The newly caught fish were placed in a large empty wooden box outside the house. Chen Qi went home to fetch some wild ginger and sugar before gathering at Ka Luo's house.

After sleeping day and night for three days, Ake's spirits improved a lot. If people who don't know the situation simply can't find out from the outside that he is a newly-born person, but Kara still won't allow Ake to get out of bed. There is nothing Ake needs to do in winter. It's no big deal to lie down for a few more days.

Ale saw Ka Luo's arms wrapped in skins and poked the little female's face with a surprise finger. After several days of feeding, the little female grew a little wider. Before that, the wrinkled skin had disappeared and turned into ruddy, tender and smooth skin. It was not lovely. Now Ajing saw it and wouldn't complain about his ugliness.

Ka Luo knocked off Ale's unruly hand and handed the little female to Ake on the bed. "It's not light and heavy. You don't wake him." He coaxed him to sleep for a long time. Although the little female was quiet and quiet, he always stayed awake, which worried Ka Luo.

Chen Qi poured half a bowl of hot water, cut a small piece of wild ginger into foam, added some sugar, boiled it and handed it to Ale, "Drink some ginger syrup to drive away the cold." Although the ice cave was created by E Long, it is also his responsibility not to let the ice cave freeze again. I hope Ale will not catch a cold just because he soaked in water for a few minutes.

Ale took the blow and took a sip. Although sugar was added, the taste of wild ginger after mashing was still not very good. Ale frowned. "What is this? Can we not drink?"

Before Chen Qi could reply, Aze rejected his question with a straight face. "No, we must drink it." How can food made by Chen Qi be wasted?

Ale balsam pear face, took a deep breath, poured the half bowl of ginger syrup into his belly, then he felt warm inside, like drinking sheep soup. Ale was surprised to return the pottery bowl to Chen Qi.

The Beastmen living here have all gathered together. After Ale finished drinking ginger syrup, Azhang coughed softly and said, "Well, you can tell us in detail what is going on."

Ali is the face, correct the body, this just began to Asu to convey the message of the ability to tunnel.

In fact, this was not an attack by the hyenas. The hyenas did not come to the periphery of the tribe, but they were encountered on the way back to the hunting party. The hunting party suffered heavy losses when they were caught off guard. Fortunately, they were defeated before the hyenas found the tribe. At that time, Asu was also on the hunting team. He found that the direction the hyenas fled was exactly where the Yanshan tribe was located. He was afraid that the hyenas would find the people here, so he sent Ale to deliver the news.

"Asu also wants me to tell you that the dolphin dragon has disappeared. You left us all the food before. Everyone is worried that you don't have enough food. Let me ask you whether you want to go to the Lion Wolf Tribe together."

All Beastmen can only enter the Loya forest if they want to hunt in winter. Now there are almost no signs of any biological activities on the plain except the river. Lion Wolf Tribe is far away from the forest. Naturally, it can't run back and forth in the forest in one day like Azhang. Although their hunting area is not on this side, the fastest journey takes three or four days.

After hearing what Ale said, Azhang hesitated, "You said that there was a heavy loss. Did someone in the hunting party die?"

Hunting teams are made up of the most powerful females in a tribe. Naturally, there cannot be only one hunting team in a big tribe like the Lion Wolf tribe. However, no matter who is good in the hunting team, it is an important force to protect the tribe and the danger of losing a tribe is one more point.

After hearing Azhang's question, Ale hesitated for a moment and looked around at the crowd. Then he honestly replied, "Nine people died and more than ten people were injured, but the injuries were not serious." Those seriously injured have all died.

Azhang nodded, "You can stay here for a day and learn how to cook fish with Ali." Say that finish stood up, "Chen Qi, ze, can you come out? There is something I want to discuss with you."

Chen Qi and Aze looked at each other and then stood up and left Ka Luo's house.

Seeing Azhang leave Ale, he breathed a sigh of relief secretly. Then he exclaimed with exaggeration: "I didn't expect you to build such a big ice fence. It's too great. How did you think of it? So high is hyenas can't jump?"

"This fence is designed to prevent hyenas. After you return, you can also suggest to the people in the tribe that if the lion and wolf tribe is willing to build such a fence, it will have higher defense. If they are not willing to build such a fence, you can build a shorter one around the place where you live, so as to provide more protection even in case of danger." Ali smiled and told.

Ale nodded, "what is the matter with that fish? You don't really want to eat that kind of food, do you?"

"Let's go. You can see if I cook and eat." Ka Luo's child was still young, afraid that the smell of oil and smoke would smoke him. Azhang even took Chen Qi back to Chen Qi's house to talk about things. Ali couldn't help but pick up a crucian carp and took Ali back to his home to cook food.

Ka Luo and Ake told him a few words and followed him to help. Only Ajing was still sitting at the table trying to practice calligraphy. Anyway, he couldn't help these adults. He tried to write a little more words and asked Chen Qi to do his favorite food. He hadn't eaten French fries for a long time. After writing a hundred thousand words, he asked Chen Qi to do this. Thought of here, Ajing happily continued to write and practice. young wolf was already sleeping in a ball in the corner of the table and snoring.

Ale also came to help when the Ali's house was first built, but at the beginning they only helped to build a framework. Now it is full of things and the whole atmosphere is completely different.

The interior structure of the Ali family is similar to the hall of Chen Qi. The heated kang bed is also connected to the hearth. Ale stretched out his hand and touched the warm surface of the bed. He looked at Ali with resentment and said with his mouth flat: "I should have stayed with you."

"You will be able to move here after this winter," Ali comforted.

Also, I am happy to think that I can move back to Ale after this winter. Although the Lion Wolf Tribe is safe, there are too many people and there will be more relative restrictions. Ale always feels that he is not as comfortable there as he used to be. It seems that he has to work harder to turn the male son of the Lion Wolf Tribe here this winter.

The taste of the fishbone is very similar to that of the fish, so only picking up the fishbone in advance can prevent the fishbone from being swallowed. What Ali teaches is to smash the fish into minced meat, carefully remove the fish bones, wrap them with a little bit of rice berries, and fry them into meatballs in an oil pan.

"The fish bones must be cleaned carefully. If they are not cleaned, they will easily be eaten and get stuck in the throat. You have heard of the case where you were starved to death because of eating fish."

Ale swallowed and rushed to place his head, so why eat such dangerous food?

Ali watched Ale and saw that the balls were almost fried. He filled them with pottery bowls. The smell of food wafted across. Ale could not help sniffling. "It smells good."

Ka Luo gave him the same look as a kindred spirit. He simply put some into his pottery bowl and ate happily.

Ale looked envious, but Ali didn't say he could eat, and he was embarrassed to get it himself. Ali smiled and gave him a sandwich. Before he could remind him to be careful about scalding, Ale swallowed the whole fish ball with one mouth open. As a result, it was so hot that it was pumped down. Because it was too fragrant to spit it out, he finally swallowed it in tears, "It's delicious."For those who eat three meals a day, either roast meat or stew meat, and now add a stir-fried meat, this fried fish ball is just like the food in heaven.

"If it is delicious, you can learn how to do it. When you go back, you can teach others. Lion Wolf Tribe is near the tributary of Dorsal River. Since dolphin dragon has disappeared, you will go to the river to catch fish for lack of food. Don't venture into the forest again." Ali explained in a garrulous way, then handed the rest of the raw fish to Ale and asked him to do it again according to what he had just done.

Not every female lit the universal button. Ale was obviously not very good at cooking. In addition to worrying about the threat of fish bones jamming his throat and starving him to death, he forced himself to check for the existence of fish bones in the mashed fish for three times. Whenever he fried fish balls, either the temperature control was not good enough to fry them, or he was worried that they would be fished out in advance. As a result, the meat stuffing was not ripe. Ali pointed out several times and failed to make him successfully fry a golden fish ball.

Ka Luo looked at him sympathetically. He thought that his cooking was not as good as Chen Qi's and Ali's. Now there was still one person worse than him, but he would miss a lot of delicious food.

Ali shook his head and finally patted him on the shoulder helplessly. "Next time you want to send a message, let Asu come in person."

". . . . . ." Ale collapsed and pulled down his head, thinking that as long as he communicated the steps, others would surely learn the fish balls.

In order not to let Ale waste any more food, Ali disposed of the rest of the fish himself.

Dinner is still back to Chen Qi's house. Ali took the fried fish balls and cooked various kinds of fish food with Chen Qi, such as fish cakes and fried fish cakes. Because the fish bones are tough and difficult to cut off, it is difficult to find the hidden fish bones if the fish meat is not mashed, so the food that can be prepared is actually very limited. However, the newly caught giant shrimp has no fish bones and Chen Qi cut it directly into slices and fried a piece of shrimp meat.

Ale felt that this was the best and richest meal he had eaten for so many years. He even had the illusion that he had lived to eat this meal. He must firmly write down all the steps and teach other ethnic groups so that everyone could get rid of the day when the meal was either barbecue or stew.

Halfway through the meal, Ale suddenly put down his chopsticks and looked at Azhang with a slightly tangled look like remembering something. "I forgot to say before that among the dead females on the hunting team was Aqing."

". . . . . ." Azhang looked at Ale and could even forget such an important thing. What was Asu's mood for sending out this unreliable person?

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