Although Chen Qi was asked to name the tribe, Chen Qi did not have a clue about such a thing.

When he slept at night, he leaned against Aze and checked the boards with lines by the fire. "Aze, what do you think is the better name for the tribe? Nice? Aggressive? Gao Dashang?"

Seeing Chen Qi struggling with his present look after coming back, Aze chuckled, "The tribes haven't started to build yet. Just think slowly. It's still a long way from the end of winter."

"That's what I said, but I always think I can't think of a name at the end?"

"Then why don't you raise your spirits tonight and think about it tomorrow?"

Chen Qi put the board away and took a sip at Aze's lips. "Yes, let's leave such a difficult problem to tomorrow's self."

Ajing took no offense and stuffed the wolf cub, who had had a hard time taking a bath and drying his hair, into his bed and fell asleep calmly.

This time it was snowing unusually long. Azhang's body recovered well and started to take turns guarding Aze. The snow showed no sign of stopping at all, except for the first few days when the snow was blowing with a storm. Then the wind stopped and only the swirl of snowflakes kept falling from the sky.

Since the locust swarms returned to the forest last time, no other dragons in the forest have been idle for a turn. The hyenas that had ambushed in the wilderness before did not know whether they had gone to other places for activities or whether they had hunted enough prey for them to survive the winter and returned to the forest. The beasts did not find any more signs of hyenas in the wilderness.

The snow outside the fence is quiet every day, and you can't hear any other sounds except the crackle of the fire pan nearby.

Chen Qi has recently started sorting out some teaching materials for literacy and teaching others new knowledge when he is idle. Now the first time the beast people get up and wash up is to gather at Chen Qi's house. Almost all three meals a day begin to get together to solve the problem. With the best craftsmanship of Ali and the food Ka Luo, Chen Qi is no longer needed to cook.

Chen Qi, who made bamboo slips before, was not willing to use them until he had written two new ones at the beginning. Now he has started to write teaching materials before moving them out.

After sorting out some knowledge points that he thought he could teach beginners, Chen Qi stretched himself and looked at the snow outside the window. Chen Qi turned to ask Ali, who was carefully reviewing a few words that Ajing had just taught him, "Ali, this snow has fallen for more than half a month, will it enter summer after it has fallen?"

Ali withdrew his mind and shook his head. "No, it's still a long way from summer. It should take another two months or so before the last snow falls." Of course, the last snowfall that Ali said was the one that lasted for a whole month.

Chen Qi was a little disappointed. He gathered several pieces of cloth painted last night before Ali. These pieces of cloth were used to paint other things before. Chen Qi used some brown dyed fruits to cover all the painted things before painting the needed patterns again.

The pattern on the cloth is a few sets of men's clothing styles suitable for wearing in summer. They are all simple T-shirt casual pants. In order to make the beast people understand them at a glance, Chen Qi also painted the colors or patterns needed on the clothes according to the final product with dyed fruits. He also wrote some annotations beside them with words. With the words that Aley learned in winter, he can barely understand these annotations.

"Ali, can you make some of these clothes?" Chen Qi cheerfully explained to Ali the need for clothes.

Ali looked at it carefully and nodded. "I can try to make one tomorrow."

Chen Qi gave a wave of his hand. "These are clothes that can only be worn in summer. You can do them slowly and don't worry. If the families who move in later can accept these clothes, you can teach them to make clothes so that those who can't hunt can learn from you, and then you can exchange food with others with your clothes."

Azhang, who was also practicing calligraphy nearby, looked over and said, "Chen Qi, can you elaborate on your plan to let the ethnic group learn how to make clothes?" He felt that Chen Qi did not simply want the ethnic group to learn to make clothes, but had a deeper plan.

Chen Qi nodded, and began to talk to Azhang about his plan.

The Beastmen did not say anything about the trade, but if they had to say anything about the trade, it would only be an annual gathering, and it would only be a barter activity to get through the winter.

Chen Qi does not want to change the lifestyle of the beast people at once, but according to his plan, the primitive lifestyle of the beast people is not suitable for him. If he wants to change the current living situation of the beast people, he must bring in his former world, and under the condition of meeting the living needs, the emergence of the transaction is essential.

What's more, more than half of the clansmen he knows will move in are unable to hunt. Chen Qi does not want their existence to only increase the burden on the normal females. He wants to let those people know that they can't be turned into beasts, they have disabilities, and they can support themselves on their own.

Azhang listened with relish, and the more he listened and looked at Chen Qi, the brighter his eyes were. He had a kind of wish to come tomorrow summer. He wanted to build the tribe as soon as possible to see if what Chen Qi said could be realized.

"This kind of thing should be done step by step." Chen Qi didn't explain too deeply to Azhang either. He just said first what the tribe can do at present. After all, we have to eat one mouthful after another. We can't expect a big fat man to come out with one meal.

Azhang knows a lot. He has been the head of the clan for so many years. Although there are not many people in charge, there are many things. Even though he has not fully understood what Chen Qi said, he also knows that things need to be done step by step.

"Chen Qi." Azhang hesitated for a moment or put forward his own ideas. "Do you want to be the new chief of the clan?"

Chen Qi looked at him in astonishment. Didn't he reject this question early in the morning? "You've done a good job, why do you propose that I take over?"

Azhang disturbed the back of his head. "This is not because you know more about the rebuilding of the tribe. Everything is your thinking. I can't help you. It's not appropriate to hang a clan leader's title."

Chen Qi straightened up, looked around at all the people who focused their eyes on themselves, "I said before, I am not suitable to be a patriarch. Maybe I can make a plan in the early stage of the tribal construction, but the clan leader needs to continue to manage the tribe after the tribal construction. He needs to be responsible for the clan members at home and communicate with the clan leaders at home."

Chen Qi looked straight at Azhang. "I can't do all these things. I can help you to build this tribe better together, but I don't know a lot about the tribe. Are they willing to settle in this kind of wilderness without anything just by listening to my one-sided remarks? Are they willing to try to eat fish they dare not touch? Are they willing to take off the fur clothing they have been wearing and replace it with cloth clothing that only children can wear? No, if only I told them, they probably wouldn't. Ethnic people know you and trust you. Only you can let them come to the new tribe, accept the things in the new tribe, and be willing to learn some knowledge that they may not be able to see results for the time being. Therefore, only you can be the chief of the clan."

"I said what Chen Qi would not accept." After listening to Chen Qi's long speech, Ali stabbed Ah Zhang, who could not return to his original state.

Azhang sighed, "Since you don't want to be the patriarch, please let me know what you need in the future." Although Azhang still thinks Chen Qi is the most suitable candidate to be the chief of the clan, Chen Qi does not want to and he will not reluctantly, as long as Chen Qi will continue to build the tribe.

After listening to Chen Qi's plan these days, Azhang is full of confidence in taking the Yanshan tribe out of its previous predicament. He does not want his own tribe to have to stay in another tribe for the winter next year. That can only prove his incompetence as a patriarch and the females in the tribe.

"of course." Chen Qi smiled. He was able to carry out his plan freely even if there was no way to catch up with the progress of civilization in his own world, and he was satisfied to the same extent as the Tang and Song dynasties.

Chen Qi looked at Aze sitting next to him and said to Azhang, "Didn't you give me the name of the tribe before? Then I will be selfish and give this a name." Before, he did not have any clue about the name of the tribe, but now he did have some ideas.

Azhang nodded, "I agree with whatever name you choose."

"Chen Qi, did you think of any name?" Ka Luo asked.

Chen Qi smiled mysteriously at him and did not reply.

Azhang would come to Chen Qi's house on time every day to discuss some details of the new tribe's construction. Sometimes Ake would gather together to give some advice. However, Ake seemed to lack interest in the new tribe.

The next day, Ali made a set of clothes sketches drawn by Chen Qi. Chen Qi taught him how to dye clothes with dyed fruits, and drew some simple patterns on the clothes. although they looked a little nondescript to Beastmen, they were concise and fashionable to Chen Qi.

Looking at Ka Luo with abandon at the T-shirt that has been dyed and hung on one side to dry, Chen Qi felt that it was necessary for him to cultivate aesthetics for the beast people. Otherwise, their aesthetic will be distorted and they will have no place to cry.

Chen Qi thought that the snow would stop in the next few days at most. As a result, it was snowing for almost two weeks and there was still no sign of stopping. The height of the fence has been increased by half a meter by the snow in the yard.

"Why hasn't the snow stopped?" This is Chen Qi's most talked about sentence during this period of time. Because of the snow, Chen Qi's original jogging and archery activities had to stop. Now he can only do push-ups and jump rope at home every day. Chen Qi felt that the two abdominal muscles that he had so hard to practice would disappear, which had to worry him.

"I'm afraid the snow will come next summer." Aze looked at the snow outside the window and said softly.

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