Because of the locust swarms that have occurred before, Azhang now needs to guard on the fence from time to time. Ali is making clothes for the little female. Chen Qi gave the design of the clothes to her early in the morning. Before, everyone did not consider making clothes for the newly-born children. However, Chen Qi saw yesterday that the children were lumped together by skins and their hands and feet were wrapped in fear that he would be bored. This is why he suggested that Ali make two sets of clothes suitable for children.

Ake is now very sleepy after eating. After giving birth to the baby, only eating and falling asleep are the most effective methods for females to recover their physical strength as soon as possible. The care of the baby naturally falls to Ka Luo, the expectant father. The child is not hungry and does not eat much. As long as he blows his mouth, Ka Luo will feed the warm milk fruit to the child every time after a period of time. In fact, he is the busiest one. Fortunately, the little female is very quiet, not noisy, as long as eat will darling sleep, but don't need to worry about.

Ajing will review Chen Qi's lessons after taking care of the little wolf cub every day. Chen Qi is busy with the wedding these days and has no time to teach him new things. Ajing copied the mermaid story over and over again. let alone, although he is the youngest, after such boring practice, the present font is even better than Chen Qi. Chen Qi has to admit that he has no talent in calligraphy.

Ajing sometimes reads the little wolf cub in her arms word by word with the rubber leaves with the mermaid story written on them. the little wolf cub who runs around at ordinary times will become unusually quiet at this time. the little eyes will move down with the words pointed by Ajing's fingers, and I don't know whether it can understand or not.

Chen Qi put a piece of dolphin meat and a piece of string made by kneading the string into the backpack. The string was already tied with bone spurs ready to be used as fishhooks. Ali was a little worried, "Is it not safe to go out now?"

"It's okay. We're not going to the forest." Chen Qi carried the backpack to his shoulder and explained.

"It will be fine with Aze." Azhang also comforted, originally he was also very interested to see what Chen Qi said about fishing, but he was the only female in the family who still had fighting capacity, so he only gave up the idea of going with him slightly regretfully and planned to let Chen Qi demonstrate again after Ake recovered.

Ali wanted to think Chen Qi only went to Chishui River. It was not a dangerous place and he didn't stop it. However, he still did not agree with Chen Qi that he was going fishing. The fish could not be eaten. It was freezing cold. Why bother?

Chen Qi put on a long cape and pulled on the hat on the cape. The hat was very big and almost covered his eyes. He was afraid that the wind would blow his face apart. Chen Qi also made a fur mask, which could cover the whole face firmly. He also had a white fur scarf around his neck, fur gloves on his hands, and only his eyes were still exposed.

Aze has turned into fur. His own fur is much warmer than those skins. Naturally, he does not need to be armed from head to foot like Chen Qi. But because he insists on not turning into a beast above his neck, Chen Qi has made him a fur hat and put on a fur mask like him.

After greeting others, Chen Qi climbed up Aze's back. Inside the wall there were several wooden ladders leading to the top. Aze would first remove the snow from the wooden ladders every time it snowed, so as not to slip after the snow formed into ice.

Aze climbed up nimbly. The wind blew flat on the wall. Some snowflakes that had not yet frozen were trampled by Aze into footprints of different shades. It was only necessary to climb the sharpened stakes directly. Aze was worried that they might hurt Chen Qi because the stakes were uneven. It took some time to go down.

Aze's speed to Chishui River is not much slower than before winter. The river is already covered with thick ice. Looking around, we can only see the white snow. If we hadn't known there was a big river here, we wouldn't have seen it now.

"Here we are." Aze lowered Chen Qi. The snow was deep at his feet. Chen Qi was knee-deep when he landed.

Chen Qi made a turn along the Chishui River, then bent down and stopped at the center of the river, pulling away the snow at his feet. Then he found the thick ice below."Aze, can you break this ice?"

Aze nodded, his fingers turned into sharp nails, and drew a deep scratch at the place where Chen Qi circle came out. His right hand was clenched into a fist, and the ice fell down at the place where the circle came out with one punch, then cracked. Aze punched down again, and the ice began to sink into the water, revealing the icy water below for a moment.

"The water is very cold. Don't touch it." Aze told.

"I know." Chen Qi nodded, took off his backpack, took out the contents and said to Aze, "Aze, can you help me find some smaller stones and some branches? The branches don't need to be too thick, you can bring more back."

There are many tall acacia trees near Chishui River. Even if the leaves have all fallen off, it is still more than enough for Zhuo Zhuo to break some branches back. After all, Chishui River is still a long way from the center. Aze checked the surrounding situation and went to look for what Chen Qi needed nearby after confirming that there were no other threats. Aze raised the five senses to the highest level. Even after leaving a long distance, Aze still kept an eye on Chen Qi's situation.

Chen Qi took out the rope with the fishhooks. These bony spur fishhooks were made by breaking the bones of dolphin dragon. Chen Qi had seen fish in Chishui River before. The smallest fish was even 40 to 50 kg. Therefore, in order to make the rope and fishhooks bear enough weight, they were all made larger than ordinary fishing tackle.

The meat of the dolphin dragon as bait was a little stiff with cold. Chen used a saber to cut a hook onto the hook, and a rope was tied to a hook made of three bone spurs according to different lengths. This is for fish of different depths, in order to increase the success rate of catching.

Aze left and returned quickly. He handed Chen Qi several fist-sized stones and piled a large bundle of branches with different thicknesses at his feet. The stone was buried under the snow for too long, and it was still wet when it was dug out. Chen Qi tied the stone to the end of the rope and then found a thick wooden stick that was wide enough to span the width of the dug ice hole and tied it to the other end.

Chen Qi threw the tied stone into the ice cave. The stone quickly sank to the bottom with the hook hung with bait. Chen Qi stuck the wooden stick at the other end of the rope in the ice cave and was going to plug some branches into the ice cave to prevent the water from freezing again. Before he could make any moves, the wooden stick at the ice cave suddenly moved. Chen Qiyi was pleased and thought that it had been more than two months since winter. Aren't these fish hungry? Take the bait so quickly.

Chen Qi wanted to bend down to pick up the stick and see what he caught. Aze suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Chen Qi in his arms. Holding Chen Qi, he rolled away from the ice cave. At the same time, the wooden stick of the ice cave let out a "pa" crunchy sound, and then it broke off. Aze had cleared the snow of the ice cave before. Now it can be clearly seen that there are cracks on it. The cracks are getting bigger and bigger. Soon it began to crack and fall into the water under the ice. A huge brown figure suddenly rushed out of the water and landed firmly in the nearby snow.

Almost all of this happened in the blink of an eye. When Chen Qi came to his senses, Aze was already at war with the monster that leapt out of the water.

The beast is covered with hard scales and its tail is very long. Aze can only lead the beast away in order not to involve Chen Qi in the battle circle, but he also dare not go too far, for fear that the other end will lie in ambush under the water. "Chen Qi, you stay away from the water." Aze told Chen Qi while dealing with the monster.

Chen Qi nodded, held the sword in his hand and leaned toward the bank of the river. During Aze's distracted speech, the behemoth's long tail caught Aze's right hand. Aze struggled for a moment and was almost torn to the ground by the behemoth. He staggered a few steps to stabilize his body. He grabbed the tangled tail with both hands. A force was applied. The behemoth was thrown to the ground by Aze with a shoulder over his shoulder. Aze's white belly was exposed to Aze's attack. Aze did not hesitate any longer. A swoop and sharp claws cut into the flesh of the behemoth and drew a long cut in the belly. Brilliant red blood quickly flushed the snow.

"Aze, are you all right?" See behemoth fell to the ground no longer move, Chen Qi this will dare to come forward to check the situation of Aze, saw Aze in addition to fingernails stained with some blood, there are some snow on the fur coat and no trauma, Chen Qi secretly relieved, this just began to pay attention to the culprit.

"This is an underage E Long." Look at the doubts on Chen Qi's face, Aze explained.

This E Long is not big, but its tail is more than one meter long. It looks a bit like an alligator. Its stomach is very flat. It looks like it has been hungry for a long time. This kind of creature in E Long generally lives near the Sanshen River. Even though the Chishui River is a tributary of the Sanshen River, E Long has never been found in the Chishui River. If there were E Long, the Yanshan tribe would not choose to settle near the Chishui River. After all, E Long is a water killer, and the biting force of adult E Long is almost comparable to that of stegosaurus.

"It is estimated that the fragrance of dolphin meat has brought it here." Aze was a little annoyed. Dolphin is the food source of all carnivorous dragons. Chen Qi should remind him not to use dragon meat as bait when he wants to make bait.

"Sorry." Chen Qi apologized and was a little confused. "Are all dragon meat attractive to other carnivorous dragons? Will warthog pork and hare meat also attract E Long?"

Aze shook his head. "Dragons are only interested in food that is the same as dragons. They don't eat creatures on the Dora Plain." Aze pointed to the underground E Long. "This E Long should have got lost and came here. They usually feed on the ichthyosaurs in the Sanchen River. There are many kinds of fishes in the Chishui River, but it is still starving, which is enough to prove that fishes cannot solve its hunger."

Chen Qi knows that it seems that there is no way to fish with dolphin and dragon meat today, but I just don't know if the pickled meat in my family will be interested in taking a bite. Chen Qi was a little frustrated at the thought of leaving today empty-handed. He looked at the corpse of E Long and said, "Aze, can you eat this E Long meat?"

". . . . . ."

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