Not only Ka Luo and Ake, but also Azhang and Ali like the new name of the little female very much. Ka Luo held the little female high, "Yao, Ayao, you will be called Ayao in the future."

He shook the little girl a little hard, and her small mouth was flat, and she was about to cry. Ake took the little girl and gently patted him on the back, coaxing him, "Take it easy, Ayao is still young."

Seeing that everyone likes the name, Chen Qi also put down his heart. Because of the joy brought by the name, everyone has temporarily forgotten the threat of hyenas.

Although there was a snowstorm all night, the snow in the yard was not thick, and Chen Qi only cleared the snow from the flagstone road. After daybreak, the snow was quiet, giving people the illusion that last night's snowstorm and hyenas were just people's illusion.

"Chen Qi, what are you doing?" Aze, who had just come out of the house, saw Chen Qi clear away the snow on the flagstone road and began to clear a section of road along the outside of the courtyard. It was not surprising.

"I want to make a runway." Chen Qi stopped with a wooden shovel to rest for a while and took a breath before answering Aze's question.

Chen Qi wanted to take exercise to improve his weak constitution before winter came. Unfortunately, there have been various things busy all the time. Besides, Chen Qi himself is a person who does not love sports. This matter was delayed until it was shelved by him.

In the old world, Chen Qi sat in the office for several years after graduating from the university. The amount of exercise every day was only 10 minutes from the rental house to the company. After coming here, the range of activities was almost around the house. If Chen Qi was allowed to run now, Chen Qi was worried that his heart would beat faster before he could run 500 meters. After last night's powerlessness, which meant waiting indoors, Chen Qi realized once again that if he wants to walk side by side with Aze in this world, he can only become strong and the first thing to change is his own constitution.

Aze went back to the house and brought out a wooden shovel. Although he couldn't understand the new word runway, Chen Qi would help each other if he wanted to do it.

When Aze arrived, the others saw the busy people gather together to ask about the situation. Chen Qi explained it to them briefly. They went back to the house and picked up the wooden shovel to help. Even Ake, who was taking care of the little female, handed over the noisy young wolf cub to Ake, who was carrying a wooden shovel almost two times his height.

When there are more people, the work will naturally start quickly. Before noon, the runway area needed by Chen Qi will be cleared out. The runway will start along Chen Qi's house, circle around the periphery of the yard, and then return to the flagstone road next to Ali's house to finish. The yard is almost the size of a football field. I don't know if there is more than a kilometer on such a runway.

The slate for building the house has long been used up, but there is still a small pile of river sand left over. Chen Qi dug up a layer of mud on the surface of the runway and then mixed it with a small pile of river sand and melted rubber fruit to resurface on the runway. This should prevent the runway from becoming muddy when it snows. The only drawback is that it cannot be used these days.

As soon as the snowstorm stopped, the weather became clear again. Ake lay down for a week and finally ran out. He also asked to rotate with the guard on the fence. Although the two males were still a little worried, they couldn't help but let them rotate. Of course, they could only rotate during the day.

Ake is not so-called, as long as you don't let him continue to lie on the bed, happily kissed o obsidian's little face, put on fur cloak and went to work.

Chen Qi asked Ali to help him make two sets of loose fur clothing. The style of the fur clothing is a bit like sportswear, but because the fur is not flexible, it is specially made loose for the convenience of activities, so it is almost straight up and down, and looks like wearing a fur sack.

Ajing, holding a small bamboo tube filled with fruit dye, pen and gum leaves, walked to Chen Qi, who was struggling with how to improve this ugly sportswear.

"Chen Qi." Ajing Crisp gave him a cry.

Ajing was very thin when he first arrived. after Chen Qi and ah Ali fed him in a variety of ways, his face finally had some meat. his skin was white and his facial features were very delicate. he was dressed in a red fur coat and was as lovely as a beautiful porcelain doll. unfortunately, he suffered too many hardships at an early age. Ajing did not like to laugh. he was even more facial paralysis than ah ze. only when he ate delicious food did he bend his eyes. Chen Qi felt distressed every time he saw him.

"What's the matter?" Chen Qi crouched down and smiled to ask.

Ajing handed the plastic leaves to Chen Qi. The bags of plastic leaves that had just been collected had already been written by several people. Now these were collected by Aze some time ago near the original Yanshan tribe. More than a dozen bags were fully collected, enough for them to write to the end of winter. "How do you write the word runway?"

Chen Qi was dumbfounded. Before Chen Qi asked them to try to record their daily life with the words they learned. Because they knew very few words, they wrote naturally very short. Chen Qi asked them if they didn't know the words they wanted to write. After the church, they were asked to copy them again and again skillfully. Although this method is a bit stupid, the effect of learning words is good. At least now everyone can stutter through a sentence's diary. Yes, there is only one sentence. Although it is a little less, it is already very difficult for these beginners. Chen Qi is also very satisfied with the progress. There is no school here. There is no need for exams. Just let them learn slowly according to their interests. There is plenty of time.

Chen Qi took the brush and rubber leaves, and Ajing leaned close to him and watched him touch a little fruit dyeing liquid. He wrote down the word "runway" slowly, stroke by stroke. After Chen Qi finished writing, he handed the pen to Ajing. "You can write it."

Ajing watched Chen Qi's words written as they were written. Although the order of one or two strokes was reversed occasionally, the words were not written incorrectly. Chen Qi grabbed his hand and wrote several times, stroke by stroke, until Ajing would not write the wrong stroke order again before he allowed himself to practice.

After copying the word "runway" a hundred times, Ajing took out a new leaf of gum and neatly wrote "Chen Qi built a runway today." The signature is his name and date, April 25.

This date was set by Chen Qi. From the first day he came to this world, it was set as January 1. Then every 30 days it was a month. There was no difference between big and small months. Seven days were a week, no day of the month was Sunday, and the first day of the month was Monday. By analogy, it is now just 115 days and the 25th of four months.

Of course, this date is only used by a few of them. Chen Qi plans to wait until winter is over and see how the date is adjusted when the first snow comes the following year. After all, the winter here is too long. It has been over three months now, but I heard Aze say that half of the winter is not over yet.

Ajing carefully dried the diary and put it into his locker, which Aze had made of wood for him. There was already a small stack of written diaries on it, as well as the mermaid stories and thousands of characters he had copied several times.

After Ajing left, Chen Qi took off the sportswear and sewed a rope at the cuff, so that the cuff could be tied up when wearing it. There was no need to worry about the cold wind pouring in from the cuff. The jacket was loose, so the opening of the hem was naturally large. Chen Qi found a rope as a belt and tied it up. The whole suit felt completely changed. It was no longer like a clumsy sack, but it was loose and beautiful. There was also a bit of wild fashion sense. Although Chen Qi couldn't see what he was like now, he was still very comfortable with the adjusted clothes.

Although the runway was useless because the jelly had not dried completely, Chen Qi began to warm up in the room and planned to run only two rounds on the flagstone road. He was afraid that he would not be able to run even one lap of the runway without getting used to it for two days.

After writing the diary, Ajing came back to continue practicing calligraphy and saw Chen Qi writhing strangely over there. "what are you doing?"

Chen Qi replied while leg press: "I'm warming up and going out for a run."

Ajing cocked his head slightly doubtfully. What is that? Beastmen have no awareness of sports at all, because their females are in sports every day. It is hard for them to imagine that some people need to do sports specially because they have not moved for a long time. Here, even the males need to go out frequently in summer. Those who have not moved for a long time can only starve to death in addition to starvation.

Chen Qi, who was warming up, seemed to think of something. He stopped and asked Ajing, "Ajing, do you want to run together?" As the saying goes, education should start with childhood and let Ajing build up his physique. After that, he can also hope to run away from danger. He doesn't have to be injured by hyenas as before and is unable to fight back.

Although Ajing still doesn't know what running is, he still points out a little head. He likes Chen Qi very much and likes to stay with Chen Qi, so he is willing to agree to his request no matter what Chen Qi wants to do.

Chen Qi rubbed his little head and taught him to do warm-up exercises. Since Chen Qi does not exercise very often, his warm-up exercise is still on the radio gymnastics in his student days. Now he just moves his wrists, feet and wrists and then presses leg press to pull apart the ligaments. Looking at Ajing's face carefully imitating his movements, Chen Qi thought to himself, should he pick up the broadcast gymnastics?

As soon as the warm-up exercise was finished, Chen Qi opened the door and a gust of cold wind came overhead. Chen Qi couldn't help shuddering. He usually wore four or five fur coats and a cloak outside. He would not go out unless he wrapped himself like a zongzi. Today, he only wore two pieces for running, and when the wind blew, he almost backed down.

Ajing almost all beast except facial features, nature is not afraid of the cold wind, see Chen Qi opened the door and ran out. Can't even compare with a seven-year-old child? Chen Qi secretly gave himself a pep talk and ran out with his bullet.

Ake, who was rotating on the fence, saw Chen Qi running towards him with Ah Ching kicking and shoving. He immediately felt a sudden shock and came down from the wall flexibly. He came to the two men in three or two steps and asked anxiously, "What's the matter? What happened?"

Chen Qi was stunned. The cold wind made his throat dry and uncomfortable. Before he could explain why Ake couldn't wait to run home, he grabbed the sleeve of the other party and motioned with his hand. "No . . . it's okay, we . . . we're just exercising."

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