the mood to take a slow count now.

The watchtower has been guarded by people for a long time. Although the surface of the watchtower is an ice wall piled up with thick snow, the inner wall is covered with a layer of wood board, which is covered with a layer of animal skins to prevent cold.

The fire in the house was born in a large pottery dish. Under the big pottery, river sand and boards were used to cut off the cold. The light of the fire warmed the surroundings. Ka Luo was holding the obsidian and Ajing was sitting by the fire, holding the young wolf. He stood on a high wooden stool and looked out at the gap for observation. The people on the wall had not stayed on the wall for a long time, so Ajing could not see anything.

Chen Qi climbed up the wooden ladder. Ajing quickly jumped off the wooden stool and opened the heavy wooden door to run outside.

"Ajing, where are you going?" Ajing's sudden move startled Ka Luo, who was afraid that the other party would rush into the battle and hurriedly opened his mouth to stop it.

Ajing looked back. "It's okay. Chen Qi is back. He has a lot of things. I'll help him." After the explanation, cover the wooden door to prevent the cold wind from blowing into the room and dispersing the temperature inside.

Ajing took Chen Qi's hand and Chen Qi was slightly surprised. he could not help but blame him: "didn't you stay in the watchtower? Why didn't you obey and run out?"The watchtower has a very thick wall. Even if the hyenas can climb to the wall, they can still block the attack for a while. It can be said that the watchtower is the safest place in their small settlement.

"I have not heard the sound of hyenas." Ajing hung his head and explained 1.

Chen Qi sighed, "Next time you are allowed to stay good, stay good, and I'll find you, okay?" He didn't want to see Ajing lying in front of himself covered in blood again. One such thing is enough.

"Mmm." Ajing nodded obediently and took the hide backpack from Chen Qi's hand back to the watchtower.

The big bag of things that Ajing was carrying was rice berry powder dried by Chen Qi when Chen Qi was banned some time ago. After winter, the rice berry picked by Aze tasted bitter and astringent, and it could not be directly used for cooking meat porridge. Moreover, the fruit liquid in the rice berry was a little sticky, so Chen Qi often baked it half dry to fry various things.

It always takes a lot of time to start baking every time you need to use it, so Chen Qi took advantage of his leisure time to dispose of all the rice berries picked after winter. After all, there were two large skins bags.

Chen Qi was worried that the rice berry powder would be contaminated with the taste of bacon in the storage room, so he kept it at the outermost position near the door. When hyenas came in to sabotage, they naturally saw the two big bags of bulging things at the first time. they bit them down without hesitation. after pulling back, their sharp tusks tore a big hole in the hide backpack. beige rice berry powder was scattered all over the ground with this tearing force. hyenas took one mouthful off guard and couldn't help sneezing, and their noses itched painfully. although they destroyed a bag of rice berry powder, they did not enter the storage room again because of this bag of rice berry powder.

"What is the situation now?" Ka Luo hurriedly asked when he saw Chen Qi coming in. He couldn't keep an eye on the situation outside all the time to take care of the little female. Although he was anxious, he could only wait patiently. He couldn't sit still when he saw Chen Qi coming back at the moment. He just wanted to know what was going on outside.

"It's okay. It's basically settled. Now we can only know the situation in the cave when tomorrow morning arrives and the fire at the entrance of the cave is removed." Chen Qi soothed Ka Luo and then explained to him in detail what had just happened.

Ka Luo breathed a long sigh of relief when he heard that everyone was fine.

"We'll stay in the watchtower tonight, and then we'll go home after tomorrow's safety is confirmed."

Ka Luo nodded and saw Chen Qi take out all kinds of things from the hide backpack. "Do you want to cook here?"

Chen Qi smiled, his brow tired after working for most of the day. "Everyone has been fighting for so long and should be hungry. I'll make something convenient for them to eat."

"Let me help you." Ka Luo put Ayao on the only wooden bed in the watchtower, called Ajing to help look after him, rolled up his sleeves and went outside the door to fetch a piece of snow from pottery to melt the snow.

After the snow melted, Chen Qi took out some bones from his backpack, simply blanched the blood, added some wild ginger, and boiled them on the fire.

There was a lot of wood piled up in the watchtower for the fire. Chen Qi took a relatively flat piece of wood with a large enough area. He wiped it with a rag and washed it with water before putting it by the fire to dry.

Ka Luo took out two large pieces of frozen dolphin meat from his backpack and thawed them. Chen Qi ordered him to chop them into minced meat for later use.

Chen Qi poured out a small pile of rice berry powder after the board was completely dried, added a little water and made up. Chen Qi had not eaten pasta for a long time since he came here, rather, he had never eaten pasta again, so this time he used up nearly one third of the rice berry powder and put out several pieces of dough, waiting for the dough to ferment. Only then did he use a wooden rolling pin to take a small piece of dough and roll it into a circle, smearing the minced meat with good taste on the surface, then carefully wrapping it up, and finally wrapping the minced meat with the rolling pin.

Add a little animal fat to pottery and heat it up. Put the rolled dough into a pottery dish. Take pottery away from the fire. Adjust the temperature and slowly bake it until both sides are golden. Then cut it into pieces with a sword-horn knife.

Chen Qi let Ajing and Ka Luo eat some first, and continued to bake the second.

The baked meat pie is completely different from the meat pie fried with all the meat stuffing before. The crust of the meat pie is crisp after being baked because of the dough. The meat pie is spiced with scallion foam, and the stuffing is fragrant but not greasy. The whole meat pie is fried in the mouth and crunchy after being bitten.

"Chen Qi, why don't you eat some padding first, and I'll do the rest." After seeing Ka Luo twice, he felt that this method of flipping meat pies was not difficult. Probably it was difficult to control the temperature during flipping. He handed the sliced meat pies to Chen Qi and intended to take over the other party's job.

Chen Qi was about to refuse. Ka Luo had learned to fry a lot of meat pies before. There was not much rice berry powder left, but there was no material to waste.

"Chen Qi, please come and help Azhang. He was scratched by hyenas." The wooden door was suddenly opened and a slightly anxious voice came in.

Several people in the room got a fright. Chen Qi hurriedly put down his things and simply washed his hands in a pottery dish with hot water nearby. Ali already held Azhang in.

Azhang's right arm was covered with a thick hide, which had been dyed dark red with blood. He was a little pale probably because of long blood loss. "It was only a paw that was disturbed, not as serious as you said."

Chen Qi frowned and then carefully lifted the hide. Azhang gasped with pain. He saw three deep wounds on his left arm. The blood around the wound had solidified, but there was still blood oozing from the wound.

Ali laughed scornfully and glanced at him coldly. "It is indeed a paw that has been disturbed. The wound is not serious. It is just uncontrollable bleeding."

Azhang smiled slightly awkwardly. Before hunting the hyenas, he could not avoid being scratched. Because he was worried that he would see the blood, Azhang hastily bandaged it with animal skins. After driving all the hyenas out of the cave, Azhang still insisted on staying at the entrance of the cave to prevent the hyenas from breaking out. Or did his paler and paler face make Ali find something unusual. At that time, he was not so angry that Ali wanted to fight with him directly with his sleeves and gave Ake the task of guarding the cave. Only then did this pull him back in a hurry.

"Ali, first you burn a plate of boiled water, and when the water is boiling, clean the wound with boiled cloth strips. I'll go back and get some herbs and needlework." After Chen Qi commanded, he packed the prepared pancakes with clean skins, and then filled a bamboo tube with bone soup that had just boiled and had no taste and went down the wall.

After delivering food to Aze, who was under the fence, he explained Azhang's situation briefly, then hurried back to the house to find bone needles and herbs for hemostasis.

Chen Qi had to be glad again because the bag of rice berry powder in the storage room was the credit. Apart from the mess made by the hyenas in the hall, almost all the rooms were still in their original state. It is estimated that the hyenas first chose to enter the storage room and were repelled by a bag of rice berry powder.

Chen Qi went back to the watchtower after turning over what he needed.

The wound scratched by hyenas is difficult to heal, so suturing is the simplest method. Azhang's wound has been carefully cleaned by Ali. Chen Qi boiled the bone needle in boiling water and put it on the fire to slightly roast it. Then he tied the catgut and began to sew Azhang up.

Ka Luo and Ali watched Chen Qi's every move carefully and kept it in mind. Ali was not present when he helped Ajing deal with the wound, but he also heard Ah Zhang say that Ajing's wound could not survive under normal circumstances, so he was always curious about how Chen Qi helped Ajing stop the bleeding.

At the moment I saw Chen Qi sewing Azhang's wound with a bone needle like sewing. Although Ali felt surprised by this method, he did not make any noise to ask, so as not to disturb Chen Qi.

"Ali, you help me smash these willow leaves to powder, Ka Luo, you smash those artichokes to powder." Chen Qi's actions kept ordering.

The two men who received the order were busy. After the wound is sewn, Chen Qi helps Azhang apply willow leaves to relieve inflammation and pain, then apply artichoke to stop bleeding, and then tie a bandage to fix the herbs. The rest depends on Azhang's strong self-healing ability as a female.

Chen Qi told Azhang not to move his injured arm these days. Only then did he wash his hands and continue flipping meat pies.

With a chef named Ali, Chen Qi naturally didn't have to worry about wasting materials. After seeing Ali twice, Chen Qi handed over to him to take over. He picked up a piece of meat cake and began to pay tribute to the temple of the five zang organs, which had already begun to protest.

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