The black suit on Aze had an inexplicable feeling of abstinence. Even after seeing Chen Qi once yesterday, his throat was still a little tight and he swallowed unconsciously. The workmanship of the suit is slightly rough and the texture is not very good. The buttons are made of wood. In order to match the suit, Chen Qi brushed the buttons with black fruit dye several times.

"You look really good today." Chen Qi praised Aze as he adjusted his collar.

Aze's ear was reddish and he let Chen Qi play with it a little awkwardly. "You look good too."

Chen Qi smiled, his fingers from bottom to top, and finally stopped at Aze's face. He rubbed his lips slightly. "I think your lip color is a little worse."

Aze was a little nervous. "What then?"

Chen Qi leaned over and bit the pretty thin lip gently, then licked it with his tongue. He looked at the originally white lip color with a trace of brilliant red. Only then did he let go of him with satisfaction and said with a decent look: "Now it's about the same."

Aze blushed from the tip of his ear to his face and then to his neck, looking away from Chen Qi.

Chen Qi smiled. "They should have waited for a long time. Let's go out."

Aze nodded irrevocably, "Okay." Chen Qi took Aze's hand, inserted his fingers into each other's fingers, clasped them tightly, and opened the newly-made door, which had been pasted with the happy word, and went out.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, several people in the hall all looked back. Ajing and young wolf didn't know when they would come. young wolf cried excitedly when he saw Aze. he also struggled to run towards Aze. fortunately, Ajing carried it back with a heavy load.

"Elder brother, Chen Qi, you look good." Ka Luo was not present when trying on the clothes yesterday. Seeing the two new people at the moment, I couldn't help but be stunned for half a day. It took me half a day to praise them.

Ake, who was standing beside him, nodded approvingly. Even the young wolf cried like a chorus.

Aze's face returned to normal long after he left the house. He just smiled with his thin lips when he heard his brother's praise.

Half of the prepared food was placed on wooden shelves by the fire, and the other half was placed on the low table used as the dining table. The whole table was full. Even the bread made later was not known when it came out, and it smelled of milk.

Chen Qi took Aze's hand and walked slowly to the front of the crowd. Chen Qi, who had previously made a bone ring, finished it again and put it in a wooden box last night.

Chen Qi did not intend to make the wedding process very complicated either. He planned to finish the ceremony of the Beastmen's marriage first and then go through the familiar wedding process again.

After getting the hint that Chen Qi could start, Azhang came up and took out three round stones from his pocket. One was a silhouette of a giant wolf, the other was a soaring dragon. It was the stone that Chen Qi found Azhang to record information when he came here. The last one was a little bigger than the others, but it was pure white and had no pattern.

Azhang handed two silhouetted stones to the two men and asked loudly, "Chen Qi, Aze, are you sure you want to be partners in front of the Beast God?"

"Yes." Chen Qi and Aze looked at each other and replied in unison.

Azhang placed the slightly larger white stone in the middle and motioned the two men to take down a drop of blood and drop it on the stone. Aze beast turned out a fingernail, took Chen Qi's hand and gently scratched a scar in the other's hand. Then he quickly scratched a scar in his own hand. The two hands that began to emit bright red blood were held together. The mixed blood slipped down the fingers and dripped onto the stone. The magic happened. The stone was like a sponge, absorbing the blood in an instant. Then the silhouettes of the left and right two smaller stones began to move slowly. Soon they moved to the big stone. The dragon and the wolf leaned close together and looked at each other affectionately.

This is the contract for the Beastmen to form a partnership. after the ceremony, Azhang put away the stone with two silhouettes. this stone recording information can only be preserved by the patriarch.

The Beastmen's contract was very simple. Azhang stepped down after it was formed. The next step was Chen Qi's long-awaited process. Chen Qi took out the wooden box containing the bone ring from his pocket. The wooden box was coated with red fruit dye and painted with golden blooming rose. "In my hometown, the exchange of rings is considered a ceremony, but the vows need to be exchanged before that."

Chen Qi opened the wooden box and there were two bone rings lying quietly inside, one inscribed with Qi and the other with Ze. The other Beastmen looked at the two quietly. "There is no poverty or wealth here, and the birth, aging, illness and death are far away from you. The oath is probably not suitable for the two of us. Then I thought for a moment and remembered a pledge I once saw to my partner in a certain game. I'll borrow it here."

Chen Qi looked at Aze's eyes, Aze bowed his head slightly, and his figure was reflected in his beautiful pupil. "Aze, now I take the sun and moon as a union, take heaven and earth as a mirror, take mountains and rivers as evidence, and take animal gods as evidence. I ask you to be my only partner in this life. In this life, I will be with you forever. I will be with you forever. Would you like to?"

As Chen Qi said the oath word by word, Aze's eyes turned astringent from the beginning to his eyes turned red slowly. He didn't control his mood until Chen Qi asked if you would like to, but his voice was still a little hoarse. He picked up the bone ring with his own name and gently put it on Chen Qi's ring finger. "Well, I do. In this life, I will never leave you. I will be with you forever."

Chen Qi picked up another ring and put it on his hand. After reaching his hand to the other side's neck, Aze was taller than him. He needed to make the other side bend a little to look straight at him. Chen Qi looked into his eyes, leaned over and exchanged a long deep kiss with the other side.

It was not until the two separated and looked at Chen Qi that he did not take the next step that Ka Luo dared to ask, "Is this a ceremony?"

Chen Qi nodded with a smile. As for those who make bridal chamber and so on, he ignored them directly. His partner could only make it himself. Chen Qila took Aze to the table and said, "I've done a lot of food today. It's only one day. You can open your bellies and eat enough."

Ka Luo gave a shout of joy and ate eagerly. Although he would not be hungry for a few people at ordinary times, there were only two or three kinds of dishes at ordinary times. It was difficult to have more than 20 kinds of dishes like today. Although the weight of each dish was not very large, there were many kinds of victories. Azhang had already begun to consider whether if he wanted to be married to Ali, he would also like Chen Qi to make one, and this full pile of food would make people happy.

"Ake, let's have a wedding too." Ka Luo was busy stuffing food into Ake's mouth while giving him food. He also suggested to the people around him. "I like the oath Chen Qi said very much. next time I'll give it to you. by the way, I'll also make you a bone ring. Chen Qi said it was something to hold the other half."

"I won't leave without your help." Ake patted Ka Luo on the back, "eat slowly."

"Chen Qi, I have not asked you before. What is the purpose of the red cloth hanging around here?" Azhang pointed to the red happy words on the doors on both sides and asked.

"This is only posted at weddings. It's probably for the sake of celebration. Everyone in my hometown will get married in this way." In fact, Chen Qi is not very understanding either. He just follows suit.

A few people did not stay much after eating. They said hello to Chen Qi and left. Chen Qi was somewhat helpless when looking at the room, which became unusually quiet after a while. "Are they giving us room to get along?"

Aze's face was red and he nodded. He was still wearing the suit that Ali had spent a lot of time making. He didn't want to get dirty and didn't clean up the mess.

Chen Qi closed the door, pulled down the curtain, opened two milk nuts, heated them in the fire and poured them into the cup. The two cups were originally made by the Ali Gang, but they had not been used before because of their small capacity. Chen Qi handed one of the cups to Aze. "Originally, this drink was supposed to be drunk, but now it can only be made of milk nuts."

"A toast?"

Chen Qi blinked. "The last step before the wedding."

Chen Qi explained the meaning of the wedding ceremony to him before, so his face became redder when he heard Chen Qi say so.

Chen Qi rolled up Aze's arm and motioned the other party to do it according to their own actions. Chen Qi gently coughed after successfully drinking the toast, "Do we need to rest next?"

Aze opened his face and did not dare to look at Chen Qi. "The things on the table have not been tidied up."

Chen Qi looked back. There was actually no messy scene on the table except for a few empty pottery. "Please tidy up these things in the morning."

"It hasn't even arrived."

Chen Qi was worried that the dinner would go on for a long time before, so he planned to have a wedding after finishing the things early. I didn't think it was just after noon, and the people actually finished eating and went straight away. Chen Qi touched his nose. Needless to say, he is more nervous than Aze now, but this is certainly not the time to be unintelligent. Chen Qi pumped himself up and pulled Aze to the bedside.

The fire on the heated kang had been warm for a long time. Aze let Chen Qila sit on the edge of the bed. Chen Qi reduced the fire a little and looked back to see Aze sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him. The empty place in his heart seemed to be filled up in an instant. If Aze was, I wonder if his father would be willing to accept it.

Chen Qila took Aze's hand and kissed it gently. Looking at Aze's red and handsome face, he couldn't help kissing the other person's forehead. Aze quietly let Chen Qiqin kiss himself. Chen Qi smiled and nodded his lip angle. "Aze, I have always been taking the initiative. Do you not like me?"

Aze shook his head in horror. "No." Looking up, he found Chen Qi looking at himself with a smile on his face. Only then did he know that the other party was only joking.

"Then kiss me and I will believe that you really like me." Chen Qi will face close to some.

Aze lips slightly bent up and dropped a kiss on Chen Qi's lips.

The nearby fire was glowing orange, which combined the two tightly held figures into one.

Spring night's account is warm.

Be turned red.

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