The morning sun of the 2nd of the month fell on the floor through the half-open curtains. The crackle of wood burning in the fire rang from time to time from the silent space. Chen Qi, who had spent the whole night waking up, turned around, still remembering the scene of last night in his mind. He stretched out his hand to hug the man around him into his arms and continued to warm, but he felt empty.

Chen Qi opened his eyes, blinked, blinked again, what's the situation? The next morning her wife disappeared?

The room was still the same as it was yesterday. The rest of the food was still lying beside the low table by the fire. The suit thrown to the ground by myself yesterday was well placed at the end of the bed. Chen Qi's sleepy head woke up completely. He walked around the room before he could get up and put on his clothes. He did not find Aze at all.

Chen Qi couldn't help supporting the forehead. Did he not work hard enough yesterday? Where can Aze go without hunting in the early morning?

Chen Qi put on his warm fur and opened the door to find Ka Luo running back hurriedly with a large amount of clean snow from pottery. Ake has always been responsible for melting snow. How did it become Ka Luo today?

There is a place in the yard that is specially reserved for the snow that needs to be used to melt the snow water at ordinary times. The ground is paved with clean slates to separate from the soil. When water is needed, they will go there to get it. The snow there is nearly one meter thick, enough for them to use the next snowfall. Chen Qi wanted to ask Ka Luo if he saw Aze. Ka Luo had already entered the room before he could speak and closed the door directly with his backhand.

Chen Qi: ". . . . . ."

Chen Qi opened the door behind Ka Luo and entered the house. The structure of Ka Luo's house is very similar to Aze's previous house. The ceiling is very low. Chen Qi can touch the top of the ceiling as long as he raises his hand. Unlike Chen Qi's house, the fur curtain at Ka Luo's door is behind the wooden door. Chen Qi uncovered the thick hide curtain and found that besides Aze, Azhang and Ali were also in the room, and even Ajing and his pups were sitting by the fire.

"Why are you all here early in the morning?" Chen Qi's face was full of doubts.

Ka Luo, who was putting pottery into the fire, raised his head, raised a big bright smile at Chen Qi and said proudly, "Chen Qi, I am a father."

"what?" Chen Qi, who had just entered the door, shuddered and almost fell down. Aze, who was standing beside him, gave him a quick pull. Chen Qi discovered that Ake had been sitting on the bed of the heated kang, holding a mass of white furry skin in his arms, which seemed to be wrapped in something.

Aze smiled with a pinched lip. "Ake gave birth to a little female last night."

Chen Qi's mouth was half open in surprise. The females didn't wear as much fur as he did in winter. He didn't notice how obvious Ake's tummy was. He watched him climb up and down the fence two days ago. Why did he have to sleep for a while? Is it so easy to have children?

Chen Qi stepped forward and looked into Ake's arms. Ake's face was hung with rare gentleness. He gathered the skins from his arms in front of Chen Qi so that the other party could see the children inside.

The newly born child has a red face, wrinkled skin on his face, and few hairs on his head. His small mouth sucks up from time to time. Chen Qi is the first time to see such a small child.

"He is ugly." Holding the young Wolf, Ajing murmured softly.

How can Ka Luo, who has just become a father, allow himself to hear the words of despising his own cubs and give Ajing a direct knock on the head, "You were uglier when you were born."

Ajing curled his lips too lazy to argue with him, holding the pup in his arms and sitting a little further away. He stroked the pup's beautiful white hair with a little hand. He silently complained in his heart that he was not as good-looking as his pup.

"Do you want a hug?" See Chen Qi staring at the child, Ake tried to ask.

Chen Qi hurriedly stepped back, motioned with his hand and shook his head. "No." Are you kidding? What if such a small child accidentally bumps himself?

Ake saw Chen Qi unwilling and unwilling. At that time, Ali had already opened a milk fruit and handed it to Ake. "Feed the young female some milk fruit first."

Seeing Ake planning to feed the opened milk fruit directly to the children, Chen Qi could not help but ask, "Can he stand eating the milk fruit directly in such a cold day? Do you need to heat it?"

Ake stopped his action and looked at Chen Qi slightly doubtfully. The Beastmen had never tried to heat the milk fruit for children.

"Well, can't children drink heated milk nuts?" Seeing everyone else looking at themselves, Chen Qi was a little confused.

"No, you can drink." Ake handed Chen Qi the opened milk in his hand. "Can you help me heat it up?"

Chen Qi took it and found a clean pottery bowl to pour the milk fruit into. A milk fruit is only about half a bowl. Ka Luo hurried to Chen Qi's side to learn. After all, the milk fruits were picked before winter, but it was too cold for the children's intestines and stomach to adapt, and for fear that bacteria might be stained with the milk fruits if they were not stored well before. Chen Qi boiled the milk fruits first and then let them cool until the temperature was suitable for him.

Ka Luo was surprised by Chen Qi's method of heating food first and then cooling it. Isn't this unnecessary? Chen Qi briefly explained the reason to him. Although Ka Luo still didn't understand it very well, he knew it was better to heat the milk fruit and give it to his cubs. He planned to follow Chen Qi's method in the future.

Ka Luo's family has children. After all, his kitchen and bedroom are both in the same space. Chen Qi was worried that the smell of cooking oil and smoke would smoke the children. He suggested that he could go to his family for dinner during this time. Ka Luo naturally agreed. At noon Ka Luo directly baked a large piece of dolphin meat to supplement Ake's body. Chen Qi stopped him directly. "How can you eat barbecue for Ake immediately after he has just given birth?"

Ka Luo took the roast and looked puzzled. "What do you eat if you don't eat roast?" He saw that the Beastmen in the tribe used to eat roast meat directly when they gave birth to children. Well, it is better to say that they had no other food besides stew and roast meat. Now they can make so many different kinds of food thanks to Chen Qi, so in terms of food, Ka Luo is almost 100% compliant with what Chen Qi said.

Chen Qi wanted to think, "I'll do it, you watch."


Chen Qi opened a sweet rice berry and poured it into a pottery dish. Then he went to the wooden box outside the door where the meat was placed and took a piece of pork kidney. This is the internal organs of warthog hunted back by Aze before winter. It was thawed in boiling hot water, stir-fried casually in the pan, and then boiled together in the rice berry. The pork kidney was pickled with salt before, so Chen Qi did not add additional salt. When the rice paste porridge was almost cooked, he added a little crushed wild ginger foam and a little wild onion to taste.

Chen Qi wrapped pottery directly in animal skins, covered it with a wooden pot cover, handed pottery to Ka Luo, and told the other party to warm by the fire when he came home. If Ake wanted to eat, he filled the other party with food.

As a result, when Ka Luo handed Ake a bowl of rice gruel, Ake couldn't help frowning even though there was pig kidney inside. "I want to eat meat."

"Chen Qi said you just gave birth to a baby and it is not suitable to eat barbecue. Just wait a few days." Ka Luo coaxed.

Ake's head is full of black lines. If he can walk now, he really wants to rush directly to Chen Qi and tell himself that there is nothing wrong with him. Which animal does not eat meat after the child is born? However, some people do feel uncomfortable for a long time after their children are born, and they don't know whether it has anything to do with food. Ake looked at Ka Luo, who was holding the child carefully, sighed secretly, stirred the rice porridge with a wooden spoon, and gulped it down. Well, it tastes a little light, but it tastes good.

At this time, Chen Qi is checking his family's food to see what is suitable for Ake to make a monthly meal to supplement his body. He used to hear people say that a monthly meal is very important. If it is not possible, it will leave sequelae. Even though Ake is a big man, he has just had a baby at any rate, so he should also have a monthly meal.

Looking at Chen Qi staring at the pickled birds in the storage room, Aze walked over and said, "What's the matter?"

"I'm wondering if lying-in women are not suitable for pickled food." Chen Qi, holding his chin up, thought distressingly that he had never thought that he would have children. Naturally, he would not pay attention to what people with confinement should need to eat. Although I know chicken soup is very good for my health, but these birds are pickled, I don't know if the boiled soup has any effect.

"We still have a lot of dolphin and antelope meat." Aze warned.

"I know, but the meat has been frozen for some time. I wonder if there is anything fresher and nutritious." Speaking of which, Chen Qi paused, "Aze, is the Chishui River frozen?"

Aze nodded doubtfully. At the beginning, the locust swarms were able to cross the Chishui River because the Chishui River had already frozen.

Chen Qi gave a high five. "Let's go fishing."

"Fishing?" Can fish be eaten? Remembering the legendary stories of eating fish and then starving to death, Aze hurriedly stopped and said: "Chen Qi, let's not eat fish. We can't eat fish. We already have enough food. If you want fresh food, I can look in the forest."

Looking at Aze's panic, Chen Qi patted him on the shoulder calmly, "It's okay, don't worry, which time did I make something that can't be eaten?"

Although what Chen Qi said is true, Aze is still worried. After all, fish is something that generations have told us never to eat.

To catch fish in Chishui River is naturally not a matter to be started immediately after an idea comes up. It is now past noon and it is getting dark fast in winter. Moreover, Chishui River is still a long way from here. Chen Qi plans to prepare what he needs today and go to investigate how to catch it tomorrow.

Looking at Aze's still disapproving face, Chen Qi couldn't help hugging his waist. "How did you leave me alone this morning?" Speaking of things in the morning, Chen Qi was full of reproaches.

"I heard a child crying next door. I guess it was Ake who gave birth to the baby. After all, his due date was only these days, so I passed first." Speaking of things in the morning, Aze naturally thought of last night's scene and couldn't help his face burning. Even Chen Qi said he was going to catch fish, which he had temporarily forgotten.

"Then why didn't you wake me up?"

"I see you are very tired, so . . ." Aze's voice is getting lower and lower, and his face is red to the point of bleeding. Why didn't he think Chen Qi was a person who likes to ask questions? And how can he answer such things?

"Tired?" Chen Qi's voice improved a little. His hand slipped into Aze's fur coat, because Aze had already collected the fur for the wedding. At this time, the fur coat was smooth and felt very good. "That Aze want to try whether I really tired? Huh?"

After listening to Chen Qi's tone, Aze naturally knew what the other party meant, "It's still daytime." Shouldn't such things be done at night?

"It's okay. I locked the door when Ka Luo left just now." People who have just finished eating meat can't resist the appearance of their other half's face of little shyness and refusal, and Aze usually has an indifferent expression in front of people. Chen Qi has ever seen the other side flushed with excitement when he spoke a few words. His throat couldn't help moving. He pulled the other side towards the place where he fought last night with half a coax.

I don't know whose hand has begun to remove the wooden buttons that are in the way from the fur coat. The crackle of wood burning in the fire has long been drowned out.

Even in the daytime, there is nothing that cannot be done.

The waves turned red and lasted from afternoon to morning.

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