Chen Qi only explained the shape of the brick to Ali and let him take a few old females to study. Now many things in the tribe have not been finished, and Chen Qi does not have time to follow up on everything.

A thin little female was standing outside the courtyard, poking his brains into it. Chen Qi was using a bone hoe to deal with his own plots of land. There were a lot of rubble in the ground. He picked out most of the rubble and paved a gravel road to connect them to the outside of the courtyard from the door.

"Azhu, what are you standing here looking at?" Ajing, who had just returned from the waves with the young wolf, saw the furtive people outside the yard and asked curiously.

The little female obviously got a fright and turned around in a panic. he saw that Ajing had just wanted to leave when he was caught by Ajing's wrist. the little wolf cub also bit at each other's leather boots in a fitting manner. probably the taste of the shoes was not very good. the little wolf cub just bit up and let go with abandon. he also hid behind Ajing piteously.

Hearing the noise at the door, Chen Qi put down his work and went out, "Ajing, who are you talking to?"

"I saw Azhu coming, but he did not dare to enter." Ajing a face of serious explanation to Chen Qi came out.

Chen Qi discovered that the thin man, Azhu, was very silent. It was better to say that the old females and children brought back from the tribe were very silent. For more than a month, they were all immersed in the work assigned to them. Chen Qi hardly spoke to them. Sometimes they did wrong. After giving advice aloud, they only nodded or shook their heads. Fortunately, their understanding ability was good, but there was not much problem.

Chen Qi half bent down and looked the little female in the eyes with a smile. "Are you here to see me?" He and Aze and Ajing live in this family. The Beastmen will not come to Aze at all, so it is only possible to find themselves.

Azhu did not dare to look straight at Chen Qi. He lowered his head to try to free his hand from Ajing. He did not know how the child's strength was so strong that he could not free himself no matter how hard he tried.

Although Azhu is only one and a half head taller than Ajing, in fact he is already 15 years old this year, but when his father was seriously injured in a small bamboo forest in winter, he was found to have been frozen for nearly three days even though he was wrapped in thick animal skins. It is estimated that he was injured and grew slower than his peers.

"Chen Qi, I found sweet potato seedlings today. See if I found them right." Ajing took off his backpack behind him and pulled out some plants with soil.

Because of his young age, Chen Qi naturally wouldn't let him do things like building a house. he didn't want to have nothing to do but himself. so he took his pups to look for plants Chen Qi needed every day after he finished his homework. at first, he also found a lot of weeds that Chen Qi didn't even know. later, Chen Qi carefully drew some recognizable plant seedlings on the cloth and asked Chen Ajing to look for them according to the pattern. now some plants such as perilla and potatoes have been planted in the yard. these plants grow slowly, and I'm afraid they will be harvested later.

Ipomoea batatas seedlings are still very recognizable. Chen Qi just looked at them and knew if they were right. he rubbed Ajing's little head like a compliment, "well done today, then you can go and plant these Ipomoea batatas seedlings in the field. do you remember how to plant them?"

Ajing nodded, and Chen Qi would ask himself to help plant every time he retrieved the plant seedlings. Naturally, he remembered.

Ajing carrying a backpack into the yard, Chen Qi and his eyes moved to the bamboo, bamboo is still wearing fur clothing, lower body is fur skirt, dress up and when he first saw Aze, now the temperature is estimated to be close to more than 30 degrees, Chen Qi already changed into breathable T Ting, now looking at bamboo dress inexplicably feel a hot.

Chen Qi stepped forward and pulled each other's hand. He pulled each other into the house without hesitation. Naturally, the house would not burn the fire again on a hot day. There was a tall fig tree next to it that blocked the sun. All the windows were opened. Chen Qi's house was extremely cool.

"Before, I remember that Ali gave everyone a cloth suit. Why didn't you wear it?" Chen Qi went back to the room and found out a set of cloth that he had not worn. His trousers were shorts. Although the T-shirt was a little bigger, it could barely be worn.

Azhu was a little at a loss. he didn't know where to put it. when he heard Chen Qi's question, he shook his head and explained in a low voice: "I'm afraid I'll break it."

Chen Qi looked at him with amusement. "The clothes are only worn for breaking. Just mend them when they are broken. What are you worried about? Change the suit on your body quickly. If you are not hot, I'll watch it get hot."

Azhu held the clothes in his arms and wait for a while did not move. Chen Qi looked at each other's awkward expression and asked curiously, "What's the matter? Aren't you used to wearing cloth?"

"No, no." Azhu hurriedly shook his head again, finally like under what determination from the pocket a few already a little withered plant seedlings. "I saw you looking for this thing that day. I saw it dug back for you."

Chen Qi took over the seedlings. These are the seedlings of several dandelions. Some time ago, Chen Qi planned to see if there were any edible wild vegetables around. As a result, he only found some dandelions nearby that were not bare-footed. He remembered that he and Azhu had not said a few words. Why did the other party even know that he was looking for dandelions?

"You . . . your French fries were delicious, this is a thank you." Azhu's face turned red, and he seemed a little annoyed that he could only send out such a thank-you gift. He should collect some delicious wild fruits for the other party, but the wild fruits on the plain would take about a month to grow up. With his ability, he could not go to the forest and could only find these weeds.

Chen Qi stun, French fries? Isn't that when they came back on the first day, they blew up the remaining potatoes as food to celebrate their return? I didn't expect the child to think about it for so long.

"thank you." Chen Qi looked into each other's eyes and thanked them sincerely.

Seeing Chen Qi's liking, Azhu's eyes brightened a little. He nodded and ran away with his newly acquired clothes. The thin figure made Chen Qi feel a little distressed.

Most of the people living in the Lion Wolf Tribe have no hunting ability. naturally, they cannot eat three meals a day in winter as they do. they can ensure that one meal a day is already very good. only the female who is responsible for guarding can be allowed to eat fully. after all, if hungry and in case of danger, there is no way to exert their strength, they can only die together.

Beasts are people with simple thoughts. They don't have too many twists and turns, but the world environment is too harsh and unfriendly to them. They have to do their best to live in this world. Chen Qi sincerely felt at this moment that he wanted to do something for these beasts, at least he hoped they would not be hungry.

I looked down at the withered dandelion in my hand. dandelion is a kind of tenacious living creature. it can grow well only by giving some soil and sunshine.

Chen Qi took the dandelion and went out into the yard. Ajing was whining and came back with less than half a bucket of water, watering the newly planted young seedlings.

Chen Qi planted dandelion seedlings in another newly opened field and said to Ajing, "Ajing, tomorrow you will call all the minor Beastmen in the tribe to their homes and let them learn with you."

Ajing nodded, "OK."

The clay bricks were fired well and hard enough. Each brick had an arm a handbreadth long and a handbreadth wide. Aze dug them a full day of river mud, which was enough for them to fire for a long time.

Ali taught several females how to fire and then left the matter to them. Recently, he followed Chen Qi to plant. Chen Qi was already a half-baked worker in planting. He asked Ali to record the results of each plot. Now Ali has learned many words, so the daily record really enables him to find some experience. Now the seedlings planted in his yard grow better than Chen Qi's. Sometimes Chen Qi also asked Ali to come to his house to help look after the seedlings.

"Pa." A loud slap sounded suddenly in the house in the silent night. Chen Qi looked at a pool of blood in his hand and frowned. "Aze, didn't you say that all the creatures moving on the plain migrated away?" Why does this annoying worm still appear here?

". . ." Aze silently looked at Chen Qi's flattened ant dragon, which looks like a mosquito, is small in size and likes to eat the blood of all animals. After a winter's hibernation, the ant dragon has long been hungry. Previously, he was the only one living here. These ant dragons would never come here to feed. It is estimated that there are many people now and only when they smell the blood did they begin to run out of the forest.

"Maybe it's too close to the forest." At the speed of Beastmen, they can run back and forth in the forest in one day. Ant dragons are faster. This distance can really attract the other side.

Aze took out a few ghost needle flowers that had been stored for a winter and had completely turned into dried flowers, gathered some turpentine and firewood, went to the yard, and lit the firewood at intervals. The smell of the ghost needle flowers could drive away all insects, including dragon insects.

Until the faint fragrance filled the air, those annoying sounds did not exist. Chen Qi leaned over and looked at them in surprise." Aze, can this kind of ghost needle flower directly planted in the surroundings also have the function of repelling insects?"

Aze nodded.

Chen Qi slapped his hand. "Tomorrow we will go to the ghost needle tree. I will plant this kind of flower around the house. No, I will plant this kind of flower around the tribe."

Ghost needle flower looks a bit like peony, with a long flowering period. It blooms almost all summer. It can be used as a plant to beautify the tribe.

Chen Qi said he would do what he said. The next day he took Aze and dug back all the ghost needle trees that could be found around him. Unfortunately, there were only a dozen trees. He built another small flower bed around the outside of the wall and planted all the ghost needle trees. The survival rate of this kind of tree seemed to be not too high after it was dug out and planted. The next day it was almost half dead.

There is no way, Aze can only pick some ghost needles every day and occasionally dig one or two trees. It is good to live. If not, there is no loss. It's a big deal to dig again next time.

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