"Chen Qi said it would take several people to play together. Please hurry up."

Although Ake seemed to be asleep, he was always on the alert. At the moment, he heard Ajing's words and opened his eyes slightly. He hit a big Hal and said to Ka Luo, "I'll take Ayao and you can play."

Ka Luo leaned over and kissed his partner. "Then you can sleep with him a little longer."

Ake nodded and moved the obsidian to his side. Only then did he close his eyes and fall asleep again.

After Ajing delivered the news, he couldn't wait to be the first to go back. Ali simply tidied up his things before going out with Ka Luo.

When they arrived at Chen Qi's house, they found that Azhang, who had returned from a job change with Aze, was actually helping Chen Qi move the table.

"Here you are, move that box of potatoes to the other side and put it away." Azhang pointed to the big wooden box beside the desk and said to several people who came in.

Chen Qi and Azhang moved the desk used for learning to the corner together. His hall was large in area and high enough. After removing the surrounding things, a large area was left. Chen Qi measured the distance and confirmed that the size was enough to accommodate the swing of the rope before he clapped his hands satisfactorily.

Seeing that several people were coming, Chen Qi explained to them how to play jump rope. Ali's legs and feet were not convenient. Chen Qi taught him how to jump on one foot.

After the oral explanation, the practice demonstration will begin. Ariel and Ka Luo hold one end of the rope. Chen Qi lets them swing in one direction at the same time. after the swing frequency of the rope stabilizes, Chen Qi bows slightly and jumps into the rope.

Well, you can't ask a person who hasn't played multi-person rope skipping in nearly 20 years to become a rope skipping expert at once. Chen Qi tripped and stopped the rope after jumping back and forth several times. he coughed slightly awkwardly and pretended to be as if nothing had happened. "do you understand? Just like I just did, you can jump as long as you don't get caught by the rope, and if you stop, you will have to change horses."

Azhang, who has been listening carefully to the explanation nearby, is a little eager to try at the moment. He can't play gobang like Ali. However, this so-called rope skipping is simply a tailor-made exercise for the female, who has excellent athletic ability and quick reflexes. When Chen Qi said that she was tripped and stopped, she had to change her players and immediately stepped forward, "Chen Qi, let me try."

Chen Qi nodded and stepped aside. "Sure, you can try it first, and I'll talk to you later if you don't understand."

The two men who threw the rope continued to shake the rope at the same time. Azhang's eyes were tightly fixed on the movement track of the rope and jumped into the rope when the rope touched the ground and swung back.

Azhang is relatively tall and needs to crouch to avoid being tripped by the rope. His body moves up and down flexibly according to the swinging frequency of the rope, which is much more severe than Chen Qi.

Chen Qi, who is accustomed to skipping rope activities such as children or petite girls getting together to play, now sees several adult tall men crowded in the corner of the room with a face of excitement playing with skipping rope. Chen Qi, who is watching beside him, thinks this picture is really unspeakable and strange.

Azhang jumped for 50 or 60 times before he was caught by the rope. Ka Luo, who had been a coolie shaking the rope, could not help it long ago. seeing Azhang finally stopped, Azhang hurriedly slipped the rope into Azhang's hand, "it's my turn next."

"When will it be my turn?" Just want to come forward to play Ajing was robbed by Ka Luo first, asking Chen Qi around him with his head back for help.

Looking at the anxiety in Ajing's eyes, Chen Qi was a little amused. "When Ka Luo finishes, it's your turn." Ajing is too short and Chen Qi did not let him participate in the rope shaking, but skipping rope is not an obstacle.

Ajing smell speech, angrily stared Ka Luo one eye, the result for Ka Luo a face.

Chen Qi looked speechless at Ka Luo, who jumped into the rope triumphantly. This guy is a father now. Is it necessary to dispute with a child?

I have to say that there is a reason why Ka Luo's physique is better than Chen Qi's. His flexible movements and clumsiness in playing gobang are like two people. The frequency of rope shaking is not high, Chen Qi estimated roughly in his heart. Ka Luo jumped for at least 20 minutes in his first attempt, but there was no sign of stopping, and he did not know where his strength came from. Even Ali, who shook the rope, began to feel sore.

"Why haven't you finished?" Azhang was dissatisfied. Azhang didn't even jump that long. How could Ka Luo, who was bound to lose to himself within 50 rounds of backgammon, be so fierce?

Ka Luo jumped a few more times, and when he felt almost done, he stopped wanting more. Long-term exercise made him gasp for breath.

Chen Qi took over the rope of Ali, who had already started rubbing his wrists because of shaking his hands sour." Let me shake it down, you go and have a rest first."

Ali nodded, handed the rope to Chen Qi, sat down on the futon by the fire and watched several people play. Ka Luo poured a bowl of warm bone soup, gulu drank it all at once, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and said to nearby Ali, "uncle Ali, this rope skipping is fun, much more fun than that gobang."

Ali smiled. Is it not because he can't win Gobang that he thinks skipping rope is fun? Of course, Ali will not reveal Ka Luo's small thoughts.

Chen Qi waved to Ajing. "Ajing, I'm coming to play with you."

Ajing came running happily. The rope began to shake, Ajing learned the appearance of ah Zhang and bowed slightly. after the shaking frequency stabilized, he jumped in.

Ajing is too small. Chen Qi's rope is suitable for adults to play with. when Ajing jumps in, he feels that he jumps with great difficulty every time he tries to avoid the rope. looking at the thick rope, Chen Qi looks a little jumpy when he scans and rubs the rope over Ajing. he just wants to ask ah Zhang to stop. he only hears a crunchy sound of "pa". Chen Qi looks intently, then he finds that Ajing's last jump is crooked. the rope is drawn directly onto his little face, and a trace of red color appears on his face

Chen Qi hurriedly threw away the rope and walked over. He crouched down to look at the wound on Ajing's face. The rope was too thick and the wound covered almost half of his face. Chen Qi anxiously asked, "Ajing, how are you? Does it hurt?"

Ajing's eyes were tearful with pain for a long time, but when he heard Chen Qi's question, he sipped his lips and shook his head. "It doesn't hurt."

Chen Qi touched his little head heartily and said to others, "Let's play here today."

Females are often injured in hunting. Now they are only pulled by a rope. After the pain, Ajing has long been a matter of indifference. A few Azhang heard Ajing say nothing and didn't take it too seriously. At an age like Ajing, they should have learned to hunt food for themselves long ago. A more serious injury is that they can be tied with skins in less than two days. Now Ajing has just been pulled by a rope. Although the scar looks very red and brilliant, it is similar to that of a female who has strong self-healing ability. It may not take a day for the scar to fade.

Chen Qi said that everyone packed up everything without playing. Ali beat a plate of warm water to clean the scar on Ajing's face. Chen Qi mashed a handful of willow leaves to relieve inflammation and pain. Cirsium japonicum was useless for bloodless wounds. Chen Qi applied willow leaf foam and then bandaged him up.

After all, he was injured on the face. If he had to put a bandage on his head, he would have to tie the whole head. After that, Ajing was almost turned into a little mummy by Chen Qi. It was not funny.

"I'm really fine. The injury is no longer painful. I can get a good sleep." Ajing was very resistant to this model, so he said nothing if he felt uncomfortable. What happened to Ka Luo who stood by and saw his model smile till he couldn't stand up straight?

"No, it can't be removed until you are well, in case you cry after leaving scars and disfigurement."

Ajing skimmed his pie mouth and stopped talking. He ran to the bed of the heated kang to find the little wolf cub for comfort.

Chen Qi, who was afraid to let Ajing participate in rope skipping in the following days, made a smaller rope for Ajing and taught him how to play single rope skipping. After all, everyone has things to do every day and naturally cannot get together every day to play. Therefore, many people started to feel fresh playing rope skipping for a few days and then started playing single rope. Ajing saw that other people stopped playing and naturally did not clamor to participate.

Chen Qi has to do push-ups every morning and evening. At first, he can only do about 20 push-ups and then he can't get up again. After several days of persistence, he can now do about 50 or 60 push-ups.

Chen Qi made a funnel, because there was no way to make a transparent glass funnel, so he could not tell the time without seeing the inside of the funnel. So Chen Qi made a half of the funnel and put a pottery dish under it. The inside of the funnel was full of washed river sand. Chen Qi estimated that it would take about half an hour for all the sand to leak out. Every time he skips rope, he pours all the sand in the pottery dish into the funnel, and then when the sand leaks out, he finishes his exercise today.

After nearly a month of such a day, through Chen Qi's efforts, his soft muscles have finally become tough. He even feels that he has developed two abdominal muscles. Although it is only subtle, Chen Qi is already very satisfied.

Now other people will no longer restrict his range of activities. Chen Qi and Aze will walk in the yard to help digestion when the sun is warm at noon. after several snows, the snow in the yard has piled up to knee-high level. now it is no longer necessary to pile the snow on the city wall. it is only necessary to clear the snow from the runway and flagstone road after each snow fall.

Chen Qi took Aze's hand and walked slowly along the runway. The surroundings were very quiet. There was almost no other noise except the breathing of the people around him. The sun was warm in his body. Chen Qi kissed Aze's lips on his side. At this moment, he had a feeling of peace and quiet for years.

After walking along the courtyard for two laps, there was nothing to see except a piece of flat snow and the surrounding was blocked by tall walls. Chen Qi stopped and looked at the snow in the garden for a moment. For a long time, he seemed to want to ask people around him for advice and asked, "Aze, why don't we make snowmen out of the snow in the yard?"

"good." For Chen Qi's request, as long as it does not endanger Chen Qi's health, Aze has promised to come down first whether he can do it or not. Of course, until now, Chen Qi has not mentioned any request that he cannot do.

Making a snowman is of course fun when there are many people. At Chen Qi's suggestion, everyone went to the yard to see how the snowman would be made.

After more than two months, obsidian has now learned to turn over and occasionally stares at his limbs to rub out a distance. Chen Qi has never raised a child. I wonder if the growth rate of this Beastmen child is faster than that of a human child.

At the moment, holding has put on small clothes, o obsidian also came out, o obsidian body has instinctively beast out of the sparse hair because of the cold, was wrapped in fur, ten like a small beast.

"It's so cold outside, can you bring him out?" Chen Qi asked anxiously.

Ake smiled. "It's okay. Although Ayao is young, he is much stronger than you."

". . . . . . He was not accidentally sick once? Does the image of the sicko have been fixed in other people's hearts?

Chen Qi feels that he has the potential to be a teacher recently, and these Beastmen living together have all become his students. This is not true. Even things like making a snowman have to be demonstrated by Chen Qi before they can understand.

"What's the use of piling up such things?" Azhang, who was on guard on the fence, saw the people gathered in the courtyard and jumped out of curiosity. After hearing Chen Qi's explanation, he was even more confused.

"Of course it is for watching." Chen Qi picked up the rolled ball and put it on the snowman. Then he turned to Aze and ordered, "Aze, please help me to get some branches."

Chen Qi stood a little farther and looked at the snowman's hands, eyes and mouth made of branches, holding his chin up. He always felt something was missing. After thinking about it, I went back to the house and found a wooden stick. I dyed it with red fruit. Before it dried out, I took it outside and inserted it into the snowman's nose. The red color was very conspicuous on the white snowman. The snowman, which had no special features just now, suddenly came alive.

"Is that all right?" Although it snows all the year round, Chen Qi, an Beastmen who plays with snow, is the first. People who did not know anything about making snowmen at all at first saw all the strange things that had been piled up and showed an expression of epiphany.

Chen Qi tore a tattered brown hide into strips, took one of them around the snowman's neck, clapped his hands and nodded with satisfaction. "Well, that's good. You can pile it like this."

Therefore, after this day, strange things of various shapes were erected in the originally peaceful white courtyard. Fortunately, there was no light here at night, or it would be frightening to see them accidentally.

"Ka Luo, what are you piling up?"


Chen Qi looked at Ake, a snowman who had collapsed half of his body, and silently said, "Why do you want to help him build a pair of feet?"

Ka Luo looked at him strangely. "Didn't you let me see everything and pile it up? Ake has feet. Of course I'm going to pile up my feet." Then Ka Luo frowned in distress. "But this foot is always broken. What can I do?"

Chen Qi didn't want to attack his positive heart, so he suggested, "Why don't you make a pile of Ake sitting there? In this way, the feet will not collapse because they cannot bear the weight of the body."

Ka Luo slapped his forehead and suddenly realized, "why didn't I think of it? Chen Qi, you are so smart."

Next to Aze, after hearing Chen Qi's words, he silently pushed off the snowman, which had just collapsed in half, and replaced it with the image of a sitting snowman. If the sitting position is carefully distinguished, there is clearly a shadow of Chen Qi.

After Chen Qi made two snowmen, he had no interest. He left behind a pile of animals making strange things and went back to the house. In the house, Ali was practicing calligraphy. The wool cocoons had been woven by him and Ka Luo when they were idle. Now his house was full of cloth more than one meter high.

"Why are you back so soon? Didn't you continue to make that snowman?" Ali was slightly surprised to see Chen Qi pushing through the door. He got up and poured him a bowl of ginger syrup. Now he has to cook a plate of ginger syrup every day at home. Whoever comes back from outside for too long must drink a bowl to drive away the chill.

Chen Qi finished drinking the ginger syrup and put down the bowl. Only then did he reply: "The soya beans soaked in the morning should be almost ready. I will come back and make food for you."

Ali knew, nodded, "then let me help you."

In fact, Ali also went out just now to watch Chen Qi and them make a snowman, but he was a lot older than Chen Qi and them after all. This kind of activity looks fresh, but it really doesn't interest him much. It is more interesting to write and practice calligraphy.

Chen Qi took out the stone mill made a few days ago. The stone mill is not big and is slightly wider than the pottery bowl they are using now. Chen Qi pondered over the design of the stone mill for a long time and drew many renderings before finally getting it out. It took nearly a month from the start of production to the test of the use effect.

There are only less than half a bowl of soybeans. This is the same as those brought by Ajing before. Because the quantity is not large, they have been reluctant to use them. This is why they have been kept until now. Now that the stone mill is ready, Chen Qi soaked all the soybeans in water and plans to make soya-bean milk.

In fact, if conditions permit, Chen Qi would like to make tofu, but there is no gypsum here to coagulate soybean milk, so he has to give up.

Chen Qi put the soaked soybean into the top hole of the stone mill, added a little water into it, and then slowly turned the handle of the stone mill. The white liquid began to slowly flow out between the upper and lower connected stones, and then flowed down the interface to the pottery dish.

Because less than half a bowl of soybean added more water, it fully grinds out a large amount of soybean milk from pottery. Chen Qi puts pottery with raw soybean milk on a wooden shelf next to the fire to boil, and then finds a clean cloth to filter the boiled soybean milk twice to obtain a large amount of milky white soybean milk that pottery can drink.

Smelling the familiar smell of beans, Chen Qi added less than half of the sugar in the bamboo tube and put it on the fire to melt the sugar a little before taking it off.

Naturally, it is impossible to waste the filtered bean dregs. Chen Qi has not eaten staple food for a long time. He asked Ali to cut a large plate of diced meat, add it to bean dregs, stir-fry it together, add some chopped scallion and salt to taste it when it is almost ripe, and then put it on the plate.

Other food was made by Ali, a large plate of stewed meat without potatoes, and two large bowls of minced meat steamed with pickled cabbage. These pickled cabbages were pickled by Chen Qi when it was just winter. At that time, they were pickled a lot because they were worried that they could not be stored for a long time. I didn't think they were not afraid of freezing at all. Later, they were picked back and they didn't continue to be pickled. After several months, these pickled cabbages have become completely tasty and can be taken out for use.

After dinner was ready, Chen Qi went out to call the people back for dinner. To his surprise, Aze was also having fun. In Chen Qi's impression, Aze gave the impression that he had nothing to do with many things, nothing he was particularly interested in doing. In most cases, he would divide things into needs and needs, not likes or dislikes.

Chen Qi stretched out his hand to remove the snow from Aze's clothes. Aze's eyebrow and eyes seemed reluctant to part with the sudden suspension of snowmaking activities. His mature and elegant face seemed to be a little childish. Aze was a few years younger than himself. Only when he was too strong at ordinary times did he let people ignore his age.

Chen Qi's heart softened. "After you finish eating, you can pile it up."


A mouthful of sweet, soft and slippery soya-bean milk, the familiar smell seemed to pull Chen Qi back to the breakfast he had bought on his way to work in countless mornings.

"Chen Qi, why is this cabbage sour?" Ali, who ate a mouthful of steamed meat pie, asked curiously. Before he chopped the meat paste, he thought the cabbage tasted strange. He thought it was just pickled for too long, but it tasted sour.

"Of course, this is pickled cabbage." Chen Qi took a bite of a large piece of meat pie and it tasted good.

Other people have got used to the novel food Chen Qi suddenly produced. Now they just want to fill their stomachs quickly and continue to build snowmen in the yard. However, they have no interest in knowing what these foods are made of.

Today is the 1st of the month, the moonlight is very bright, several females rely on their good eyesight, fully to get back to sleep in the middle of the night, looking at the yard at sixes and sevens strange things in the moonlight a spooky appearance, Chen Qi couldn't help shuddering, hurriedly shut the door and lay back on the bed holding the daughter-in-law to sleep, still wondering if this idea is wrong before falling asleep?

Chen Qi now has a deep question mark over his idea of recreating things in this world after he fell ill after trying to exercise and tried to teach them to jump rope and hurt Ajing.

The next day's walk after dinner added a lot of freshness to Chen Qi because there were more snowmen in the courtyard. Today Aze was on guard and the task of walking with Chen Qi was handed over to Ajing and little wolf pup.

After a day and a night of fighting, the beast people finally lost interest in the activity of making snowmen for a while. Of course, Chen Qi's guess has something to do with the fact that the snow in the yard has basically run out.

Little Wolf cub has grown up a lot over the past few months. Now it is almost the same size as a one-month-old milk dog. It runs joyfully in front of Chen Qi and Ajing. It rushes into the snowman pile to make a roll, then growls at a snow pile that really can't see what is piled up.

Chen Qi was amused. It seems that not only does he despise these snowmen, but also his pups.

"Chen Qi, I piled this." Ajing tugged at Chen Qi's sleeve and pointed at the two snowmen, a snowman and a smaller snowman who were crowded together nearby.

Although I can't see any familiar appearance of these snowmen, Chen Qi, who looked at Ajing's face and asked for praise, guessed that the two snowmen were even he and Ah Ze, and the rest were Ajing himself and the young wolf.

"It's a great pile." Chen Qi touched Ajing's head and praised him. Ajing's eyebrow and eyes bent with laughter.

"wolf, what are you doing?" Chen Qi found Little wolf pup standing in front of a snowdrift howling for too long, not a little strange, just want to walk over he found that the snowdrift seemed to move.

Chen Qi blinked. Did the snowman live?

Just as he was making fun of himself, young wolf suddenly turned around and ran towards Chen Qi. as he ran, he shouted louder and louder. then Chen Qi saw that the snow pile really moved, and he also rolled to the side, stretching out his limbs and revealing brown claws.

There was a black hole with more than one meter in the original place of the snow pile. A pair of greedy and gloomy eyes were tightly staring at Chen Qi in the hole. Chen Qi seemed to be able to hear the sound of swallowing saliva.

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