The temperature in the deep winter is more than twice as cold as that in the early winter. Now Chen Qi is hiding in a warm room like Ka Luo, unwilling to go out every day. Aze is also worried that he will be cold. He and Aka Aka Aka can only do things together every day to clear the snow. Aka can't be turned into animals and Aka won't let him out.

Because the temperature change is too big, Ayao age is still small, Ka Luo also no longer ran to Chen Qi home every day, the first thing to get up every day is to teach Ayao learn to walk, only a few months old little female, now can climb fast on all fours, the speed can be comparable to the little wolf young ones.

Ali is still reporting to Chen Qi's house every day. Before Chen Qi, there were still a lot of root hair threads. At the moment, all of them are woven into cloth. The tenacity of the root hair threads is much stronger than that of wool cocoons, and they are not easy to wear. They are the best materials for making field clothes. Moreover, the cloth woven from the root hair threads is more breathable than wool cocoons. Apart from feeling a little rough on the body, it should be just right to wear in hot summer, much better than wearing fur clothing on hot days.

Chen Qi did not draw a pattern on the cloth after it was woven like before. Instead, he put the whole cloth into the color-adjusted fruit dyeing solution. Now winter is coming to an end, and Chen Qi is no longer saving the use of fruit dyeing.

Chen Qi dyed the whole cloth green and spread it on the floor of the bathroom. The floor was covered with some wood boards and cattail leaves so as not to stain the floor with fruit dyeing liquid.

The dry mud prepared before Chen's inauguration broke into pieces and was thrown onto the dripping cloth. The water on the cloth was sucked away by mud. The original neat color was dark and light, and some places were stained with reddish brown mud. After the color has been absorbed, Chen Qi will remove the mud and put it on the shelf next to dry the cloth.

Ali felt a little heartache when he saw a piece of cloth soiled by Chen Qi. although he knew that Chen Qi would not waste a piece of cloth woven with great difficulty for no reason, he could not help but ask with some worry: "Chen Qi, can you still wear this cloth like this?"

Chen Qi handed Ali a wooden board with a camouflage pattern on it. "I want to dye the cloth this color."

Chen Qi originally wanted to use salt to texture cloth, but salt is a rarity here. It is too wasteful to do so. This is why he plans to replace it with mud. Obviously, it is difficult for Chen Qi, a novice in cloth dyeing, to dye camouflage patterns.

Looking at the washed and dried pieces of green and red cloth, I'm afraid Chen Qi, who used this cloth to make rags, would find it dirty. He sighed at the failed product. Chen Qi adjusted a plate of grayish green fruit dyeing liquid and dyed the cloth inside for two or three times. Only then did he dye the cloth to normal color. Then he took the brush and drew the camouflage pattern on it abruptly with yellow and black.

Looking at the fake rough camouflage cloth with satisfaction, Chen Qi waved to Ali, "Ali, you can help me to make a camouflage suit according to this pattern, just do it according to Aze's size."

Chen Qi explained the main points of camouflage clothing to Ali in detail. When Ali began to make it, he began to make leather belts, real leather belts.

Chen Qi made the leather belt only once when he was married. Naturally, it is easier to do it now than before. However, the one he made before is really not generally rough and doesn't match the color of this camouflage, so he plans to make another one.

The leather used for the belt is a kind of cowhide, which is brown and has certain toughness. Chen Qi cut the length, then polished the edge with a smaller grindstone, colored the edge with brown fruit dyeing solution, and polished the belt with turpentine after it was dried. There is no way. There is no suitable material here, but turpentine can only be used to replace it.

The buckle is made of bone, and the cowhide is very tough, which wastes a lot of time in the step of punching the belt. After Chen Qi grinds the belt well and applies a layer of sealant to the belt with melted jelly, Ali has already finished the clothes.

Chen Qi can't wait to ask Aze to come back and try it on. Every evening and early in the morning, the snow in the yard needs to be cleared. Chen Qi can hear it just by standing at the door and shouting Aze.

When Aze changed into the clothes that he had worked so hard for several days to make, Chen Qi couldn't help whistling, "Aze, you are more handsome than the younger brothers who were handed in."

"Is there any other use for this kind of clothes?" Ali looked at Chen Qi from cloth to the final finished product for a lot of time. He painted the strange patterns on the clothes carefully one by one. Before, he didn't pay much attention to other clothes. He threw the design draft to Ali, explaining it again at most or asking him if Ali didn't understand it.

"Don't you need to go hunting in the forest after summer begins? Wearing this kind of clothes should be able to disguise a little, not easy to be found by prey."

Most of the cloaks Chen Qi prepared for the females in winter are made of white skins. As long as he wears the hood and lies down in the snow, it is hard to see that there is another person here. However, skins are rarely green. Dragons are much smarter than creatures on the plains. Aze told him that hunting in summer is not so easy. He remembered that if he can make several sets of camouflage clothing, it should increase the hunting success rate of the females.

"This suit really suits you." Chen Qi turned around Aze several times. Aze's back was very straight and he stood there with some military bearing.

Aze's ears are red. He likes to hear Chen Qi praise himself.

After hearing Chen Qi say that this dress can increase camouflage, Azhang, who joined in to help, also leaned over and looked at it carefully. apart from the strange color patches on the dress, he really couldn't see where the dress could be camouflaged. however, this still couldn't reduce his enthusiasm for the so-called camouflage dress. Azhang returned to Ali and said thankfully, "you can make one for me."

Ali gave him a grumpily white look, picked up another piece of cloth that had not yet begun dyeing and asked Chen Qi how to draw the camouflage pattern.

The cloth in the home is just enough to make three sets of camouflage clothing, and the three females are just one set, but Chen Qi has not yet worked out how to simply dye the camouflage. It is quite a waste of time to draw with a pen every time. Fortunately, Ali has good learning ability and can draw a similar camouflage according to his own appearance.

Although the snow showed no signs of stopping, Chen Qi was worried that the snow would really come down to summer. When he was free these days, he had asked Aze and his family to start digging a drainage ditch at the edge of the wall so that when the ice on the wall began to melt, the water would not flow back into the house.

It was another month without a day. Aze went to watch out in the middle of the night. Because of the cold weather, Chen Qi's problem of staying in bed in the morning emerged again. He tossed and turned in the bed for more than half an hour before biting his teeth to get up. Before he could get dressed properly, the heavy wooden door was suddenly kicked away with a "bang". The cold wind blew in with snowflakes. Chen Qi could not help shuddering and the sleeping Ajing was awakened by the noise.

Aze still braved the cold, he walked to the bed three or two steps, had no time to explain, picked up a hide quilt to Chen Qi a wrap, and then put him back to his back, one hand to carry the scene and the other hand to pick up the little Wolf pups still asleep drooling, before Chen Qi asked what happened Aze quickly ran to the door, a few jump body and climbed up the tall fig tree beside.

"what's the matter? Is there another hyena coming?" Chen Qi asked nervously in a low voice.

Aze shook his head and lowered Azhang. "It's not an attack."

Just then, Ake carried Ka Luo and Azhang carried Ali to the top of the tree. Then Chen Qi heard a loud roar, followed by a huge sound of water.

Snow did not know when it had stopped. The moonless morning changed from dark night today in an instant. When Chen Qi looked in the direction of the sound, he just saw that with the disappearance of the night, the tall ice wall almost collapsed in an instant, the huge water rushed to all sides, and then poured into the houses inhabited by several people from the courtyard.

The drainage channel that had been dug in half had no time to divert such a large amount of water flow.

Through the door that could not be closed, Chen Qi saw that the fire still burning in the hall was extinguished by water in an instant, black carbon was scattered around, tables, chairs, futons and the like were rushed aside. Even the tall fig tree in which several people were temporarily placed was shaken by the current. Aze hurriedly held Chen Qi's shoulder to prevent the other party from falling down the tree.

Chen Qi looked at all this in shock, his brain still had some reaction not to come over, "what is going on? Why did the wall suddenly collapse?"

"Because the ice melted."

"How did the ice suddenly melt?" Chen Qi did not understand. Even if the wall were to melt, it would not be able to be completed in an instant. It would take you several hours to set up a fire under the wall. How is it possible that all of a sudden the whole ice wall will turn into water?

Aze gathered up Chen Qi's hide quilt and said softly, "Summer is here."

Chen Qi discovered that with the collapse of the ice wall and the disappearance of the thick snow that had covered the entire plain, Chen Qi could clearly see the speed of snow melting without the wall, as well as the gurgling water flow on the plain, and a little bit of green under the snow when it began to appear.

The water came and went fast, and almost no accumulated water was formed around it. Only the raised threshold in the room could not allow the water flowing into the room to flow out again.

With the passage of time, the temperature also kept stamping from the beginning when the quilt wrapped in animal skins was cold. Slowly, it began to get hotter and hotter. It seemed as if there were no days in a month, and the shift from winter to summer was an instant.

Chen Qi and wait for a while watched the change carefully. The change completely exceeded his cognitive scope.

Aze has already collected the fur of the beast. Ajing has long held the young wolf down to the ground when the water receded. Now the two little wolves are excitedly stepping on the accumulated water in the grass that cannot be retreated.

Ayao see two little guys playing happily also kept waving hands ya, seems to want to join in.

"This is summer." Chen Qi looked around and murmured.

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