In the third month of summer, the construction of the tribe was finally completed. The city wall was more than seven meters high and about three meters wide. The base was built of stone and heavy stone slabs, and the top was reddish brown mud bricks.

Every front door in the tribe is paved with mud bricks to connect to the main road, which leads directly to the city gate. There are two tall fig trees, which are very conspicuous.

Chen Qi painted two large curtains on both sides of the city wall with the white dyed fruits he found and wrote thousands of words on one side. Of course, because Chen Qi forgot most of them, only a few hundred words were hard put together on them, but somehow the words were not repeated. Chen Qi also arranged them according to the order of level and oblique tones. It was easy to remember when reading and would not prevent them from being used for reading. On the other side, the multiplication formula was written. After this period of study, people in the tribe learned the number 20 when they learned the best. Now, the multiplication formula can only be understood by Aze and Ajing, who are kept in the kitchen by Chen Qi everyday.

After the four gates were installed, Azhang rushed excitedly to find Chen Qi. The other party had promised to name the tribe after the completion of the tribe. Now he had finished all of them with great difficulty. He could not wait long ago.

"Ze Cheng (City Ze)?"Azhang heard Aze screaming as soon as he entered the courtyard. He looked up and saw Chen Qi sitting on a wooden table in the courtyard. Aze stood beside him with a face of surprise.

"Chen Qi, have you decided what name to give our tribe?" Azhang asked clear voice before they arrived.

Chen Qi looked down at the voice. Azhang had already strode to the front of the two men. he put down his pen with a smile and handed the paper with good handwriting to the other party. "think it over, I want to use this name."

"No way." See Azhang will paper in the past, Aze hurriedly voice opposition.

Azhang looked at him doubtfully. Then he looked down at the paper in his hand. On it were written two large characters, horizontal and vertical, in black fruit dyeing liquid, "Ze Cheng?" Aze's name?

Chen Qi touched his nose slightly shyly. In fact, he had already thought about the name long ago, but he didn't say it out of fear of Aze's opposition. Even if he said he was selfish, the name wouldn't have changed if he had named it.

"see if the name can be used." Chen Qi asked nervously. He was really afraid Azhang would reject the name in one bite. He knew that he should have discussed it with the other party first.

Azhang had no problem with the tribe's name. "I said before that you would use whatever name you chose, but I was just a little surprised that you would use this word."

Chen Qi breathed a sigh of relief.

"You can't use this name." Aze sipped his lips and looked at Chen Qi obstinately.

"Have you not discussed it?" Azhang asked in surprise.

Chen Qi said awkwardly, "I wanted to surprise him." Then he looked back at Aze, "I like this name, and since I am asked to name it, I will not change it."

Aze looked at Azhang for help. Azhang shrugged. "I've left the name to Chen Qi. If you don't like it, you can discuss it with him."

Aze's attitude softened and he was already inarticulate, not to mention facing Chen Qi, who had never refuted the other party's decision. "Chen Qi, don't use this name, ok?"


Aze stun, why? This is the name given to this tribe. I am a man abandoned by the beast god. what if the beast god is angry?

Chen Qi sighed. He shook Aze's slightly cold hand. "I like this name and I like this tribe, so I want to name my favorite tribe with my favorite word. Is that not possible?"

Aze frowned, he is now accustomed to Chen Qi said like words, although moved in my heart, but still think the other party's decision is too hasty, even if their tribe will not mind the name, if other tribes to see later know the name is from him?

Aze hesitated for a moment and said, "Do you want to use your name?"

"My name? Qi Cheng?" Chen Qi chin cupped in thought, it seems that really considering the feasibility of the name.

Aze nodded. Seeing Chen Qi's facial expression was a bit loose, he urged: "Uncle Azhang originally asked you to help the tribe name. You have taught so many things to the tribe that you should apply your name."

Azhang turned supercilious look, too lazy to take a reason for the two men, self-care at the table and sat down, picked up a clean wooden cup next to poured himself a cup of scented tea, and before drinking daisy tea with a little sweet taste is not the same, today's tea has a astringent taste, Azhang only drink a mouthful of just want to pour out the cup of tea.

"This tea is helpful to lower the fire. It has been very hot recently. Drinking a little is good for your health." Although Chen Qi is thinking about things, he has always been paying attention to Azhang's actions. When he saw that the other party wanted to pour out the tea secretly, he hurriedly warned him.

Azhang looked at the cup in his hand with a bitter face and couldn't figure out where Chen Qi got the tea that was so difficult to drink. Didn't I say daisies also had this effect before? It's good to drink that.

Chen Qi ignored Azhang, who was tangled with tea, but turned to look at Aze. "Do you want to change my name?"

Aze nodded.

Chen Qi smiled, "what do you think of the name Qi Ze City? Named after you and me."

Azhang could hardly swallow the tea and almost gushed it out. He began to doubt whether Chen Qi's naming was correct. If he had known there was such a way, he should have put his and Ali's names on it.

Aze looked at Chen Qi with severe palpitation. For a long time, he could not return to god. He only repeated Chen Qi's words, "Named after you and me?"

Chen Qi nodded. Originally he was not sure, but now he felt that the name was more and more satisfactory. He took out a piece of paper again and handed Azhang the three characters of Qi Ze City with swish and swish.

Azhang reluctantly took it over and left after confirming the name with Chen Qi again and again. Before leaving, he also reminded the other party, "Since the name has been confirmed, the plaque you mentioned should be finished earlier and hung on the gate tomorrow, so that our tribe can be officially completed."

"Well, the plaque will be handed over to you in the morning." Chen Qi replied.

After the name was changed to Qi Ze City, Aze didn't object as before. Chen Qi handed the plaque to the other party and asked him to write the name on it. the next day, he handed it directly to Aze.

The next day, just before dawn, all the people in the tribe crowded out of the gate. one by one, they leaned back their necks to see what the name of the tribe would be. in order to add a little mystery, Chen Qi covered the plaque with a layer of red cloth. only when Azhang hung the plaque well did he lift the red cloth.

"Qi Ze City?" Ake eyebrows picked, looking at Aze standing next to him.

Aze's ears turned red, but there was not much expression on his face, as if what Ake said had nothing to do with himself.

The other Beastmen who heard the name smiled like an Epiphany. They did not show any displeasure with the name. Everything they came into contact with and the way they used to live had changed greatly. Especially after Chen Qi's guidance and improvement of some diet, the situation of the females who could not see at night also improved step by step. Even if everyone did not say it verbally, the in the mind was very grateful to Chen Qi.

After the official completion of the tribe, the crowd held a grand celebration ceremony on the playground of the school. The school was not built with walls like their houses, but was completely open. The weeds on the playground had been cleared up long ago, and the wild fruits added a lot of food to their dinner plates.

After the third month of summer, the first batch of wild fruits on the plain can be eaten. Chen Qi had more than a dozen tables set up on the playground. wild fruits and prepared food were placed on the table, making it into the general form of a buffet. whoever likes to eat what he wants, he can take it.

Unfortunately, there are not many recreational activities here. A few Beastmen who have learned a little fun in winter took out their chessboards and straw ropes and taught others to play Weiqi and jump rope. Everyone felt very novel about these two things. They pulled a few people to teach them with a few laughs. Even the oldest Acheng couldn't help running and jumping the ropes twice. It felt as if he was several decades younger and the smile on his face never stopped.

Chen Qi was sitting in a small corner with a cup of daisy tea, drinking tea and admiring the huge moon hanging in the sky forever.

Aze poured a little bit of Chen Qi's meat sauce on the piece of roasted meat and came over and handed the pottery bowl and chopsticks to the other party.

"thank you." Chen Qi put down the cup, then took it and patted himself on the side with his hand, motioning the other party to sit down.

Aze sat down next to Chen Qi. Chen Qi picked up a piece of roasted meat and put it to Aze's lips. After watching Aze eat it, he smiled and ate a piece of it himself, "delicious."

"There are many more over there. I'll get you some more when you finish." Aze ate Chen Qi and handed over a piece of meat and said.

Chen Qi smiled and narrowed his eyes. "Good."

"Chen Qi, why don't you play with them?" Ka Luo saw the two men sitting at the corner and leaned in very unwillingly. He also twisted a piece of roast meat from Chen Qi's bowl and stuffed it into his mouth, causing Aze a dirty look.

"I'm enjoying the moon." Chen Qi threw another piece of meat into Aze's side.

"Watching the moon?" Ka Luo looked up at the huge moon in the sky. It is there every day. What is there to admire?

Chen Qi smiled sourly, "Do you want to hear the story on the moon?"

Hearing the story, Ka Luo's eyes lit up and he nodded hastily.

Chen Qi asked the other party to sit down and looked up at the moon before slowly telling the story of goddess of the moon.

Aze was also listening carefully, but the more he listened, the more serious he became. Why did Chen Qi know so well about things on the moon? He narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at the huge magnificent palace and the moon with people living on it. He reached out and took Chen Qi's hand, clasping his fingers, unconsciously increasing the strength.

Chen Qi looked at him doubtfully, and then continued to talk about Wu Gang's cutting Guangxi and Yutu's tinkering with medicine to more and more people gathered around him.

No matter where you come from, since you are here, I will never let you leave. . . . . . .

Looking at the rise of Chen Qi's lips, Aze stared at each other's face for a moment without blinking, as if to firmly engrave Chen Qi in his mind.

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