After a few days in Chen Qi's home, Chen Qi finally couldn't bear to drive him back to the Ali family. Joke, how could he get close to Aze when a light bulb as big as this is lit here and he has to sleep under his own bed? He is still a newly married person who hasn't finished his honeymoon yet. Although the honeymoon site is only this small area, Chen Qi doesn't want to reduce it at all.

Chen Qi, covered with a thick hide quilt, lay lazily on the bed of the heated kang, looking at Aze's expression of staring at the chessboard seriously. His mouth was curved and he smiled like a treacherous old fox planning something. "What's up? Have you learned? Do you want to have a formal look at the next round with me?"

Aze went on duty during the day, so Chen Qi could only teach him at night. One-on-one teaching was quite enjoyable without anyone bothering Chen Qi.

Since he fell ill, the family has been crowded with people. At night, there was also a little boy named Ajing who was squeezed between the two. Chen Qi felt only a risk and was forbidden to walk. He was also forced to abstain from S*x. Chen Qi was so regretful that he wanted to beat himself up a few days ago, not to mention how depressed he was.

Aze silently pondered what Chen Qi had just said several times before he sat up straight and nodded, "Well, I've learned it. Come to the next round."

Chen Qi withdrew the pieces into the chess box. "It's too boring to play like this. Do you want us to play something special?"

"What is special?" Didn't he just say that there are only a few simple ways to play gobang?

Chen Qi nodded. "Well, this kind of game can usually be divided into winning and losing except for those who have the same level of skills. So let's set up a little lottery. In short, the winner can ask the loser for a little cheaper."

Aze raised his eyebrows. "What color do you want?" At his beginner's level, no matter how simple the game of gobang is, he cannot win Chen Qi in a short time. when he first came back, he saw Chen Qi win Ka Luo and threatened not to play with him. So this so-called lottery is naturally in his pocket, but he is quite curious. Chen Qi would like to ask for something from him. He has already given everything to Chen Qi.

Chen Qi's eyes turned round on Aze and saw that Aze's hair stood on end. Subconsciously, he felt that it must not be a good thing. He could not help but swallow saliva. He only saw Chen Qi holding his cheek and slowly saying: "If I win, you kiss me. If I lose, I kiss you. What do you think of this prize? Is it fair?"

". . . . . . Is there any difference?"

"Of course there is. Can you be as active as I am?"

". . . . . ."

Chen Qi switched the chess box in front of the two men. His eyes were filled with excitement. The radian of the corners of his mouth could not be suppressed. "Come on, let's play the next set first. I'll let you play the black first."

Aze dotes on nodded, picked up a sunspot and landed in Tianyuan's position.

Aze's strength is much better than Ka Luo's, but the beginner is a beginner after all, and Chen Qi did not leave his hands in order to win the lottery. Aze was defeated within 20 rounds.

Chen Qi immediately pouted, drew closer to Aze, and lit his lips with his index finger. "Come on, my buns."

Although the two people have already done something closer, but I don't know why they were deliberately requested by Chen Qi, Aze felt a little ashamed instead, and his ears were as red as if they were ripe. He hesitated to gather together in the past, like a dragonfly water touched on Chen Qi lips, a touch is points.

Chen Qi exaggeration to shout, "is that it? This is not a lottery at all. At least you have to kiss enough for ten breaths."

Aze wouldn't give in to him at this moment. He coughed lightly and gathered the pieces together without expression. "If you can beat me in the next round, then you can kiss enough for ten breaths."

Chen Qi blinked. "That's a deal."

At the beginning of the second set, Aze placed the pieces in the star position in the lower left corner. Chen Qi was slightly surprised. The star position was located in the corner. It is reasonable to play Weiqi here. Isn't playing Gobang here reducing your retreat?

However, Chen Qi didn't take it to heart. He only thought Aze was a beginner and didn't understand it very well. He reminded him that it was best to play Gobang in the middle, so that there would be more retreat for both offense and defense. Aze just smiled and did not speak, signaling that Chen Qi could have a child. This game lasted for more than 40 rounds and Chen Qi won. Aze didn't touch and score again this time. Indeed, he kissed enough for ten breaths. Chen Qi was pushed away by Aze just as he tried to pry open the other's lips while the atmosphere was strong.

"Ten breaths is enough. If you can beat me in the next round, kiss 20 more breaths." Aze has a business-like appearance and will not tolerate Chen Qi's rebuttal.

". . . . . . Why is the development of things different from what you think? Chen Qi is a little overwhelmed.

The two played another ten rounds, and the kissing time doubled. Although Chen Qi could win every round, he was pushed away by Aze and told by the other party that it was time. Does the other party still have the mood to count the time bit by bit while kissing? Chen Qi couldn't help worrying about his kissing skills. I can't help it. I didn't have an object to practice with before. Now I can only practice with this only object to improve.

Aze's chess skills are also improving at a speed visible to the naked eye in each game. Chen Qi can easily win at the beginning, but it is no longer a situation that can be won after serious handling. In the 11th game, the two players almost ran out of chess pieces before finally deciding the outcome. The result completely surprised Chen Qi and turned out to be Aze's win.

Chen Qi did not hesitate any more. He pushed the chessboard away from the two men. He grabbed Aze by the collar and overturned on the warm bed with him. He kissed them.

There was nothing to say all night.

Chen Qi's convalescence lasted for another week. He became bored without playing backgammon for two days. Now he and Aze have almost won and lost half points. Of course, he still doesn't have to blink when torturing Ka Luo.

"Losing to a child without regret." A crisp child's voice sounded in the warm room. These four words were the most heard by Chen Qi after he taught them to play Gobang.

Ajing pushed the chessboard and ran to Chen Qi with his little feet. "Chen Qi, Ka Luo is too useless. you can play with me."

Chen Qi was weaving straw ropes with a string of whiskers. After lying down for more than half a month, Chen Qi, who was finally allowed to move on the ground, was almost crying with joy. However, it was still not allowed to leave the door. Everyone was afraid that he would fall ill again after being blown by the cold wind.

Recently there was another snowstorm. The snowstorm lasted for almost a week. Azhang found hyenas in the last snowstorm, so he did not dare to be careless this time. In particular, he would take turns to separate two people to stay on the watchtower every night.

Although Ali was wounded in the leg, he was still a female and asked himself to take part in the guard. at first, Azhang disagreed and did not know what Ali and he said. the next day, Ali took some of his cocoons to work.

Chen Qi stopped his movements and rubbed Ajing's soft hair. The rest of Ajing was turned into animals except for his facial features. Chen Qi could not tell whether the fluffy hair on his head was his hair or his fur. "I'm still busy now, if I don't want to play chess, would you like to cook something for the wolf or practice calligraphy?"

Since being fed meat by Chen Qi, the young wolf has now slowly transitioned from eating milk fruit to eating milk fruit and meat. although the size of the young wolf is only a little larger than that of an adult's fist, it can almost eat a full portion of its weight when eating meat, and I don't know how its stomach is packed.

Before, Chen Qi was afraid to feed too much because he was worried that he would support it. As a result, the young wolf also did not know where he had learned to roll about and sell his sprouts. trouser legs, who was biting Chen Qi tightly, was unmoved. He had to bring back his own food before he let go. Chen Qi observed several times and did not find any problem with eating so much. He just let it go.

"what are you doing?" Ajing poked curiously at Chen Qi's half-braided rope, which was thicker than what they usually used.

Chen Qi smiled, bought a imprison son to pull the topic in the past, the child sent to feed the Wolf, the young Wolf don't eat raw meat, can have Ajing busy for a while.

Ka Luo snorted heavily, packed up the pieces and went home to take the children. Before going out, he also stared at Ajing, slowly receding his childlike face.

Since he learned backgammon, he went home and played a match with Ake. Although he would lose every time, he believed that he would win if he practiced again. Losing to a seven-year-old child in a row not only didn't hurt his self-esteem, but made him lose more and more bravely.

Do you think Chen Qi will give up his exercise plan after such a illness? That is impossible. This illness also made him more aware of the difference between himself and these beasts. Only by making himself stronger can he become the one who does not hold back.

Of course, he won't rush out to run like last time. Winter is too cold. Taking another run with his physical condition that he hasn't exercised in years will only result in another illness.

But without outdoor sports, there is also a way of indoor sports.

Chen Qi's sports plan is very simple, let your body adapt slowly, starting with simple push-ups and rope skipping. The rope he is knitting now is used for skipping rope.

Rope skipping is actually an entertainment activity. He remembered that when he was a child, he was pulled together by his younger sister next door and played with many tricks. Unfortunately, he did not remember how to play the rope. However, he remembered one of the simplest ways, that is, two people holding both ends of the rope swung together in the same direction, and then let one person jump into the rope until he caught the rope and stopped, and then rotated the people.

There are two ropes that Chen Qi is weaving. One is suitable for one person, while the other is longer for several people.

Chen Qi can only make the beast people think that this rope skipping is just the same entertainment as Gobang, or he can directly tell them that this is also exercise. Chen Qi believes that he will be returned to bed by Aze the next second.

After weaving the last rope and tying a strong knot, Chen Qi called Ajing to call Ka Luo and them to come and play.

Ka Luo has just fed Ayao milk fruits, and Ali weaves cloth by the fire. Now he doesn't have to stare at Chen Qi all the time. He moves the activity place to Ka Luo's house every day. He can not only continue to do his own work, but also help Ka Luo look after the little female by the way.

"Rope skipping? What is that?" Ka Luo put the little female, who was already fast asleep after eating and drinking, back on the bed and let him sleep next to Ake.

Several alert females will try their best to make up for their sleep as long as they are not on duty in order to be alert because they have been rotating.

"Chen Qi said it was a very interesting thing."

"Fun rope skipping?" Ali was also aroused by curiosity. He learned the gobang after understanding it for half a day, but he often couldn't respond. The next step should be to cut off others' retreat. Therefore, he often lost and stopped playing after playing several games. Unlike Ka Luo, who felt itchy in his hands after several games a day, he heard that there was something new to play. His key point was not whether it was fun or not, but Chen Qi actually invented something new in just a few days.

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