"Let's go and have a look." Chen Qi patted Aze on the shoulder and said anxiously, the temperature here is so low, but people will die if they fall into the water.

Aze rushed out before Chen Qi could finish. He saw a Beastmen whose face had turned into fur. Ten sharp nails were tightly inserted into the ice and were about to climb up. Aze had no time to put down Chen Qi. He reached out and grabbed the man's arm to pull him out.

When the Beastmen found out that someone was trying to struggle when they grabbed him, he looked up and found it was Aze. He relaxed his strength and let the other side pull him out of the water. Without time to say a word of thanks to Aze, the Beastmen quickly took off their dripping fur as soon as they left the water surface, then rolled directly into the underground snow and began to roll incessantly.

Looking at the Beastmen rolling into the snow like big cats, Chen Qi looked puzzled. "What is he doing?"

The fur of the Beastmen is black, which is extremely obvious in the snow. He rolled a large area of snow under his feet out of a depression. The originally dry snowflakes brought moisture from the fur of the Beastmen.

"drying fur with snow." Aze lowered Chen Qi, "Wait here while I fetch some branches."

After a pause, Aze looked at the black hairy Beastmen rolling on the ground delicately and said to Chen Qi before leaving, "He is Ale."

". . ." What is Ale doing here at this time? Although puzzled, the departing Aze and the rolling Ale obviously could not answer Chen Qi's question.

Aze soon came back with a large pile of dried branches. Although there was snow everywhere, some withered branches on the tree were dry. With lighters on, a fire was simply lit.

"Ale, come and warm yourself." Aze cried out to the Beastmen wiping their bodies with snow.

Ale stopped when the fire rose, heard Aze calling himself, and ran to him. Aze pulled him back a little. "Do you want to burn all this fur so close together?"

Ale was a bit embarrassed and disturbed the back of his head. He was a little far away. He faced the fire on the front and the fire on the back. He must dry all the hair on his body.

Chen Qi picked up the fur coat thrown aside, found a branch and put it under the snow. He hung the fur coat on the branch and dried the water.

When the body was almost warm, Ale slowly collected the hair from his face, revealing the childlike young face that Chen Qi was familiar with. Ale couldn't help sneezing, rubbing his nose and saying in a low voice: "Thank you."

Chen Qi handed the dried fur back to the other party. "Aren't you from the Lion Wolf Tribe? Why did you run back all this way?"

Seeing the fur coat handed over by Chen Qi, Ale realized in hindsight that he was not wearing any clothes. Although his whole body was covered with hair and he could not see anything, his face was still flushed bright red. After hearing Chen Qi's question, Ale held out his hand for a moment and did not reply. He quickly took over the clothes and ran to the nearby pagoda tree before putting them on.

Chen Qi's head is full of black lines. He has just rolled in front of himself for so long. Is it necessary to run so far in a dress now? Moreover, the fluffy appearance is very similar to the big dog that he often meets in his community.

Ale didn't sit back by the fire until he was dressed. Aze had gathered the snow around the ice cave into a small snow heap while he was drying his fur. He inserted a thick trunk on it. The trunk was high enough to be covered with snow. Aze made three of these snowdrifts and then tied them to the trunk of the tree with ropes to circle a circle to show his vigilance.

The fish in the ice cave were attracted by Ale's fall. They went up and down under the water. The fish here were used to feeding the Beastmen. As soon as the Beastmen came near, they knew they must have food. They probably did not think that one day they would become food for the Beastmen themselves.

The fish here are carnivorous. They will eat the fur, internal organs, meat and even bones of all animals thrown into the water, but they will not attack the creatures falling into the water unless the creature is drowned. This is also the reason why the animals on the plain can safely cross the river when migrating.

Chen Qi took out the fish bones and internal organs in his backpack. Aze had already taken the harpoon and stood aside to prepare it. This time the harpoon was made of rubber trees. It was hard enough that even fish with hard scales would not be afraid to break.

"What are you doing here?" Ale, who just got dressed and returned, saw the two men's posture, with black question marks on his face.

"Catch fish." Chen Qi simply explained, and then sprinkled some bait into the water. As soon as the fish in the ice cave saw the food, they began to rush toward each other. Aze focused on the target, the harpoon was held high, and with one force, one fork, fast, accurate, malicious, a big fish was firmly pierced by the wooden thorn.

"Ale, come and help me." Seeing Aze's achievements, Chen Qi looked up with admiration and waved to Ale.

Ale walked over doubtfully. Chen Qi thrust the large bag of fish viscera into his arms, pointed to the fish being eaten in the ice cave, and told him, "When they are finished, you will throw these viscera into it, not too much at a time." Then Chen Qi picked up another harpoon made of rubber trees and stood opposite Aze. His eyes were tightly fixed on those big fat fish with sharp teeth and teeth, and he considered which one would have a better success rate.

Ale wait for a while carefully looked at the big bag of fish viscera in his arms, and then at the two men who had already stood at the edge of the ice cave and started fish fork activities. He could only press down his doubts and grabbed a handful of bait and threw it into the water, causing another wave of fish competition.

After a large bag of bait was divided by the fish, the fish quickly sank into the water. Chen Qi looked at the big fish on the harpoon, pressing down his excitement and throwing it to the shore. Only then did he shout loudly and hurriedly wanted to show off to Aze, "Aze, Aze, look, I have caught the fish."

Seeing the excited Chen Qi, Aze smiled and went over to praise him. He helped Chen Qi take the fish down and tied it with a rope.

Aze caught a total of six big fish this time, one of them was completely dark and slippery with long tentacles on both sides of the fish's beak, which looked a bit like catfish. The other is covered with a hard scale shell, brown in color, and has two huge pincers on its forelimbs. It is the largest fish that Aze has caught. It looks a bit like a shrimp, but who has ever seen a giant shrimp nearly one and a half meters long?

The rest is the same fish as the crucian carp that Chen Qi caught before. The number of crucian carp is the largest, and the probability of catching is also very high. Chen Qi caught this fish with great difficulty.

"What do you want to catch so many fish for?" Ale finally asked the question.

"Eat." Chen Qi took it for granted that he had not recovered from the excitement of catching the fish for the first time.

Aze tied up all the fish with ropes, and the smaller ones were stuffed into backpacks for Chen Qi to carry. "are you going back to the tribe or are you going to find uncle Azhang?"

Hearing Aze's question, Ale remembered his purpose of coming here. His eyes were red for an instant, and he seemed to cry for the next moment.

Chen Qi got a fright, looked at Aze and asked anxiously, "Is something wrong with the Lion Wolf Tribe?"

Ale shook his head with a twang in his voice, "There is nothing going on in the Lion Wolf Tribe now."

"Now?" After listening to Ale's endless words, Chen Qi's heart sank. At that time, the other party could not have come all the way here just because he was bored at home in winter to string together doors.

"Some time ago, hyenas came."

". . . . . ." This kind of thing should not be said as soon as we meet? They also played a leisurely game of fish fork for half a day and were all ready to go home before saying, who sent this unreliable child to spread the news?

"do you have something to tell uncle Azhang?" Aze's face also sank.

Ale nodded.

"Wait a minute, we'll be right back." Aze quickly disposed of the ice cave as before, then asked Ale to help with the two fish, while he picked up the remaining fish and packed up the things on his back to Chen Qi. The harpoon stayed where it was because it needed to be used next time.

Ajing, because of his young age, Azhang did not allow him to climb to the wall. He could only continue to review his lessons after playing with the little wolf cubs everyday. Chen Qi took time to teach him a few words in front of the thousand-character text yesterday. At the moment, he was writing and murmured, "Heaven and earth are dark and yellow, the universe is vast . . ."

Azhang estimated the time. Seeing that there was nothing in the house that needed his help, he picked up his sand table and squatted down on the wall. While reviewing the words he had learned, he watched the movement around him. However, only he knew that he just couldn't wait for Chen Qi and them to come back.

All of a sudden, Azhang's hair-covered ears moved and looked up at Chen Qi as they left. Indeed as expected, he saw two small black spots getting closer and closer. Azhang grabbed the sharp wooden stake buried on the wall and flexibly climbed down the tall wall to meet the approaching figure.

Azhang took the big fish in Aze's hand with mirth and helped Chen Qi unload his backpack and carry it to himself. "Thank you very much."

Only then did he realize that Ale, who was followed by him, could not help being a little stunned. "Why did you come here?"

When Ale saw Azhang, his nasal tip could not help but grieve. Hearing Azhang's question, he hurriedly replied: "Asu asked me to come to you. He asked me to remind you of the hyenas that appeared near you. The lions and wolves had driven them away before, and it seemed that they had fled in this direction."

Azhang's smile instantly gathered and his brows knit. "Let's go home first."

They nodded and neatly climbed wooden stakes over the tall ice fence to go home.

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