"Chen Qi, are you all right?" Ka Luo carefully opened the door curtain and waited until the two people who were held together finally separated before he came in and asked.

O obsidian to Ali to take care of, Ali had already told him Chen Qi is ok now, but he lay on the bed repeatedly several times can't sleep, always feel can't see Chen Qi really well in the mind will always be uneasy, think again and again or say hello to Ali, this just go out to find Chen Qi, I didn't think just walked to the door to hear ze affectionate confession.

Ka Luo stood outside the door with dark eyes. His eldest brother had been a hard nut to crack since he was young. He did not like words and did not like communication. Before, when no one moved out, even under one roof, he would not reply to 10 words he teased him. Sometimes he would hide from himself even if he was too hard-bound. Dad had been worried about this more than once, and finally had to agree to his request to move out because he really felt that he could not integrate into the tribe.

At present, Ka Luo is very glad to see Aze who will finally take the initiative to appeal. If Dad sees it, he will be very pleased.

Chen Qi's arrival has changed not only Aze but also the beast people who now live together. He has changed their living environment, their food, their clothes and the way they get along with each other. Without Chen Qi, maybe now he has gone to the Lion Wolf Tribe, while his brother Aze will still wander alone in the wilderness year after year. Occasionally he may go to the Lion Wolf Tribe to see himself, but he will never be as close to himself as he is now.

Therefore, Chen Qi cannot have an accident. Ka Luo's eyes became firm. He couldn't bear to lose the family he had so hard to get back.

Looking at Ka Luo poking around, Chen Qi slightly embarrassed to let go of Aze. Just now, the other party heard a lot. Otherwise, with his understanding of Ka Luo, the other party should have rushed in long ago. How could he have asked aloud like now and stood at the door hesitating whether to come in or wait.

Chen Qi motioned Ka Luo to come in, then he replied: "It's just a common cold. It's no big deal. It's almost as good after a nap."

Ka Luo walked to the bed with suspicion, stretched out his hand and touched Chen Qi's forehead. He found it was not as hot as it was yesterday. This reassured him.

Chen Qi turned to Aze lovingly and said, "Are you tired after staying with me all night? Do you want to go to sleep first?"

Aze shook his head. "I'm not tired." What if Chen Qi gets up again as soon as he falls asleep?

Chen Qi had no choice but to compromise: "Then you should eat something, right? Did I not have dinner after I fell asleep last night?" Chen Qi felt even more distressed when he looked at Aze's gaunt black rim of the eye. He patted Aze on the back of his hand." Ka Luo is here looking at me. I did it for a long time last night in potato stew. Go and get some hot food. There are not many potatoes left now. What a pity to waste."

Hearing that it was his favorite delicious potato stew, Ka Luo's stomach also cried at the right time. He also worried all night last night and completely forgot about having to eat. "Elder brother, go and heat up potato stew, I'm starving. Also, remember to send some to Ake later. He hasn't come back to eat since last night. There are Uncle Ali and Uncle Zhang. Uncle Zhang is probably asleep. Just help him warm by the fire. He will eat when he wakes up. By the way, Chen Qi, how much potato stew did you cook last night? Is it enough for so many people to eat? Do you want me to do some more?"

Looking at Ka Luo clearing away the haze and turning back to the usual chirping snacks, Chen Qi reluctantly shook his head, "enough for you to eat, no more cooking." I had planned to have dinner together last night, so Chen Qi cooked two large plates of stew, but I didn't eat it until I got sick. Now I'm just sick and my mouth is weak. He doesn't want to eat meat either.

Aze walked to the fire. Fortunately, Chen Qi took the two plates of potato stew off the fire last night. Otherwise, with the hectic situation last night, it is estimated that no one cares if something is still cooking on the fire. If the food is cooked for one night, it is really wasted.

The stewed meat pottery was placed closer to the fire. After a night of light and warmth, the grease in the pickled meat was stewed out. Originally, there were not many potatoes and there was not enough to absorb the extra grease. At the moment, the whole plate of stewed meat became greasy. The stewed meat was still hot and naturally did not need to be heated again. However, this large plate of greasy food would be rejected by the public if it was not eaten twice.

Azyme went to the storage room and found half of the cabbage. Cabbage used to be abundant in the forest. Aze almost picked half a room and returned it. Now there are still a lot of cabbages piled up in his original house. This kind of stuff is a little different from the cabbages Chen Qi knew. It is not as delicate as potatoes and sweet potatoes, which will freeze if the temperature is too low. Cabbages are not afraid of freezing. Even if you go to the forest now, you should still find a lot of cabbages just by digging under the snow, so you don't have to worry about eating them.

Aze washed and shredded cabbage, then fished potato stew into another clean pottery dish and stir-fried it with cabbage. Cabbage can absorb a lot of fat, but it makes potato stew look delicious from the outside.

It turned out that the fat stewed in the pottery dish had cut a plate of dolphin and dragon meat, and then added cabbage to stir-fry a dish together. Aze sorted out several portions and packed them, and sent them to those beasts who were still hungry.

Ka Luo took a pottery bowl and filled it with a large bowl. He sat back on Chen Qi's bed and ate happily. He could see Chen Qi smoking out of the corner of his eye.

"Do you want to eat?" Looking at Chen Qi and staring at himself all the time, Ka Luo waved his ceramic bowl, which was almost overflowing, and asked.

Chen Qi shook his head. He had just finished eating a large bowl of congee and was not hungry at all.

Chen Qi's illness completely led to a small day when he stretched out his hand to open his mouth. As long as he lay on the bed with one look, Aze would come and ask him what he needed. When he was hungry, Aze fed porridge, drank Aze fed water, and even refused to let Aze take a bath himself. Chen Qi had a kind of illness that he was not suffering from a common cold and fever but from some kind of mobility disorder.

Now Aze will only go to the fence for a while at night and spend most of his time with Chen Qi.

Ajing didn't know whether he was scared or not before. He brought back the pups and ate and slept with Chen Qi. Chen Qi would pull up his sleeves and look at him with his big round eyes. Chen Qi was soft-hearted and finally had to lie back in bed.

If such a life were in the original world, Chen Qi would even smile secretly, but here, lying with no electricity or cell phone open for a day is a torture.

When Aze went to guard the fence, he would let others accompany Chen Qi. At the moment, it was Ka Luo who was serving him basil soup. Ka Luo let the soup cool a little before handing it to Chen Qi. He kept telling him, "Be careful, there is still a little hot."

Chen Qi turned over his eyes speechless. This feeling that everyone regards himself as a seriously ill patient really tired him. It is useless to explain several times that he has been well for a long time. Should everyone look at him or at him?

After watching Chen Qi finish drinking the basil soup, Ka Luo was relieved. he could not help but look a little dim after taking the bowl back. he looked at Chen Qi's expression when he was at peace. he couldn't help sighing in a low voice and whispering, "if only I had met you earlier."So maybe he won't lose his father so early. However, when Ah Fu left, his elder brother was still under age. I'm afraid that if I knew him too early, maybe his elder brother would miss Chen Qi. When I thought of here, Ka Luo was relieved again.

His father has two dads with him now, perhaps how happy he is.

Chen Qi laughed, "It's not too late to meet now."

"Yes, it's not too late to meet now." Ka Luo put the pottery bowl away and was going to pick up the half-finished leather boots and continue to make them. The leather boots were prepared for Ayao. The style was painted to him by Chen Qi. They were short and round. Chen Qi also taught him to use wooden buttons as eyes and sew them into the shape of a little tiger. They were very cute. Ajing was envious when he saw it. Later, Ah Ali made him a pair of similar ones. Now Ajing refuses to take them off everyday.

"Ka Luo, can I get up and walk for a while?" Chen Qi saw Ka Luo start to work, then asked tentatively, he has been lying in bed for two days, his bones are painful, and now he just wants to move his bones.

Ajing has been sitting at the table practicing calligraphy. Chen Qi taught him a Tang poem today. he is copying it, but his ears are high up. he is always watching Chen Qi's movements. now he hears Chen Qi say he wants to get up. he immediately puts down his pen, takes off his shoes and climbs onto the bed of the fire bed. he cling to Chen Qi's hand and won't let him go down.

"No way." Ka Luo didn't even think about it. He refused without even raising his head. In the past two days alone, he heard Chen Qi mention countless requests to get out of bed. But can illness be so casual? Although it looks all right now, what if you don't pay attention and fall ill again? Next time, you won't necessarily get the protection of the beast god.

Yes, Chen Qi has recovered so quickly this time. We did not attribute all the reasons to Chen Qi's good recovery ability or the efficacy of the bowls of basil soup. Beasts all worship the Beast God. They think Chen Qi must have been protected by the Beast God to get better so quickly. After all, Chen Qi knows too much, and even Aze doesn't know where his tribe is. Azhang even wondered if Chen Qi would be sent by the Beast God to help them.

Hearing the expected answer, Chen Qi sighed, "I really have a common cold. After a good sleep, I will be fine. What are you worried about?"

Ka Luo put down his needle and thread and looked up at Chen Qi seriously. "Perhaps it is only a common thing to get sick in your tribe, but here, our body is not as good as that of the female. We do not have the recovery ability of the female. If we get sick, we will die." Ka Luo paused. "I don't think my brother told you. Our father, like you, suddenly started to burn in this winter. He burned for several days. He told us that he would just sleep. As a result, he never woke up after sleeping that day."

Chen Qi stare blankly for a moment, he really don't know this kind of thing, the in the mind can't help a warm, it is no wonder that these people at the sight of his illness is nervous, they are all because of care for yourself will have such a move, then lie in bed for a few days to reassure them, thought of here, Chen Qi didn't ask for out of bed activities in the next few days.

Of course, it is impossible to let him stare at the ceiling with his eyes open again. The result of the final negotiation is that he can lie on the bed for cultivation, but he must do something. Aze failed him and agreed to his request, but he can only do it when someone is watching. He is now afraid of Chen Qi accidentally making any moth to make himself sick again.

Chen Qi wanted to make some entertaining props to play before. At the moment, he was idle in bed, thinking for half a day, and finally decided to make a set of Go.

In fact, Chen Qi was not very good at Weiqi. When he was in college, his teacher played a game of guiding chess with him, which made him think that he was good at Weiqi. As a result, he played a game with other people officially, and was eaten to death before he took a few steps. In the end, he lost all the games before reaching the middle game.

It is obviously an unscientific thing for Chen Qi, who can't do life or death chess well, to teach these beasts who don't even know what go is. However, there is another kind of chess, gobang, that can be played with go and even children can play well.

The method of playing Gobang is very simple. If the five players are linked together, they will win. It is the most suitable game to teach these Beastmen to play.

Chen Qi first asked Aze to help make a prototype of a square chessboard. Since there is no scale here, he estimated the approximate length and drew 19 lines with a piece of wood as a ruler. Although he did not intend to play Weiqi with this chessboard, Chen Qi pointed out the Tianyuan and stars on the chessboard. Now the rest is just pieces.

Chen used wood to carve the pieces one by one. There was no way. He was too bored. Moreover, there were not so many stones suitable for making the pieces. He patiently carved them out slowly. There were 181 sunspots and 180 white characters. He carved them for three days. This was only the result of carving a rough shape with different sizes of each piece.

Well, it's not a professional level, can play not to go, is not.

There are no white dyed fruits in their house. Chen Qi can't wait for you to use them after dyeing and drying the 181 sunspots. Everyone else knows that Chen Qi has made a chessboard that he has never seen before these days. At the moment he heard that he was going to start playing chess and couldn't wait to come and watch. Even Ka Luo threw Ayao to Akiko and watched as he came running.

"Does this count as winning?" Chen Qi talked about the rules of backgammon and then demonstrated it again. Ka Luo still asked vaguely.

"why don't we take a look at the next round? you will understand after actual combat." Chen Qi took the pieces back into the wooden chess box. One of the pieces was the original color of the wood. Chen Qi always felt that the black and white pieces were not pleasing to the eye. After summer, he must find out if there were any white colored fruits and make a real set of Weiqi.

Chen Qi, while teaching Ka Luo how to cut off the other side's way, told him again the main points of Gobang.

"Hey, does this count as winning?" Ka Luo looked at the five sunspots connected horizontally in surprise and asked.

Chen Qi nodded, because he wanted to teach Ka Luo, so he put a little water and told the other side how to cut off the pawn and let the other side win.

Ka Luo excitedly looked left and right at the few pieces on the chessboard and saw how satisfied he was. seeing Chen Qi preparing to collect the pieces, he quickly stopped and said, "Chen Qi, why do you want to collect the pieces?"

Chen Qi turned over his supercilious look. "How do we proceed to the next set without putting it away?"

"Oh, then let's continue."

Ali, who was watching from one side, was also eager to try. "Chen Qi, please teach me later."

Chen Qi fully taught them all day long to give them a rudimentary knowledge of Gobang. Most of the beast people are manual labor. They are not very good at thinking about this kind of plane. Gobang has not many moves, but everything must be explained to them in detail before they can understand it. It is really tiring.

Fortunately, I didn't teach them go, otherwise I would not have disturbed myself at my half-baked level.

"I won." After the teaching, Chen Qi decided to formally play the next round with Ka Luo. It took only a few rounds, and the five pieces on the diagonal line that belonged to him became a line.

"How did you win?" Ka Luo looked left and right and still could not see where he had lost.

Ajing looked at him contemptuously and stretched out his small hand to count the five pieces that were connected together. "Here, one, two, three, four, five, five are connected together, and you lose."

Perhaps because the child's thinking has not been finalized, Ajing's acceptance is much better than those of the adults. Chen Qi pinched his chubby little face appreciatively. "it's really smart. let's play next set."

Ajing eyebrow eye bent curved, hard nodded.

Ka Luo refused to accept, picked up the last piece and went down to the middle of the five children that were linked together. "What was just not counted, I will go down here."

Chen Qi looked at him smilingly and shook his index finger. "Today I'm going to teach you a new word. Losing to a child without regret. After a while, Ka Luo, you can copy these four words hundreds of times and realize what it means."

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