Beasts do not have the habit of taking lunch break. They eat a little barbecue at noon and continue to work, because of this, the excavation of the foundation of the city wall is quite fast.

Chen used his fingers to simply calculate the setting time of the sun, determined that the sun was about to set in an hour or two, then stopped his work and walked to busy Azhang. "Azhang, finish your work ahead of schedule today and I'll teach you how to order dishes later."

Azhang raised his head from the dug hole and heard Chen Qi's words and said, "Clean up here and I'll let them find you."

"Just go to school. The stove there has been built and can be used."

Azhang nodded, and Chen Qi went back to make preparations.

The school's cooking classroom is larger than the other two, with five cooking benches built and several wooden tables placed in the middle to hold things. Aze and Ake went to help watch the kiln, while Ali came back to help Chen Qi.

Except for dolphin and dragon, most of the internal organs of dragon are inedible, so the prey returned by the hunting team during this period is only various kinds of meat.

Chen Qi took out all the livers pickled in summer till now. They lost water too long ago. Chen used cold water to soak them and washed away most of the salty taste by the way.

The crucian carp was caught by Aze in the morning. There were two. Chen Qi only treated one of the fish and divided it into two large pottery plates. Then he filled it with water and put it on the hearth to cook soup.

Chen Qi took care of the preparation work and the animals came in. There were no stools in the classroom, so the animals stood scattered. Chen started wiping his hands with a rag."Let's have dinner together tonight. Now I'm going to teach you how to cook some food and you often cook some when you go home, so maybe you can see something at night."

"How do you know we can't see at night?" After entering the winter, the eyesight of the old females and those who cannot be zoomed began to slowly decline, especially in the early summer, when it was the most serious, they could hardly see anything when the sun came down from the mountain, but they would slowly improve in the middle of summer, and would not continue to cycle until entering the winter. Beasts can only attribute this phenomenon to the loss of their ability to become animals.

Chen Qi explained to the public the characteristics of night blindness. He did not know how serious their symptoms were, but obviously they were not born. After all, women like Kyon, who have entered middle age, have normal eyesight. Therefore, as long as they adjust some diet, they should be able to improve their symptoms.

"Do you mean that if you eat more liver fish soup and vegetables, you can improve your inability to see things at night?" Azhang asked after hearing Chen Qi's explanation.

Chen Qi nodded, "you should only eat meat in winter? And I don't eat much, unlike in summer, I can eat some wild fruits to improve."

Asu nodded slightly awkwardly. In fact, when Ale came back shortly after winter to tell them that fish could be eaten, they didn't take the matter to heart. They felt that the food stored was enough for the winter and they didn't catch fish in the river at all. Later, there were several dragon collective events on the plain, so the beast people almost couldn't even leave the tribe and stayed at home patiently waiting for the end of winter.

Now I moved here and started to eat a little bit slowly, but some old females experienced more things and naturally saw the fate of those who secretly ate fish before. Moreover, the beast people could not swim. Once they accidentally fell into the water and there was no one to rescue them, they almost had to wait until they died. Therefore, even knowing that these fish were not dangerous, they still had some resistance in their hearts. This is also why Azhang brought people into the forest to hunt in advance. Otherwise, according to his previous plan, he would not consider entering the forest until the tribe was completely completed.

"There are many things to eat on the plain except wild fruits." Chen Qi took the spare ginger, onion and garlic from the backpack beside him and put them on the wooden table where the things were placed, so that everyone could see clearly the appearance of these things.

These things were shown to the Beastmen when Ali taught them to make simple food before, but the Beastmen are accustomed to eating meat, and wild fruits are usually only eaten by males. Now it is not a winter without food. The food returned by the hunting team is enough for the tribe to eat, so even if they usually put a little seasoning, the Beastmen rarely eat it into their stomachs.

Chen Qi took out another bag of processed rice berry powder, a little yellow in color. These were collected by Aze and the hunting team during this period. He asked Ali to mix two pieces of meat, one was ordinary rabbit dragon meat, the other was pickled liver, and the two fillings were mixed with scallions. Chen Qi took a portion of rice berry powder and kneaded it into dough, then rolled it into the shape of dumpling wrappers with a rolling pin.

When making dumplings, let other Beastmen do it together. the females are all very good at it. Chen Qi only taught them twice and they will be able to do it. put the dumplings in a hot and oily pottery pan and fry them until they are golden. then add water and cook them until the juice dries up. each of them gave a pair of chopsticks, "taste it."

Ale was the first to come up. He tasted Chen Qi's craftsmanship, so he took a piece of it and stuffed it into his mouth. He was also scalded because he ate too fast. He slurred his speech and said, "It's delicious."

The others hesitated, and came forward to try one. Chen Qi did not do much, just one by one.

Here, the rice berries are for young children, like Acheng has not eaten the rice berries for more than 200 years. It has long been forgotten what the taste of the rice berries is. Now it is obvious that the crisp dumpling wrappers still feel slightly fresh, which is very different from the meat taste, but when they are chewed, a fragrant and tender meat filling emerges.

Onions are not added very much, and you can't eat them without careful discrimination. No one will tear the dumpling wrapper and pick it out a little bit.

After swallowing the dumplings, I still felt unsatisfied, but the cooked dumplings had already been eaten up. Asu stepped forward and said, "Chen Qi, do you want us to learn how to make this food?"

Chen Qi nodded. "You can call this kind of food dumplings. There are also a lot of processed rice berry powder here. Please do it according to the method I just taught you."

There were several large tables in the room. Chen Qi, who had too many people, asked them to learn kneading in batches. He taught several old females how to bake rice berries into powder.

Taking advantage of the break, Azhang walked beside Chen Qi and briefly told him about today's construction. Only then did he say, "Chen Qi, I want to speed up the construction of the city wall."

Chen Qi looked back at him. "Do you want to continue working at night?"

Azhang nodded, "The area around here is too wide. In case of attack, there is no way to hide. After the wall is built, it will be at least safer."

Chen Qi knew this reason for a long time, but Azhang now has to make him feel strange, "did you find anything in the hunt yesterday?"

Azhang paused. "I thought I'd go into the forest for confirmation in two days and then tell you. I found traces of giant wolf gods' activities outside the forest."

". . . . . . Do you mean that the giant wolf god who saved you and Aze did not return to Sanchen River?"

"I don't know if it's the same head." Azhang shook his head, "I'm afraid there are other reasons for the giant wolf god to stay in the periphery, after all, we are too close to the forest here. Now that we can help the ethnic group to solve the problem that they cannot see things at night, should it not be a problem to continue building the city wall at night?"

Chen Qi was silent for a moment. "This is not a disease that can be cured with only one meal." Moreover, it is not an overnight thing to guide the beast people to eat other foods. How long has Ka Luo been eating with him, and he still doesn't like vegetables other than potatoes and sweet potatoes until now.

". . . . . ."

Although there is no way to solve the problem of being unable to see things at night with only one meal, Azhang continued to build the city wall at night with young females. Only in a short period of one week, the city wall was already more than half a meter high. Unfortunately, the firing speed of the earth kiln could not keep up with the construction speed, which forced it to slow down again.

Outside the wall of Chen Qi's house, a whole circle of ghost needle trees were planted around the wall. These ghost needle trees have been planted for nearly two months. Once any dead tree Aze dug it up and planted a new one. Once the ghost needle tree survives, it will not die again. Now the branches are covered with various ghost needle flowers, which set off the whole fence beautifully.

Other people in the tribe saw it and planted it in the same way. Those annoying mosquitoes escaped when they smelled the ghost needle flower far away. Now you can't see a worm even walking in the tribe.

The school now arranges two classes every day, literacy class in the morning and cooking class or handicraft class in the evening. Chen Qi only taught a few classes in person in the first two days. Later, he threw these classes to Ajing and Ali. Although Ajing is young, teaching things is organized. If he was born in Chen Qi's world, Ajing is a genius student bully.

While Chen Qi and Aze are working on the paper making. Azhang also wanted to see how to do it, but he was responsible for both the construction of the city wall and the hunting. He didn't have time to watch it all the time. Then he sent Azhu to help and didn't come back.

The most troublesome thing in paper making is the pounding of pulp. Fortunately, Aze has great strength, and it was done quickly after handing over the job to him. However, Chen Qi himself has never made paper and can only do experiments while doing it. During this period, he naturally failed several times.

Looking at the slowly dried paper on the stone slab, Chen Qi carefully tore it off. The paper was yellowish brown and only about eight inches in size. Although the surface of the paper was rough, there were still some vegetable fibers that had not been mashed up, and it was pitted because of the uneven swing in the last step, but this still could not hide Chen Qi's excitement. "Aze, Aze, look, you have made it."

Aze breathed a sigh of relief silently in his heart. Chen Qi has been working day and night these days. He is really afraid that the other side's body will be unable to stand it. "Mmm."

"Is this paper?" Azhu leaned in curiously and did not expect that a pile of pasty things would turn into this after drying.

"With paper, there will be more things to do." Chen Qi carefully put away the first finished product. Taking advantage of this feeling, he has to do more. Now there are no rubber leaves and he can't paint lavishly with cloth every time. Chen Qi's hands have been itching for a long time. With paper, he can record some edible things.

"This paste is still too rough. Aze, you should play it more delicately."


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