"Exercise?" Ake rolled his eyes and watched Chen Qi gasp for breath after running all this way. He asked uncertainly, "How do you want to exercise? Have you been running like this?"

Chen Qi accidentally poured two cold air inlets just now. His throat was still sore and he could only nod his head. He had only run for a while before his body became hot. Now he is standing here talking and stamping his feet with cold. Ake can't look down. He takes off his cloak and puts it on Chen Qi. He takes a bit of blame in his tone. "You don't have to freeze before you finish running. If you want to exercise, go back to the house and do some exercise."

Suddenly feel the warmth of the body, Chen Qi gratefully looked at Ake, Ake with Chen Qi said after climbing back to the top of the wall to continue to alert.

"Are we still running?" Ka Luo admire his head and asked.

Chen Qi sighed and shook his head. "Let's get here first today and continue tomorrow." Let's wait till noon when the sun is warmer. Chen Qi's first exercise plan ended in failure.

We can't be careless about the world, let alone the weather. Chen Qi drank a large bowl of ginger syrup, which made him feel better. However, to his surprise, he suddenly started burning at night.

Males are not as good at self-healing as females. In this world where there is no medicine and no medicine, animals seldom get sick, and once the males get sick, it almost means death.

Chen Qi didn't find anything wrong with his body at first. He thought that he had not recovered just because he had injured his throat after pouring a few cold air. Aze stayed on guard for the middle of the night. He didn't change shifts with Ake until the morning. After helping Chen Qi finish the runway, he simply ate something and went to sleep. When he woke up, he saw Chen Qi cooking dinner red-faced.

Seeing Aze wake up, Chen Qi turned back and smiled, "Wait a minute, you'll be ready soon. I made potatoes and pickled meat today."

Aze looked at Chen Qi's slightly abnormal red face. "Why is your face so red?"

Chen Qi stretched out his hand and touched his face, his hand just to the fire to pay charcoal ash, haven't had time to wash your hands, at the moment a touch on the face left several clear fingerprints, Chen Qi slightly askew, "red? Is it too close to the fire and has it been baked for too long?"

Looking at Chen Qi's reaction, which was obviously slower than usual, Aze sank in his heart, walked over and raised his hand gently touched his forehead, a piece of hot.

"What's the matter . . ."

Chen Qi didn't say that finish, Aze picked him up and walked back to the bed of the heated kang in three or two steps. He tucked Chen Qi into the warm bed and covered both skins and quilts on him. His eyes were filled with anxiety.

Looking at Aze's dark face, Chen Qi's heart jolted, "Aze, what's wrong with you?"

Aze gently brushed aside the broken hair on Chen Qi's forehead and leaned down to kiss each other's lip angle. His voice was never gentle. "You are a little feverish. Don't worry. You lie down for a while and I'll find Uncle Ali."

Aze then got up and went out of the house. When he left, he edged out cautiously, making sure not to let any wind get into the house.

Ali is weaving at home. Now he needs cloth to make clothes, towels, rags and even paper. Although there are only a few of them, there is a great demand for cloth. As soon as he is free, he will start weaving with wool cocoons. Half of the wool cocoons stored before winter have been used up. After this batch is used up, he will have to go to the forest to look for wool cocoons until summer comes.

Aze's voice of knocking open the wooden door startled Ali. He was about to ask what the other party was doing so rashly. He looked up and saw Aze's face was dark and his eyes were red. He was followed by Ake, who had just finished his shift with Azhang. Before Ake came back to the house, he saw Aze come out and burst open the door of the Alleys. He was worried and followed him.

Before Ali could ask what had happened, Aze took Ali's hand and walked out, "Chen Qi is burned, Uncle Ali, please help me to see."

Ake, the in the mind a sudden, "fever? Is it because he just ran out to take exercise with too little clothes?"

"what did you say?" Aze, who was just about to step out of the door, stopped abruptly when he heard Ake's words. Before he pulled Ali away, he couldn't stop. He bumped into Aze's hard back, just hit the bridge of the nose, and tears came out from the pain.

Ake saw Aze's suddenly fierce expression and couldn't help stepping back two steps. He didn't know whether to tell Chen Qi about his illness. But looking at Aze's momentum of not stopping, Ake swallowed his saliva and said exactly what had just happened.

Aze's eyes were almost ablaze. He could never have imagined that Chen Qi would run out in thin clothes in winter. Would a normal male do this? Like his younger brother Ka Luo, he only wants to stay indoors and go nowhere in winter.

After hearing Ake's words, Ajing, who was playing with his pups, did not wait for a few adults to react. He pushed Aze, who was in the way, off the ground and ran out with his little short legs. It's all his fault. If he didn't go to exercise with Chen Qi, he wouldn't have a fever.

Aze also returned to absolute being, pulled Ali and left. Ake went home to say hello to Ka Luo and also went to help.

Chen Qi's head was already a little confused. By this time he had already reflected that he should be ill. I didn't expect to meet such a thing just when he wanted to start exercising. It was a blow to his self-confidence. When he first came to this world, he was frozen in the wilderness for most of the day. It seems that his health is not much better than that of staying in the company all day.

Chen Qi struggled to get up and walked into the storage room with a slightly vain step. There was still less than half a bag of Perilla in the storage room. Chen Qi was not willing to use it at ordinary times because there was not much cooking. He grabbed a small handful of dried Perilla leaves and then picked up a piece of wild ginger. Just as he was about to leave, a loud binge of drinking sounded behind him, "What are you doing?"

Aze's eyes were red with anger. He had just returned to see the bed empty. He heard something moving in the storage room before coming to worry. He walked over and saw Chen Qi, who was supposed to be lying on the bed, bending down to rummage for something. Does this person care nothing about his body? Does he not know how serious illness is? In case. . . . . .

Chen Qi was scared by the sound of binge drinking. His hand dropped all over the floor. He turned around and saw Aze standing at the door with his fist clenched and his eyes red. Chen Qi had never seen Aze like this before. Without considering the scattered things on the floor, he put his arms around the tall man and stroked the other's strong back. "It's okay, don't be afraid. I'm okay. It's just a common cold. It's okay to sleep."

Can you sleep well? Aze laughed scornfully. His father told him the same thing at the beginning. As a result, he never woke up after falling asleep. Aze's body gave a slight shiver and gently broke free from Chen Qi's arms. He picked Chen Qi up and returned to the bed of the heated kang. He tucked him back into bed and covered him up with animal skins and quilts.

Taking advantage of his position of tucking in his quilt, Aze gathered to Chen Qi's ear and cried out in a voice, "Don't fall asleep."

Chen Qi paused, looked at him seriously and smiled. "Good."

Ali, who was following, had already packed up the things on the ground. At this moment, he took the small handful of perilla leaves and wild ginger to Chen Qi and said, "Chen Qi, what do you want these two things to do?" He believed that Chen Qi could not have been sick for no reason and turned over these two things. Chen Qi said before that this perilla can be used as medicine, so he was not willing to use it for cooking.

Chen Qi turned his head and looked, "Can you help me wash these two things and boil a bowl of water?"

"Is this cooking medicine?" Asked Ali.

Chen Qi nodded gently, "In fact, I am not sure, but it should be able to cure a cold." Then he patted Aze on the hand and comforted him: "You don't have to worry, it's just a little cold. I get this disease once a year in winter. You can get better after taking some medicine and sleeping."

Are you sick every winter? How on earth did he grow up so big? If we know that we will be ill, why do we have to go outside in thin clothes to blow the cold wind? Aze wanted to throw the questions out and question each other, but looking at Chen Qi's sleepy face, he finally swallowed his words and stood up to take over what Ali had in his hand. "I'll cook it."

Aze took things to the bathroom and poured half a plate of water. He carefully cleaned every dried perilla leaf, then poured a bowl of water, cut wild ginger into ginger foam and boiled it with perilla leaf.

"You are really, too. How old are you? You don't know how to pay attention. You wear so little and run outside to blow the cold wind. Aze is worried and crying." Ali sat down on the bed and looked at Chen Qi reproachfully.

Crying? Chen Qi's eyes moved to the man who was seriously helping him cook medicine soup by the fire. The red rim of the eye really looked like crying. His heart softened a bit and gave birth to a bit of chagrin. It seems that he will have to consider things more carefully in the future.

"You don't know how worried people are about you." Ake grabbed Ake's small arm and came over. Ake was the first to run over, but the child ran to the door and did not dare to enter. Ake, who came after him, dragged him into the room anyway.

"If there is anything, tell Chen Qi well. Don't think by yourself. You are a female. You must have the consciousness to bear the consequences. You can't flinch at any time." Ake reached out his finger and played Ajing's little head. Then he opened his mouth to Chen Qi Nao.

Chen Qi looked puzzled. What is going on? Did Ajing do something wrong?

Ajing's head drooped even lower when he was taught by Ake. He stepped forward and did not dare to look up at Chen Qi, but said quietly, "I'm sorry."

"what's the matter? Do you need to apologize to me for what Ajing has done?" Chen Qi stretched out his hand from the quilt and took Ajing's small hand. He was still feverish, and his palms were too hot, which made Ajing's hands even colder.

"I shouldn't have gone to exercise with you." Ajing still dare not look up, just quietly explained.

Chen Qi was stunned. At that time, he had a fever and his head was not very bright. Obviously, he could not understand the meaning of this sentence, "Why?"

"If I didn't go to exercise with you, you wouldn't go out and get sick."

Chen Qi realized what Ajing meant. Feeling that the child thought it was his fault that he was ill? However, in this world, males are much weaker than females due to natural physical quality. Therefore, even young females who are not yet adults will be taught to protect males at all times. Ajing will think it is his own fault.

"Ajing, can you look up at me?" Chen Qi coaxed.

Ajing smell speech hesitated, this just looked up, Chen Qi found his eyes red tail, not a little love dearly. "I'm sorry, but I was too careless. if I warm up well and go out again, if I wear one more dress and go out again, then I won't fall ill in the wind or worry Ajing."

Ajing suddenly cried with a loud cry, "You don't get sick, you don't do any more exercises, you don't go out again."

The first request is good, the last two are what the devil, Chen Qi for crying children have been don't know what to do, looking at others for help, found that the three Beastmen are silently looking at him, it seems that he did not agree to the request of the Ajing is wrong.

Chen Qi coughed slightly awkwardly, touched Ajing's little head, and coaxed, "Okay, okay, I'm not sick anymore, I'm not going out for exercise anymore, OK, Ajing, don't cry."

Ajing stopped crying, sniffled and looked at Chen Qi and nodded.

Chen Qi felt even more sleepy after drinking Perilla Soup. Because he did not eat dinner, Aze cooked a bowl of rice porridge with meat foam. After feeding Chen Qi, he sat on the bed and watched nervously as soon as Chen Qi acted. If Chen Qi did not move for too long, he would come close nervously until he felt Chen Qi's breath.

The others didn't leave either. Ake went to the fence and explained the situation to Aka. Aka also came back to check Chen Qi's situation after exchanging positions. He was only relieved to make sure that he was asleep and everything was normal.

Ka Luo also came to see him. There was a little female in his family who could not stay here too long. He told Ake that he had to go back and tell him what was going on before he reluctantly left. The others spread a piece of hide around the fire and sat together, staring at the people on the heated kang bed. They did not speak and even had no appetite for dinner.

When Chen Qi woke up the next day, he saw only a few slightly withered and gaunt faces, which were comparable to those in his company who had worked hard all night to fix bugs, but ended up fixing more and more programs.

"Have you stayed up all night?" When Chen Qi spoke, he found his voice hoarse and ugly. His fever had subsided towards dawn, but his body was a little weak and weak.

"Do you want something to eat?" Aze stretched out his hand and touched Chen Qi's forehead. He felt that the temperature had changed back to normal. He raised his heart all night and then let it go.

Chen Qi nodded, "Give me some water first."

Ali handed Aze the Perillae Soup that had been warm by the fire. Aze had estimated the waking time of Chen Qi when it was almost dawn. Aze held Chen Qi and a half in his arms and fed him with wooden spoons in small sips. This method was done when Ka Luo's dad took care of Father, and it is still used to draw gourds and move them here.

Chen Qi's head is full of black lines. He is only suffering from a common cold. Does he need to be taken care of like a seriously injured patient? However, seeing Aze carefully, he was also embarrassed to brush his will, so he let it go. Aze took a sip and he took a drink.

Ake saw that Chen Qi had woken up and said hello to him to change shifts with Azhang.

Ali opened a rice berry, and after the rice berry was boiled, added the meat foam, then sprinkled chopped wild onion and wild ginger foam, filled it and handed it to Aze, who then fed it to Chen Qi bite by bite as before.

After a sleepless night, Ajing's little head has been drooping bit by bit. Chen Qi lost his smile and urged, "If you are tired, go back to sleep. I'm fine. I don't need to stay here."

Ajing suddenly woke up with a start. He shook his head like a rattle when he heard Chen Qi. However, it was not long before Ajing began to droop his head again and become sleepy.

Chen Qi, helpless, waved to Ajing and asked, "Do you want to sleep with me?" Chen Qi had slept all night and was not sleepy at all, but Aze did not allow him to get out of bed, so he could only continue to lie down. It seems that his illness this time scared him very much.

Ajing's eyes were bright. He hurriedly took off his fur boots and climbed onto the bed of the fire bed. Chen Qi was worried that his cold would spread to him. He did not dare to let him get too close. He asked Ah Ze to find another fur quilt to cover him. Ajing was slightly disappointed, but he was young. After all, he could not resist the drowsiness and soon fell asleep.

Looking at Ajing's sleeping face, Chen Qi could not help but stretch out his hand and pinch it until Ajing frowned tightly and the little men raised it consciously. Chen Qi didn't tease him again and let him have a good sleep after he was ready to swing away the disruptive hand.

Azhang took a look at Chen Qi after the shift and went back to sleep peacefully after confirming that the other party was really fine. Ake went to replace Ka Luo, who had taken care of the little female all night. In addition to the sleeping Azhang, only Chen Qi and Aze were left in the room.

Aze sat on the bed and looked at Chen Qi with fixed eyes, and said nothing.

"I'm sorry." Chen Qi took Aze's hand and said, "It worries you."

"Apologize just because it worries me?" After listening to Chen Qi's words, Aze immediately raised his eyebrows and stared at Chen Qi with a sharp tone.

Well, looking at Aze, who was suddenly angry, Chen Qi felt a little unintelligent for some reason. He recalled that sentence several times in his heart, but he didn't find out which word would annoy Aze.

Looking at Chen Qi's stupefied appearance, Aze couldn't help sighing. He looked at Chen Qi seriously and said solemnly in a tone never before: "Chen Qi, I don't want to hear you apologize to me. You never need to apologize to me. However, I ask you to pay more attention to your body and don't let yourself get sick easily. I can protect you in case of danger, but if you are sick, I can only watch over you helplessly."

When it comes to the back, Aze gently held Chen Qi in his arms to prevent him from seeing that he was about to lose his composure. "If you die, I will surely die with you. You said you would live and die with me. You can't talk without counting."

If you die, I will surely die with you. Chen Qi looked at Aze in shock. Although he knew Aze's feelings for himself were very deep, he never thought that he had reached the point of delivering his life. He was just an ordinary person. He went to school and went to work in an ordinary way. Like hundreds of millions of ordinary people, if thrown into the sea, he would be quickly submerged. The only thing he did out of line was probably to come out with his parents. Chen Qi's life has almost no bright spots. How can a person like him get Aze's deep love and how can he repay his love?

Chen Qi hugged Aze back, so strong that he seemed to want to rub each other into his body. "Sorry."

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