"I don't want to build any ice walls anymore!" Looking at the messy hall, this is Chen Qi's first thought at the moment.

Fortunately, the doors of other rooms were closed, and the water did not wash the doors open. The water seeping through the door was not enough to flood the whole room. There are wooden shelves in the storage room. Chen Qi, like salt and pickled meat, put them on the wooden shelves and packed them in wooden cases, but they were not wet.

The room in front of the Ali's house, which was half collapsed by hyenas, collapsed directly after being hit by the water this time. Azhang also smiled and said that he had spared them the effort to tear it down again. He took a grumpily white look and left him alone to clean up the rubble scattered around the house.

Ake closed the door behind Ka Luo's back before leaving. He also stuck the wooden door with wood. The water did not break the wooden door, but the loss was the least. As long as the water seeping into the room was dragged clean, it would be good.

Chen Qi asked Aze to build several clothes hangers outside the hospital and sighed as he carried the soaked skins out to dry. He was also considering whether to build a icehouse to store some ice in winter for use in hot summer. According to the current speed at which even a few meters wide ice fence can melt in a flash, it seems that it is very unrealistic to build icehouse here. If you want to have ice in summer, you have to think differently.

There are also two large boxes of raw meat for the winter. Chen Qi is worried that the meat will deteriorate without ice. While the temperature change is not so obvious, half of the food will be made into pickled meat, and the other half will be made into various cooked foods directly. It is intended to be used as dry food for the road when picking up people. Several people will finish processing this pile of food in the evening.

Because the heated kang was wet after soaking in water, Chen Qi tidied up the slate bed that he and Aze's room had not used for more than half a year, threw Ajing and his pups into Aze's room to let them sleep alone, and he took Aze back to his room. The two finally had the chance to be alone at night.

"Sorry." Aze lowered his head after a whole day's work. If he could close the door as carefully as Ake when he went out in the morning, the water wouldn't rush into the room and the things piled up in the room wouldn't be spoiled by the water.

Chen Qi poked aside a wisp of bangs on his forehead with amusement. "You didn't expect the wall to melt suddenly, did you? It was already very severe to take us out immediately. Why apologize?"

With that, he sighed helplessly. "Please, don't take care of yourself as soon as you have anything. It's been a busy day today. Go to bed early. Azhang and Ake will go to the Lion Wolf Tribe tomorrow to pick up the clansmen." Chen Qi said with emotion: "I didn't expect summer to come so unexpectedly. But this is all right, at least there will be no more danger on the plain."

Dragons do not appear in the plains in summer. Even hyenas return to the forest center. Only herbivorous dragons linger outside the forest. These are also the food sources for the beast people throughout the summer.

The next morning Azhang and Ake set out with their skins and backpacks full of food on their backs. Chen Qi was not free to check the situation in the courtyard until the house had been cleaned up.

Before, Chen Qi piled up the charcoal ash in one place all winter behind the house. Originally, he planned to open several plots of land to improve the soil quality when summer came. As a result, the water washed away the charcoal ash and scattered it into the nearby grassland, leaving only a thin small pile. Chen Qi heartily gathered the small pile of charcoal ash together with a bone shovel. Now the land has not been finished yet, so he can only put it in place first.

Before the clansmen came, Chen Qi circled the general location of the tribe. The grass on the plain probably grew very fast due to the warming temperature. Chen used several wooden sticks to insert into the soil and marked the range of several areas. Originally, he also considered bringing the water from Chishui River to build a moat. However, after the last E Long incident, this plan was rejected by him directly. He only hoped that he could try to drill one or two wells around, at least he didn't have to run so far every time he drew water.

In winter, the courtyard shared by the three families is naturally no longer usable. Chen Qi only encircled the area needed by his and Aze's original house. He asked Aze to move some stone slabs back to the tribe and to re-enclose a small courtyard. Then he built a wall only about half a meter high. Chen Qi dug up the rubber fruit originally laid on the ground, opened several plots of land in the corner of the courtyard, sprinkled a thin layer of charcoal ash on it, and then turned the charcoal ash to the ground. Before he could find anything to plant, he placed it like this.

Ka Luo looked at the house separated by the wall and murmured discontentedly, "why do you want to separate our house? It will take a long turn to find you."

Chen Qi explained to him, "I plan to plant something in the yard. If there is no fence, then some animals will break in or children will step on it."

Beasts don't have the consciousness of planting. I'm afraid children are not the only ones. If adults come to his house, they may step on the ground directly and pass by. There are walls blocking them. Naturally, they can only enter according to the road they have purposely left out, which can save a lot of trouble.

Ka Luo didn't say much either. Anyway, his house is next door. When Ake comes back, he will have to tear down the house and rebuild it. He just needs to build a wall. It will take Chen Qi a while to come to his house.

There is another reason why Chen Qi built the wall to make the new tribe look tidy. Considering that each family has a small house and a small courtyard, it is almost like returning to the modern society. He not only does it himself, but also plans to let the rest of the tribe do it.

A main road leads directly from Chen Qi to the main gate of the city wall. The school is next to Chen Qi, just opposite to Ka Luo's house. The school covers a large area. Even if only two or three rooms are planned to be built at the beginning, the stadium will still be reserved. When summer comes, Chen Qi will put his own sports on the agenda again.

Azhang and his family came back a week later. About 30 people came back together, including some unfamiliar faces that Chen Qi had never seen before. They heard Aze say they were people who had moved to the Lion Wolf Tribe before.

The Lion Wolf Tribe's male, whom Ale wanted to turn back, still did not turn his hand. He felt a little weak and weary through illness along the way.

Azhang introduced the situation to several people, and they all moved to Chen Qi's house. Aze's original house had been cleared out. With two rooms in Ka Luo's house and Ali's house, it was not a problem to place 30 people, while several females whom Asu and Chen Qi knew fairly well lived in the hall of Chen Qi's house.

Because Chen Qi took others with him in the planning of the house a few days ago. Now, as long as other people have a good place to live, they can directly move the materials back and start construction.

In addition to several blood relatives who want to live together, everyone else has built a house. Naturally, the house they built is not as big as Chen Qi's house, but they have built three rooms and one hall according to Chen Qi's standard. The so-called three rooms are actually just two rooms. The two rooms with the hall as the center face each other, and one of them is separated by a wall to make a storage room and a bathroom.

Chen Qi dug several large pits again beside the ditch where the sewage was piled up before. According to the previous method, the domestic sewage of each family in the tribe will be drained into these large pits, so as not to make the tribe dirty due to the dumping of animals everywhere. It can also be used as compost and can be used to improve the land for planting in the future. Moreover, this place was planned by Chen Qi to be outside the city, which is also a distance from the tribe. There is no need to worry about the smell drifting into the tribe.

The busy construction task lasted for more than a month. The grass on the plain has grown knee-high and the tall acacia trees around it have sprouted new leaves and are now luxuriant.

Most people in the tribe have already started to return to their new homes. Ka Luo and Azhang, like Chen Qijia, have built a large hall with four rooms. The three houses are the same in shape and size, which is quite spectacular from a distance.

During this period of time, I was busy fixing the house first. Naturally, the roads and city walls in the tribe had not yet been built, but Chen Qi was still a little dazed when looking at the gray stone houses.

"Chen Qi, we have really dug water." Ka Luo's excited voice pulled back Chen Qi's thoughts. Chen Qi hurriedly walked over. It was a place within the scope of the school. The weeds there grew more luxuriant than those in other places, and the soil was a little wetter than elsewhere. Chen Qi only tried. Unexpectedly, water emerged within two meters of digging.

With this well, at least there is no need to go all the way to Chishui River to fetch water.

In recent days, the food source of the tribe is to catch some fish in the river while fetching water. Now people in the tribe almost use fish as food. Ali often goes to everyone's home to teach them some simple eating methods.

After more than a month in summer, Azhang finally decided to temporarily set aside the construction task for one day, intending to organize several females to hunt in the forest.

Because of the disappearance of dolphin dragons, the only large herbivorous dragons that can still be hunted in the forest are antelope dragons and horned dragons. There is also a kind of dragon that looks like rabbits and wild boars, named Rabbit Dragons. They are as fast as rabbits and are good at making holes. It is not easy to catch them.

Azhang will teach several females how to use bows and arrows whenever he is free. Rabbit dragons have little courage. Once frightened or blocked, they will freeze in place. The lethality of bows and arrows may not be able to kill one of them. However, it is still useful to scare this timid creature. Although rabbit dragons are not as large as dragons that move two or three meters high, they are also as big as ordinary wild boars. As long as they can catch a few, they are enough for people in the tribe to eat for a period of time.

Aze did not follow Azhang to hunt, but helped Chen Qi build a kiln next to the school. It was for Ali to try to burn mud bricks. If the city wall is to be built, it is obviously not enough to use all stone slabs. The plain is already short of large stones. A city wall needs to be built at least six or seven meters to stop the huge dragons. Such a big project naturally needs to change a kind of material. Chen Qi first thought of bricks.

Beasts already have the technology to make pottery. It is a simple matter to make clay bricks.

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