Azhang was so angry that he gave Ale a stir-fried chestnut and scolded, "Can you forget all this?"

Holding his aching head in his hand, Ale muttered innocently, "I don't know Aqing very well, and who let them run to the Lion Wolf Tribe so early, when I was still young."

"Do you still have reason?" Azhang is threatening to knock again. Ale hurriedly shrank behind Ali, clasped his pottery bowl full of food, and concentrated on eating, fearing Azhang would take back the food.

Chen Qi, who was serving food to Aze, asked doubtfully, "Who is Aqing?"

A few Beastmen present bowed their heads delicately to concentrate on eating. Out of the corner of their eye, they secretly glanced at Aze and Azhang. Chen Qi's curiosity was aroused.

Aze swallowed the food in his mouth with a straight face before he replied: "He is the son of the original chief of the Yanshan tribe, which was also the default chief of the next Yanshan tribe before merging with the Lion Wolf tribe." Speaking of which, Aze looked at Chen Qi. "He is also Ai Li's partner. You met him before when you went to Lion Wolf Tribe."

Chen Qi wanted to think, I can't help but have a headache when I see Ai Li's aggressive appearance in my mind. I didn't expect the other party to lose their partner in just a few months. Chen Qi's heart sank, and I couldn't help holding Aze's hand. He would never tolerate losing Aze. Even if he was as strong as a hyena, he wouldn't want to take Aze away from him easily.

"Our current patriarch is Azhang, and I will move back after winter." Ale's mouth was full of food and he lisped.

In the past, there were not so few people in the Yanshan tribe as there are now. He and Aqing have not met several times. It was only when he and Ai Li became partners that he began to pay attention to him, but it was not long before the Yanshan tribe merged with the Lion Wolf tribe. In this Beastmen world, many females die every year. Failure to live can only prove that you are not strong enough. Ale is very open to this point, because he doesn't care about it, he naturally doesn't remember it deliberately, and it is normal to forget it.

Azhang stuffed a large piece of fish cake into his bowl, "eat, so many words. After eating, continue to learn from Arie. After learning, you will have to go back to the Lion Wolf Tribe."

"I am telling the truth." See Azhang has eyes fierce stare, Ale hurriedly closed, dare not speak again.

In the evening, Chen Qi packed some extra artichokes and willow leaves in the animal skin backpack besides arranging the things in the storage room and leaving enough for his own use. After all, after putting them for too long, these things have lost most of their moisture and become shriveled, but in such a place, it is better than nothing.

Chen Qi also found two pieces of white cloth, drew the appearance of artichokes and willows, and colored them with dyed fruits, so that even the beasts who had never seen the painting could distinguish the two things at once. Chen Qi also briefly explained to Ale the efficacy of the two things. Ale carefully folded the two painted cloths like holding treasures and kept them close to the skin.

The second day early in the morning, Azhang took Ale to turn around on the wall first. He also dug several packs of snow outside to demonstrate on the top of the wall and explained to him the principle of burying wooden stakes in the wall. So many things in a short period of time to plug into Ale's little head is to his life, Ale remember dizziness, but dare not forget, can only be Azhang said every word firmly remember.

At noon, Chen Qi made a spicy shrimp kernel. Before, Chen Qi seldom made spicy food because there were not many chilies stored. Ale had a hard time coming and naturally wanted to have a good reception.

Chen Qi cut the rest of the shrimp meat into small pieces without fish bones and divided it into two plates. He did not dare to make it too spicy. Instead, he added three chili peppers to each plate. He used a little bit of rice berries and mixed chili and ginger and garlic to stir-fry the flavor. Then he added half a bowl of water to boil it into seasonings. Then he added shrimp meat and salt to stir-fry until the shrimp meat changed color and then he collected the juice and put it on the plate.

There is another fish like catfish. The flesh of this fish is not as soft as crucian carp. Chen Qi salted the fish pieces into pieces and made them into roast meat. The other half was washed, mashed and mixed with mashed potatoes and rice berries to increase stickiness and fried a large plate of potato fish patties.

Ale was drooling and eager to see Chen Qi do it simply. As a result, when Chen Qi asked him to do it, he saw that the fried fish patty was speechless. After eating, Aze took him back to catch some fish and taught him how to use bows and arrows at night.

The bow used by Ale was later made by Azhang. "This kind of bow may not break the scales of hyenas, but it is very useful for self-defense. I don't have time to teach you how to make another bow now. I made these before. You can take them back to others and I'll teach you how to make them next time you move in." Azhang moved several half-human bows out and said to Ale.

Arrows are directly made of wood, only a few arrows are made of polished bones. Azhang and Ale explained the principle in detail and asked Chen Qi if he made any mistakes or omissions in each sentence. When Ale tried the bow, although the accuracy was not good enough, the victory was greater than the strength. The arrows sank directly into half on the temporary target made of animal skins.

Azhang patted him on the shoulder and praised him, "After a little practice, you don't need to fight with hyenas. It should be no problem for you to escape at this distance."

The whole face of Ale, who was happily fiddling with this strange new weapon, collapsed. Can't he have a little confidence in him? At least he has been studying hard these two days.

Ale, who had eaten delicious food for several days, was reluctant to part with his face before leaving. Ali funnily stuffed him with a large animal skin backpack and prepared fried meat cake with various fillings, which Ale happily took back to the front.

This trip out he in addition to bring enough food to eat on the road back is bags, Azhang worry will affect his speed, and did not dare to let him back too much, hyenas have now arrived in the plains of Ale a person is too unsafe.

After leaving Ale, the days calmed down again. There were still several fish in the house. Chen Qi didn't catch any more fish. A few people had nothing to do but play games and eat. In addition, they rebuilt several bows and replaced the arrows with polished bones. The destructive power of this arrow is much stronger than simply sharpening wood.

Now Azhang and Aze will take turns to guard on the wall every once in a while. After all, the wall is very high. The wind on it is naturally stronger than that on the ground. Chen Qi took them to build a watchtower, which is about one meter above the wall. There are gaps around the tower for lookout. If you want to see which side of the wall, you can see clearly as long as you lift the skins corresponding to the gaps. It can block wind and snow.

Ake has been carefully fed by Ka Luo for several days, and his lean face and forehead have been brought a little round. Now he is already in good health and can get out of bed and walk, but everyone does not allow him to work. His daily task is to feed the little female with milk and fruit to make the little female sleep. Ka Luo or Chen Qi makes three meals a day. Chen Qi makes all kinds of food for Ake every day and insists on making him enough for 30 days, which is euphemistically called the Moon Meal.

Ake was stared at by two males every day to recuperate. He felt his whole body bones were aching. He could only turn to those females for help. Aze ignored Ake's call for help and handed Chen Qi the polished bones. Chen used the glue solution blended by plant ash to stick to the arrows, and then fixed them with the root hair thread. All the arrows with bone arrows made before were given to Ale. Now they can only be made again.

Chen Qi put aside the prepared arrow. "By the way, the little female hasn't got a name yet, has she? Have you thought about his name?"

Ake stared at the unreliable bamboo horse who had been brought up since childhood and shook his head when he heard Chen Qi's question. "I haven't thought about it yet."

Ka Luo put down the half-polished bone and asked with a frown and a tangled face, "is there a name now? I haven't even thought about it. He can't speak. Can't he wait until he can?"

Chen Qi looked at them speechless. Is this a person who is a parent?

"Why don't you give him a name?" Ake wanted to think and suggested with a smile.

"This is a good idea, Chen Qi. You know so much, and the name you choose must be better than ours." Without naming himself, Ka Luo almost raised his hands in favor.

Chen Qi was stunned. He looked back at Aze. Aze patted him on the back of his hand. "Since they let you name yourself, it's ok to choose one."

Looked at Ake's little female child in her arms, Chen Qi lost in thought.

There is only one word for the name of the female child here, only the male child can take two words as the name, but it is not so easy to take a nice word. Chen Qi is the first time being asked for help in naming.

Looking at Chen Qi's tight frown and brooding look, Ake's heart warmed. "This matter is not in a hurry, you can think about it slowly."

Chen Qi nodded and solemnly promised, "I will definitely give him a nice name."

Ake smiled, "Well, please."

In the following days, Chen Qi wrote down all the words he could think of on the rubber leaves in order to name himself. Every word was very good, and every word was not very satisfactory.

After a long time, there was another snowstorm. It was also on this day that Azhang found signs of hyenas approaching. Because it was snowing and the hyenas were covered with hard silvery scales, he could not see clearly, but Azhang, who had dealt with the hyenas several times, could be sure that it must be the hyenas.

Azhang did not know how many hyenas were coming near because of the snowstorm. He took down the bow and arrow hanging from the watchtower and went out. He shot an arrow in the direction of the hyenas against the snowstorm. Even though Azhang was strong, the arrow missed its target when the snowstorm blew and plunged into the snow when it was still some distance from the hyenas.

Hearing Azhang's signal, Aze and Ali also came to the city wall. As soon as Ali entered the city wall, he asked anxiously, "How is it going? Are you sure it's hyenas?" His eyesight is not as good as that of normal females. He can't see anything except the white snowstorm.

Azhang shook his head and soothed, "Don't worry, they have no intention of attacking."

Ali breathed a sigh of relief.

Because of this change, several people did not dare to sleep all night. At night, a fire was lit in the watchtower, and a cloth lamp was lit on the wall at intervals. Some cloth cut off the cold wind. Although the light was weak, it did not go out. Aze and Azhang rotate to patrol the wall every once in a while to prevent hyenas from finding a way to climb to the wall. For a cunning and cruel dragon like hyenas, it is undesirable to have any carelessness.

In the evening, Chen Qi cooked half a plate of ginger syrup for several people and made a fried meat pie with chili. Although several people dislike spicy taste, they have to say that the whole people are warm after the chili is eaten.

At Chen Qi's insistence, Aze's whole body was covered in fur. only a pair of beautiful eyes still looked familiar to Chen Qi. Aze reached out his fluffy hand and touched Chen Qi's lips, which were a little discolored with cold. "don't worry, hyenas won't get in."

"Mmm." Chen Qi nodded. "Just watch over the fence. Don't go down the fence and fight with the hyenas directly. It's getting dark now. Your eyesight is no better than that of wild animals. If they come near you, shoot them with arrows. If the scales don't penetrate, shoot them in the eyes and nose. If they shout at you with their mouths open, shoot them in the throat."

Chen Qi poured forth on you and Aze listened quietly. Worried that Chen Qi would freeze if he stayed in the snow for too long, he advised him to return to his house earlier.

"You should also pay attention to safety." Looking at Aze's return to the watchtower, Chen Qi turned and went home.

As soon as Chen Qi entered the room, Ali hurriedly filled him with a bowl of ginger syrup. touching his cold hand, Chen Qi could not help scolding him: "don't look at how cold it is. Aze actually let you stay outside for so long. what if it gets cold? You'd better drink some ginger syrup to warm yourself up and go back to bed to sleep. You'll be fine in the early morning tomorrow."

Ajing was sitting on the bed of the fire bed with his little wolf cub in his arms. he looked at him with a full face of worry. the last time he was scratched by the hyenas, I still remember vividly. people who had felt the power of the hyenas always cast shadows on the hyenas.

Chen Qi rubbed each other's little heads. "It's okay. Azhang and Aze will protect us."


The snowstorm stopped in the middle of the night, but the clouds did not disperse, and it was still dark even if it was not every day. Both the female on the wall and the beast waiting in the room are anxiously waiting for the dawn.

Near dawn Chen Qi finally couldn't wait, leaving Ah Ali to accompany Ajing. He hurried down the wooden ladder to climb to the wall and saw the white figure standing on the edge of the wall unharmed. His heart finally fell down after half the night.

"Why did you come up at this time?" Aze took off his cloak to cover Chen Qi. Chen Qi leaned his head into his neck socket, where the strong pulse beat reassured him.

"next time, let me stay with you. it's too hard for me to be alone." Chen Qi said in a low voice, with a hint of complaint in his voice, "It's been a long night."

Aze did not answer. How could he let Chen Qi stay outside on a snowstorm night? What if something happens?

See, Aze didn't talk and Chen Qi didn't insist.

By this time it was nearly dawn, the clouds finally dispersed, and the sun lazily appeared on the plain through the clouds.

Chen Qi and wait for a while looked at the scene carefully and suddenly said softly, "Yao."


"I think of the name of the little female. How's Ayao (T/N: dazzling)? Just like the rising sun."

Looking at Chen Qi's bright eyes like the rising sun, Aze smiled, "Good."

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