Aze was still asleep after a hard night's work last night. Chen Qi was refreshed early in the morning. After waking up, he wanted to steal a kiss from Aze, but he was afraid to wake him up, so he got up lightly.

Just now he seemed to hear the cry of young wolf from outside the house. young wolf has now settled down with Ajing in Ali's house. although Chen Qi's house is big, there is only one fire bed. it has been a long time since he got married and he wanted to take Ajing back. how can he do something shameful with ah ze when he has a small light bulb hanging around the house? naturally, daughter-in-law is more important at this time. as for Ajing, ahem, let him come back when summer is coming.

Chen Qi was worried that the pup would sneak out while Ajing was sleeping. There was a wall around him. He was not afraid that the pup would run away, but it was freezing outside. The pup was still so small that he was afraid that it might somehow come out of the cold. Chen Qi had to put on his clothes and plan to go out to look at it.

"Shh, don't make any noise." Just opened the wooden door, I saw Ajing holding the little wolf cub standing at the door, is stretched out his hand to cover the little wolf cub's mouth, don't let it make a noise to the house. Young Wolf thought Ajing was teasing him, but he was even more excited. The little tail wagged fast and lost its shadow. He gave a whoop and stretched out pink small tongue and licked Ajing's palm.

"What are you doing here?" It's still dark now, and the few oil lamps in front of several doors will only be lit on nights when the moon is not clear or when the moon is blocked by clouds. I don't know how long he has been standing outside the door when I look at Ajing's face pale with cold.

Seeing Chen Qi open the door, Ajing's eyes lit up. when he heard the question, he quickly blocked the young wolf in front of him and tilted his head back. "we want to eat fish," he said.

". . . . . ."

"It's been a night and I have no place to be uncomfortable and can eat fish." Ajing explained, "and the wolf said he wanted to eat too."

Hearing Ajing call his name, Young Wolf cried out in a very appropriate way, as if he were answering Ajing's words. Chen Qi's head is full of black lines. Do Beastmen still have the skills to understand animal language? Why doesn't he know?

After getting along for a period of time, Ajing has been restrained from the beginning until now, he will occasionally ask Chen Qi for some requests. although Chen Qi is very happy, it is not necessary to wait outside the door early in the morning. he pulled Ajing into the room with half heartache and half blame. the room was warm. Ajing suddenly came in and couldn't help sneezing.

Chen Qi scolded him and hurriedly gave Ajing half a bowl of fish soup. Fish soup was cooked last night. Fish soup will smell fishy when it is cold, so Chen Qi kept warm by the fire. At this time, he can drink it directly by adding a little salt to taste it.

Fish soup contained a lot of wild ginger slices. Chen Qi handed several slices to Ajing. "These wild ginger slices must be eaten. Don't throw them away secretly, otherwise there would be no fish to eat."

Ajing frowned tightly. Even though the bowl of milky crucian carp soup looked delicious, it now has several discounts on his appeal.

"don't give the wolf fish soup." Chen Qi told 1 and went to wash.

The fish meat cooked in the fish soup has no taste. Chen Qi tasted it a little bit. It is estimated that all the essence of the fish has been boiled into the soup. The rest of the fish meat is really not ordinary and tastes worse than boiled white meat in clear water.

Chen Qi sighed. Naturally, it is impossible to throw away such a large amount of meat like this. If you dip a little sauce in it, you can still eat it. However, if you eat it like this directly, even if you don't eat it twice, you will avoid the bland taste. Chen Qi can believe that if you give the fish to the beast people, maybe the beast people will never cry out for fish again.

Chen Qi worried that the fish bones would fall into the soup and found another pottery to carefully fill it out. After stewing the fish for too long, it broke when touched. Chen Qi filled a large bowl of fish and carefully removed all the fish bones.

One rice berry was baked yesterday. Chen Qi mixed the semi-dry rice berry into the processed fish meat, added salt to make it taste good, kneaded it, then made it into round balls, fried it again in hot oil, and fished it out until the surface was golden yellow.

A large bowl of fish mixed with rice berries fully fried two large bowls of fish balls. Chen Qi also cooked pork slices porridge. The pork slices were made of dolphin and dragon meat and cut thinly. As soon as the porridge was opened, the meat slices were put in and rolled. Then, salt and ginger and scallion were added to flavor the pork slices, and the pork slices could be eaten.

Chen Qi tried to lighten the cooking, but the sound of frying woke Aze. Chen Qi leaned over to kiss Aze's face and forehead and said with a face of dotage, "Go wash up first. Breakfast will be ready soon."

It was too late last night. Aze was still not fully awake. His expression was a bit wait for a while. Chen Qi couldn't help but steal another kiss. He watched Aze's ears begin to turn red. Only then did he push people into the bathroom and prepare to put the prepared things on the table.

Ajing could not help smelling the smell of fish balls for a long time. Seeing that Chen Qi had done almost everything, he sat down at the table automatically and consciously. He also arranged the bowl and chopsticks and watched eagerly the food on the table. However, Chen Qi and Ah Ze had not come yet and could only refrain from moving the chopsticks in advance.

Chen Qi handed a bowl of pork slice porridge to Ajing. Seeing Ajing's clever sitting posture, Chen Qi could not help rubbing each other's small head. "Eat first, don't wait for us."

Ajing nodded heavily, picked up the chopsticks and took a bite of a fish ball. The fish ball was fried crispy on the outside, but it still kept its original appearance on the inside. The fish meat was kneaded with salt and eaten together with the skin. It was half crispy and half soft and waxy, which was very different from the fried meat ball before.

Chen Qi, who was glad to see Ajing eat, also filled a little fish for the young wolf. Naturally, the food for the young wolf cannot be fried. He took a little of the cooked fish and washed it in the water to remove the grease on the surface. This was the first time that the young wolf ate it. The young wolf leaned over to smell it and looked up at Chen Qi. This was the first time that he tried to stick out his tongue and licked it. Then he bit it with his teeth. Although the fish was not as sweet as milk and fruit, the young wolf ate meat for the first time. Although the taste was a little lighter, he was very happy.

"Is it too early to feed him meat now?" Aze, who just came out of the bathroom, was a little worried when he saw this scene. After all, the staple food of young wolf is still milk and fruit. Once he starts to make progress on meat, I'm afraid he can only eat meat in the future.

"Its deciduous teeth have almost grown, so eating a little fish won't matter." In fact, Chen Qi was thinking that if the pup started eating meat, he would have the milk fruit for himself. He was worried that the pup did not have enough food for the winter and did not dare to touch the milk fruit. As a wild animal, young wolf will not eat some rice berries like Beastmen to make the transition to meat.

After serving the young wolf, Chen Qi sat down at the table. suddenly, Azhang's generous voice sounded outside the door." Chen Qi, we want to eat fish. "Wooden door as Azhang voice just fell and opened, looking at three people sitting at the table obviously stun.

Chen Qi couldn't understand why the animals who used to avoid fish suddenly became attached to fish. One by one, they started running towards their own homes before it was light.

Azhang saw Ajing sitting at the table eating fish balls with relish. A bold and handsome face collapsed directly. He walked over to stir-fry chestnuts directly, with a hint of complaint in his voice. "Little rabbit, I didn't see your figure in the early morning and came here to eat." He also grabbed a fish ball just picked up by Ajing and stuffed it into his mouth. He smashed it twice. Surprisingly, he said, "Chen Qi, this fish is delicious."

Ajing stared at Azhang, picked up the bowl of fish balls that had not been touched on the table and leaned against Aze.

Ali looked at the amount of food on the table, plus what he and Azhang said was naturally not enough to eat. He smiled, "Chen Qi, do you want to make some more breakfast? I can help."

"I'll help too, and make some food for Ka Luo and Ake." Aze stood up, thinking that he would prepare food for others later before it was light. I didn't think that everyone was so active about the fish.

Chen Qi was helpless. "Then let's do some more."

Azhang rolled up his sleeves and also planned to join. Only Azhang was having a great time eating fried fish balls. He was still young. Even if he wanted to help Chen Qi, he wouldn't agree to it. Let's eat at ease.

In fact, the beast people are not because of how delicious the fish are, but they always want to give it a try once the tradition passed down over thousands of years is broken, whether it is because of an additional food source, or the obsession that when they were young, they secretly went to the Chishui River to fish but were chased away by father and father. Several Beastmen are full of expectation on how to deal with the fish.

Beasts, after all, have a certain fear of the fishbone sticking to their throat, so they carefully remove the fishbone when crushing the fish.

"It's a pity there are no eggs, otherwise I can try to make some fish rot for you." Chen Qi slightly regrets to rub all the boiled crucian carp meat into the semi-dry rice berries.

"Eggs?" Azhang stopped and found a piece of hide to wipe his hands. "Wait a minute." Then he went out of the door.

". . . . . . This winter, he can turn out eggs?

Don't say, Azhang actually brought back two fist-sized eggs after he went out, "This is dolphin dragon's egg, see if it can be used."

The two eggs were found during the first hunting. There were about ten eggs in a nest. Considering Ake had to produce them in winter, Ake gave all the eggs to Ake. But Ake had been eating the food menu specially prepared for him by Chen Qi for the past two days, so Ake did not eat the eggs. Ake went and brought back two eggs at the moment.

Chen Qi took an egg and beat it into a pottery bowl. The yolk of the egg was very beautiful. He handed over the task of frying fish balls to Ali. He then ordered Azhang to fetch a large piece of fish outside the door and pound it into minced meat for later use. He also opened two rice berries and dried them by the fire to prepare for fish decay.

Aze sautéed a plate of dolphin dragon liver. Ake was still prepared with fish porridge. He carefully picked out the fish bones of the fish fillets. Then he packed two large tubes of ivory crucian carp soup in large bamboo tubes, wrapped them in animal skins, took one look at the three people who were busy, and ordered Ajing to deliver food to the next room together.

A smell of fried food spread in the room, making people sniffle.

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