Beasts looked at each other and shook their heads blankly.

Chen Qi did not explain either. Instead, he looked at Azhu sitting next to him and asked, "You have been listening to Ajing telling stories every day recently. Do you know why he can tell so many stories?"

Azhu, who was suddenly asked a question, was a little scared. He turned to look at the old woman sitting next to him in bewilderment. The old woman nodded to him encouragingly. Azhu turned his eyes back to Chen Qi. "Is it because of those words?"

Chen Qi nodded approvingly. He took out Ajing's pile of rubber leaves filled with stories and put them on the wooden table. He waved to Ka Luo, who was pretending to be a good student in the crowd, and motioned for the other party to come over. Then he continued, "You three have seen these rubber leaves filled with words many times these days, and what is written on them is the stories Ajing told you."

Chen Qi asked Ka Luo to pick up a rubber leaf at random. "Do you think Ka Luo can retell these stories word for word?"

In addition to the youngest Ajing, the construction animals in the tribe all worked together. When the three little females worked, they would always share the new stories they heard today with other people in the tribe. Sometimes the people who described forgot that the other two would also add, so everyone knew that they were learning from Ajing.

As Chen Qi's words fell on everyone's eyes and uniformly moved to Ka Luo, this feeling of being the focus made Ka Luo a little nervous. He covered his lips with his fist and coughed softly. After getting Chen Qi's signal, he began to read it word by word according to the above words.

The text of fairy tales is not difficult to use, and Chen Qi also intends to guide them to learn with the stories they are most interested in. Only in a short winter, Chen Qi gave a brief account of Andersen's fairy tales and the four famous works. Unfortunately, he did not have the ability to remember anything. Otherwise, he would have moved out the 1,001 nights directly, which is to say it for a long time for these beast people who love to hear stories without repeating them.

Later, Chen Qi, in order to let them take the initiative to learn words, said nothing but wrote instead, and they were not allowed to tell each other in private. He told the story at the beginning every time and mercilessly threw down a leaf of gum full of words in a few pairs of sparkling eyes. He wanted to know the follow-up? Yes, see for yourself. Therefore, it is not difficult for even Ka Luo, who is the least fond of learning, to understand the words in his hand after a winter of abuse.

Although Ka Luo's narrative tone is very flat, it can't hold up the freshness of the story for the beast people. Even if he has heard it once, he still enjoys listening to it again.

Although the beast's memory is very good, but not everyone can have a photographic memory, at least Ka Luo can't do it, he asked Ka Luo to retell the story without reading the text again, this time it is not as smooth as before, especially when it comes to the characters' conversation stuttering, occasionally missing a few words were corrected by a few young daughters of Azhu, causing Ka Luo to turn his eyes at Chen Qi with resentment.

Chen Qi ignored Ka Luo's plaintive eyes and asked him to read the words on the gum leaves again after he had finished speaking. After that, he looked around the crowd and asked, "Do you know what use the words are now?"

After such an operation, even though the beast people did not quite understand Chen Qi's purpose, they vaguely felt that it seemed that this word could help them remember something.

"Chen Qi, can it help us remember?" Ali and Chen Qi are quite familiar with each other. At the moment, they directly raise their questions loudly.

Chen Qi nodded, "Words cannot only help you record some memories." Chen Qi brought Aze's palm-sized wood board, stained it with the adjusted black fruit dyeing liquid with a writing brush, brushed it with a big happy word, blew it a little, and handed it to Ale only after the writing had dried up a little.

"For example, this word, this is a word of" joy "and also your name. If you keep this board with your name written on it, your future partner, your child, your grandson, or the descendants who still have your blood in their bodies hundreds of years later will know that their ancestor is a female named Ale as long as they see this board. Even if you have something you want to tell future generations, just write it down, even if you cannot meet, even if you are thousands of miles apart, he will know what you want to say to him." Of course, the premise is that this board will not be lost or broken.

After hearing Chen Qi's explanation, not only Ale, but also other Beastmen present gasped. For Beastmen like them, who can only transmit information by word of mouth, it is good to remember the name of father, father, and it is almost impossible to remember the name of father, father, father. After all, the environment here simply cannot make the Beastmen live to die of natural causes.

Now Chen Qi told him that this kind of thing called writing can let people know their existence all the time and even speak to future generations who cannot meet in the future. This incident has completely destroyed the beast people's understanding.

The scene fell into silence. Chen Qi was not in a hurry to continue to fool, but waited patiently for them to digest the information.

It is not so easy to accept a completely new knowledge. Chen Qi is now teaching more than half of them are elderly females. their average age is almost over 150 years old. it may be okay for them to learn cooking or sewing, but it is impossible for them to learn writing, which seems neither usable nor edible. perhaps they will learn on the face of the patriarch. but naturally, this passive learning cannot be compared with active learning. Chen Qi also thought for a long time before coming up with a new one

After all, there is no one who does not want to leave a trace, hoping that people will remember themselves, even a little.

For a long time, the old woman sitting next to Azhu looked up and looked at Chen Qi with slightly clouded eyes. "My name is Acheng. Can you write my name for me?"

The old female named Acheng is over 200 years old this year. He is the oldest female in the tribe. He is also the one who brought up Azhu all the time. Although his face is full of wrinkles and gray, he is still strong and strong. Chen Qi saw the other side move a stone slab that he could not lift easily the other day.

Chen Qi smiled and handed the written board to the other party. The old woman gently stroked the above strokes with his wrinkled dry fingers. "Is this what my name looks like?"

"Yes, whoever sees this word in the future will know that this word reads 'city (Cheng)'."

"Then, how can I learn to write my own name?" The old woman raised his head and looked at Chen Qi expectantly.

"Go to the next school tomorrow and I'll teach you how to write." It is not suitable for one-on-one teaching because there are too many people here. Anyway, the school room has been built and it is good to open it in advance.

At this time, other people also could not sit still and gathered around one after another, hoping Chen Qi could help write down his name.

Chen Qi smiled gently and responded to the request. He did not intend to teach them anything profound on the first day, fooled their interest in learning, handed them their names after writing them, and then asked Ajing and Ka Luo to read them a few stories before disbanding.

"What's the matter?" After sending the clan away, Aze helped to pack up the yard. Ajing also took the pups with him to move the hides and blankets piled up together back to the house.

Chen Qi frowned, only recovered from Aze's question and shook his head. "I just didn't expect that so many of them had night blindness."

Chen Qi didn't find it at the beginning. After all, according to his original cognition, people's physical strength and eyesight will decline as long as they get older. However, although these beasts are old, they do not lose their work during the day. Now they are only a short distance away, and they still need someone to help them back. Their eyesight is obviously lower than that during the day.

Aze froze and was about to ask when Chen Qila took his hand. "Don't worry, it's not a big deal. Next time we'll find some food to improve our diet."


As long as the beast people have the things they want to do, their actions are amazing. They gathered in the classroom early in the morning the next day. Chen Qi, who arrived on time, had to wonder if he was late. Chen Qi's lesson is early. After all, he has a good memory in the morning and his learning efficiency will be greatly improved.

Chen Qi gave everyone a writing brush and several wooden boards, and then he and Ajing taught them one by one the gesture of holding a pen and the stroke sequence of their names. There was no way out. Everyone was more interested in how to write their names. Even if it was not easy to write more strokes of a word, they had to do so first.

The effect of using wood to practice calligraphy is naturally not as good as that of rubber leaves, but the rubber leaves in summer are green, so it is not obvious to use them to write. If only paper can be made, it is not winter now, and there is no need to worry about the pulp being frozen. Chen Qi, while correcting the mistakes of the beast people, recalled the paper making process in his mind.

The funnel Chen Qi used to time was also moved to the classroom by him. He did not want the animals to get bored with learning. After one hour of learning, they were dismissed. Those who wanted to continue practicing calligraphy could stay and continue practicing. Those who did not want to practice could leave their jobs.

However, the tribe is now in the construction stage. Even the beast people who want to continue to practice cannot stay. They asked Chen Qi to bring the writing brush and fruit dyeing liquid home and hastily tidied them up and put them into the tribe's construction.

The two brick kilns have already fired a batch of materials day and night. Looking at the materials that have already been prepared, Azhang took people along the position discussed with Chen Qi before to start digging the foundation of the city wall.

The city wall does not only open the front and rear doors like the previous wall, because the area is large enough, so each of the front, rear, left and right walls has a gate, but the other three gates are twice as small as the area of the main gate, which is used for escape in case of attack danger and so on. The main gate is opened large enough considering the volume of prey in the forest, otherwise the prey that is very difficult to hunt back will not get into the trouble.

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