One more earth kiln has been built to burn bricks, and now two earth kilns burn mud bricks almost day and night. These mud bricks are not only used to build city walls, but also the roads in the tribe, Chen Qi, also plans to use mud bricks to lay them. After all, stone slabs still need to be reserved for building houses.

Only after all the houses inhabited by the ethnic groups were completed did the school begin to be built. The school only built three rooms, one ordinary classroom intended to teach the veterinary people to learn Chinese characters, one with several cooking stoves intended to teach the veterinary people to learn cooking techniques, and the last one was intended to learn hand-made.

Although the house has been built, it will take some time to build the desks inside, so there is no hurry to open it. However, outdoor places like playgrounds are covered with weeds as summer approaches, and weeds cannot be distinguished from each other before they blossom and bear fruit. Chen Qi plans to wait for some time for the weeds around to grow higher and see if there is anything useful to dispose of them. Anyway, it will be a long time before the wall is built, and it can be done slowly.

The next day after receiving Chen Qi's task, Ajing called up all the Beastmen in the tribe who were not yet adults. There were only three people. In addition to Ajing's youngest age, the second was Azhu. Although the remaining two females were also very thin, they were already seventeen or eighteen years old, approaching adulthood, and their bodies would not be stunted like Azhu's. They could already faintly see the shadow of growing into strong females.

Azhu was not as nervous as he was at first because he had been here once. The other two females had a tight face and stiff hands and feet. Even sitting on the chair, they only dared to sit down by the side. Chen Qi was worried that they would fall off the chair.

Chen Qi did not immediately start to teach them to learn Chinese characters, but asked Ajing to take out the story he had written on the gum leaves and read it to a few people, not many. He read it every morning. Chen Qi also assigned a pair of illustrations to each story so that they would feel better when watching the illustrations and listening to the stories.

Have the animals ever heard the story, and after listening to it for a few times, they fell in love with the story class every morning. Before dawn every day, they automatically and consciously ran to the door to wait for Ajing to get up and read the story to them. They were also full of interest in the words written on the glue leaves. Of course, what interested them more was the charcoal strokes painted on the wooden board one by one. Unfortunately, as long as they touched it with their hands, the pictures would be erased. Therefore, several people would deliberately lighten their breath every time they looked around.

After coming here for several times, I became familiar with it, and a few young females were no longer as restrained as they were at first. Now Chen Qi will let them have breakfast together and sit down at the table obediently. Ajing, like a grown-up, learned 100% of the way Chen Qi taught him at the beginning. He could see Chen Qi's head was black.

Chen Qi twisted a completely withered potato seedling and frowned. Did he pour too much water? Or is the soil not fertile enough? Or are the plants here unsuitable for replanting after being dug up? Chen Qi regretted having found a few potato seedlings and was excited to fry the last few potatoes of a winter into French fries.

"Aze, let's not plant potatoes first." Chen Qi turned over the dead potato seedlings with his bone hoe again.

Aze took out some wild Jiang Miao trees with soil in his backpack. Seeing Chen Qi's slightly lost expression, Aze comforted: "It's just summer now, there should be a lot of potatoes nearby. I can find some more tomorrow. You don't have to worry, there will always be enough to feed."

Aze hasn't gone hunting since summer. Every day, Aze is either busy building the tribe or searching everywhere for the plant seedlings Chen Qi needs. Aze has found almost all the plants planted on several plots in the yard.

Azhang, on the other hand, will take the newly formed hunting team into the forest every three days. The hunted prey will be equally distributed to everyone in the tribe. In addition to the big fish occasionally caught in Chishui River, other people in the tribe are now starting to eat three meals just like Chen Qi and they do. There is no need to worry about food shortage.

Chen Qi shook his head, took over the wild Jiang Miao in Aze's hand, dug a suitable pit in the loose soil, then put the wild Jiang Miao in it, buried it in the soil, poured some water, and gently poked the tender green leaves of wild ginger with his hand. This just replied: "Didn't you say that the fruits on the plain will mature in about three months? Instead of messing around here, let's wait for a wild potato harvest before planting it."

In a short period of one month or so, he has planted potato seedlings for three rounds, and the death rate is much higher than that of other plants. Chen Qi's heart aches. anyway, the wild potatoes are not small either. if all the potato seedlings around are dug up, then he will have to go further to look for them. it is better to harvest one round before trying to plant seedlings. perhaps the survival rate will be a little higher than that of the current method of directly digging back the seedlings and planting them.

Aze did not understand such things as planting. Since Chen Qi said that the potatoes on the plain would be counted after harvest, he silently wrote down this in advance in his heart. Next time he tried to find a place where potatoes grew thickly, so that when the potatoes were ripe, he could dig directly.

"Chen Qi." Azhang gave a cry outside the gate and stepped in. Chen Qi looked up and saw that the other side was followed by the rest of the tribe.

"what's the matter? Is there something wrong?" Chen Qi stood up, also too late to clean up the dirt on his hands, hurriedly to meet up.

"I heard Ajing say that you asked him to teach a few underage females to learn Chinese characters. There is nothing to do at night. I brought the rest of the tribe along and wanted them to follow Ajing to learn first." Azhang also knew that Chen Qi had stayed in the yard to wait on the plants these days, so he didn't plan to let Chen Qi teach himself. Anyway, they all followed Ajing and watched with Chen Qi nearby. I believe it is enough for Ajing to teach.

Chen Qi froze and looked at the gray-haired and wrinkled old men walking in front of them. Imagine Ajing's small plate standing in front of them posing as a serious little teacher. How could he be so disobedient?

Chen Qi is also not good for them to stand outside the gate and talk. He hurriedly let everyone into the courtyard. It is already evening, and the sun will set in a few minutes. There are no lights and other things here. The lighting is almost entirely on fire. Naturally, it is impossible to squeeze all of them into the room in such hot weather. Chen Qi asked Aze to move some skins and blankets out and spread them under the fig tree. Chen Qi has already cleared up a vacant area for activities. It is just right for 20 or 30 people to sit together at the moment.

"Your yard is quite tidy." Ale came in and looked around curiously, admiring. Although his family has also built a yard, the yard is now full of knee-high weeds. I'm afraid that in a while, those weeds will grow higher than the wall, naturally not as neat as Chen Qi's here.

Summer is not as cold as winter. Chen Qi doesn't need to drill back into bed early in the evening. His family is not short of oil, so he lit a few oil lamps and torches every day and tidied up the yard with light. Now, the yard is not only paved with a gravel road, but also a small clearing with slates under the fig tree. A table and several wooden stools are placed on it. At night, he is tired and sits under the tree, making a pot of tea and enjoying the moon by blowing the wind. It is almost unspeakably pleasant.

"When you are free, you can tidy up like me and try to grow something for yourself. It is also comfortable to watch." Chen Qi suggested.

Ale repeatedly motioned with his hand, "If this thing doesn't survive, I won't waste my energy."He said, rubbing against Asu and sat down.

Ale is right. Once the plants on the plain are dug up and moved, the survival rate of replanting is very low. Now, apart from Chen Qi, only Ali family has opened a few plots of land for planting in the tribe.

Strangely enough, it was the same treatment. The survival rate of the things planted by Ali was higher than that planted by Chen Qi. At least two potato seedlings planted by Ali lived there. Chen Qi was wiped out directly here. Chen Qi had to wonder if he had no talent for planting.

Seeing that Ale is not interested in planting, Chen Qi is not reluctant either. He himself is still in the experimental stage. It is not too late to teach them to plant after improving the survival rate of plants.

Originally doing Chen Qi's daily homework in the room, Ajing heard the movement in the yard and came out, perhaps because there were many people. Young Wolf did not follow behind him as usual, but hid behind the door and looked curiously at a crowd in the yard.

Aze cooked a cup of pottery scented tea with pottery. Perhaps there was not much food after summer, but the only thing that was not lacking was all kinds of flowers. Chen Qi did not dare to pick any flowers back. He only picked out a few kinds of flowers he knew and said that he could collect some without any problem. He dried them and soaked them for drinking.

Aze is now soaking in a daisy-like flower. After being dried by Chen Qi, Aze is now soaking in water. Originally dried petals spread out in the water, which is really beautiful.

Of course, there are not enough cups in the home. Fortunately, there are many bamboo tubes stored in the past. Each bamboo tube is filled with half bamboo tube scented tea, sAjing  can help to deliver it to the people in the yard.

Azhang sent people to heel Aze and left after saying hello. The brick kiln could not be shut down. Ali was watching over there. Anyway, the clansman gave Chen Qi his peace of mind and decided to help Ali watch the fire.

Ali and Zhang married before summer came, but only a few people who lived together in winter knew about it, and they didn't even tell Asu. Although Zhang felt that it didn't matter, Ali thought that the two females could not have been blessed by the Beast God, but it was better to keep a low profile so that no one told.

Their partner ceremony cannot transfer information to the same shadow stone as Chen Qi and Aze. But now the bone ring carved by hand on the ring finger has replaced the position of shadow stone in their hearts. The inside of the bone ring is engraved with the name of the other party, just like the other party has always been with them.

Chen Qi originally intended to teach tribal people to learn knowledge, but only wanted to arrange courses for them after the school officially opened.

He asked Aze to help make dozens of palm-sized boards. Instead of giving lectures to these people immediately, he looked around at the people with a hint of bewilderment and curiosity on their faces and asked, "Do you know what your name is like?"

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