"Should be able to eat." Aze's tone is a bit uncertain. After all, few people go hunting in E Long. The San Chen River is in the center of Loya Forest and is far away from here. "I just haven't eaten, and I don't know if it tastes good."

Hearing that E Long's meat was edible, Chen Qi waved, "Let's take it back with us. It's not a trip for nothing."

Aze nodded. This E Long is too thin to eat fur and internal organs. It is too wasteful to bring back the whole one. Aze first removed the head and internal organs and then stripped the skins. The rest is only a thin layer of meat. The rest are all bones. There are already several large boxes of dolphin and gazelle keels in the home. Chen Qi has no interest in this thin E Long bone. He only slices the meat carefully. On the contrary, the meat on the long tail is tough and strong. One tail slices more meat than the whole body.

Looking at the E Long meat that had been packed with a backpack, Chen Qi was very satisfied, "Aze, what about these unwanted things?" It's impossible to just leave it there.

Aze picked up E Long's head and threw it into the huge ice cave opened by E Long. There was a splash, and then the water surged. A large pile of sizable fish swarmed up and began to scramble to eat E Long. "Just throw them all into the river. These fish will wipe them out."

Chen Qi looked at the many big fish and felt a little scalp pins and needles, especially in their wide open mouths. His sharp teeth seemed to flash cold in the sun. He swallowed and stopped Aze from dropping the rest. He suggested: "Let's grab two and see if we can eat."

Aze looked at the fish churning in the water. How do you catch this? You can't go into the water to catch it, can you? Aze can't swim. Of course, he can't let Chen Qi into the water. The water in Chishui River can freeze people to death.

Chen Qi didn't explain much. He found a suitable branch from the pile of branches that Aze found. He broke it into four pieces as he did when he made the torch. Then he sharpened the broken part to make a simple harpoon. Chen Qi made two and handed one to Aze. Then he went to the ice cave to test the firmness of the ice. After all, the cracks were so obvious when E Long smashed them.

Aze followed Chen Qi closely to prevent any accidents from happening again. Chen Qi checked it again and confirmed that the ice at the entrance of the ice cave was enough to carry the weight of two people. He motioned Aze to throw down the rest of E Long's fur and internal organs.

As soon as things entered the water, fish with sharp teeth began to float their heads. Chen Qi carefully looked for the target. The fish had become accustomed to the feeding of the Beastmen, so they were not afraid of the Beastmen approaching. Chen Qi took a deep breath after selecting the target, lifted the harpoon high and forced it into the water. It was good and failed.

Aze looked at Chen Qi's movements and imitated Chen Qi's appearance. After confirming the target he wanted to fork, Aze also thrust the harpoon into the water. Almost all of the harpoon sank underwater, and then a trace of red blood oozed from the underwater tip. Aze picked up the harpoon and saw a big fish alive and kicking on it.

Chen Qi: ". . . . . . Well, he is just an ordinary person, and there will always be a mistake when he handles fish fork for the first time.

This fish looks a bit like crucian except for its long sharp teeth. Chen Qi can easily say that it is crucian. Aze lowered the fish from the harpoon, and the crucian carp bounced a few times with great strength, almost making it jump back into the water. Chen Qi hurriedly used the rope he had prepared to fish through the crucian carp's gills and tied it tightly.

"Aze, grab two more before they finish eating E Long." Chen Qi happily threw the tied crucian carp aside and said to Aze that he himself had picked up the harpoon and planned to try again.

Many fish in the water retracted into the water after the accident just now, but there were still many who could not stand the lure of food and insisted on eating. The food quickly disappeared at the speed visible to the naked eye. Chen Qi stopped hesitating and another fork went down. The harpoon pierced the hard fish scale of the crucian carp, leaving a scratch on it. The crucian carp suffered from eating pain and quickly sank into the water. Chen Qi's second attempt still ended in failure.

However, Chen Qi was not angry, but his mood was even higher. Of course, after the fish wiped out E Long and submerged him, he still failed to fork a fish.

Aze did fork two more times. The last time he did, he didn't have a good choice. He inserted a fish with extremely hard scales. The simple harpoon broke off directly and had to give up.

Chen Qi, who had caught three crucians measuring about one meter long and weighing 50 kilograms, was already very happy. He tied them with ropes. The fish was too heavy to be carried by Aze. Chen Qi did not want the ice cave to be frozen so quickly, so he stuffed the branches into the ice cave. Although he could not completely cover the cave, it was enough to come back tomorrow.

After handling the scene, the two went home.

The house has always been warm with two plates of hot water. Chen Qi plans to dispose of the fish first when he gets home. Although others all think that fish cannot be eaten, they are intrigued by Chen Qi's cheerful appearance. One by one they come to see how Chen Qi is doing. Only Ake, who can't get out of bed, and Ka Luo, who needs to take care of the baby, can't come.

Now the weather is too cold, Chen Qi naturally can't use cold water to deal with it. He first mixed a plate of warm water, took a crucian carp and washed it in the water. Then he began to use a sword-horn knife to remove the scales from the fish. Then he cut open the belly of the fish and took out all its internal organs and put it into a pottery dish. The fish had eaten E Long's internal organs. Chen Qi didn't know if there would be any problem. In order to be careful, he naturally had to throw it all away. Of course, he won't just throw it directly into Chishui River as before. He plans to use these internal organs as bait and let Aze continue to fork a few more fish back in this way tomorrow. By the way

Chen Qi cleaned the gills of the fish, removed the fins and found the largest pottery. He planned to stew the big crucian carp directly in a large pot of soup.

Chen Qi added a little animal oil to pottery. After all, the crucian carp was too big. Chen Qi added a little salt to the oil to prevent the crucian carp from sticking to the pan. He put the cleaned crucian carp into the pan and fried it until both sides were golden. Then he began to add water into the pan until the water completely covered the whole crucian carp. There is no cooking wine here. Chen Qi can only cut a few more pieces of wild ginger and stew them together, hoping they won't smell too fishy.

After the preliminary steps are completed, the rest is to take time to stew. There are still two crucians here. Seeing Azhang's eagerness to deal with the fish, Chen Qi asked him and Aze to deal with the remaining two crucians according to their own methods just now.

Chen Qi collected some strange-tasting rice berries after a winter and put them by the fire to dry the water. After the crucian carp was processed by the two men, Chen Qi sliced out a large bowl of thick fish meat, salted it with salt and Jiang Mo, and then opened a sweet rice berry to cook a bowl of porridge for Ake.

Chen Qi washed several pieces of cabbage that had not been eaten up and cut them into shreds together with a few wild onions for later use. After the rice berries were boiled, the fillets were put in and stirred slightly with a spoon. When they were rolled off again, the cabbage was put in. When the temperature was almost reached, salt was added and a bowl was filled with pottery bowl.

"Is there no problem with the fish cooked in this way?" Smelling the sweet taste of rice porridge, Ali couldn't help asking, but his heart was still a little drumming. After all, no one had ever eaten fish before, and there were other examples of people starved to death because they secretly ate it.

"I'll teach you how to pick out the fish bones inside." Chen Qi smiled and found another pottery bowl. He clamped the fillets together with chopsticks and checked whether there were any fish bones falling from the porridge before jumping out the fish bones.

Although this crucian carp is as big as 50 kg, its spines are very small and can be caught in the throat if eaten carelessly. moreover, the spines are not hard, but have certain toughness and are not easy to break. Chen used chopsticks to pick out a fishbone and handed it to several people. "As long as these fishbones are removed, the fish can be eaten."

Chen Qi picked out a small piece of fish with clean fish bones and ate it in his mouth. The fish was sweet, soft and waxy, and had no fishy smell. Aze looked at Chen Qi's reaction nervously on his face, fearing that he would show a painful expression next moment. "Chen Qi, are you all right?"

"What can I do for you?" Chen Qi turned over his supercilious look and was amused by the way the beast people seemed nervous when eating a fish. He grabbed a piece of fish to Aze's lips and coaxed, "Try some."

Aze did not hesitate to eat the fish in front of him. The fish was soft and really had no problem except that it tasted a bit strange. This time it was Ali's turn to look nervous. Seeing Aze swallow the fish, he couldn't help asking, "Aze, how are you? Is everything okay?"

Aze shook his head. "It's okay. It's really edible." It tastes good rather than bad.

Chen Qi gave them a simple explanation of how they were starved to death because their throats were stuck by fish bones. Then he mixed the fish bones with rice porridge again, took out the bowls and chopsticks and distributed a small bowl to each of them, and let them try to see if they were used to it.

Chen Qi didn't make much fish porridge. The other fish meat was frozen outside the house first. Except for a large bowl full for Ake, everyone else could only have a fresh taste. Ake was not uncomfortable. After seeing Chen Qi say this fish porridge can be eaten safely, he ate a large bowl of fish porridge in Ka Luo's worried eyes. After eating, Ake naturally went to sleep. Now Ake is awake only for three meals a day.

Chen Qi cut several plates of pork with dolphin and dragon and a plate of crucian carp. Today, he asked Aze to find a flat stone slab to build by the fire and was teaching several people how to roast meat.

Grease the hot stone slab. Chen Qi put a piece of dolphin and dragon meat on it. There is no sauce here. Chen Qi salted the meat in advance. Now you can eat it as long as you bake it directly on the stone slab. It is very simple. Chen Qi only demonstrated once and everyone will be able to eat it.

"Chen Qi, do you want to finish this large plate of fish fillets by yourself?"Azhang watched Chen Qi teach them and then he cooked fish slices for himself. His heart was filled with pantothenic acid. The fish meat cooked by Chen Qi smells delicious. Why does Chen Qi eat alone when he can already eat fish? At least I am still the chief of the clan.

"The first time you eat fish, I'm afraid you won't adapt. By tomorrow you can all accept fish and eat it again if there are no adverse reactions." Chen Qi happily imported the meat stuffed with clean fish bones. The roasted fish meat was more fragrant. Chen Qi had not eaten it for a long time.

Ali took the roasted pork slices of dolphin and dragon into Azhang's bowl and comforted him, "Just bear with it today. After all, it is our first time to eat fish. It is also good to be careful."

Chen Qi grinned at Azhang after hearing Ali's words. He also clamped the roasted pork slices to Aze's bowl. Chen Qi was not sure whether they were allergic to fish, so he didn't let them eat too much at one time. Even the porridge for Ake only left a few pieces of fish. However, he hadn't eaten fish for a long time, and now a big fish was in front of him. Forgive Chen Qi for not refraining.

After eating these slices, they will not be enticed, Chen Qi thought, smashing the fish fillet in his mouth.

". . . . . ." Looking at Chen Qi's satisfied face, Azhang's in-heart villain has already begun to squat down in the corner and draw circles. Well, he endured it for one night.

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