Aze carefully erased his traces all the way, and finally came back to the place where the locust and gazelle swarms passed. He was only a little relieved and walked along the locust's trail to Chishui River. Although he was worried about Azhang's safety, the snow was too big to find casually. It was not only unrealistic, but also a very dangerous thing.

Aze was heavy in heart. There were too many hyenas wandering on the plain this winter. In previous years, the hyenas would return to the forest after attacking the tribe from the forest. They seldom wandered on the plain for such a long time. Moreover, the hunting methods of the hyenas also seemed to have changed. This was the first time he saw the hyenas lying quietly waiting to ambush their prey.

After returning to Chishui River, Aze searched nearby first to see if there were any traces left by Azhang. The result was naturally disappointing. He waited until evening at Chishui River and found Azhang had not come back. His heart was a little uneasy, but Aze was already very close to home. Aze planned to go home first and come back tomorrow to see the situation.


Chen Qi recently took a few boards to paint and often stood on the wall as if thinking about something.

He has stopped helping and guarding now, and the cooking job has been completely handed over to Ka Luo, who devotes himself to painting and painting.

"Chen Qi, what are you doing?" Today it was the turn of the guard, Ake, unable to control his curiosity, came forward to ask.

Chen Qi stopped painting and pointed to the courtyard. "I'm going to plan this place and build a new tribe."

Ake looked at him slightly surprised, "What are you going to do?"

Chen Qi took out some painted boards and explained them to Ake briefly. Although Ake did not understand them very well after listening, he also knew that the tribal layout planned by Chen Qi was much better than that of the Yanshan tribe where he was originally staying. He looked at Chen Qi with bright eyes. "Then keep busy and let me know if you need any help."

Chen Qi nodded, picked up the charcoal pen and began to draw again. He only had a general idea, and there were many details that he did not think well.

In fact, Chen Qi's plan is not complicated. Rather, he plans to directly copy other people's achievements. He wants to imitate the symmetrical layout of the ancient Chang 'an City and then combine the general plan of the city where he used to live as the foundation for the construction of the new tribe.

After all, the Yanshan Tribe is to be rebuilt on this barren plain. It has a lot of room for Chen Qi to play, and if it develops well, there will probably be other Beastmen to join in. Therefore, the infrastructure of the new tribe must be carefully considered first, so that even if it continues to expand, it will not be a mess.

Sitting on the futon beside the fence, Chen Qi was holding his chin up and looking at the wood board with a simple plan in his hand thoughtfully. He did not find that his fingers had been dyed black by charcoal for a long time. Now he felt his face again and naturally left finger marks of various shades.

Although Chen Qi is not responsible for guarding, he will still stay on the fence most of the day. Although there are reasons for surveying the terrain, the main purpose is to see Aze back in the first place.

The fire pan around was crackling with fire. Chen Qi's eyebrows jumped unnaturally, calling back his wandering thoughts. Before he could look up, he was held tightly in a warm embrace. Chen Qi tilted his head slightly and saw his familiar head missing for several days.

Chen Qi's eyebrows could not help but spread out, his eyes softened, and he gently called each other's name, "Aze."

Aze buried his head between Chen Qi's neck and fossa, smelling the familiar smell of Chen Qi, and finally calmed down the unstable mood wandering between life and death in recent days.

Ali saw Aze in the watchtower and hurried out. Seeing the people held together, he swallowed the words he had just wanted to ask for information.

It was Chen Qi who saw Ali's anxious face and felt a little sad. he patted Aze on the back and let him release himself. "Aze, have you found Azhang?"

Aze's body froze for a moment, looked back at Ali, who was standing beside him, nodded, shook his head again, wanted to think, or told the two about the situation on the road.

The more Ali listened, the colder his hands and feet became. At last he stood still with an expression of wait for a while. Chen Qi went over to comfort him and said, "Don't worry too much. Azhang will be fine if he is so strong. Maybe he will be back in two days."

Ali looked up at Chen Qi, gave an inexorable reply, then turned back to the watchtower and slammed the gate shut.

Chen Qi took Aze's hand that he wanted to come forward. "Let him be alone. You are hungry, too. I'll make you something delicious."


As soon as Aze entered the door, the pup jumped into his arms, his tail wagged and his big eyes glistened. Pink small tongue could not reach Aze's face and licked Aze's hand instead.

Chen Qi felt that half of the pup's blood must be dogs, otherwise a pure wolf was brought into this appearance by himself. I don't know if the pup's mother would get up from the ground angrily and give herself a paw.

Aze didn't see the young wolf for a few days, and he was also very missing. He remembered the giant wolf god who saved himself. Looking at the young wolf, his eyes were more spoiled than before. He gently rubbed his little head and directly held the young wolf in his arms and entered the room.

Chen Qi now cooks bone soup and a fish cake every day just to worry that Aze will be hungry when he returns. At the moment, Aze was filled with a bowl of soup and seasoned with salt. Then he took out the fish cake and cut it into pieces and put it on a small table by the fire. Aze was allowed to eat some padding before turning out to get the meat and come in to prepare some other food.

Aze has not eaten anything for a long time since he threw away the backpack containing food. He is really a little hungry now. He put the pup beside him, brought over its special Xiao Mu dish, and first put a piece of fish cake into the Xiao Mu dish. The pup sniffed with his nose and then gulped down.

Now the pup is no longer eating milk and fruit. Chen Qi tried to give it raw meat before, but the pup seemed to dislike the taste of raw meat very much. He would rather starve than eat it if the food was not cooked. Later he found out that the pup was not picky at all and even Ka Luo could eat cabbage with great relish.

"You said that if he went back to the wild, he would not starve to death." Chen Qi couldn't help worrying every time he saw the little wolf eating cooked food.

"Why do you want to go to the wild? Can't the wolf live with us all the time?" Ajing came to help Chen Qi. Hearing Chen Qi's words, he couldn't help but ask with a frown. He didn't want to separate the wolf from the wolf when he was raised.

Aze nodded approvingly, "Well, we have been keeping it."

After watching wolf cub eat his own fish cake, he began to stare at Aze piteously. Ajing thought for a moment and said, "I will also help wolf hunt food when I can hunt." You can't stop it just because it eats too much.

At this time, Ake and Ka Luo, who heard the noise, also came over with Ayao. When Ka Luo entered the door, he found only Aze himself. He hurriedly asked, "Brother, have you not found Uncle Azhang?"

Chen Qi motioned them to sit down first, which simply paraphrased what Aze said just now. Ake hesitated for a moment. "Tomorrow I'll go to Chishui River and look around. You've been tired for a few days. Take a rest."

"No." Aze shook his head. "It's too dangerous outside. I'll go with you. If you find something wrong, you must evacuate immediately."

"Yes, you and my brother can take care of each other when you go together. Don't take risks alone." Ka Luo always feels a little nervous in his heart.

"You don't have to worry. We also made a lot of defense weapons before, and now we have a lot of oil in storage. Everyone will stay in the watchtower tomorrow, and we will be able to deal with the situation if we find it wrong." Chen Qi looked at the two seriously. "If we meet hyenas, we must run home. Since we can kill the first batch of hyenas, we can kill the second batch. Don't try to distract the hyenas by ourselves."

Looking at Chen Qi's firm and irrefutable eyes, Aze walked over and gently leaned his head against each other's cervical fossa. "Good."

When he was trapped in the acacia tree, when he thought he was going to die alone on the moor, Aze was not as calm as he looked. He was afraid, he never felt fear. He was afraid that he would never see Chen Qi again, that he would lose Chen Qi forever, that Chen Qi would soon find another strong partner like other single males, and that Chen Qi would slowly forget his existence. If you can. . . . . .

If he can, he hopes to die with Chen Qi, so Chen Qi will always be his own.

When the idea first came out, Aze himself was startled by his selfish idea. How could he have such an idea?

He did not dare to raise his head, fearing that Chen Qi would find his dirty thoughts.

Aze and Ake set out early the next morning. Chen Qi prepared enough arrows and food for them. Then several people who stayed at home moved to the watchtower.

After waiting anxiously, they finally saw Aze and Ake come back in the evening. They walked along Chishui River for a while and searched for a period of time in the direction of Ake's escape. They were worried that the hyenas were still nearby, so they were very careful in their actions. However, they didn't find any trace until sunset, so they decided to go home first.

Ali saw that the hearts of the two men who came back alone were half cold. The face of wait for a while had no expression. At that moment, the young wolf, nestled in Ajing's arms, suddenly jumped to the ground and ran to the edge of the wall in three or two steps. Before Ajing, who had been frightened, could bring it back, the young wolf suddenly cried out in the distance.

The howl of the wolf with milk sound spread far in the empty snow. several Beastmen looked along the direction of the howling of the young wolf. sharp-eyed Ka Luo exclaimed, "is there anyone there?"

Before the others could react, Ali had fallen flexibly to the ground along the wooden stake on the wall, limping rapidly toward the distant figure.

Aze and Ake also hurriedly stepped down from the wall.

Azhang, who was left with only half of his hide pants, appeared on the snowy plain in a mess. He landed on all fours. He was completely turned into a beast without looking closely. His hair was scratched on several pieces, revealing his red skin. Several sewed wounds were still oozing blood, and the blood was frozen because the temperature was too cold.

Ali threw himself into Azhang's arms. Azhang's weak body could not bear the impact of him. The two men fell heavily onto the snow, splashing snow all over the floor.

Feeling the trembling body in his arms, Azhang raised his hand and gave him a follow-up to his back. It took a long time to comfort the person in his arms with a hoarse and terrible voice. "Sorry to worry you, I'm fine."

Heard a familiar voice in the ear, Ali almost dead heart finally beat up, he let go of Azhang, found each other now this sad appearance and chagrin about his reckless move just now, hurriedly two people helped him back to the wall.

Next to a remote snowdrift that no one noticed, the tall and graceful figure of the giant wolf god disappeared behind the snow. it raised its head slightly, and its eyes rested on the little figure on the wall that was almost invisible but excited, with a hint of irony in its eyes. then it turned and left the place without hesitation.

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