Azhang's hair was very dirty, and some of them became lumps of blood. Ali hurriedly burned hot water to help him scrub his body, then changed into clean clothes, and helped each other to the bed after the fire bed was warm.

Chen Qi helped him to deal with the wound again. Azhang has collected all the hair from the beast. The place that looked like it was only scratched was actually scratched with a layer of skin. It is clear that the flesh and blood still oozing blood inside. Fortunately, it is not a fatal wound. According to the recovery ability of the females after applying the medicine, it is estimated that within a few days he will be able to get out of bed alive again.

After the wound was treated, Ka Luo brought up the cooked congee, which Ali conveniently took over. Azhang also had a wound on his wrist. After wrapping it up, Ali didn't want him to touch and hurt himself, so he took a wooden spoon and fed it to him one by one.

Azhang was hungrier than Aze. He almost did not eat since he left the Lion Wolf Tribe. Later, he could not bear to eat a few bites of snow, and his throat was frostbitten. At the moment, he felt uncomfortable talking. Although everyone wants to know how he escaped, it is also clear that Azhang needs a rest now. Chen Qi did not suggest Azhang to eat a large amount of food suddenly after he was so hungry that he let Azhang rest after he had fed him two bowls of digestible porridge.

Azhang was already tired and hard, and almost fell asleep when he was lying on the bed.

Looking at face emaciated a lot, face is full of tired Azhang, Ali heartache not line, this person has been in front of yourself since adulthood has been extremely strong, always in danger in front of can't beast himself, ever seen him so mess.

Maybe he was in a mess before, but he was hidden well and was not found by himself.

Ali sighed, stretched out his hand and gently smoothed the tightly knit brows of the sleeping person. Suddenly, a picture flashed in his mind. It was a snowy night a long time ago. A hyena suddenly pounced on a child who looked only seven or eight years old. At that time, he was wrestling with another hyena and held the child in his arms without hesitation. There was a terrible pain in his right leg. Looking down carefully, he found that the hyena abruptly bit off a large piece of meat.

At that time, he was too painful to notice who he had saved. At the moment, the child's frightened face suddenly became clear.

Ali smiled gently, bending his lip angle. His movements shifted from the other's eyebrows to the hardened face. "It was you."

Azhang's return also relaxed everyone's tense heart. From that night on, the long-lost snowstorm began to appear on the plain again. If the snowstorm had come a day earlier, it would have been a question mark whether Azhang would have returned safely.

"Aze, how long is it before winter ends?" After washing, Chen Qi took a clean towel to wipe Aze's dripping hair and asked. Aze's hair washed with figs still had a faint scent and smelled good.

Aze thought for a moment, "maybe two or three months." Chen Qi taught them the concept of four weeks as one month, which is much simpler than counting the number of months each time. Unfortunately, the beast people still cannot fully accept the concept and have to think about it before they can convert the time.

"It's still that long." It has been more than six months since the beginning of winter, and it is still two or three months before the end of winter. the winter here is really too long. Chen Qi is beginning to miss the global warming earth a little. in the city where he once lived, it is only about one month after the winter is over. in December, you can see the streets are full of pedestrians in thin clothes.

"This time is not fixed every year." Aze added, "But it starts to snow at the end of winter every year. It will continue to fall for about a month. When the snow stops, summer will come."

Chen Qi was a little curious. "Is summer suddenly coming? Just like the arrival of a month without a day?" Otherwise, it's hard to imagine how the snow will directly enter summer after it stops.

Aze nodded, "Summer will not be the first snow period before winter comes. Snow on the plain will disappear when summer comes, and the weather will get hotter."

"Snow will disappear? Is it sudden melting? Will so many snow plains be directly flooded?" With that, Chen Qi looked anxiously at the tall wall of ice outside the door, beating drums in his heart. The ice should not melt out in an instant, should it? It takes a lot of time to bake with fire. At the thought of this, I feel more at ease.

Aze smiled and shook his head. "There has been no flooding in the plain."

Chen Qi confidently accelerated his movements. After wiping Aze's hair, Chen Qi carried the sleeping Ajing to the innermost part of the heated kang bed. With this small light bulb, Aze could not make out with Aze at ordinary times. Chen Qi pinched each other's increasingly fleshy little face with resentment and threw it into a room for him as soon as summer arrived.

The snowstorm that lasted all night showed no sign of stopping. Several people cleaned up the snow in the yard at noon while the snow was slightly smaller. It was not so easy to clean up the snow when it was snowing. Just after the snow was cleared, the other side was covered with a layer of white.

Chen Qi found some cloth and skins that were no longer in use and spread them out into the yard. He even spread more than half of the yard. In this way, when snow needs to be cleared every day, as long as the skins on the ground are rolled up, a large bag of snow can be directly taken to the wall to be disposed of, thus saving time for snow sweeping and snow loading.

The remaining ones were piled directly to the wall, which made the wall inside the yard thicker.

Azhang's wound did not heal as fast as expected. It took nearly a week for the scratched skin to slowly grow out. The itching feeling when the new skin was growing always made him want to stretch out his hand and grab it. Ali was worried that he would really give himself a paw. Now he stared at each other's movements every day and would wake up immediately when he heard any movement while sleeping.

"You were also saved by the giant wolf god?" Chen Qi was slightly surprised after hearing Azhang briefly say things along the way. Why did Giant Wolf God save them?

Azhang nodded, "The Giant Wolf God will not leave the vicinity of the source of the Sanchen River in general. I'm afraid its appearance may be related to the large-scale appearance of dragons on the plain."

Chen Qi looked at the little wolf cub in Ajing's arms. "Does that giant wolf have anything to do with this little fellow?"

When Chen Qi's words fell, several eyes looked in the same direction as the young wolf. The young wolf cocked his head slightly and looked at one another with his round eyes. Then he lowered his head and went to sleep comfortably. He had been chasing the wooden ball for a long time, but he was very tired.

Aze shook his head. "It shouldn't matter. I can't smell anything similar to the wolf cub on that adult giant wolf god."

Females have a very sensitive sense of smell. They can tell most of the dangers by taste, and they can also tell the relationship between people around them by taste.

Young Wolf has lived with them for more than half a year. Aze has long been familiar with the taste of young Wolf. If there is blood relationship between the giant Wolf god and young Wolf, he should be able to smell some of the same taste as young Wolf. After all, the giant Wolf god was very close to him at that time, at the foot of the pagoda tree.

Chen Qi stretched out his hand and played the little wolf cub's forehead. The little wolf cub thought Chen Qi was going to play with it, and immediately he got up again, blinked and cried with big eyes and seemed to want to jump into Chen Qi's arms.

Looking at the little wolf pup, Chen Qi couldn't help laughing: "I thought you had a great thigh. looking at you like this, I'm afraid you won't recognize your father when he comes."

"But it is not a good thing that the giant wolf god appears on the plain." Azhang said with a dignified face, "the giant wolf god is known as the patron saint of the Sanchen river, which traverses the whole forest and is the source of forest life. Although there is more than one giant wolf god, if all the giant wolf gods leave the Sanchen river, the creatures in the forest will surely fall into chaos."


"That proves that Sanchen River will not be drinkable." Ali added.

". . . . . ." rivers across the entire forest cannot be drunk, which is not as simple as falling into chaos.

Aze touched Chen Qi's head and warned: "Forest affairs are naturally solved by the forest. We can't handle too much with our ability. Aren't you going to tell Uncle Azhang about the new tribe?"

Chen Qi remembered the purpose of this visit. He took out several pieces of wood that had been painted before and detailed his plan with several people.

"What is a school?" Ka Luo didn't understand this so-called learning place very well. Then they usually study at Chen Qi's house. Is Chen Qi's house also a school?

"This is a place intended for ethnic people to learn. For example, you can cook a lot of delicious food. Then set a time for ethnic people to go to school together and you can teach them how to do it. Otherwise, it is not only a waste of time when someone comes to your home to learn, but also you have to repeat it over and over again, and it is inconvenient to have more and more people in your home." Chen Qi explained to Ka Luo.

"Is this so-called wall something like an ice wall?" Ake asked.

Chen Qi nodded, "Our courtyard is not big now, so it is ok to build a wall. However, if a new tribe is to be built, the tribe will naturally occupy much more area for future development. If there is a wall, it will be just like you built the tribe at the foot of Yanshan Mountain before, so as to block most of the attacks by wild animals. Even if the animals on the plain migrate back next year, they will not be afraid to break in at any time."

Others asked several questions in succession, and Chen Qi gave them detailed answers one by one. In fact, Chen Qi's plan is very simple. Now the number of people in the Yanshan tribe is about 30. With a main road as the dividing line, the residential area and the functional area are now only one school planned. After all, the number is not large, and it is unrealistic to build all things at once.

However, there are not many places to occupy. We need to reserve the living area of the people who need it now and also a place that may be needed by the people who may move in later. You can't tear down the city wall and expand it again when there is not enough space.

After listening to Chen Qi's plan, several people felt that the plan was better than what they had originally thought, that is, to build a house to live in. It was much better for everyone to live together. They did not expect Chen Qi to be so attentive to the relocation of the tribe.

Although Chen Qi had considered the plan and discussed with Aze what else could be improved by fitting in with the tribe, Azhang, after all, had been acting as the chief of the clan for several years. He also looked at the tribal issues in a much more detailed and comprehensive way. Therefore, several people discussed together with the construction of the new tribe. Chen Qi collected their opinions one by one and planned to readjust the original plan to give Chen Qi an illusion of returning to the company's plan to change the project.

Before Chen Qi left, Azhang said to him, "Our new tribe will no longer be called Yanshan tribe. Chen Qi, if you have any ideas, please give the new tribe a name."

". . . . . . Chen Qi looked at Aze and then at Azhang," Can I take my name?"

Ali smiled. "Of course, no matter what your name is, we won't have a problem."

See Chen Qi look over, others also nodded in agreement, after all, Chen Qi for the new tribe to consider so many things, just a name, should be taken by Chen Qi.

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