Chen Qi originally wanted to go back to catch some fish today, because he was pestered by several people to make fish to eat, and it began to snow after breakfast, so he could only go another day.

For breakfast, everyone ate fried fish balls and pork porridge, so a big fish meal was eaten by several people. Aze went to help take care of Ake and the little girl at noon. Ka Luo took advantage of this time to come and study. He said that he had learned to cook for Ake in a few days.

Chen Qi was speechless and urged the other party not to give Ake too much fried food now. Hearing that fried food was not good for Ake, Ka Luo nodded and wrote it down secretly.

Since Chen Qi does not plan to catch fish today, he plans to do fish rot. Doing fish rot is a very time-consuming job. Moreover, since everyone has just eaten fried fish balls in the morning, Chen Qi naturally does not want them to eat fried food at every meal. Beasts do not know the balance of diet. Chen Qi can only help them watch.

Mashed raw fish Azhang has been ready for a long time. The fish also doesn't know what happened. Many of the fish bones were not smashed with the sword angle knife. Azhang can only clean the fish bones carefully while pounding the meat foam.

Because of special drying, the rice berries were ready for use by this time. Chen Qi added some rice berries into the meat foam, then mixed an egg and stirred it evenly by hand until the meat foam became golden and put it aside for later use.

"Azhang, go and pound some more dolphin and dragon meat, more, you'd better choose some with a little fat." Chen Qi ordered.

Ali also went to help defrost the meat. Chen Qi wanted to think and asked Azhang to mash up another piece of pickled wart pork. Ka Luo watched for a while and couldn't stand to go back to sleep. There was no way to take care of the little female at night. If it weren't for his elder brother and Ariel to help take care of her, it was estimated that he wouldn't be able to survive alone.

"Chen Qi, why do you want so much meat foam?" Ali asked incredulously, this is fish meat foam, dolphin meat foam and wart pork foam. Do you want to fry all of these?

Chen Qi smiled mysteriously, "You will know when you finish." Ali had no choice but to let Azhang do it slowly, while he gathered around Chen Qi to help.

The oil in the pottery dish has already begun to roll. Chen started to use smaller spoons to scoop out round pieces of meat foam into the oil pan. the white fish meat with eggs rolled in the oil pan. in a short time, one by one began to expand. at first it was yellowish white, then it slowly turned into a beautiful golden yellow.

Chen used a wooden spoon to stir gently to prevent them from sticking together. When it was about the same time, he asked Alena pottery to come over. This pottery dish was loosely tied with a piece of cloth and was intended to remove oil.

As soon as the swollen fish rot came out of the pot, it slowly shriveled down. Ali was a little disappointed, but the smell of the fish rot was very strong.

Chen Qi didn't intend to let them eat the rotten fish, so he didn't get much material to make the rotten fish, only about 400 or 500 of them were finished, and the amount of dried fish was not much. Use chopsticks to pick out and put aside those who have failed to do so, while there is still some heat, let a few people try it.

A bowl of rotten fish was only enough for each person to divide into two. Azhang licked his lips in an unfinished way. "Chen Qi, why can't you eat those over there?"

"These things are easily irritated when eaten too much, and will be used to make other food later." Chen Qi replied.

These fish rotting Chen Qi are intended to be brewed, which is similar to the large intestine brewed before. However, this time there are not so many different fillings, and only minced cabbage is added to the meat filling to get bored.

Chen Qi taught the two men how to brew fish rot. Ajing also put down his pen and washed his hands. He was eager to try. Chen Qi could only ask him to help. Well, four or five hundred fish are rotten enough for them to brew for a long time.

Chen Qi, the remaining fish meat stuffing, mixed the porpoise meat, then put the remaining poultry egg into a pottery bowl, separated the egg white and yolk, mixed the egg white with meat foam, and added 1. 30 dry rice berries to increase viscosity. After finishing, use a piece of cloth to finish the filling, beat it and pat it into a rectangle. Chen Qi plans to steam the fish cake.

Place a cloth under the pottery pot to prevent the fish cake from sticking to the pot, break up the remaining egg yolks, and brush the egg yolks on it while steaming. When the skin of the fish cake turns into a beautiful golden color, take it out and cool it for a few minutes, then cut it into pieces with a sword-horn knife and place it in the pottery pan.

With the exception of the fish that has been boiled into soup and then fried into fish balls, the remaining two fish have set aside half for Ake to make porridge, and all the other fish have been mashed into stuffing. Although there are not many kinds of food produced, the quantity is sufficient. There are three big pottery in the fermented fish rot alone. Several people were extremely satisfied with this fish feast today.

Azhang is already looking forward to Ake getting better as he eats. If he catches more fish and comes back, I don't know if Chen Qi will make any other food. These fish will taste good after removing the fishbone.

Today's snow did not fall very long, but it stopped when the ground was covered with a thin layer of white. Chen used hay to make a broom to sweep away the snow on the flagstone road in the yard.

Chen Qi was not short of water and the room was warm, so he still kept the habit of taking a bath every day. Together with Aze, he also followed him to take a bath every day.

Aze, who was still steaming from the bathroom, could not help wondering, "Chen Qi, what are you doing with a bow and arrow?"

Chen Qi looked back. Aze would automatically take back his fur in the evening. The temperature in the room was not low. Aze was wearing pajamas made by Chen Qi and made by Ali. The pajamas were dyed indigo with dyed fruits, which made Aze's healthy wheat skin white in the light of the fire. Sleeve loosely rolled up, revealing a piece of red skin, Chen Qi Adam's apple could not help but moved.

"Let's go catch some more fish tomorrow and come back. It's safer for me to bring my weapons." There is not much nutrition here. Chen Qi wants to get more different food to supplement Ake.

Aze sat down beside Chen Qi. "Otherwise, I'll catch it myself. I could have caught it last time. This time it should be no problem."

Chen Qi put his hand around his waist and looked at him with amusement. "Do you dislike me for dragging you down?"

"No, no." Aze hurriedly denied, relieved to see Chen Qi's expression was not serious.

Chen Qi licked Aze's face and forehead, "It's okay to have you." Very not easy to find such a fun thing as barbecued fish here, but there is no danger anyway. How can Chen Qi give up and feel like an old man if he doesn't go to activities?

Before pulling Aze to bed, Chen Qi thought, should he get something to amuse himself? The days here are really too monotonous.

Chen Qi cut some pieces of E Long meat for breakfast the next day and put them into the porridge. The result was disappointed. E Long's meat was too tough and tasted a little woodsy. This was really the worst prey Chen Qi had ever eaten here.

Maybe next time you can try to pound it into stuffing, wrap it in rice, and fry it with berries.

"Aze, you have to catch a lot of fish and come back. The wolf also needs to eat."Ajing ran out early in the morning to send the two men. Seeing Aze take up Chen Qi and prepare to set off, he hurriedly stepped forward and earnestly told them that the little appearance was like fear that they would not catch fish this time out.

"Well, I don't know when Ake will be in good health." Azhang did not know how many times he sighed.

Ali turned supercilious look angrily, "I want to know if you can have a try."

Azhang looked at Ali with sparkling eyes and leaned closer. "Do you want to have a baby with me?"

After listening to Azhang's words, which were close to hooliganism, Ali blushed, "I don't have the ability." Having said that, he did not care about him and went back to the house. He had to prepare food for Ake and take care of the little female instead of Ka Luo, but he was very busy.

Azhang he he touched his nose, rolled over onto the wall and began routine alert.

"I thought they were already together." Chen Qi mumbled to Aze's ear.

Aze smiled. He didn't want to find out about the two elders. After all, it was the first time he saw the two females together. He just didn't know how the tribal people would treat them when they came and hoped they wouldn't be pushed out like himself.

Sometimes silent alienation is the most hurtful. Aze's eyes darkened when he remembered the past.

"It's too cold outside. Please take the wolf back to the house." Aze touched Ajing's little head and told him a few words before leaving behind Chen Qi.

Perhaps it was because of the snow. The temperature is lower today. The footprints that Aze stepped on the day before yesterday have been covered with snow again.

The two men were still walking to the place where the ice cave had been built before. The ice cave was blocked by Chen Qi's branches, hoping it hadn't frozen. Otherwise, they would have to make another effort.

Before approaching Aze, he suddenly stopped and went to hide behind a tall acacia tree.

"What's the matter?" Chen Qi asked curiously.

"It seems that someone is coming." Aze pointed to the front low voice way.

Chen Qi looked along Aze's direction and saw a small black dot moving slowly toward this side. "What should I do?"

"Let's look at the situation first."

Chen Qi nodded. The two men were already very close to Chishui River. Just because it was snowing, Chishui River was newly paved with a layer of snow white. Chen Qi could not tell exactly where it was, but Aze had a good sense of direction. Even if he was buried in snow, he could accurately find out the ice cave before.

The little black dot came closer and closer to the two men, and suddenly disappeared when it reached Chishui River. Chen Qi blinked and blinked again, thinking he was under an illusion. He asked uncertainly, "Where is that man?"

Aze paused. "He seems to have fallen into the ice hole we made earlier."

. . . . . .

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