"What now?" Ali has not directly taken part in the battle for a long time. The last time the hyenas attacked the tribe, he was only responsible for taking people to safe places such as ancestral houses. Looking at the three hungry hyenas in the courtyard at the moment, he felt a little unsure.

"Let's wait for Uncle Azhang to check back before deciding." Aze wanted to think, now can fully play the strength of the female only he and Ake, and hyenas have three heads, with both of them can't win.

Ake kept an eye on the head of the hyenas, who seemed to have concluded in his spare time that the Beastmen were already in his pocket. he asked with some uncertainty, "uncle Ali, did you notice what the hyenas that attacked last time looked like? I see how the female hyena looks like the one that escaped before."

Ali looked and shook his head. "It was too dark at that time. I didn't see the hyenas clearly."His eyesight was not very good, and it was still at night, too far away to see the hyenas at all. He could only vaguely identify the outlines of the hyenas.

"Aze, I think it is like the hyenas we first met." Chen Qi also discovered the problem. The scar on the female hyena faucet was too obvious. Moreover, it was Chen Qi's first time to see dragons and his memory was naturally profound.

Aze nodded and said firmly, "It is the end we met." When I first met this hyena, I didn't feel so difficult to deal with. Now even if I know that this hyena is not easy to move, the danger level is higher than that of the two normal hyenas.

The mother hyenas looked up and let out a loud roar, and the hyenas who had sabotaged the house heard it and snorted angrily and came out. They are already in extreme hunger, and the two stupid guys are still wasting their energy here.

The male hyenas walked up to the female hyenas and rubbed her neck with her head. The female hyenas hit the ground with one paw. The female hyenas let out a cry. The other two hyenas obediently lay down beside her and closed their eyes slightly to rest.

Beastmen are cunning and difficult to deal with. They must have enough physical strength to win 100% of the Beastmen. As long as they can catch a Beastmen, even if they can only eat a few mouthfuls, they will survive this winter. The other two hyenas thought of here, originally the irascible mood also gradually settled down.

Chen Qi stared at the huge black hole. The position here was just blocked by the snowman on the ground. He walked half a circle along the wall to the nearest place to the hole. Aze saw Chen Qi leave, also hurriedly follow, tightly around him.

Ali and Ake looked at each other and followed.

"Chen Qi, what are you looking at?" Ake looked down Chen Qi's eyes and saw nothing special except the snow bear who continued to pretend to be dead at the mouth of the cave.

Wooly snow bear seemed to feel Ake's bad eyes. Slowly, he leaned against the snowman beside him. The snowman was not strong enough and was hit by his huge body. The snow fell on him and almost buried most of his body in the snow. Feeling the familiar cold, the snow bear felt relieved instead. He continued to pretend to be dead in a motionless posture. As long as those damned guys who dared to threaten him left, he could return to his warm cave. This time he must wait until the first snow next year. Then he will find a beautiful soft sister and nest together in the cave he dug to give birth to a bunch of small white dumplings. Wooly snow bear silently imagined the future in his heart.

Ake looked at the snow bear buried in the snow, ground its teeth, and said harshly, "I will definitely skin this guy when the hyenas are finished."

Everyone else nodded at the same time, but for this guy, hyenas could not have entered the yard.

Chen Qi pointed to the hole. "Do you think the hole extends downward?"

"Of course, it extends downward, otherwise we have people on guard on the wall every day. This cave does not have enough depth to isolate the sound. We have long found it. Hyenas do not walk without sound like snow bears." Ali looked at replied.

Ake's reaction was faster. hearing Chen Qi's question, he knew what must have occurred to the other party. "Chen Qi, do you have any methods to deal with these hyenas?" Even if they can win, the losses will be very heavy if they fight alone, and they, who are almost family members, cannot afford even a little loss.

Chen Qi thought for a moment and was not sure. "If the hyenas are allowed to escape again, maybe they will find other companions to continue to attack us. We found it earlier this time, but we may not be so lucky next time." Speaking of which, Chen Qi paused, "If you are allowed to directly fight with the hyenas, even if they cannot beat you, there is no problem in escaping, but if you want to wipe them out, there is no way out."

Several people were surprised to hear that Chen Qi, a male, could say that there was no way to wipe out so many hyenas. Ali asked hastily, "What way?"

Chen Qi pointed to the hole under the wall. "We can use this hole to hunt them. We also need to wait for Azhang to check the results. If there are still a lot of hyenas outside, we can only drive these hyenas away and can't wipe them out."

Several people are positive face, Chen Qi will own ideas with them carefully said it again.

"I think this method can be tried." After hearing this, Aze made up his mind and said that his eyes toward Chen Qi were somewhat proud. This is his partner.

The other two people have a little shame in their eyes but more worship. I didn't think Chen Qi, the male son, could think of such a way. They used to only use strong force to kill or drive away the hyenas abruptly, but never thought that there was such a way to outwit them with foreign things.

Azhang did not leave for a long time. he explained the situation to the public as soon as he came back. "the cave entrance is near the bamboo forest. originally, there were two hyenas guarding it. now the two hyenas are already lurking under the wall. we plan to catch up when the wall runs away." When he came back just now, he was found by the two hyenas. Fortunately, he was so fast that only half of his cape was bitten off by the hyenas, but he was not hurt.

Azhang took off the remaining half of his cape and handed it to Ali he he smiled and disturbed his head. "Next time you help me make a new one, I'll give you the best fur."

Ali didn't good the spirit ground white his one eye, too lazy to pick up, Azhang will cloak to put back again.

Chen Qi also told Azhang about his plan. Azhang hesitated after hearing this, "theoretically, your method is feasible, but in this way we have to split up into two routes. our number is not large, but the danger will increase a lot."

Chen Qi naturally knows this problem, but this is the only way to wipe out the hyenas. He can't just watch these females and hyenas go all out, "then the hyenas in the yard can only be driven away, and the vigilance work in the future is only to be more alert."

"no," Azhang shook his head. "I just said the danger would increase, but it is not impossible. the safest way for us is to wipe out all these hyenas."

Azhang noticed at the beginning that the scar-bearing female hyenas attacked the tribe just in the beginning of winter, and the hyenas that it ran away from could find so many lone hyenas in just a few months, and would break in with the help of the snow bear. The hyenas could never let it survive.

Chen Qi thought for a moment, "I can pin down one end of the hyenas here with bows and arrows. Who of you is going to solve the other two ends?"

"let's go with Ali."

Chen Qi looked at Azhang in surprise. He thought Azhang would let Ake or Aze go."Does Uncle Ali's leg matter? What if the hyenas catch up?" There is no escape at their speed.

Ali patted Chen Qi on the shoulder and smiled. "Don't worry, he will go behind my back."

"Then you should be careful." Chen Qi told the crowd to start preparing things separately.

The watchtower placed several bows and arrows and several large bundles of arrows because of the need for vigilance. Chen Qi took a large pottery out of the watchtower and a large pile of wood. He put several boards under pottery to insulate the heat. Then he put the wood into a pottery dish and lit a fire.

Aze and Azhang went to distract the attention of the hyenas in the yard. Chen Qi and Ake covered the two while Ake quietly went around to the back. Taking advantage of the attention of the hyenas, Ake used the tall fig tree in the yard as a cover to descend to the ground and walked to the big wooden box where animal fat was stored.

The hyenas in the courtyard stood up from the animals. The three hyenas stood back to back, staring at the Beastmen in different directions, waiting for the animals to come down at any time so as to jump at the fastest speed.

Chen Qi bent his bow and took an arrow. The arrow flew out and hit the back of the female hyenas accurately. The arrow with the bone arrow made a slightly dull noise when it came into contact with the hard scales of the hyenas. Then the arrow fell to the ground.

The sudden arrival of this little female hyena was obviously a little unexpected. She cocked her head and looked at the arrows lying on the ground. Then she raised one of her front paws and stepped heavily on the arrow. The wooden arrow broke in half.

Chen Qi skimmed the pie mouth, and sure enough the bow and arrow could not break the scales of the hyenas and did almost no harm to it.

Aze and Azhang rolled down the wall. The two fingernails turned into beasts. The mother hyenas gave a loud roar. A male hyenas on both sides of the left and right rushed straight at the two. Aze dodged the first wave of attacks without retreating. His right hand was inserted into the scales of the hyenas' back neck. He rolled over and jumped onto its back. Then the body's gravity and sharp nails tore off a piece of scales and skin alive. Then he retreated quickly.

Hyenas red with pain eyes, a flexible turn, tail like a whip toward the direction of Aze, survey can wipe Aze swept in front, photographed on the snowman beside, snowman instantly turned into a pile of snow, swirl falling from mid-air. Fortunately, Aze retreated fast enough, or else he would have been seriously injured if he had been hard hit by the tail.

The female hyenas saw that Aze was difficult to deal with. Just as they were about to come forward to help, a strong wind suddenly came straight into its eyes. The female hyenas slightly tilted their heads and lifted their tails high, directly splitting the arrows flying in two.

When one arrow failed, Ali took another, and as soon as the arrow was away from the bow, the third arrow followed. Each arrow was aimed precisely at the eyes of the female hyenas. The female hyena was obviously angered by this annoying move, but Ali couldn't get on the fence and decided to change his target to help deal with the other hyena.

Who knows it just changed direction, it is a arrow flying toward its eyes, this arrow with less fierce than before, the mother hyenas even have no interest in smoking this time, after the action is flexible to avoid flicker came to the front of Azhang.

Azhang naturally will not fight the two hyenas head-on. Their aim is to hold the hyenas in check for a period of time so that Ake can carry the necessary materials back to the wall. Azhang untied the cape that was half tied back to him, swung his head over the head of the female hyenas, and took advantage of the temporary loss of vision of the female hyenas, turned around and ran around the track.

The male hyenas saw that their prey was about to run away again. They grumpily shaved the soil under their feet. They and the female hyenas flanked Azhang from left to right. The snowmen around them were knocked down by the hyenas one after another. Azhang was about to be caught up. Several arrows fell in front of the two hyenas one after another. Taking advantage of the stupidity of the hyenas, Azhang grabbed the wooden ladder beside him and climbed back to the wall.

Azhang's face was a little red because of the intense running. After taking a breath, Azhang blew a whistle to signal Aze to withdraw.

The two hyenas under the wall found Azhang sneaking back to the wall. They all kept making threatening noises from their throats. The male hyenas even grumpily grabbed the wooden ladder in one bite, snatching it off the wall. They were still puzzled and went up with a few claws, crushing the wooden ladder directly. Azhang raised a triumphant smile at them and then turned and walked towards Ali.

The two hyenas could not help it, and were preparing to go back to help their companions deal with another Beastmen. But the Beastmen also cunningly distanced himself from the hyenas as they turned around, and then climbed the wooden ladder back to the city wall.

Their companion is not so lucky, it was Aze slipped half a circle, there are several more bloody incision on the body, was abruptly torn off scales scattered around, bright blood in hyenas silver scales especially conspicuous.

The eyes of the female hyenas flashed. The Beastmen were obviously more difficult to deal with than it imagined. It turned slightly and glanced darkly at the black hole, contemplating the possibility of retreat. But they haven't eaten since winter. They dare not go to big tribes. If these small tribes with only a few people can't win, they will only starve to death.

Ake has already returned. He is carrying a tall wooden box behind him. It is filled with all the animal fat they have made this winter. The fat has been frozen so hard that it feels greasy.

Azhang crushed all the grease. Chen Qi put some into a smaller pottery dish, put it by the fire and thawed it with fire. Then he put some large bamboo tubes in it for Ali. Ali put the bamboo tube away with his backpack and packed several pieces of strong grease into the backpack. Ake handed him several torches made before, wood covered with turpentine and several bundles of hay. Ali all received the things into the backpack one by one.

"Ali, you are so good at archery that you can choose a tall tree to cover Azhang, and you can go back after Azhang leads the hyenas into the cave." Chen Qi gave a warning and repeated what might happen to the plan.

Now it is getting close to evening, and everyone does not want to postpone the killing of hyenas until evening. The female's eyesight is no better than that of the hyenas. Once it gets dark, it will only make the hyenas more likely to escape.

Several people said and then began to split up. Aze had just drawn enough hatred from the hyenas. He led the hyenas to a place far away from the cave. Chen Qi moistened the arrows wrapped in broken cloth with melted grease. Then he lit the fire, bent his bow and took an arrow and flew straight to the head of the male hyenas.

Chen Qi's archery is not as good as Ali's. He can't aim every arrow at the eyes of the hyenas. He can only magnify the target and set the position of his head. All animals have a subconscious fear of fire, and Chen Qi does not expect his rocket to repel the hyenas. As long as the hyenas are blocked, he can win enough time for others.

Ake's body is flexible, just like a vigorous leopard, leading the other male hyenas to the direction of the cave. The male hyenas became extremely anxious at the moment because Ake had just escaped. They didn't even know there was a trap ahead, but wanted to catch Ake as soon as possible.

After getting close to the entrance of the cave, Ake stopped retreating and launched an attack on his own initiative. The sharp fingernails took the hyena's eyes straight. The hyena was frightened by this change and hid aside. However, Ake responded quickly and its tail swept straight away toward Ake at the same time.

Ake jumped up from the tail of the hyena with his feet on the ground. When he landed, he grabbed the tail of the hyena and kicked it directly to the right hind leg of the hyena. Ake took advantage of this opportunity to grab the tail of the hyena with one hand and the rear foot of the hyena with the other hand and lift the hyena directly into the cave in an upside-down posture.

"Chen Qi." Ake shouted, and Chen Qi hurriedly threw down what had been prepared before.

Ake quickly took out a bamboo tube from his backpack, opened the bamboo tube and quickly sprinkled it into the cave. Then he took out a large handful of hay. His fingernails gently cut the rope tied with hay. Chen Qi's rocket followed after the grease from the second bamboo tube was sprinkled into the cave, and the grease-sprinkled hay caught fire.

Ake walked to the snow bear still hiding in the snow, grabbed its hind feet and dragged it out of the snow. He shoved it into the cave to stop the hyenas from coming out.

There was a fire in the cave, and the snow bear had long been frightened and wanted to run away. Chen Qi shot an arrow directly at the snow bear's ass. the snow bear's fur was not as thick as that of hyenas. Arrows pierced its beautiful white fur and quickly covered a small pool of red. the snow bear suffered from eating pain and did not care about the fire in front of him. He only wanted to return to his cave.

The hyenas in the cave were rattled by the sudden fire, but when they saw the snow bear suddenly blocking the road, they became angry again. They had hard scales and were not afraid of the small fire, which was harmless. They just wanted to hurry out and devour the evil Beastmen alive.

Wooly snow bear was threatened by the fire and hyenas in front of him and could only endure the pain to withdraw from the cave. However, as soon as Chen Qi took the fire arrows, the snow bear followed. He was scared and began to squeeze into the cave again. Because of the sudden isolation of the air, the fire that had just started to burn in the cave went out in a short time. A thick smell of smoke came out of the hay. The hyenas were so choked that they had to retreat to the depths of the cave. However, the snow bear quit this time and directly turned around and pushed Chen Qi's rocket out of the cave.

This kind of hay is not common hay, but a common weed called tobacco. In summer, this kind of tobacco presents a purple-green color, and when it dries up in winter, it looks no different from other weeds.

This time Ake found the tobacco thrown into the cave when he was cleaning the yard, because Chen Qi kept it because he thought it might be useful in the future. After all, once the tobacco is ignited and burned for a while, it will emit a large amount of thick smoke. The smell of the thick smoke is not only unpleasant, but also carries a slight anesthetic component. Although it is not toxic, it will still make people unable to move if inhaled too much.

Beasts just worry that they can't tell the difference between tobacco and other weeds in winter, so they usually don't regard weeds as something that can be burned, and they usually burn firewood.

As soon as the snow bear climbed out of the cave, Ake led the male hyenas, scarred by Aze, into the cave in the same way as before and lit a handful of tobacco as usual.

Wooly snow bear learned fine this time. He was afraid that Ake would throw it into the cave again as a meat shield to block the cave. As soon as he climbed out, he would stay away from the cave. Ake could only throw a large amount of wood into the cave, mixing grease and tobacco to make the fire burn more brightly, making the hyenas unable to climb out so quickly.

Now, only the female hyena is left.

After Ake's two operations, the female hyenas have seen the purpose of the Beastmen. The Beastmen have no plan to fight with themselves directly, but plan to use caves to trap them or force them back.

The female hyenas are not afraid of the two strong Beastmen females in front of them. They have experienced much more than the two young male hyenas. They are experienced in fighting and have hard scales to protect themselves. Even a pair of them can tear the two Beastmen apart under their claws.

But now there is a twinge of unease in the heart of the female hyena, which is a little far from the cave.

Aze led the mother hyenas into the cave while playing with her. He did not dare to get too close to the mother hyenas. The claws of the hyenas had toxins that could not coagulate blood. If he was scratched by the hyenas and could not be treated by Chen Qi like Ajing, he could only let the wound bleed incessantly. If the wound was too heavy, the only way to wait for him was to bleed to death.

Although the female hyenas didn't want to get close to the cave, the two Beastmen were really annoying. Each time they attacked, they quickly retreated and then another person attacked. The female hyenas could not help but see themselves getting closer and closer to the cave.

Suddenly Ake pulled out a thick rope from his backpack behind him and tossed it to Aze. The two men gripped both ends of the rope tightly and exchanged the rope around the female hyenas while the female hyenas turned around. One of them tripped the female hyenas into the cave.

The female hyena growled, and its front paws gripped the edge of the cave and tried to climb out. The cave is not a straight-down structure, but has a slope. Seeing that the mother hyenas are about to climb out, Chen Qi hurriedly fired several arrows. The mother hyenas dodged the key and you landed on its scales innocently.

The snow bear who fled to one side was caught by Aze at some time and smashed into the female hyenas from a distance. The snow bear with sufficient tonnage directly smashed the female hyenas back into the cave.

Ake moved quickly. Grease, tobacco and firewood all piled into the cave like no money. A rocket landed on the dry tobacco. The burning fire quickly covered up the whole cave.

"Pity its fur." Ake smacked his lips, slightly regretting the tunnel.

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