Chen Qi's heart thumped, and a bad feeling welled up. The young wolf leaped forward and jumped into Chen Qi's arms. After feeling safe, he turned and grinned at the contents of the cave, making a threatening roar in his throat.

Chen Qi didn't have the strength to go near the mouth of the cave to see what it was. When he found it was wrong, he did not hesitate. Holding the young wolf in one hand and grabbing Ajing's arm in the other, he ran toward home. Their distance now was almost close to the front door. Such a long distance was enough for the monster in the cave to crawl out and eat him into the belly.

"Aze, Aze." Chen Qi shouted at the wall, he knew Aze was nearby.

A gray and silver figure emerged from the black hole, a pair of deep cold beast pupil tightly staring at Chen Qi, belly hunger makes it extremely anxious, saw the prey in front of him to escape, companion's words have long been left behind by it, a roars toward Chen Qi straight in the past.

Chen Qi was distracted as he walked and watched the situation behind him. He felt the strong wind getting closer and closer. Chen Qi directly put Ajing into his arms and hit a roll on the spot to avoid the attack of wild animals. Looking intently, Chen Qi found that it was a male hyenas just coming to him.

Why are hyenas here? Are hyenas burrowing creatures? What is the significance of this side of the ice fence that has been built with great difficulty?

Chen Qi is no longer allowed to think now. The hyenas, unable to make a rush, made a more determined effort and turned to Chen Qi. They must tear up the prey that dared to escape under their claws.

Chen Qi let go of Ajing's arm and thrust the pup into Ajing's arms. The pup shouted at the hyenas as if he did not know the danger. He was ready to rush up and try his best.

Chen Qi took down the two branches that were inserted on the snowman as arms and held them in his hands, keeping a close eye on the hyenas' eyes. As long as the hyenas dared to jump over, he had to insert the two branches into the hyenas' eyes to do some harm to it, so as to have a little hope of escaping.

At this time, even if he can't beat the hyenas, he must not be unintelligent. He has already failed to escape once. Once he turns around and runs again, he will only be buried under the hyenas' claws. He can only try his best to calm himself down, as long as he lasts until Aze arrives.

The attack by the hyenas came very quickly. Chen Qi's muscles were tight and he was ready to fight with the hyenas. At the moment when its claws were about to touch Chen Qi, a vigorous figure fell from the sky, tightly clinging to the thick tail of the hyenas. With one effort, the hyenas rose up from the air and fell heavily into the snowman pile not far away.

"Aze." Seeing the familiar figure appear in front of him, Chen Qi felt relieved.

Aze didn't do any extra attacks. He immediately turned around after the hyenas fell down, threw Chen Qi on his back, grabbed Ajing with one hand, and quickly ran to the foot of the wall. He climbed up the wooden ladder hanging at the edge of the wall. As he climbed, his throat gave a howling sound. Chen Qi knew that Aze was warning the people who were still in the room.

Only when he reached the wall did Aze lower Chen Qi. He took off his cloak and draped it over Chen Qi. His face was solemn, but he comforted Chen Qi by saying, "It's okay."

Chen Qi is crouching down to appease Ajing's mood. Ajing is probably injured by the hyenas. Now he has come into close contact with the hyenas and his hands and feet are cold. His face is white and stiff. He doesn't know what action he should take.

Chen Qi lovingly held him in his arms and ran down his back. Fushun's breathing was messy. "it's okay, it's okay, don't be afraid. I will protect Ajing, and Aze will protect Ajing, don't worry."

After being appeased, Ajing's mood also gradually calmed down. Young Wolf probably also felt the change of Ajing and held out small tongue to lick his finger to comfort him.

After recovering, Ajing remembered his shameful performance just now. He lowered his head and did not dare to look at Chen Qi. He only murmured an apology, "I'm sorry." He should have stood in the way of Chen Qi to protect him, but he did not expect Chen Qi to protect him.

It was not long before Azhang carried Ali and Ake carried Ka Luo up the wall. As soon as several people arrived at Azhang, they anxiously asked, "How did the hyenas come in?"

Aze has been staring at the movement of the male hyenas that attacked Chen Qi. At the moment, the hyenas have already climbed up. They are protected by hard scales. The fall looks serious, but it is not much different from tickling them.

Hearing Azhang's question, Chen Qi went to the wall and pointed to the black hole hidden in the snowman pile. "It emerged from there. There was also a white animal, which was very similar in color to snow."

The crowd looked along Chen Qi's fingers and saw a mass of fluffy things next to the entrance of the cave. If it weren't for the color on its limbs and claws that was too abrupt on it, and the snow around it had been piled up into a grotesque snowman by the beast people yesterday, the mass of things would have been so motionless that it could not be found at all without looking closely.

"It was the snow bear." Ka Luo exclaimed aloud.

As we all know, the snow bear is the only indigenous people on the plain that will not follow the large army. However, they only appear on the plain when the first snow needs to find mating objects. They usually burrow in caves for almost years and feed on the roots of worms and plants in the soil.

Moreover, their burrowing technology is the best among all burrowing creatures on the plain. Although the speed is very slow, they can almost silently approach any place they want to approach, and you may not find it even if you have been a neighbor for several years. Beasts never imagined that there would be a snow bear near the place where they lived.

Only after such a short time, another hyena appeared in the hole. The hyena was stronger than the first one, but its withered belly showed that the hyena was also hungry. He has a ferocious scar from his right eye to his nose. When walking, his left hind leg obviously does not move naturally. He needs the support of his tail to move flexibly.

This is a female hyena that begins to slowly age from a mature age. Even so, it is still much more powerful than the male hyena that started to attack.

The female hyenas walked up to the male hyenas who had just climbed up and opened their mouths with a roar. If the beast people could understand the animal language, they would find that the female hyenas were teaching the male hyenas. It was originally intended to secretly solve the Beastmen. Unexpectedly, it was this stupid guy who broke things when the burrow was finally opened.

After the roar, the female hyenas looked up at the Beastmen on the wall, their eyes slightly narrowed and looked up to let out a loud scream. A few Beastmen face a fiercely, this is hyenas call companion signal.

"Ka Luo, take Ayao, Ajing and Chen Qi to the watchtower to hide." Ake handed the little female to Ka Luo.

Chen Qi shook his head and pushed Ajing to Ka Luo's side. "You can take Ajing with you. I'll stay here. Maybe I can help."

"No, you don't have the fighting power to beat the hyenas. We can't take care of you if you stay here." Azhang disagreed.

"It's okay. Chen Qi knows more than we do. Maybe staying here can really help."Azekah explained that in fact he didn't want Chen Qi to stay either, but based on his understanding of Chen Qi, since he said that he wanted to stay, he naturally had his own ideas, and Chen Qi's stay in the place where he could see made him feel more at ease. And just stay on the wall, this height is enough to protect Chen Qi's safety.

Since Aze all agreed to Chen Qi's stay, Azhang naturally did not insist on Chen Qi leaving, "I'll go around and see if there are any other hyenas." Just now, he was very concerned about the loud scream of the female hyenas. If only a few lone hyenas who had been driven out of the hyenas group were ok, they would be afraid of an entire group of hyenas lurking nearby.

Aze obviously thought of this too. "Since the wooly snow bear can bring the hyenas in here, there should be another entrance outside. The hyenas will not leave any retreat for themselves. Please pay attention to where the entrance is."

Azhang nodded and rolled down the wall from the other side. He was wearing a white cape. A few ups and downs melted completely into the white snow. He could not be seen.

Ajing grabbed Chen Qi by the sleeve and obviously didn't want to hide himself in a safe place. He was also a female and had the ability to fight.

"Ajing, can you help me protect Ka Luo and Ayao?" Ake crouched down and looked straight at Ajing, because the hyenas had brought a heavy look on Ake's face. What he said at this time made people feel like he was seriously asking you.

"Ajing, take the wolf to the watchtower. it's your task now to protect the wolf and Ka Luo and the little female." Chen Qi patted Ajing's little head and urged him.

Ajing looked up at Chen Qi, still hesitating. Ka Luo came up, grabbed his small hand and took him along. "I depend on you to take care of me. Let's go. Don't disturb them to drive the hyenas away."

Although Ajing was still a little reluctant, he did not resist again. Although he was young, after Chen Qi's upbringing during this period, he also knew that staying here would only hinder him. If only he could become stronger. Ajing's hand clasped the young wolf tightly. "wolf, let's get stronger together."


When the black hole drilled the third hyenas, there was no movement for a long time. The male hyenas that broke in at the beginning saw there was no way to reach the Beastmen on the wall. After a few turns in situ, they ran directly to several people's house doors and knocked down the doors of several houses. They rummaged through the house. Even if Chen Qi seemed to hear the sound of pottery breaking apart from each other, they couldn't help dropping blood in their hearts and looking at the hyenas with bad eyes.

"Aze, do hyenas usually use the power of the snow bear to attack tribes?" Chen Qi has been puzzled about this. As far as he knows, the animals here, whether ordinary animals or dragons, are not of high intelligence. It should be impossible to attack with the help of other animals. Otherwise, the Yanshan tribe lived so close to the forest that they would not have known how many times they had been destroyed and could not survive Chen Qi's arrival.

Aze shook his head. "Wooly snow bear has very little courage. They can't take the initiative to approach the Beastmen colony. I'm afraid this the snow bear is threatened by hyenas."

". . . . . . will threaten the snow bear hyenas, Chen Qi heart sank, this means that the head hyenas have a certain wisdom, that for them, the risk is higher for several levels.

The white snow bear covered its eyes with its front paws. It did not dare to look up at the situation around it. Its head had been buried in the snow. Chen Qi could not see the appearance of the snow bear and felt that its fluffy piece was almost integrated with the snow.

The mother hyenas allowed the other two hyenas to rampage through the houses of several people. It lay down slightly to relieve the burden on its left foot, its eyes narrowed slightly, and it kept an eye on the situation of the beast people on the wall. Its eyes were full of greed and determination. Beastmen, unlike them, would naturally obediently come down after a few days of hunger. It had enough patience to wait.

The female hyenas stuck out their tongue and licked the corners of the mouth, as if the mouth was already overflowing with the delicious taste of the Beastmen.

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